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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 27



Helena is in her be-droom when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Helena said.

“Hey, dear.” Helena greeted, but she notices the loneliness in Kira’s eyes.

“Why?” Helena asked.

Kira approached Helena to the be-d.

(A/N: Helena is always wearing a kerchief on her head,)

“Auntie…” Kira f0rç£s her self to smile.

“Why are you looking so lonely?” Helena asked worriedly.

“Oh, It’s nothing”
“I just…” Kira stared at Helena.
“I just missed you.” She said and she seems like crying again.

Helena smiled at Kira. “Come”

She gestured her to come over to her which Kira did. She sat beside Helena.

Helena stroked Kira’s back.
“You can talk to me if you want to.” She said.

“I’ll be alright auntie. Always remember that I am willing to endure everything for you,” Kira said.
“Just get well, okay?” She added.

Helena took a de-ep breath, “Don’t worry too much about me, dear. The doctor said that my b©dy is giving a positive response to the chemothera-py, though I almost lost all my hair, at least I am getting better now.”

“It’s so good to hear that Auntie,” Kira replied.

Tim entered the room. He found Kira sitting on the couch and he smiled, he approached Kira and k!$$£d her forehead.

“Good evening.” He greeted her.

Kira smiled at Tim, “Good evening.” She said plainly.

Tim notice Kira’s strange behavior.
He looked at her with his knitted brows, ” Are you alright?” He asked.

Kira stared at Tim.
‘This man is such a great pretender!’ She thought.

Kira tried to act natural, she doesn’t want to show to Tim that she is upset. She doesn’t have the right to act that way because she knew from the very beginning that this marriage doesn’t involve emotion and Tim doesn’t give her sweet promises.

“Ennn…” Kira nodded.
‘I just don’t want to be so attached to you.’ Kira secretly added.

“Have you eaten dinner?” Tim asked.

“Ennn…” Kira nodded again.

Tim stared at Kira, ” Is there any problem?” he asked.

Kira shook her head slowly, ” No, I think, I am just tired.”

Tim sits beside Kira, “Oh! Just wait here, I’ll make you a [email protected] of milk,” Tim said but Kira is quic-k to reject it.

“No” She objected.

Tim turned his head to her.

Kira realized her reaction, and she lowered her head. “I mean, I can do it by myself,” She said and then she got up from her seat and heads downstairs.

Tim’s gaze just followed Kira, he felt odd, He know there is something wrong.

Kira is in a daze while ma-king her milk. Her ċhėst felt ti-ght£ñed when he saw Tim. She felt hurt whenever she remembers about the will. She sighs, She doesn’t know until when she can endure what she felt inside. She is hurt by the fact that Tim married her for his wealth. She admits it. She has really fallen for Tim, but she doesn’t know if he feels the same too.

Kira tried to act like she doesn’t know anything. She still tried to be polite to Tim, after all, she still needs him for her auntie’s medical expenses.

One morning, she and Tim are eating breakfast when Tim’s phone suddenly rang. Kira noticed that someone keeps on calling Tim this past few days. She just felt odd, because, it is only Coby who use to call Tim, before. She secretly observed him.

Tim looked down into his phone to check the caller’s ID. After a while, he picked up his phone.

“Excuse me, sweetheart, I will just pick up this call,” Tim said to Kira.

She nodded her head and pretended not to care.
Kira put down her chopsticks and secretly followed Tim outside. She hides her self and secretly listened to him.

Tim is standing near the front door with his back turned against Kira.
“Don’t cry, it is [email protected] of our lives, Ella,” Tim said.

‘Ella?’ Kira knitted her brows as she asked her self.
‘Isn’t it a girl’s name?’

“Yes, I un-derstand what you feel.”

“I know that it is [email protected] for you,” Tim said to the person on the other line.

He paused for a moment as if he is listening to the other line. Kira can’t help but feel suspicious.

