Sins of my parents episode 14

Nora and Nathan spent the whole Saturday together. He called his father to let him know he wasn’t going back home, saying he had work to do in the night.” See you tomoro son” Joe told him on the phone.
He later on took Nora out for dinner at an excutive lodge and they had a great time talking and laughing..
Nora sat quitely and looked at Nathan. He was what she had always dreamt of she had no slight regret of lossing her vir-ginity to him. she was 100 % sure he loved her. looking at him from head to toe as he spoke on the phone, giving some patient instructions, she smiled slightly, he was not just a good medical doctor but a great man with an open heart towards her. she couldn’t wait to tell her mother about him, so she gr@bb£d her phone and text her
” hey mom, thank you for your advice. I made a choice, I am with the son right now and I am happy….good nite .”
She put back her phone as Nathan hung up his call.
” Did I bore you with that long call? ” He asked ru-bing her hand.
“yes” she tea-sed, “I was almost going back home. what’s the point of being on a d@t£ with someone who works all the time? ”
“Come on babe I am sorry I didn’t ask for the call, someone nee-ded my help.”
she smiled again. “mmmn I nee-d compesation” she giggled
he stood and lifted her up. “You know i can’t fail to do that,” he said k!ss!ngher.
“what about that? ” He asked after a few minutes.
“mmmmmmmh, almost there” she let a laugh.
” I see you want to get me all pointed in my p@n-ts here huh ?”
” It wouldn’t be so bad since am here ” she tea-sed and they both started laughing.
A week later.. Joe had started taking small walks around the house with the help of crutches . he was actually excited about it.The atmosphere of the house was good as everyone seemed happy. Even the relationsh!pbetween Joe and Nathan had greatly improved. Nathan would even ask his father about the company and how things where going..
One day Joe called Nora to his room, ” am glad you c@m£ here my dear” he told her, “you have some good magic which has brou-ght sanity and peace to my home. my son is getting closer to me and he’s always in a good and jovial mood. what ever you have given him plea-se don’t st©p.” He smiled.
Nora looked at him and smiled too. “what do you mean Joe? Nathan and myself are just friends ” she explained shly.
“drop the act Nora ” Joe told her.
“I know you and my son are together it’s evident the way you two look at each other and I see you both sneaking in each other’s rooms” he added.
“What?” Nora asked embarras-sed.
“um am sorry sir ” she murmered ” I didn’t know you..”
“Oh forget it Nora I un-derstand.” He shrugged
“so you mean you are not upset with us? I mean me and your son being together”
she asked him worried of what he would say..
“On the contrary” Joe answered.. “am thri-lled. you two are good together and am happy my son is happy and he found a good woman. every parent wishes for that am not so much cursed after all ” he added.
Nora thanked him “thank you so much” she sighed.. “you have no idea what a budden it was hiding this from you.”
Joe let a laugh “you are free my dear, go on and enjoy the love of your youth. It’s not everyone who is as lucky as you are. other people never get to enjoy the plea-sure of falling in love.”
Nora stood up and bend giving Joe a hvg. “Thank you so much , I mean it ” she said her eyes feeling up.
Just then Nathan walked in.
” hey son !” Joe called his son
“we were just talking about you” he informed him
“. What’s going on?” he asked looking at Nora and back at his father.
“He knows” Nora spoke up.
“what? ” Nathan asked surprised.
” yeah ! Nathan he knows about us” she told him again..
“Dad!” Nathan looked at his father, ” since when? ”
Joe smiled, “it doesn’t matter Son what matters is I see you two are happy and I am proud of you both. so go ahead and live your lives and st©p k!ss!ngin shadows like ghosts” he tea-sed them.
” oh dad, what a relief ” Nathan told his father holding Nora by the shoulders.
Joe smiled “just be careful and don’t hurt each other okey? ”
Nathan looked at Nora..” don’t worry dad that is not happening any time soon.” he said k!ss!ngher hand. “she means the world to me dad I wouldn’t hurt her deliberately.”
Joe smiled “that’s good, go now I nee-d to take a nap” he told them and watched them walk away hand in hand. he shook his head,”oh how wonderful!” he whispered.
