Sins of my parents episode 20

Sins of my parents
Episode 20
“Honey,” Rachael shook her husband, “plea-se tell them Nora is our baby..”
Joe who was quite all this while too looked at them. he felt bad she belonged to another man. de-ep down his heart he still loved her and over the years he had hoped she would go back to him and maybe the two of them could be together again. But looking at them proved otherwise, it was evident Thabo loved Rachael too and he had to to live with that fact from now on..
Thabo shook his head ” am so sorry honey ” he said looking at his wife, ” she`s not our blood”
Rachael stood up.. her eyes popped out.
” what the hell are you talking about Thabo. weret you there when i was in the labor ward? arent you the one who even brou-ght her to me when i regained consciousness?” she asked now tears coming out of her eyes..
” i br£@st fed her and saw her grow and we both never left her side for 24 years and you tell me shes not our blood. whats this nons-en-se..?”
“Am sorry Rachael, i never wanted you to go throu-gh this pain, you were too weak and the doctors told me hours later when you went to the operation room that your life and the baby`s life was at steak. They had to save one of you or i was going to loose you both. so i signed for the doctors to save your life first and we lost our baby.”
“oh my God!” Rachael cried.. “all these years i was meant to believe i gave birth to Nora? oh God” she said, slowly sitting back in the chair before her.
“who is Nora`s mother Thabo?” she asked with a stern voice not looking at her husband..
Thabo went on, “well after i was told the baby died.. the doctor who was operating on you had another operation done on another woman, she was brou-ght in an hour after you and unfortunately she didnt make it but the baby did.. the Doctor told me the woman was alone and from the records she had signed to give up the child for adoption when the child was born. she had no family and she didnt even know who the father was. so i agreed to adopt Nora and take her as our own, i didnt want you to be sad over the child we lost so i kept it a secret, the only person i told this was my father. He didnt support my idea at first but he had no choice since we had alre-ady taken the baby and raising her as our own…” he explained whilst everyone in Nathans office listened in quietly.
“oh Thabo !” Rachael sigened.. ” you should have told me this. ” she cried.
“am sorry” Thabo answered hvgging her…
“well then, Joe spoke for the first time. it seems all the secrets are now coming out finally and the good p@rt of all this is that there was no incest between Nora and Nathan then,” he commented looking at his son whose face was expressionless.
“Yeah i didnt have the chance to say anything before” Thabo responded,
“everything happened so fast. am also glad there`s some good out of this story after all, he smiled slightly ” looking at Nathan too..
Nathan stayed quite as they all cheeped in and said their things. his mind now focused on finding a solution to Noras condition. now more than ever he nee-ded her alive. He couldnt wait to see her smile again and tell her he was free to have her again.
“Son!” Joe called him, “are you not going to say anything? ” he asked him.
“well Dad i guess its time to find some blood to save Nora`s life and drop the next boom on her,” he said looking at Thabo.
“am not sure how she will feel knowing her parents are not real after all,” he added and walked out leaving them all quite in his office.
He went to check on her and an hour later she c@m£ to. He went besides her and held her hand, “hey!” he smiled weakly.
“how are you feeling ?” Nora looked at Nathan in a hospital uniform.
“where am i ..?” she asked looking around, “what am i doing in a hospital?”
“Calm down Nora” he told her, “you lost a lot of blood due to the stab..”
“Oh.. ” Nora relaxed, realizing what she just did.
“I couldnt let you die on me” Nathan told her.. “plea-se dont ever scare me like that again ok.? ”
Nora looked away, “i dont just know how to live Nathan, my life is over.”
“dont say such things. You have a long and beautiful life ahead of you.” he smiled squee-zing her hand. Nora shook her head.. ” i dont know ” she responded weakly.
“Concentrate on healing then,” he told her as the the nurse walked in with a drip of blood and connected it to her. believe me ” Nathan smiled, “we both gonna end up happy…”
He went outside and told the news to her mother and Father. “Shes finally gained consciousness and will be fine after receiving some blood” he informed them..
“Thank you God” Rachael sighed facing the roof..
Thabo hvgged her as they sat to wait for the time they would be allowed to go and check on her. He had talked to his wife about the happenings.. “we are going to pas-s throu-gh this soon.” He said, ru-bbing her hand.. “together we shall stand strong and God will help us.”
Joe went out and sat in his vehicle packed outside. He s£nt his driver to go and buy lunch for everyone after handing him the money.
Got out of the car and sat alone on the pavement looking at the people pas-sing by. He was de-ep in thoughts when he saw Jessy coming his direction.
“Jessy?” he whispered, it had been years since he last set his eyes on her. He wondered what she was doing at the hospital. All her beauty had faded, in fact if he didnt know her well he would not recognise her. She looked kind of pale and skinny. He watched her his jaw dropped as she headed direct to seemed she knew he would be there and was somehow expecting to see him.
He waited untill she was close enough, before he found his voice.. “Jessy?” he asked her just to be sure..
“yeah !” she smiled blankly.
“well well!” Joe shouted.
“guess who the wind has b!own in.” he tea-sed extending his hand to greet her.
she let a fake smile feeling a bit jealousy Joe was still looking good and handsome. He actually looked younger than her.
“How do you do Joe?” she finally asked ignoring his statement.
” am okey ” Joe told her.
“what brings you here?” he asked looking up at her.
“Sorry i still cant stand properly ” he told her pointing at the clutches. i had an accident..”
“well ” Jessy started.
” i went to your house but was told you have come here. i waited a bit but i had to come its important i talk to you.”
Joe looked at her serious face.. “what about ” he asked her?
“its about your wife Joe,” she paused
” can we sit somewhere pri-vate?”
” my wife? ” Joe asked her surprised.
” Nancy?”
” Rachael ” she corrected him.
Without another word Joe stood up.
“well lets find a better place then” he told her.
To be continued…