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Sins of my parents episode 5

Episode 5
For Rachael the past twenty four years in her marriage she and Thabo were doing fine. She had bore two children A girl and a boy. Racheal’s sin of abandoning her son still haunted her. somehow the son she had had at least eased her pain, though he was the exact copy of Thabo.
After five years of their marriage, unfortunately for both Thabo and Rachael the NGO they worked for had closed and they both were left Jobless. this promtpted then to relocate to Zambia as efforts to find jobs in South Africa proved futile..
Thabo decided to start business and so he opened Some boutique shops in Lusaka city where he and his family had now settled. Unfortunately Racheal remained Jobless and become a house wife. they struggled to make ends meet, luckily the managed to educate their Children.
“Mom” the first born girl child called Racheal one day. “what is it sweety?” Rachael answered as she did her laundry in the back yard. they had bought a house in PHI when they c@m£ from South. “what is it?” she asked again when her daughter pu-ll-ed stool and sat close to her.
“Mom I want to apply in the pri-vate hospitals and see if i can work as nurse there since I completed my course. Dad told me i can apply instead of waiting for government deployment”. Racheal sighed, ” I’m so proud of you sweety . I wish you all the best. I’m certain you will do well as a physiothera-pist. You truly have gifted hands” sha added. ” just look at how you manage to m@ssage me to sleep every time I am stressed.” her daughter smiled. “Thank you mother.. I just hope to find something soon enough I can’t even wait to become independent” she laughed..
“look at you ” Racheal scolded her ” you are just 23 and all you talk about is being independent.”
” well mom am turning 24 next month remember ” she chuckled…
” oh dear” Racheal sighed ” it feels like yersterday when I first held you in my arms. you should have seen your father’s face. he was almost bur-sting with joy .”
Racheal st©pped smiling and her face frowned as she remembered her son. she wondered how he looked like. “he must be a man now” she thought.. “oh God let him be happy and live a better life different from his father.”
“Mom!” Her daughter called her bringing her back to the moment. “what is it ? You have sudenly gone quite. Do You feel okey?”
Racheal smiled as she looked at her daughter ” I am fine sweety. just go inside now and prepare lunch your father and brother must be coming for lunch any time soon.” She responded instead.
” sure mom” she answered.
Racheal sighed and wipped the tear that dropped from her eye and continued washing the clothes. Later on when her husband and son were back, the whole family sat at the dinning table having lunch.
Thabo spoke up.. “honey” he called his wife. “that friend of mine I told you is working in Livingstone just called me. I had asked him to help our girl find a job there and he just confirmed there is a Chinese hospital that is looking for a physiothera-pist. so my dear” he added looking at his daughter. “prepare yourself next week you are going to work in Livingstone.” They all thanked God and as they ate.. their daughter talked about her new job and how she would work h@rd to impress the chineese..
Nora who had been working at a chinesse hospital for 5 months now. One day she was called to the office of the head doctor.. ” you called for me Doctor”, she asked as she sat in the chair in front of his boss.
“yes,” Doctor Ali answered..” we have a patient who needs your services. he was involved in an accident., it happened as he was driving home drun!ka week ago and now he is paralysed from w@!st down. I diagnosed him and I feel with lots of thera-py he might walk again.”
Nora nodded all way throu-gh as she listened to his boss. he handed her the file. she looked at the the patient’s name..
Joseph Miyoba. fli-pping throu-gh the pages as she re-ad the records of his illnes. Nora walked to the ward to meet her new patient..
She looked at him, a handsome man probably in his early 50s . She smiled at him as she walked closer and greeted him.. “how are you feeling Sir?” she asked him.
Joe turned to look at her ” I’m not well nurse” he said sadly.” I was told I might never walk again.”
Nora smiled, ” don’t loose hope yet Mr Miyoba. if you are strong enough I am very sure God will help you walk again.
He nodded his head not really agreeing with her..
She moved to his legs and t©uçhed them, pricking his feet with a sharp needle as she observed his facial expression.. “can you feel this?” she asked him
” no ” he said shaking his head. “well I will be here to help you throu-gh this sir. though it means someone has to be bringing you here everyday for thera-py until you feel better.”
Joe shook his head. “I stay alone at the moment my son moved out of the house.. that means I have to find someone to help me.” “sure” Nora agreed. ” if anything I would recommend a close relative to stay with you so they help you move around the house for the time being.”
After a long talk Joe was convinced he needed someone by his side. he tried to talk to his son to come back and stay with him..
“I will see if i can get some days off dad.” Nathan told his father. ” I cannot promise more. just hire a nurse to stay with you ” he suggested on phone..
Nathan had visted his father 4 times after the accident but he was clearly not willing to move in with his father.
The idea of hiring a live-in nurse made s-en-se and Joe requested for Nora from the hospital. even when he was highly charged Joe gladly accepted the price. he liked the way Nora encouraged and helped him the past week she was attending to him..
Nora reluctantly agreed, but she had no other option since the hospital required her to take on the job. she was told she would have her free times as well during the weekends to go out and do her own things..
“Go and work” her parents told her on phone when she called them to complain about her job. “it’s just the same. only that you will have to stay with the patient for a while. he needs your help” Thabo added. “thank you mom and Dad” Nora told her parents as she hung up.
” I have to get a few things from my home” she had told Joe when the time to move c@m£.
“The driver will drive us both to your house you get your things and then we head home.” he told her..
“Thank you young lady” Joe shook her hand. “you are welcome” Nora smiled,as she pushed his wheelchair down the corridor of the hospital to the parking lot…..

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