sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 29



“I distanced myself from Kira because she told me to. She said she doesn’t want you to misun-derstand us but it seems like she’s the only one who is ma-king an effort,” Alex spoke which made Tim stop from taking a step forward.

“I thought, it was the thing that could make her happy,” Alex added.

“But seeing her suffering beside you makes me change my mind.”

“What do you mean?” Tim’s gaze is sharp.

“I will take her back from you,” Alex said straight forward.

“I guess you have to try it ha-rder,” Tim said as he continued to approach them.

He stopped inches away from them, he lowered his b©dy and he carries the slee-ping Kira.

“I won’t allow anyone to steal my woman!” He added before he walks out of the KTV room.

Alex was left sitting in the lounge, his cold gaze followed the retreating back of Tim who is carrying Kira.

Lea felt relieved somehow, she thought she could coll@pse due to anxiousness!

Thank God, these two men did not fight here, otherwise, she doesn’t know what to do.

He headed straight to the car park where Coby is waiting for them. Coby instantly opened the car door when he saw Tim who is carrying Kira.

Tim put down Kira in the front seat and then he straightened his b©dy before he turned his head to Coby.

“Just take a taxi, I’ll drive the car.” He said.

” Yes, Mr.Tan” Coby replied.

Tim rode to his car and drove away.

Lea got out of the KTV bar and waited for a cab. She waited for a moment, but then her eyes suddenly caught a familiar silhouette of a man, but she just ignored it when she saw a taxi approaching.

Lea felt irritated, she took big strides to the taxi, she blocked the door with her hands to prevent the man from opening it.

Coby froze when he saw a hand on the car’s door as if preventing him from opening it.

Coby knitted his brows and looked up at the owner of that little hand.

“Why?” He asked.

” I was the one who called for the taxi.” The familiar woman replied sternly.

“But it stopped in front of me,” Coby replied coldly.

“Ha!” Lea let out a sarcastic laugh, ” Not because, it stopped in front of you, doesn’t mean that you’re going to snatch it from me” Lea said with her raised brows.

“Hey, are you going or not?!” The driver asked in irritation.

” Yes!” answered together.

Lea glared at Coby, but Coby seemed unmoved.
The driver thought that Coby and Lea are just lovers in a quarrel.

“Where will I s£nd the two of you?” he asked.

“Route seven!” Lea and Coby said together again.

The two of them looked at each other.

” Alright, since we’re going to the same route, I’ll allow you to have a ride with me,” Coby said, and then he opened the front seat and sat down.

“No, I will let you have a ride with me” Lea said.

This woman is being difficult. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t accept defeat.

“Alright, If you say so.” Coby just replied, he doesn’t want to argue with this war freak woman.

“Are you both getting in or not?” The driver seems to be annoyed.

“Yes, we are” Coby was the one to reply, without taking back his gaze from Lea.

“Move your hand,” Coby said to Lea.

Lea pu-ll-ed her hand from the car’s door. Coby opened the car and sat inside. Lea twitched her mouth, ‘How ungentle!’

‘Shouldn’t he let me in first before him?. Didn’t he know the saying, Ladies first?’
Lea mumbled before she sat down in the back seat.

*Tim’s Villa…*

Tim pu-ll-ed over the car in the garage.. He un-buckled his self before he got down from the car and opened the pas-s£nger’s seat and un-buckled the slee-ping Kira before he carried her inside the house.

The servant opened the front door for him. Tim went straight upstairs until he reached the master’s be-droom, but just as he reached the door, Kira suddenly opened her eyes.

Kira is half awake and she can smell Tim’s familiar scent. She slowly opened her eyes, she has sobered up a little, and she can recognize Tim’s face.

“Oh! I-It’s my h-husband!” Kira mumbled in a faint voice.

Tim looked down at Kira.

“Tsss!” Kira twitched her mouth.

“Put me down.” She demanded.

“Alright” Tim followed Kira’s order with his serious expression.

He is not in the mood to fight with his wife. Kira staggered as her feet reached the floor.

“Hey” Tim quic-kly move to hold Kira to prevent her from falling on the floor.

“Ha! Ha Ha” Kira laughed like a fool, she looked at Tim with her groggy eyes.

“Hey…” Kira pushed Tim away from her.

“Stop t-treating me like your queen. Stop pretending” She said in a sulky voice.

“You’re drun!k,” Tim said with his gloomy expression.

“N-Nope, I…” Kira pointed her self, “Am not drun!k” she continued as she turned to the door.

