Sins of my parents episode 17

Nora withdrew and sat back down, feeling a bit guity she was in that position with a man she had to consider as her brother.. “thank you Nathan” she told him
” I just lost it there.”
Nathan smiled..” I would give anything to take away your pain Nora,you know that I still love you and I don’t care whether you are my sister or not. It’s not our fault our parents made stupid decisions.”
Nora looked at him, her eyes a bit swollen, she had cried most of that day” you can’t say you don’t care Nathan am your sister and we can’t do anything about it. We c@m£ from the same wo-mb remember that. Whatever we felt for each other is in the past so let’s forget all this and live our lives.”
“We felt? ” Nathan rephrased her s£ntence narrowing his eyes ma-king a wrinkle on his forehead, “so you mean you don’t feel anything for me now? Just this morning you told me you loved me, now you say it like it’s all gone. plea-se Nora come on.”
“What do you expect me to say? For God’s sake Nathan, you nee-d to un-derstand that we… ” she said pointing at him and herself.. ” we are done and whatever happened should be forgotten. plea-se don’t make this ha-rder than it is alre-ady” she told him tears rolling down her chick again.
“Oh yeah!” Nathan responded sounding rather upset ” unlike you I won’t just forget you in a day or even month. I won’t deny that despite knowing you are my sister I still love you and am yearning to hold you and k!ssyou right now” he said kneeling before her.
“St©p talking like that !” She shouted.. “plea-se will you st©p this now” she screamed raising her hand ” and it’s better you start going right this minute we cannot be here. ” she said standing and heading to the door to open for him to leave.
Nathan quic-kly followed her before she reached the door and pu-ll-ed her back by the hand. ” No!” He said sternly..” am not going anywhere, you know why? ”
Nora looked at him without a word but the look obviously asking..”what?”
” Because ì nee-d you by my side” he added..
Before Nora could say another word, Nathan held her w@!st and started k!ss!ngher. she tried to escape the grip but he held on, slowly k!ss!ngherl-ips until she k!$$£d him back. Ignoring all her instincts to st©p him.
he mourned in plea-sure as he k!$$£d her pas-sionately, ma-king her b©dy weak with every t©uçh. He lifted her to the be-d and worked his hands on her b©dy leaving her so vulnerable.
“plea-se st©p Nathan” she whispered the sound of desparation and de-sire in her voice.. ” st©p..” she murmered as he pressed back hisl-ips in hers and his eyes fixed on her sad and longing eyes.
Nathan shook his head.. ” I cnt control it Nora” he whispered ” I just can’t,” Nora shook her head getting her hands to push him from being on t©p of her, but he went on tou-ching her most s-en-sitive p@rts ma-king her slowly withdraw and closing her eyes. .
They both where lost in the pas-sion and for a moment one wouldn’t tell those two just learnt the terrible news of being related. Their natural connection and intense of pas-sion said otherwise, they both felt belonging and only God could separate them from each others arms. They rolled and mourned tied and connected to each other as they went throu-gh the c—-x of their intense pas-sions, until they were done.
After laying there still tied together, Nora withdrew and sat up “What have we done Nathan? Oh no we can’t, my God. What is wrong with us? This is crazy ” she said holding her face.
Nathan sighed. ” Nora, that is what we are meant to be and I don’t know but am not letting you go that easily you are mine ” he said tou-ching her face.
” if you love me Nathan you have to leave me. just leave and never come back here plea-se.” She cried
Looking at her Nathan un-derstood her but he couldn’t just get himself to leave her side. so instead he went on to tell her her parents where In Livingstone and that they were lodging somewhere. ” so tomoro morning they both intend to come surprise you.” he revealed the surprise..
“oh yeah” Nora answered with a despising expression, ” my mother has alre-ady surprised me. I don’t think I want to see her yet.”
“You have to,” Nathan told her. so after talking and discussing the matter at length. They decided to face their parents the following morning.. Nora gave a slim blanket to Nathan after he insisted staying that night. “go and sleep on the couch.” she told him..
it however, took Nathan all his strength just to walk away from her. He l@ydown on the couch painfully. it actually hurt him more knowing she was close by but far away..
The following morning Racheal and her husband drove to Joe’s house. she couldn’t tell it was her first husband’s house They where going to. Joe had moved from their first home. so she was so excited and chatted cheerfully with her husband as he drove them. “I cnt wait to meet Nora and this handsome man she has fallen in love with !” she exclaimed looking at a wra-pped gift in the back seat.” this will definately surprise her” Thabo agreed with a smile.
When they reached the gate Racheal told the man by the gate that she and her husband went to see Nora the nurse.
“oh yeah sure mam” the gate man smilled “plea-se come in.” he said as he opened the gate for them. They where ushered in by the maid and indicated them to sit in the living room..” let me get the owner of the house” the maid told them..
“thank you mama ” Nora smiled.
As she looked around her heart skipped when she saw a ph0to of a young graduate on the wall. he looked like Joe.. “what? ” She asked inside her as she looked on the other side and saw another ph0to where Joe and Nathan where captured standing in suits smiling.
“Oh my God..” . she whispered standing and going closer to the ph0to.
” oh my God what is this? ” She asked loudily. Thabo looked at her shocked..” honey what is it? Are you okey..? ” He stood going to her. she was shaking like she just saw a ghost.
“Racheal what is it ? ” He asked again holding her..
Just then Joe walked in on his crutches.
” Racheal? ” He called out loudly and shocked.. “Racheal? ” he said again.
Racheal heard his voice and as she turned to face him she grew pale and weak.. “No !” she shook her head pointing a f!nger at Joe “.. J..Jo.. Joe !” She screamed once and fall back unconscience. Thankfully Thabo who had been watching the two of them held her before she got to the floor.
” Racheal !” he shouted. “.honey wake up.. honey what is it?” He asked shocked. Everthing not ma-king s-en-se to him.
Joe staggered and slowly went down and sat on the floor his eyes wi-de open.his eyes filling up. seeing Racheal was so shocking. He never anticipated that moment his whole life. she was a bit older but as beautiful. he didn’t un-derstand what was going on and what Racheal and the man who seemed to be her husband looking at the rings on their f!ngersand the look Thabo was giving her were doing in his house..
He threw down the crutches and the moment in seconds felt like it was hours, in a flash he was able to recall all that transpired between them.
Nathan and Nora walked in… they both looked at Racheal laying down and Thabo trying to help her. They turned to look at Joe whose face was turned to the ground. not knowing what it was, whether it was because of his shame or his devastation.
“Dad! ” Nora shouted running to Thabo “what happened to her” she asked kneeling before her unconscience mother..
“she coll@psed ” Thabo told her “what is going on sweety?” He asked her…
Nora shook her head tears falling..” dad it’s a long story. let’s put her on the couch ” she told him trying to bring her back.
Nathan stood quitely by the entrance his hands folded. He didn’t know whether to go and help the woman who was supposed to be his mother or just stand and ignore the woman who just ruined his life.
To be continued…