On a Friday.. a day before it was her birthday Nora was seated outside helping Joe with organising some files. ” Hey Nora plea-se get me a blue diarly from my study I nee-d to take note of this information.” He asked her.
” Sure” Nora told him standing up and going to throu-gh back door.
That morning Nathan had told her he was to go organise something for her birthday. Though he didnt mention what he was up to. “It’s a suprise” he told her.
unknown to her Nathan had called her mom. He got a number from her phone.
he was trying to find out what Nora really loved.
“am her b©yfri£nd” he introduced himself.
“oh yeah she told me about you I can’t wait to meet you.” Racheal answered excited.
” same here mam ” he told her.
“Oh listen I and Nora’s dad plan to pay Nora a surprise visit tomoro so maybe we should combine the surprise. ”
“yeah great idea!” Nathan exclaimed, “let me text you my home address then” he told Racheal.
“yes plaese thanx” Racheal told him as they hang up.
Nora entered the study and didnt see the blue diary Joe s£nt her to get. so she went and opened the che-st drawer to look for it. when she lifted it, it slid from her hands and fall down, a folded later in an envelope dropping to the floor. As she tried to pick it up, her heart raced as she looked at the ph0to on the floor. ” mom ?” She whispered.
Picking it up she held it with her shaky hand. A younger Racheal probably as old as she was that time. Nora sat down not knowing what to think, all emotions filled her heart.
She slowly placed it down and looked at the letter still on the floor.. then she saw it written in her own mother’s hand writting.. For Nathan.
“What is all this my God?” she was now sweating as she opened the letter and re-ad throu-gh..
Dear Nathan,
Am sorry son.. by the time you re-ad this maybe you would be a man or maybe old enough to re-ad.
I write to you with de-ep sorrow and pain in my heart. am sorry I wasn’t around to see you grow but am sure you will grow up a strong and good man.
I couldn’t ba-re the pain of living with your father any longer. my son.. I hope you learn to forgive me one day. I know it’s not right but un-derstand that i nee-ded to start over.
I know your father will love you as much as i do and maybe you will help him grow up.
Sorry Nathaniel my son, I love you with all my heart plea-se forgive me..
your mother Racheal,
with love
Nora fall down to the floor her heart falling her. She could not breath properly.” oh my God!” she cried
” am in love with my own brother? I. ..i.. sle-pt with my own brother.” she cried almost loudly, “no way plea-se God this can’t be ” she whispered all her strength drained.
she quic-kly ran to her room and packed her bag. she didn’t know what to do but all she knew was that she was supposed to go away from that house. gr-abbing her phone she looked around the room and a flash of Nathan and herself together c@m£ to her mind, That morning
He stood near the wardrobe and she walked to him. “where have you been honey i missed you”she told him.
” I was doing some morning workouts babe and am here for you now all the energy pilled up, ” he said embr@cing her..
“I love you Nathan” she whispered as he reached for her mouth.
“say that again” he whispered
” I love you Dr Miyoba ” she told him and the two of the were tangled.
Nora wiped her tears, “oh no he cannot be my brother, no plea-se God let this be a dream plea-se ” she cried sitting down.
she checked her phone contacts and dialled the number for the taxi driver who used to pick her up especially when she worked late night’s at the hospital
“come over now plea-se ” she told him giving him directions.
” you will find me by the road side” she added..
Outside Joe noticed Nora had taken time. maybe she hasn’t seen the diarly he thought. he gr-abe-d his crutches and walked to the entrance, reaching the study he found the room empty. He called out her name and there was no response.
“where is she? ” He asked himself going behind the desk.
He saw the diarly on t©p and a folded letter for Nathan from Racheal besides it..
His heart skipped a bit, ” she has seen this ” he thought , calling the maid to find Nora.
she c@m£ back a couple of minutes later.. “she’s gone” the maid announced.
” I dont think she is in this house.”
” what? ” Joe shouted..
” sir the outside workers said they saw her get in a cab carrying her bag few minutes ago. I have checked her room all her things are gone. she left this for you” the maid added, handing him a folded note.
To be continued…