Kira held the doorknob and turned it open, the door suddenly opened which made Kira lost her balance and she almost fell to the ground, but Tim was quic-k enough to catch her before her b©dy slumped on the floor.

“Be careful,” Tim said in concern and it made Kira more irritated.

Kira’s expression turned cold, she got up and she distanced her self from Tim.

” Could you stop acting as if you care for me?” Kira said sternly.

Tim straightened his b©dy as he looked at Kira.

” You don’t have to pretend, Tim” Kira added.

“Ha! Do you think you can hide it from me?”

This time, Tim knitted his brows, ” What are you saying?” He asked coldly.

“What am I saying?” Kira asked back sarcastically.

“You can divorce me and show your other woman to the world” she said in a raised voice.

“What?” Tim blurted out in an unbelievable expression.

” You don’t have to stay with this marriage just because your father wanted you to!”

Tim’s gloomy expression slowly changed into a stunned expression when he heard Kira.

“Ha! Do you think I wouldn’t know?” Kira asked again.

“I know that you only marry me for your inheritance” Kira’s tears started to roll down.

“My questions were answered. Why on earth a successful and rich person like you would marry a nob©dy like me? Now I know, it’s all because of your inheritance. You took advantage of me Tim, You used my Auntie’s illness to convince me to marry you” Kira said res£ntfully.

“You’re selfish” Kira’s shoulder shook due to her crying.

Tim felt like someone clutched his heart when he saw Kira’s tears.

He took big strides towards Kira and without saying a word, he pu-ll-ed her to his embr@ce.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered as he ti-ght£ñed his embr@ce to Kira.

Kira tried to push Tim away, ” Let’s have a divorce so that you can be with Ella.” Kira said.

“Ella?” Tim repeated the name.

“Yes” Kira replied.
“Your other woman.” She added.
“She was the one who called you this morning, isn’t she?”

Tim loos£ned his embr@ce to Kira and he looked down at her.

“Kira, you’re mistaken.”

“I heard you talking to her on the phone this morning, Tim” Kira’s voice raised again.

“My decision is final! We will have a divorce, I won’t ask even for a penny, You can have all your inheritance.” Kira insisted.

She can find a way for her auntie’s medical nee-ds.

“No, We are not getting a divorce” Tim’s voice raised too.

“I didn’t marry you just because of my father’s will, I married you because I love you” Tim confessed.

Kira stopped crying and she looked up to Tim with her stunned expression! ” W-What?” She blurted out.

“I don’t care about the inheritance Kira, I didn’t marry you for it.” Tim held Kira’s shoulder.
He then took Kira’s hand and put it on his ċhėst.

“Can’t you feel it?” He asked as he looked at Kira straight to her eyes.

She looked at Tim with her puzzled expression.

“It says I love you,” Tim said.

“I married you because I love you and I want to make a family with you” Tim added.

“T-Tim” Kira couldn’t believe her ears.
She felt like she is dreaming

“Don’t leave me, plea-se,” Tim begged.

“We will not have a divorce.” She said

*Back to KTV bar*

Alex got out of the KTV Bar, he stood near the entrance while he is in a daze.

“I can see that you like that girl.”

Alex snapped back to his s-en-ses when he heard someone spoke behind him. He instantly turned his head and looked behind him.
A man wearing a black coat and a hat approached him.

“You like that girl, don’t you?” The man asked.

Alex stared at the man.

“Don’t look at me like that. I won’t do anything to you.” The man @$$ured.

“I can help you get the woman you love.” The man said again.

Tim frowned as he looked at the man in front of him, he couldn’t help but felt suspicious.

“Who are you?” Alex asked the mysterious man.

The man just reveals a mysterious smile, ” Let’s just say, I am someone who could help you get that woman.” he said.

Alex stared at the man, “I don’t trust strangers,” He said coldly.

“Don’t make any decision right away.”

“I can be your ally if you want.” The mysterious man insisted.

“What is it that you want?” Alex is out of patience.

His instinct told him not to trust this man. He doesn’t feel good about this mysterious man.

“I want to help you.” The mysterious man replied.

“I don’t nee-d anyone’s help,” Alex said before he turned and headed to his motorbike.

The mysterious man’s gaze just followed Alex, and then he revealed a sarcastic smile. He saw how that young man treated that woman. He knows he can use this man to get rid of that woman.

He has the reason why he doesn’t want that woman to be in Tan’s family.

‘She’s just unfortunate to be her father’s daughter!’ The man thought.