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sinners episode 28

[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES’
✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

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Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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She cried out immediately she came from her high for the third time, I went on for a while before I came down .

I watched as she lay weak on the bed .

” Gather her in your arms [email protected]…She’s your wife ” my heart said and I shifted from her immediately.

I’ve never cuddled after se-x and it’s not gonna start with Grace .

I watched as she sniffed back tears on the bed and I just ignored her .

I got down from the bed and straight to the bathroom .

[email protected] go help her clean up she can bearly walk ” I heard my heart say again .

I unwillingly left for the bathroom and walked out with a warm towel .

I was now clad in a designer boxers and loose shirt .

” Grace ” I called and she shifted immediately as she stared at me like I was about to hurt her .

” I need to change the sheets ” I said and she looked at me in confusion.

” Grace I said move away from the bed ” I said and she stared at me.

” Am I speaking gibberish ? I fired angrily and she flinched .

” Don’t you dare speak to me in that tone [email protected] , I can’t believe you expect me to be able to use my legs after what you did to me last night ” she fired and I turned to her .

” Playing the victim card huh ? We had a deal Grace and you got me angry by trying to back out of it …” I Trailed.

[email protected] you we’re my first ….” She trailed voice breaking at the edge .

” I hate the fact that I was your first okay …it’s messing up my [email protected] ,if I’d known I wouldn’t have gotten into this marriage in the first place I don’t deserve Anyone’s first time ! I thundered angrily and tears rolled outta her eyes .

” I hate the fact that I need to babysit you because it’s your first time and I wasn’t gentle , I don’t know how to be gentle grace ….all my life I’ve never made love …I’ve only ever f*cked ” I said without emotions.

” Too bad your first Time had to be with someone as heartless as me ” I said and handed her the warm towel .

” I’d let you heal from last nights encounter. ..but I expect you to be ready to please me When I’m Ready ” I said and left her hanging I. The room .

My phone rang in my pocket immediately I got out and stood outside the yatch, with the cool morning breeze flowing from both directions .

” Hello …Rico ” I said Immediately I picked up .

” Ha …. good morning Don. was your not so innocent night ? I heard Sergio and frowned .

” I can’t believe you have me on speaker Frederico ” I scolded .

” We invaded his office knowing you would pick his calls and not ours ” Dimitri answered .

” I’m not in the mood for your teasings ” I frowned .

” Oh ….. hahahaha ” Emelio laughed .

” Bro is everything okay ? Kristov asked bringing out the Doctor in him .

” I’m fine ” I snapped immediately .

” Ah’re definitely not okay ” he said and I rubbed my forehead .

” I …..” I trailed and shut my eyes .

” What’s wrong ? Rico asked concerned .

” She was pure ….she hadn’t been touched by a man before …I ….F*cked with a vir-gin…, My wife was untouched ….” I trailed and they all stayed quiet on the other end.

‘ What ! “Sergio was the first to come out of the shock .

” Wait you mean Grace still had her VCard intact ? That’s shocking ” Dimitri said and I rubbed my forehead.

” Hope you considered that [email protected] ? We all know your wild Desires ” He added .

” I wasn’t gentle …I’d thru-st in before she told me …” I said and Kristov [email protected] .

“Knowing you and your craziness ,that didn’t stop you from pounding into her right ? He asked sacarstically .

” She caused it ….she should have told me , I wouldn’t have married a vir-ginwife ! I Snapped .

” Ah you’re supposed to feel sorry for what you did ” Emelio said immediately.

” Why should I feel sorry. .? Her body belongs to me ,it’s her duty to please my every need ” I said and Heard Kristov curse me .

” We’re not saying she’s not yours , the manner at which you took her must have been so cruel ..” Dimitri fired Angrily.

” I don’t do Love-making…” I reminded him .

” I know …but that’s not an escuse , you shouldn’t have let your beast out on Grace ” He added .

” Y’all keep blaming me , it’s not like I rap-e d her ,What Was I supposed to do ? She didn’t tell me ontime and after everything she tried to back out of our deal that night …she knew I was super ho*ny after all the times she’s starved me ,but she brought up her issues with Lucia and saw that as enough reason to starve me that night .

