Sins of my parents episode 18

After some minutes Rachael come back to her conscious. she moved slightly and looked at her husband next to her.. “honey what happened?” She asked Thabo.
Instead.. Thabo responded with a question..” how are you feeling Honey? You scared me.”
“. am ok ” She sat up and seated next to her was Nora. She looked around and saw Joe and Nathan the other side of the room watching her. Nathan couldn’t even look straight at his mother..
Reality struck and Racheal looked back at Nora and Thabo crying..” am sorry” she said..
“Sorry… you are sorry? Is all you can say? ” Nora responded..” mom tell me this man here was not your husband and Nathan is not your son. plea-se I beg you tell me all this is a lie.. ”
“Nora what are you talking about ?” Thabo asked surprised .
” What do you mean she was married to that man. who are these people ?” he asked looking at Joe and Nathan.
“plea-se someone tell me what’s going on here or I will loose my mind.. ”
Nora stood up still crying..” ask your wife dad. that’s what I want to know too..”
Racheal felt embarras-sed, ashamed all she could do is cry. she didn’t know this time would come. what she had forgotten is that the truth can never be hidden. now just like Joe the past had come to hunt her. her heart broke seeing the look of disgust on Her son’s face. just there she knew it was time, no more hiding. she was paying for her sins.
“Am sorry honey” she told Thabo who was looking at her to confirm the horrible thing Nora had just said.
“It’s true I was married before you? this man here, his name is Joe and the one next to him is my son. I left him when he was still a baby..”
“What? ” Thabo shouted..” you mean you had a family before I met you and you are just telling me this now? Racheal I have lived my life for you. I did every thing for you even moving here from my home country and all you did was hide this terrible lie. You deceived me Racheal..” Thabo told her his face full of anger.
“I can explain Thabo plea-se am sorry ” she said kneeling before her husband.
“Well” Nora burged in..” tell him that you left a one day old baby too mom. how could you.. ” she added..
” am sorry my dota I didn’t mean for all this to happen” .Racheal looked at Nora
Nora gave a weak smile tears in her eyes.
“Your sorry doesn’t count mom. it’s too late for that. You have no idea what you have made me and this your son do. for crying out loud you should have said something earlier before I could fall in love with my brother!” she screamed on t©p of her voice..
Racheal looked at her dota and then Nathan..” you are?… ” she asked not wanting to finish what she was just thinking..
“Oh yeah !” Nathan spoke. “you mam are the waste kind of person I have ever met in my life.. you don’t deserve being a mother ” he spat furious. “In fact forget that I even exist. becoz for me you are nothing. I burried my real and true mother. The woman who gave her life for me despite the fact that she didnt give birth to me. she paid the consequences of marrying this your husband here” he said pointing at his father ” and both of you put together can not be compared to her. you both are evil..” he said stressing the word evil.
his eyes filled with tears which he tried fighting back.
Racheal stood to walk to him..” am sorry my son plea-se forgive me. I was not strong enough. plea-se I beg you in the name of God forgive me, am your mother and I love you. I loved you the first time i saw you. plea-se you have to un-derstand..” she cried
“Don’t come near me woman, you are not my mother.. don’t you get it.. I don’t want anything to do with you, nothing! stay away from my life like you have done for 27 years. i hate you for ruining my life. I didnt ask for all this” Nathan cried..
“i never asked you two to bring me in this God forsaken life and now the woman that i have loved turns out to be my sister and all you can say is sorry.. ” he told her sternly.
“What do you want from me ?” he shouted.. “you want me to tell you I sle-pt with my sister, that I can’t even stay away from her even after I was told it’s forbidden..? eeeh ! tell me both of you, how do you expect us to forgive you and forget what has happened? You and this man here ” he added looking at his father who sat head down crying. “Couldnt live and settle your issues and now we are the ones to suffer.” He shouted uncontrollably.
Nora was crying softly her che-st shaking.. Thabo held her close as tears ran his face too. He felt for his dota. he could remember how excited and happy she sounded on the phone as she told him about her b©yfri£nd. Now he had no words. Knowing his wife had such a shocking secret hidden all these years they spent together was hurting him too.
He now un-derstood why she was the way he found her and why she for years never opened her heart to him.
he had to be patient for them to reach that far. Now that things where okey between them, the past c@m£ back to light..
He felt for Nathan too. the boy was hurting he could see he wasn’t doing well.. Joe too looked devasted, he wondered why Racheal had to make all those people go throu-gh such hell. Even her excuse of a misbehaving husband didn’t amount to the pain the people in that room were feeling. He couldn’t say anything because he had no idea what to do at that moment.
His love for Racheal was however stronger than his pain, so he went where she knelt and held her from the back. she was so much hurting he could feel her heart..
“Am sorry plea-se, what else can I say to you all..plea-se am sorry.. you two cannot be together I gave birth to both of you.” she said between her cries.
” Am sorry Joe” she looked at her first husband.. “forgive me for leaving like that. I was hurting and didnt think throu-gh things..”
Joe nodded silently..” it’s your son you are supposed to apologise to Racheal. his life has been pushed to the wall..”
Nora couldn’t take it any more. de-ep down she had hoped all that was just a dream. she wished that her mom would tell her she was not Nathan’s mother and that she would somehow end up with him and live a normal life. She looked at the devastated Nathan, the pain in Joe and her father’s eyes, shaking her head, she lifted the long dress she was wearing and ran as fast as she could to the kitchen.
Nathan followed her and she ban-ged close the door and Locked it before he could enter. It was a glas-s door so he could see her inside..” st©p it now Nora!” he screamed when he saw her head to the knife holder.
she got the longest knife.. “am sorry Nathan!” she shouted crying.. ” I cant live any more.”
“No! plea-se Noooooo!” He screamed ma-king the people in the living room all c@m£ running towards him. They all stood by the door watching and screaming.
Before their eyes she lifted the knife and stabbe-d herself, her green dress instantly displa-ying a pool of blood as she fall to the floor.
“Nora! ” Thabo screamed. . “no my baby, plea-se someone open tho door!” he shouted desperate while Racheal slowly fall back to the floor her hands on her mouth..
Nathan quic-kly gr@bb£d the flower base next to him and broke the door in pieces. he pushed in his hand and unlocked the door, running to her , he slowly pu-ll-ed out the knife and the now g@sping Nora.. tried to talk before falling back her head on his l@ps.
“Oh Nora plea-se don’t do this to me” he struggled..immediately lifting her and running to his car.
“we nee-d to take her to the hospital ” he told Thabo who followed behind him, nodding….
“pray she lives!” Nathan Told Racheal when she too followed them outside..” or else..” he paused, walking ahead.