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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 59



“Mr. Fuente, please come down right now!” Police officer three ordered, but Mr. Fuente just laugh.

“Hahaha. Do you think I am stupid to follow your command?!”

“Mr. Fuente, it is too dangerous to stand in the barrier, you might fall to the water!” Police officer four said in concern.

The bridge is about a hundred feet high and the water in the river is deep and dark. He might drown if he falls to the water.

“I would rather fall from this bridge than to get arrested by —” Mr. Fuente was not able to finish his word.His eyes suddenly went wide opened and he touched his ċhėst!

The police officers and the people who gathered around looked at each other with their puzzled expressions.

“Mr. Fuente, is there something wrong?” Police officer four asked when he saw Mr. Fuente’s struggling expression as if he is in so much pain!

“Oh my, he might be having a heart attack!” One of the crowd shouted.

Mr. Fuente is wearing a black shirt, so, they did not notice the blood in his ċhėst! The blood trickled to Mr. Fuente’s hand.

“Its blood!” Someone in the crowd shouted!

Mr. Fuente slowly looked down into his ċhėst, and yes. There’s blood trickled from his ċhėst. He was shot!

The police officers were stunned to see the blood.

“He was shot!” They blurted out in shocked.

This time, the other two police officers who chase Mr. Fuente from the train station arrived at the place.

“Who shot him?!” They asked, rattled!

The police officers asked each other, they did not hear the sound of a gunshot.

“Aahh!!” the people around screamed as they saw Mr. Fuente’s bo-dy swayed!

“He’s going to fall!” Others scream.

The police officers hurriedly run towards Mr. Fuente to help him get down from the barrier, but before they could even reach him, he already lost his consciousness and collapse!

“No!” the police officers shouted, they tried to stretch their arms hoping that they could still hold Mr. Fuente, and prevent him from falling but it was too late!

A moment later, they heard a big splash of water indicating that there is someone who fell!

The Officers and the people around look down into the water, but unfortunately, it was dark and they can’t see anything.

“Let’s call for a rescue!” The newly arrived officer shouted.

Kira was watching the television without blinking her eyes.
She was currently watching the news about Mr. Fuente. It was said that an informant called to report about Mr. Fuente’s current location. The authorities attem-pted to arrest him, but he tried to escape. Somebo-dy shot him and he fell from the bridge barrier. The rescuers are still doing the retrieval operation.

Kira has fallen in deep thought, ‘Who would shoot him?’ She asked her self.

Same as what Tim thought, in the master’s be-droom, Tim was currently watching the news. But he felt more bothered about who would try to kill Mr. Fuente.

‘Who would shoot Mr. Fuente?’Tim asked himself.

This is such a big question, Mr. Fuente was shot in his ċhėst. The person behind this wants him dead.
Who could that be?
Could it be that loan shark Chase?
But why would he kill his ally?
Or maybe, Mr. Fuente has a boss?

That boss might be the one who ordered Mr. Fuente to cause harm to the Tan family.

That boss wanted him dead after failing his mission and that boss might just be a business competitor.

“That would make se-nse!” Tim mumbled.

Tim sighs as he touched his head.. He is having a headache with all the questions in his mind. He turned off the television and got up from his seat and got out of the master’s be-droom.

He felt stressed. He wanted to drink something cold.

Tim’s gaze fell to the guest room’s door as soon as he got out of the master’s be-droom.

After a while, he lowered his head as he remembered the last conversation of Kira and him. He just took a deep breath before he headed downstairs.

Tim went straight to the kitchen, but his footsteps came to a stop when he saw Kira got out of the kitchen.

Kira opened the bottle of water and drunk its content. She gulped the cold water. She felt bothered by what is happening in Mr. Fuente’s case. Even if he caused harm to her, she doesn’t want him to be dead. She wants him to pay for his sins in jail.

Kira returned the cap in the bottled water before she walked out of the kitchen, but her footsteps came to a stop when she saw Tim. The two of them just stared at each other. Nobo-dy wants to talk first.

Kira was the one to pull back her gaze. She then walked past Tim, she did not spare a glance on him. Tim’s gaze followed Kira. He opened his mouth to say something to her, but then, he closed it again. He doesn’t know what to say anyway.

Tim touched his ċhėst. His heart breaks whenever Kira treats him coldly. It is like a torture to him. He is the one who is paying for his father’s sin.

*The retrieval operation continued.*

A few days later,

“How is the retrieval operation?” Tim asked the police officers.

“The divers have been searching for a few days, but they have not found anything.” The officer replied.