The way Tim talked to the person on the other line, he sounds like he cares so much for that person. She had a feeling that Tim is hiding something from her.
Could it be that he has another woman and they were f0rç£d to hide their relationsh!pbecause of his marriage to her?
Was that person is Tim’s lover before she [email protected]£ to his life?

Maybe, Tim broke up with that person to marry her for his wealth, and then he realized that he still loves that person and they get back together?

” No! You can’t show your self to them”

Kira’s eyes went wi-de opened when she heard Tim said those words. It’s like a confirmation to her suspicions. Kira felt like someone clutched her heart, she felt pained thinking of Tim has another woman.

Kira doesn’t want to listen to Tim talking to another woman. The more she heard it, the more she felt pain.

Kira turned and head to the master’s be-droom, she went to the bathroom, stand in front of the sink and she washed her face hoping that it could help her calm down. She looked at her reflection on the mirror in front of her,

‘Just endure it, Kira, you chose to marry him. Both of you get the benefits of marrying each other, him to get his wealth and you to provide your auntie’s medical expenses. You should have been more careful not to fall for him, you may not be hurting right now.

Kira wiped the tears in her eyes, she washed her face again before she fixed herself and get re-ady for work.

“Ella, I made a promise to your father, and I don’t want to disappoint him. You better come here in the Capital City, those gangsters won’t follow you here, I can provide you shelter. ” Tim said.

“I’ll let Coby book a flight for you tonight.”

Tim ended the call after he was able to say his word. He put down his phone, turned back and get inside the house.

But his footsteps [email protected]£ to a st©p when he saw Kira on the staircase.

“You’re leaving?” Tim said.

Kira st©pped in her track when she heard Tim. She nodded her head without looking at Tim.

” I’ll take you to work.” Tim offered.

“No need. I can manage.” Kira replied coldly.

Tim froze for a moment when he noticed Kira’s coldness towards him.

“I have to go now,” Kira said, and then she continue to walk downstairs and walk out of the house.
She uses her scooter going to work.

Tim just sighs as his gaze followed Kira, He doesn’t know what he did wrong for Kira to treat him coldly.

Kira drives her scooter, her tears started to fall as she drives away. She tried to hide what she felt, but when she saw Tim, the pain that she felt inside [email protected]£ back. She’s afraid to ask Tim about the person who called him earlier. She is afraid that Tim might tell her the truth, she’s afraid to know the truth!

Kira pu-ll-ed over her scooter and she cried [email protected] until her eyes turned swollen.

Alex got down from his motorbike, coincidentally, Kira arrived at the same time.

Alex’s gaze followed Kira until she st©pped a few meters away from her. He knitted his brows when he noticed Kira’s swollen eyes. She looked like she had just cry.

Alex suddenly felt worried about Kira and he took a step towards her. He wanted to approach her to ask if something is wrong, but his footsteps [email protected]£ to a st©p and he is having second thought. They have not talked to each other since Kira forbids him to come near her.

Alex looked down and tried to think before he stepped back and turned away from Kira. He alre-ady changed his mind. He doesn’t want to meddle to Kira’s pri-vate life, anymore. It is none of his business.

Though it is difficult for him to turn his back away from her, Alex still f0rç£s his self to do it. He headed to the admin office and left Kira in the parking area.

After work, Kira changed her teacher’s uniform into jeans and plain shi-ts.

It is alre-ady quarter to six but Kira doesn’t plan to go home yet. She took her phone from her bag and made a call to Lea.

Lea is currently ma-king a command to the worker of her newly opened convenience store when her phone rings. She took her phone from the counter and answered it.

“Yes, your highness?” Lea joked.

“Are you busy?” Kira asked.

“Why?” Lea asked back.

“Would you mind to join me for a drink?”

Lea froze when she heard Kira.
“Drink?” She asked doubtfully.

“Yes, Let’s have some drink, just for tonight,” Kira said.

