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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 23



Kira looked at the people inside the room. All of them are looking at her and they are judging her.
This is a setup.
Someone is trying to set her up.

Kira’s gaze fell into Gaile and she can see the faint smile plastered on her face.

Kira looked at Tim, she can’t see any emotion on his face.
Did he also judge me and believe these people?

“What now, Kira?!” Madame Gezel spoke again.
“Why are you not talking anymore? Have you run out of lies?”

“St©p it, auntie!” Tim suddenly yelled at his auntie which made everyb©dy stunned.

“St©p talking nons-en-se. Kira would never do that. She would never take anything that doesn’t belong to her” Tim defended Kira.

Tim throws his auntie a cold look, ” And also, how could a “guest” [email protected] its “owner” inside her house?” Tim emphasizes the word guest and owner as if telling his auntie that she has no right to act like a master than Kira.

“Are you trying to say that the guest has no right to complain her thing was stolen by the “owner” if the house?!”

“I knew her more than anyone of you here, so I believe her” Tim replied.

“Come on Tim. St©p defending your wife. You’re tolerating her wrongdoings” Madame Gezel still insisted.

“I am defending her because I know she is telling the truth”

“Ha!” Madame Gezel blurted out in an unbelievable expression.

“Tim, the evidence is alre-ady here” Madame Gezel insisted.

Gaile on the other side started to feel anxious.

“How would I know that that evidence hasn’t tampered?” Tim replied.

Gaile was stunned in the corner.

“Just like Kira said, she entered your room to find your medicine, that is why she has f!ngerprints in your things” Tim continued to defend Kira.

“Tim, What is going on with you?!” Madame Gezel’s voice raised.

” You were blinded by your love for this woman. She will just do the same thing that your mother did. She’s just after your money”

Tim’s expression instantly turned dark when Madame Gezel mentioned his mother.

“Don’t you dare compare my wife to my mother” Tim said coldly.

Kira saw how Tim’s expression changed, and she got scared that he might lose his temper for defending her, so she decided to speak up for herself.

“I can prove my innocence” Kira suddenly spoke.

Everyb©dy looked at Kira.

“And how would you do it?” Gezel asked sarcastically.

“What if I can prove my self innocent? What would I get in return then?” Kira asked back sternly.

“I will apologize to you” Gezel said as if she is sure that Kira won’t succeed in proving her self.

‘She’s digging a hole for her self!’ She thought.

“No.” Kira opposed.
“It’s too easy to do it, auntie.” She added.

Gezel narrowed her eyes, ” What would you like then?”

“I want you to kneel in front of me and apologize. And I want you to leave this house immediately after that” Kira said with a fierce look in her eyes.

Gezel was confident that Kira really stole the n£¢klace, so, she did not think twice and she instantly agreed to Kira.

“Alright” She said confidently.

After getting Madame Gezel’s response, Kira turn her head to the men in black,

“I want a forensic f!ngerprint analysis on the n£¢klace” She demanded.

“You found my f!ngerprint in auntie’s jewelry box. If I stole that n£¢klace, my f!ngerprint should be there too. But I can @$$ure you, I never t©uçh that n£¢klace and I can prove it to you throu-gh the forensic analysis.” Kira said.

“I will prove to you that someb©dy is trying to set me up here,” Kira added.

“I agree with her auntie, let’s wait for the result before we judge her.” Tim agreed.

“Alright then,” Madame Gezel tilted her head to the investigators. ” un-dergo the n£¢klace to forensic f!ngerprint analysis.” She ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” they replied.

Tim looked at Helena, “Auntie Helena, could you plea-se gather all the servants in the living room, including the gardener.”.

“Yes,” Helena replied.

In the living room, the servants stood in front of Tim while Kira, Madame Gezel and Gaile sit on the couch.

“Something happened in this house,” Tim spoke as he faces the servants.

“I want all of you to surrender your phones to me,” Tim added.

The servants, Gaile and Madame Gezel looked at each other.

“Turn off all of your gadgets and put it on the table, now,” Tim ordered.

Kira was the first one to get up and followed Tim’s instructions, followed by Helena, the servants, and the gardener.

Tim looked at Gaile and Madame Gezel who did not stand to put their phones at the t©p of the table.

“Gaile, Auntie?” Tim throws them a meaningful look.

“Is this necessary, Tim?” Gaile was the one to ask.

“Of course, This is to prevent any of you to have contact from the outside and call someone to tamper the result.” He explained.

“But it’s not like we’re going to fake the forensic result” Gaile continued to object.

“Are you trying to question me, Gaile?” Tim asked coldly, which brings a chill to Gaile’s nerves.

“N-No… I mean…” Gaile stammered.

