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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 28



Tim is in his de-ep thoughts when he heard his phone’s notification. He took his phone from his pocket and checked the notification.

It is a text message from an anonymous number. The message contains a KTV Bar’s address. Tim knitted his brows.
Who is this?
Why would someone s£nd him a KTV Bar’s address?

Tim puts down his phone and ignores the message. But then, another beep could be heard on his phone.

It is another message from the same number, saying, ” Mr. Tan, plea-se come to the address that I s£nt to you. This is Lea.”

Tim’s knitted brows got even dee-per, ‘Lea?’

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Isn’t it Kira’s friend?
Tim instantly gets up from his seat as an idea suddenly popped out into his mind.

Tim took his phone and called Coby, “Coby, come back with the car, we’re going somewhere.” He said and then he ended the call.

*Inside in the KTV bar.*

In one of the KTV rooms, the music is pla-ying in the background but nob©dy is singing the song. Kira poured the liquor into the small [email protected] and drank it with one go.

Lea silently watched her friend with her stunned expression

“Aahkkrrr!!” Kira growled as she felt the burning and bitter taste of alcohol on her throat. She put down the [email protected] and was about to pick another bottle of liquor but Lea st©pped her.

“Kira, that’s enough, alright, you’re alre-ady drun!k!” Lea held the bottle of liquor and tried to st©p Kira from drinking it.

Lea looked at Kira’s face. She alre-ady finished up six bottles of liquors. Her face has flu-shed red, indicating that she is alre-ady reacting to the alcohol.

“Tsss…” Kira scoffed and [email protected] Lea’s hand.

“I’m not drun!kyet.” She said with her groggy eyes as she picked up the seventh bottle, she opens the bottle and poured its content on a small [email protected] and drank it with one go, again.

Lea doesn’t want to tolerate her friend, ” Hey, if you feel bad and you have any problem, why won’t you just tell me instead of drinking too much, huh?” Lea said.

“Talk to me and I will listen to you,” she added.

“Ha!” Kira let out a short yet sarcastic laugh.

(Hic! Hic! Hic!) Kira started to have hiccups.

“I d-don’t want to (Hic!) t-talk about it (Hic!), I just w-want to have a drink and (Hic!) forget the pain,” Kira said in between her hiccups.

Lea shook her head as she looked at her friend. She sighs!
‘How will I un-derstand her, if she won’t talk to me about it?’ Lea secretly said inside.

“Kira, you are alre-ady drun!k,” Lea continued to convince her to st©p, but she refused..

Kira still picks up the bottle and was about to pour another sh0t on the [email protected] but someone suddenly held her hand. It wasn’t Lea. She was startled when someone suddenly held the bottle and prevent her from pouring its content.

“That’s enough!” The man’s voice said.

Kira looked up at the man who just arrived and she was stunned to see Alex.

Alex has been watching Lea and Kira throu-gh the crack on the door.

*(Flashback, J International School parking lot.)*

He was about to go home after work but he overheard Kira talking to someone on the phone.

Alex was about to ignore it, but his footsteps [email protected]£ to st©p when he heard Kira mentioned a KTV Bar. He knew that Kira doesn’t use to drink liquors. Alex stared at Kira, and then the image of her this morning flashed into his mind. He knew Kira is going throu-gh something and he couldn’t just ignored her.

So, he followed her to the KTV bar, and secretly guarded her. He wanted to make sure that she is safe. He wanted to be there in case Lea needs his help.

Alex saw how Lea tried to st©p Kira from drinking too much, but Kira won’t listen to her friend. He can’t hold it when he saw Kira took another liquor.
He opened the door and took big strides towards Kira on the table, and without saying a word, he suddenly held the bottle that Kira was holding.

“That’s enough” He said in his serious expression.

Kira just smiled like a fool when she saw Alex.

“My (Hek!) best friend!” Kira said in between her hiccups.

Alex takes away the bottle from Kira’s hand.

“You are alre-ady drun!k,” Alex said, his expression did not change.