“Are you sure?” Lea doesn’t feel good about the idea.

Kira doesn’t use to drink. She has an alcohol intolerance, but now she is asking her to have a drink with her?

“I just need someone to talk to,” Kira said with a trace of loneliness in her voice.

Lea knows Kira for a long time and she knows her very well, and base on how she talks right now, she knows that Kira is going throu-gh something and she needs someone to talk to. And at times like this, Lea is willing to be with her best friend.

“Where are you now?” Lea asked.

“I’m still at the school, but I am heading to one of the KTV bars in the City, I’ll s£nd you the address,” Kira replied..

“Alright” Lea agreed.

Kira ended the call and then she hoped into her scooter. She doesn’t know that someone is secretly listening to her and on the other side of the road, someone is secretly tailing her and observing her every action.


It is eight in the evening when Tim got home.

“Good evening, Young Master” The servants greeted him.

“Good evening, where is the Missus?” He asked the servants.

“The Missus isn’t home yet, Young Master” Becca replied.

Tim froze, “What?” He blurted out with his brows knitted.

He was about to ask Becca another question but Helena suddenly spoke from behind him.

“Tim, can we talk?” Helena asked.

Tim turned his head behind him, “What is it, auntie?” Tim asked.

“I think, we should talk about it, in pri-vate,” Helena replied.

Tim looked around before he gestured Helena to go upstairs. The two of them went to Tim’s study room.

Tim locked the door before he faces Helena, ” What is it, auntie?” He asked Helena.

“Didn’t you notice Kira’s behavior these past few days?” Helena asked.

Tim crossed his arms in his ċhėst and tried to think, then he rubbe-d his chin before he replies, ” Yeah, I noticed it. She acts differently.” He said.

“Have you ask her why?” Helena asked again.

Tim shook his head. “Nope”
“We haven’t talked too much lately.” He added.

Helena took a de-ep breath, “She talked to me last night, I know there is something wrong with the way she spoke to me,” Helena said.

“I think she knows something,” Helena added.

“What do you mean, auntie?”

“I am not sure, but I suspect that she discovered something,” Helena replied.

Tim tried to think.

“I’ve been careful about keeping everything,” Tim mumbled.

“Tim, why won’t you just tell her the truth?” Helena asked.

Tim looked at Helena.

“No” Tim opposed.

“You know my father’s secret, If Kira finds out about it, do you think she will stay with me? I haven’t even get her heart yet, auntie. She might leave me if she knows that…” Tim couldn’t say it out loud.

Helena sighs!
“So, you will keep the truth from Kira?”

“You’re not telling her that your father—”

“St©p!” Tim’s voice raised.

Helena went silent when she saw Tim’s reaction.

“I’m sorry…” Helena apologized.

“You know my father trusted you, auntie. And I trust the people, my dad trusted. Don’t tell her anything. I love her, and I can’t afford to lose her. I will keep that secret until the day I die”

“Tim. I am just doing this because of your father, I owe him gratitude and my loyalty is my way of repaying him his goodness.”

Tim nodded his head, ” I know, I know…” He said.

“But Auntie, I can provide her everything that she needs, I will love and care for her. I will be a good husband to her, so plea-se, don’t ever tell her anything.”

Helena sighs.
Yeah, Tim is right. He can give everything to Kira, and she knows that Tim loves Kira so much. She wouldn’t be worried about Kira if ever she [email protected] away from her illness.

“If you promise to take good care of her even if I [email protected] away, then I will keep that secret until the day I die,” Helena said.

“Thank you, auntie,” Tim said sincerely.

“I shall go then,” Helena replied and then she walks out of the study room.

Tim slumped on his chair when Helena left. He leaned his back and tried to calm himself.

After a while, he opens his drawer and took his father’s journal. He took a de-ep breath.

“Why does it have to be you, dad?” He mumbled while looking at the journal as if he is talking to his dad.
How he wishes he could bring back the time and change everything.


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