“Then, put your phone on the table,” Tim said plainly.

Gaile has no choice but to get up from being seated on the couch and walk to the table and put her phone on t©p of it. Madame Gezel did the same too.

Tim tap his phone and called Coby.

“Yes, Mr. Tan?” Coby answers from the other line.

“Call the security agency and tell them to s£nd ten securities into the Villa.”

“T-Ten securities?” Coby thought he misheard his boss.

Ten securities? Are they going to esc-rt the Prime Minister?
Coby asked himself.

“Do I have to repeat my self, Coby?” Tim asked coldly.

Coby gulped!l.
“N-No, Mr. Tan, I am going to call the security agency right away, sir!l” Coby said.

“Good,” Tim said and then he ended the call.

Tim looked at the people in front of him, ” No one is allowed to go outside until the result is out.”

“What?” Gaile was the one to react again.

“But Tim, how will I go home?”

“There is an available room upstairs, you can occupy it,” Tim replied.

“How about my personal stuff?” Gaile asked again.

” I will allow you to call your servant and tell her to get re-ady for your things. I will let Coby pick your things in your house.”

Gaile’s shoulders dropped as she lowered her head.

“Is there anything you want to say Gaile?” Tim asked Gaile.

Gaile looked up to Tim.
Tim might suspect her if she keeps on objecting to him. She slowly shook her head as her response to Tim.

“Good!” Tim said and then he turned his gaze to his auntie.

“Auntie,” Tim called.

“Whatever the result is, you have to leave this place after the result is out.” He said without holding back.

Kira and the others were stunned to hear Tim.

Madame Gezel narrowed her eyes and slightly tilted her head as if she wasn’t sure of what she heard.

“What?” She blurted out.

” You have to leave this house after the result is out,” Tim repeated as he looked at Madame Gezel straight to her eyes.

“Ha!” Madame Gezel let out a short and sarcastic laugh.

“Are you kicking me out of here, Tim?” Madam Gezel asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Yes” Tim replied straight forward.

The people in the living room were stunned including Gaile.

“Tim, I am your auntie and you’re kicking me out?” Madam Gezel asked in an unbelievable expression!

“Why not?” Tim asked back.

“How could you do this to me?” Madame Gezel got enraged!

” I am the owner of this house, I can welcome and kick out a guest if I want to,” Tim said coldly.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” Madame Gezel is a proud person, and she won’t let anyone treat her cruelly.

“Because you hurt my wife” Tim said with his teeth gritted.

Kira’s eyes went wi-de opened as she looked at Tim.

“That is your biggest mistake auntie. How dare you splash h0t water to my wife, how could you treat her cruelly inside her own house?”

‘How did he know?’ Kira asked herself.

Madame Gezel’s face instantly turned pale and she was not able to say a word.

“A-And where did you get that story?” Madame Gezel tried to deny the truth.

“I have my ways of knowing what is happening around me, auntie. Don’t try to deny it because I am not an idiot” Tim replied with his gritted teeth.

His every word makes Madame Gezel and Gaile’s knees shook.

“S-She was the one who started it” Madame Gezel tried to change the story.

“Oh, really?” Tim narrowed his eyes.

“Then, why don’t you have a burn like hers?” He asked sarcastically.

“Of course I have. She splashed h0t tea in my b©dy” Madame Gezel said.

Kira is out of patience, ‘This is enough!’
‘This old woman is trying to blame her and she can’t let that happen!’

“Don’t try to change the story, auntie, we both knew what happened that day” Kira defended herself.

“St©p it, Kira. You are just trying to [email protected] Tim” Gezel said.

“She is telling the truth Gezel!” Helena joined the argument and defended Kira.

“I was there, and I saw how you splashed the h0t tea to Kira” She added.

Gezel looked at Helena with her sharp gaze, ” Of course you will take side to your orphan, your goal is to make me leave this house, isn’t it?” Gezel said and then she turns her head to Tim,
“You see Tim? These women are trying to [email protected] you to make me leave this house”

“Do you think I am kind of person who can be manipulated by someone, auntie?”

Madame Gezel went silent.
‘How could she forget that Tim isn’t a child anymore, who would believe everything she says?’

“And also, Kira is my wife, what’s mine is hers. It doesn’t matter even if she stole from anyone of you here, because she is also the owner of this house” Tim said..

This time, Madame Gezel held her head up high, ” Fine! If you’re choosing this woman over your auntie, then I won’t insist on staying here” Madame Gezel said and then she walks away.

Gaile’s gaze followed Madame Gezel, ” Auntie” She called and followed her to her room.

‘No! Auntie can’t leave this place’
‘If she leaves, I have no reason to come here anymore and do my plans’ Gaile thought.


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