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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 58



*Lea’s store,*

Lea was stunned as she listened to Kira’s story. She stared at her best friend who has just calmed down from crying.

“Y-You mean, his father was…” Lea couldn’t finish her word, it is a sėnsɨtɨvė topic and Kira might break down again.

“How did this happen?” Lea asked herself in a faint voice. She couldn’t believe it.

Mr. Tan’s father was involved in the death of Kira’s parents?
Lea felt sorry for her friend. She knows it wasn’t easy to accept it.

“Lea, ” Kira spoke again,
“It is not easy for me to accept everything. I am so confused, I feel like my head is going to burst. My heart ached every time I think of Tim. I feel like I am betraying my parents, whenever I see him.” Kira’s shoulders shook and tears started to fall again.

“Whenever I see him, it only reminds me of the pain that I felt when I lost both of my parents because of his father’s cowardice. If only he did not run away cowardly, If only he helped us that night, Perhaps, my parents would be still alive until now. If only he chose to do the right thing, perhaps, this conflict between us wouldn’t happen,” Kira said as she sobs.

Lea looked at Kira and speaks slowly, “But Kira, if that incident didn’t happen, you wouldn’t be able to marry, Tim.” She said.

Lea held Kira’s hand..

She tried to console her, “Kira, Tim has nothing to do with his father’s sin,” Lea added.

Kira looked at Lea, with her teary eyes, “I know,” Kira said.

“But it’s not as easy as that Lea. Even if we turned the world upside down, we can’t change the fact that he is the son of the person who’s the reason for my parent’s death,” Kira added.

Lea stroked her friend’s back, she doesn’t know what to say anymore.

Kira went to the J International School after talking with Lea. She’s here to give her resignation letter.

Kira did not stay long at the school. She left after she was done talking to the School’s director.

She got out of the director’s office and headed straight to the exit, but she heard someone called her.


Kira stopped in her track when she heard the familiar voice of a man. She turned her head to the direction and she saw Alex.

“Alex!” Kira blurted out.

Alex ran towards her. He is pa-nting as he reached her.

“Hey!” Alex greeted Kira while pa-nting.

“Can we talk?” He asked.

Kira looked at Alex.

*In the School’s cafeteria,*

Kira and Alex were sitting face to face.There was silence between the two of them.
Alex held his cup.

“I heard that you resigned,” Alex asked with his gaze on the coffee inside the cup.

Kira didn’t hurry to speak. She picked up her cup of coffee and takes a sip before she responded, “Yes,”

“Why?” Alex asked as he shifted his gaze to Kira.

Kira revealed a for-ced smile, ” I’m sorry, but… There are things that I couldn’t tell you, Alex,” Kira said.

“Oh,” Alex blurted out as he lowered his gaze again.
He won’t for-ce her to tell him why she resigned.

“Alex,” Kira called Alex.

“Hmm?” Alex looked at him.

“Thank you for being a good friend of mine,” Kira said.

Alex smiled, “Why do you sound like you’re leaving?” He joked.

Kira revealed a faint smile,” I am leaving the school, remember?” she joked.

“Oh, yeah right!”

“How could I forget that?” Alex mumbled.

“I hope you can find your happiness,” Kira said sincerely.

“I hope so too,” Alex agreed.

He doesn’t know why, but he felt odd about this, why does Kira sound like she’s already saying goodbye?

*In the police station,*

It is already night, the telephone in the police officer’s desk rings.

The police officer picks up the mouthpiece and answered the call.

“Good evening, this is the police station, how may I help you?” The police officer answered.

The police officer went silent as if he is listening to the person on the other line.

His expression slowly changed into being alarmed!


“Thank you for the information!”

“Please stay on the line, I need the full information about your location,’

“Alright, I’ll get your number then.”

The police officer took a pen and a piece of paper and started to write the eleven digits numbers,

“Thank you.”

The police officer puts down the telephone, he picked up a phone and called the officers that were ȧssigned in the field.

“An informant saw the kidnapping suspect [email protected] Fuente in the train station, kindly confirm if the said report is true?”

“Yes, sir!” The police officer that was ȧssigned near the train station replied.

The officers quickly move. They informed the securities of the train station to help them to catch the said suspect.

Mr. Fuente was waiting for the train’s arrival, he looked around and noticed something odd.
The station’s securities are checking on the [email protected]$$engers one by one as if they are looking for someone?

Mr. Fuente got alarmed. He lowered his head to hide his face.

After a while, Mr. Fuente raised his head again to check if the securities are still checking on the [email protected]$$engers, but his eyes went wide opened as he saw the two officers coming into his way. He didn’t think twice. He hurriedly pushed the people blocking his way and ran away.

“Aahh!!” The people around shouted which caught the attention of the two officers.

The police officers were just checking around, but their attention was captured when they noticed the commotion a few meters away from them.

