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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 60



Kira had just finished packing her things, she straightened her bo-dy and take a look at the guest room as she took a deep breath, “I have to do this to find peace.” she mumbled.

Kira blinked her eyes to suppress the tears that formed in her eyes. She picked up her luggage and pulled it. She got out of the guest room, her gaze unintentionally fell on Tim’s study room.

She gulped before she walked closer to it, Kira was about to knock on the door, but she suddenly heard Tim’s voice coming from the direction of the stairs.


Kira froze as she heard Tim,
Tim’s gaze fell to Kira’s luggage.

“W-Where are you going?” He asked as he walked closer to her.

Kira took a deep breath before she turned to face Tim.

“Are you leaving me?” Tim asked with his crying expression.

Kira lowered her head, “I have to,” She replied in a faint voice.
“Now that Mr. Fuente is dead, there will be no one to harm me,” She added.

“But we are still not sure,—”

“Tim, allow me to leave, please,” Kira begged.

“Why?” Tim asked, “Is this because of the journal?”

Kira did not speak.

“Kira , I have nothing to do with what my father did!”

This time, Kira raised her gaze. She looked at Tim straight to the eyes, for the first time since she found out the truth.

“I know, ” She said.
“But Tim, it’s not easy for me to accept everything, every time I see you, I feel like I am betraying my parents” She said as tears started to fall from her eyes.

“What will happen to us now?” Tim asked rese-ntfully.
“Do you really have to leave me? Can’t we fix it? What if I say sorry and kowtowed to you, wouldn’t be enough to convince you to stay with me? Isn’t our love enough to make you stay?”

Kira let go of her luggage, she walked closer to Tim, she lifted her hand and held Tim’s face.

“Tim, not because I am leaving doesn’t mean that I don’t love you,” Kira said with tears in her eyes.

“I have to leave to heal the pain, I have to think, I need space and I want to figure things out. It’s not easy for me Tim, losing my parents is the most painful thing that happened to me. I can’t think clearly if I stay with you, we won’t live peacefully if I have hatred towards your father, you can’t blame me for this, aren’t you? Please give me time to heal,” Kira said in between in her sobs.

“Are you coming back? When?” Tim asked as his tears started to fall.

Kira shook her head, ‘I don’t know,” She replied.

“Maybe, until the pain subsided, or until my hatred for your father is gone, I don’t know for how long Tim, but if you get tired of waiting, I won’t stop you from finding another woman, someone who can make you happy,” Kira said.

Tim [email protected] Kira, “But you’re the only one who can make me happy,” He said.

“I’m sorry,” Kira said in a faint voice.
‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t stay with you,”
Kira slowly straightened her bo-dy.

She slowly removed Tim’s arms around her before she stepped back to distance her self from him.

“Please, take care of your self, and also, auntie,” Kira said and then she turned.

She took her luggage and was about to walk away, but Tim suddenly [email protected] her from behind,

“I will wait for you, I don’t care if it takes forever, I will still wait for you,” he said.

Kira closed her eyes tightly. She felt Tim’s shoulders shook indicating that he is crying.

“Tim, I don’t want to be selfish, I won’t tell you to wait until I come back,” Kira said.
Kira pursed her li-ps to suppress her cries, “I won’t bother you if you will find another woman,” She added.

Kira wiped her tears before she removed Tim’s arm around her. She walked downstairs without looking back at Tim.

Helena saw Kira with her luggage, “Kira, are you leaving?” She asked.

Kira [email protected] her auntie, “Auntie, please take care of your self, continue your medication, I still want to see you when I come back.” After saying her word, she instantly walks out of the house.

Kira headed to the gate. Her tears didn’t stop from flowing. There is already a taxi outside the gate with Lea inside it.

Lea felt like crying when she saw her friend’s teary eyes, “Kira, are you sure about this? Are you not going to change your mind?” She asked.

“No, this is the right thing to do,” Kira replied and then she looked at the taxi driver, “To the bus station please,”

“Alright, ma’am!” The taxi driver drove away.

Tim slumped on the floor as he cried. He covered his face with his palm. His shoulders shook and tears continue to fall.

It is so painful seeing the one you love leaving, but you couldn’t do anything but to watch her going further and further.

Kira and Lea arrived at the bus station.

“Kira, where are you going?” Lea asked when they got off the taxi.

“I’m sorry Lea, but I can’t tell you,” Kira replied,

“Do you have to do this?” Lea asked again.

“This is my way of finding peace of mind, Lea.”

“How about Mr. Tan? What would he do now?”

“Lea, I want a peaceful marriage. If I stay with Tim when I have hatred towards his father, we might not live peacefully. I want to heal first before I will be able to accept him and forgive his father,”

Lea stared at Kira, she seemed determined. Seems like nothing can change her mind.

“Becareful wherever you go, we will wait for your return,” Lea said with loneliness in her eyes.

“I have to go,” Kira grabbe-d her luggage.

Lea just watched her friend’s retreating silhouette.

‘I’m sorry Mr. Tan, I tried to make her stay but she already made up her mind.’ Lea thought.

*At night,*

Coby heard the door opened. He took a look at it and saw Lea.

She looked so down, ” Why?” Coby asked his girlfriend.

Lea looked at Coby, and then she took big strides and [email protected] him tightly as she cried.

Coby wondered why is his girlfriend acting strange, ” Why?” He asked again.

“I was not able to stop her,” Lea said in between her sobs.

Coby understands what Lea meant to say. He slowly lifted his hand and strokes Lea’s back.


“Coby, I don’t want our relationship to end like them,” Lea said.

“Of course. We won’t end up like them. I promise,” Coby said.

THE END of season one.


There will be new characters and there are exciting characters that will be gone.


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    Can’t wait for the next episode, best story ever pls ion want Tim to end up with Dana, plz bring kira back

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