” I was already F*cking angry before I slammed into her …That’s when she told me she was a vir-gin…”

” So you saw it as the best opportunity to break her ….?

” C’mon man we only went at it only thrice then once this morning ” I said and they [email protected] .

.’ she must be so sore ” kristov said worriedly .

” Be careful [email protected] we don’t want you killing this girl now do we ? He asked and I rubbed my face .

” It’s not my fault Sometimes , I try controlling my anger but Grace ..that girl keeps pushing me to the wall man …even last night she kept telling me she hated me with each thru-st …” I said and they burst into laughter.

” She Doesn’t care about how I feel or what I think …all she cares about is getting on my nerves ” I said and Kristov sighed .

” I know we don’t do Love [email protected] ..But please try to feel emotions around your wife , she’s Grace and not Gina ‘ he said and I caught the call before he could say more .


Grace was [email protected] to handle yet no one see’s that , everyone See’s me as the Devil and she the angel ..

I walked into the room and saw grace Clad in my Shirt and a fancy sl!ppers .

I noticed she was limping and walked over to her .

[email protected] let me go ” she tried to pull away and I ignored her .

” You better shut up before I throw you into the ocean ” I said and she glared at me.

” What worse can you do ? Kill me ? She asked mockingly.

” Grace don’t tempt me i fired Angrily.

” What worse can you do ? You already took the only thing I protected with my life [email protected] , I stopped my dreams half way because of you , so what else do you want to do that you’ve not done ? She asked voice breaking at the edge.

” You’re making it sound like I rap-e d you Grace ? Where’s the maturity ? Things wouldn’t have gotten to that point if you hadn’t brought up Lucia and then start giving me headache ! I said and ran my f!ng£rs in my hair .

[email protected] you had a woman give you a b!0w job a night to our wedding , and you still said it to my face bluntly and I should just move on ? Are you even human ” she asked and I lic-ked my lower l!ps.

” Lucia is just a wh*re … besides I couldn’t resist the temptation after all we weren’t married yet ” I said and she looked at me like I’ve grown three heads .

” Max you should be ashamed of yourself ” she spat .

” Why ? I asked.



I can’t believe the nerve of this man called [email protected] , and the way he claims his right I’d what annoys me .

” You’re asking me why ? [email protected] last night you showed me the beast you truly where ” I said and he stared at me.

” You got used to it grace , stop pretending like you didn’t enjoy it , you cried my name like it was the only thing you remembered in life last night .

” At some point you moved in Rythm with Mr , be careful grave I might get you Add!¢ted too fast ” he said and my throat fell dry..

” That’s not true , it’s just my body that betrayed me I don’t want you , I didn’t even mean any of what I said last night ” I said and he laughed .

” Don’t play the victim card grace , what happened to the ….Right there [email protected] ….oh…..” Those soft cries you gave me ? He asked and I immediately felt the urge to throw up .

” It’s high time you stop fighting it grace …the badgirl in you ….” He said and I pushed his hand away .

There was no way I was going to give this man an heir …such a criminal .

” You can have my body as many times as you want [email protected] , after all I did the mistake of signing a deal with the devil , but trust me I’d be your worse nightmare someday ….” I said and he laughed.

” That’s if I become a fool for you Grace …and that’s never gonna happen …! ” He said and klzzed my l!ps softly.

” Sir breakfast is ready ” one of the maids said and I picked her up again as she glared daggers at me.

” What occasion are we [email protected] ? I asked sacarstically and he laughed .

” Don’t you think the mind-b!0wing s*x we had last night is worth [email protected] ? He asked and I glared at him .

” It’s a waste thinking I could for once have a good conversation with you that doesn’t involve you showing how much of an emotionless person you are ”

” Oh my Queen , we can always have a good conversation when I’m buried in you …” He said and I glared at him .

” Don’t even think of that ” I said and he got up immediately .

” F*ck ” he cursed under his breath as his phone beeped .

” C’mon Grace” he said and I frowned .

Don’t tell me our lives are in danger again please …I thought as he pulled me back inside and I heard gunshots .

” See why I said it’s never safe with you ? Oh God I can’t believe I’m going to die next to a criminal ….! I cried out .

” Are you for real right now ? He asked shocked.

” We’re gonna die . ! I said and he slammed his l!ps on mine immediately .


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