The two officers turned their heads. The first thing they saw was a man who suddenly runs away!

“Hey, is that him?!” One of the officers asked his pa-rtner as he pointed the man running away from them.

“Yes! That’s him!” The other officer said as soon as he recognized the man.

“Hey!” The two officers shouted as they chase Mr. Fuente!

Mr. Fuente successfully got out of the train station. He was pa-nting and he felt tired, but he couldn’t surrender to them. He is not yet done with all his plans. He shouldn’t get arrested just like that.

Mr. Fuente hailed for a taxi and pulled the driver out of it and replaced himself. He rode the taxi and drove away, but the officers won’t let him escape.

“Hey!” One of the officers shouted.

His pa-rtner turned on the engine. The other police rode in their car and chase the taxi that Mr. Fuente used to escape from them.

” A taxi who has [email protected] Tan driving is now fleeing to the high bridge bound, I’m requesting checkpoints to be set up near the vicinity,” One of the police officers reported.

“Copy that, we will inform the nearest checkpoints and request their cooperation!”

Mr. Fuente speeds up the car, he doesn’t mind if he may hit the other cars on the road. All he was thinking was to escape from the authority. He can’t let them catch him. He is not yet done with all his plans.

Mr. Fuente keeps on looking on the side mirror, to check if the officers are still following him. He continued to drive at a fast speed until he reached the high bridge.

The high bridge is the highest bridge in the whole Capital City. It is a hundred feet high from the water.
On top of that, the river beneath the bridge is the widest and deepest river in the whole Country!

Unfortunately, the bridge was busy at these hours. He couldn’t find a chance to overtake the cars ahead of him. He keeps on pressing the car’s horn.

After a while, Mr. Fuente found a chance and was about to overtake the car ahead of him, but he suddenly saw a police car coming from the opposite lane.

“Sh*t!” He cursed as he turned the steering wheel to get back to his right lane.
Two police cars are chasing on him now. One from behind and one ahead of him.

He got distracted. He did not pay attention to his driving. The taxi hit the other car ahead of him. The car stopped and the owner got off from it and approached Mr. Fuente.

The car’s owner knocked the taxi’s window, “Hey! Get out of your taxi!” the car owner yelled, but Mr. Fuente did not open the door. He crawled to the other side of the taxi and he gets down from it!

The incident created traffic congestion. Mr. Fuente took advantage of the situation and he hurriedly runs away.

“Hey!” The car owner shouted to Mr. Fuente.

He ignored the car owner and he continued to run away.

The cars behind the taxi keep on bl-owing their horns, “Hey! Why are you running away?!” They yelled as they saw Mr. Fuente running away, but Mr. Fuente seems to hear nothing.

“Aish!” The police officer who was chasing Mr. Fuente got annoyed when the traffic started. They thought that Mr. Fuente will succeed in escaping from them. The police car stopped and the police officers ri-ding on it saw a man got off from a taxi and they instantly recognized him.

“Hey! He is there!” The police officer (Let’s call them police officer number three and four, to avoid confusion) said to his pa-rtner while pointing Mr. Fuente who is now running past the cars on the road.

Officers three and four hurriedly get off the car. They run to chase Mr. Fuente. The pulled their guns when they were just a few meters away from Mr Fuente.

“Stop!” Police Officer three shouted as he aimed his gun to Mr. Fuente.

Mr. Fuente automatically stopped in his track.

“Put your hands up!” Police Officer four shouted.

Mr. Fuente slowly put his hands up,

“Turn around!” Police officer three said with authority.

Mr. Fuente slowly turned to the police officers. His gaze unintentionally fell into the bridge barrier rail beside him.

The Officers thought that Mr. Fuente would surrender himself peacefully. One of them took a handicap and he approached him.

He speaks as he walks closer to him, “You are under arrest—”

Police officer three’s next words were stuck in his throat when Mr. Fuente suddenly runs and climb up at the bridge barrier rail!

“No!” The Police Officers shouted with their eyes went wide opened!
The commotion caught the attention of the people who were stuck in the traffic. Some of them get off their cars and started to gather around.

Mr. Fuente stands on top of the barrier.

He revealed a smirk, “Do you think you can arrest me as simple as that?” Mr. Fuente said sarcastically.

“Mr. Fuente, please come down right now!” Police officer three ordered, but Mr. Fuente just laugh.

“Hahaha. Do you think I am stupid to follow your command?!”

“Mr. Fuente, it is too dangerous to stand in the barrier, you might fall to the water!” Police officer four said in concern.

The bridge is about a hundred feet high and the water in the river is deep and dark. He might drown if he falls to the water.
I think it’s better for Mr Fuente to be drown inside the water. Or you want him to be captured alive?



  1. Ceejay Genius

    I hope u pay for your crimes,Fuente.
    Kira,pls don’t let Tim pay for his father’s sins. Forgive him please…….

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