” (Eek!) I’m not (Eek!) drun!k, yet” Kira insisted.

“Why won’t you join me instead?” She suggested.

“Alex…” Lea called Alex.

Alex turned his head to Lea who is just beside Kira.

“I have alre-ady told her a few times, but she won’t listen to me,” Lea said to Alex.

Her face is flush red and she keeps on smiling like crazy.
This the indication that Kira is alre-ady drun!k.

“Come, I’ll s£nd you home.” Alex said, and he pu-ll-ed Kira’s hand.

“No!” Kira refused as she pu-ll-ed back her hand violently.

” I won’t go home” She said.

“I don’t want to see your face, you j£rk!” Kira hit Alex on his ċhėst.

“You j£rk” Kira continued to hit Alex’s ċhėst and she started to cry.

Alex froze when he heard Kira. He slowly kneeled down to let his face leveled to Kira

“Kira, what are you saying?” He asked.

“I hate you” Kira yelled at Alex.

Kira’s shoulders shook as she cries [email protected]

” I hate you” Kira repeated.

“I don’t want to go home, I don’t want to see you!” Kira keep on hitting Alex.

Alex [email protected] Kira just to st©p her from hitting him. Kira continued to cry on Alex’s shoulder. His shi-t got we-t with Kira’s tears. He froze and he realizes Kira’s words weren’t meant for him. He slowly pushed Kira to distance his b©dy from her.
He held Kira’s chin and lifted her face to look at him.

As soon as he saw Kira’s tears, Alex felt like someone clutched his heart.

“What happened?” He asked as he looked at her straight to the eyes.

” Is he hurting you?”

Kira did not reply, but tears continued to fall to her face. Alex slowly pu-ll-ed Kira into his [email protected] again.

Lea who is silently listening to Kira and Alex can’t help but felt sorry for her friend. She didn’t know that her friend is going throu-gh heartache.

Kira cried with all her heart until she felt tired and fell asleep in Alex’s arm.

“Alex, I alre-ady called Mr. Tan, I think it would be better if you leave now before he misun-derstood you and Kira,” Lea said.

“I’ll stay here,” Alex insisted.

“But Alex…”

Lea was not able to finish her word when the door suddenly opened. Her eyes went wi-de opened when she saw who had just arrived. Lea instantly got up from her seat.

Tim’s expression instantly turned cold when he saw the slee-ping Kira leaning on Alex’s shoulder. He walked closer to Kira and Alex.

Alex is unmoved by Tim’s pres£nce and he looked back to Tim, the two of them looked at each other straight to their eyes as if they are fighting throu-gh their eyes and no one wants to get defeated.

Lea can feel the tension between the two men. Her anxiousness suddenly arises.

“M-Mr. Tan…” Lea doesn’t know what to say.

‘My god! Help me! What if these guys will fight here?!’
Lea tried to think.
She has to do something to prevent these two guys from fighting.


Lea suddenly stands in between Tim and Alex.

“Alex, Mr. Tan is here, I think it’s time to let him take over Kira,” Lea said.

Alex throws Tim a cold gaze.

“No.” He refused.

Tim’s expression got even darker as he gritted his teeth.

“I am the husband, isn’t it right to give her to me?” Tim said coldly.

” Husband?” Alex’s gaze turned cold, “Have you been a good husband to her?” He asked in a calm yet sarcastic tone.

” Of course” Tim replied confidently, his gaze is still cold.

“If you have been a good husband to her, why did you make her cry, then?” Alex asked again.

Tim narrowed his eyes. ” It is none of your business” He said, and then he took a step closer and closer to them.

“I distanced my self from Kira because she told me to. She said she doesn’t want you to misun-derstand us but it seems like she’s the only one who is ma-king an effort,” Alex spoke which made Tim st©p from taking a step forward.

“I thought, it was the thing that could make her happy,” Alex added.

“But seeing her suffering beside you makes me change my mind.”

“What do you mean?” Tim’s gaze is sharp.

“I will take her back from you,” Alex said straight forward.


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