“We also searched for places near the area, but our team has not found him.” The officer said while shaking his head.

“But, the police officers who were at the scene that night said that somebo-dy shot Mr. Fuente in his ċhėst,”

Tim narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean to say then?” he asked.

“The gunshot might be fatal,” The police officer replied.

“And?” Tim questioned,

“I don’t want to ȧssume, but he might have struggled to swim with his wound on his ċhėst,”

“So, you want to say that he might have drowned in the river?”

“Yes, Mr. Tan,” The officer replied straight forward.

“I won’t be satisfied if I can’t see his dead bo-dy,” Tim said.
“I want to make sure about my wife’s safety” And also,” Tim look at the police officer, “Have you already gathered information about who shot Mr. Fuente?” He asked.

The police officer took a deep breath.

“Not yet Mr. Tan, But, we conclude that the culprit might just be one of the crowd. It is possible that they used a silencer so that no one will notice the gunshot.”

Tim fell in deep thought.

“Has anybo-dy seen someone suspicious that time?” Tim asked after a while.

“Unfortunately, the crowd’s attention was on Mr. Fuente,” The officer said in disappointment.

Tim sighs!
“Do you have any suspicion who would do that to Mr. Fuente?”

“Uh, No,” The Officer replied.

“How about his ally? That gangster leader Chase?” Tim asked.

“We haven’t got any information for his whereabouts, Mr. Tan,”

“Uh, It’s just surprising that someone suddenly called to report Mr. Fuente’s whereabouts, And then, he was shot,” Tim mumbled.

“Yeah, you’re right with that, Mr. Tan, It seems like someone has planned this,” The police officer agreed.

“How about the informant? Have you get any information about him?” Tim asked.

“That is also suspicious, Mr. Tan because my men couldn’t reach the phone number since Mr. Fuente got shot.” The officer said.

In a village outside the Capital City, an old man and his seven-year-old grandson are heading to the river, they are going fishing for lunch.

“Jimmy, wait for me” The old man said.

The child named Jimmy stopped as he reached the river bank, but he knitted his brows when he smells something awful. The child covers his nose. But then noticed something a few meters away from him. Its something big.

Jimmy turned his head to his grandfather, “Grandpa, Grandpa!” He called.

“What?” The old man asked.

Jimmy lifted his hand and pointed to the direction of the strange thing, “What is that?” he asked.

The old man’s gaze followed to his grandson’s hand, and he knitted his brows as soon as he saw the strange thing.

“Nah!” Just don’t mind it!” The old man said.

“But grandpa, I want to see it!” Jimmy said and then he ran towards the strange thing.

“Jimmy, come back here!” The old man said but the child did not listen to him.


The old man was startled when he heard the scream, from his grandson. He hurriedly ran and followed him.

“Jimmy! Jimmy!” He called as he ran.

The old man covered his nose as he smells the foul odor of something, and he found his grandson slumped on the ground while looking at the strange thing with his frightened expression.

The old man looked at the strange thing and his eyes went wide open as he saw it.

Tim was sitting in his swivel chair and in his deep thought.


Tim snapped back to his se-nses when his phone suddenly rings. He straightened his bo-dy and he picked up his phone and answered it.

“Hello,” He answers.

‘”Good morning, Mr. Tan this is officer Alcantara from Police depa-rtment.” The man from the other line said.

“Oh, Officer Alcantara, is there any development about Mr. Fuente’s case?” Tim asked.

“There’s an old man found a dead bo-dy in the river bank at the village outside the City,”

“A dead bo-dy?” Tim repeated with his knitted brows, ”

“Yes, Sir,” Officer Alcantara replied.

‘Is this Mr. Fuente’s dead bo-dy?” Tim wants to make it sure.

“The dead bo-dy in a stage of decomposition, it is [email protected] to recognize it physically, but the dead bo-dy is wearing the same dress as Mr. Fuente before he fell from the bridge. But we still have to confirm it through the DNA result.” Officer Alcantara added.
“I will inform you after the result is out, sir,” the officer added.

“Thank you,” Tim said before he ended the call.

Tim got outside of his study room, coincidentally, Kira has just got out of the guest room.

“Kira!” Tim called.

Kira stopped in her track as she heard Tim called her.

“H-Have you eaten your dinner?” He asked.

‘I’m done,” Kira said coldly before she walked downstairs,

Tim just lowered his head, he doesn’t know when will she be like this.. He is afraid that one day, he will wake without her, he is afraid that she may decides to leave him.

The DNA result has come and it confirmed that the corpse belongs to Mr. Fuente.



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