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sinners episode 27

[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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” You’re now pronounced husband and wife …you may now klzz the 👰 bride ” The priest said and I closed my eyes as he slammed his l!ps on mine sealing our marriage .

“I Gave you what you want Grace ,I don’t want any Escuses.” He whispered softly and I froze in shock .

[email protected] we just got married ,you make it sound like I’m …” I trailed .

” Don’t give me that sh*t Grace , tonight you would please me …and fufill your wifely duties ” he said and I looked away as my heart squeezed with hurt .

All he cares about at that moment was how he would have me where he wanted me .

Why is he so cruel ?

We where led out of the church to his estate where the reception was being held at the De Luca garden .

They had lots of guests and while everyone danced around and made merry .

” Hey sister in-law ” Sergio said and said as he walked over to his still clad in his suit .

” Hey smart [email protected] ” I said and Kristov chuckled besides him .

” Is everything ready ? [email protected] Asked him to which he gave a nod .

” Yes Done ,the yatch is also ready ” he said and I turned [email protected] in shock .

” Yatch ? I asked but he only ignored me .

Seriosely he wants us to have s*x in his yatch ? What kind of man is this .

” Are you gonna leave tommorow ? Emelio asked .

” We’re living …Right now ” he said and I looked at him .

I can’t believe he’s so impatient, I was scared of the fire and the hunger in his eyes .

[email protected] wasn’t a romantic person at all , infact his eyes showed he was ready to take all i had to offer untill I had nothing left .

” Tonight …? At least have your first couple Dance ” Yvonne said and I had the guest cheer us on as a romantic song played in the background , [email protected] led me to the middle .

As my back swayed on his front , I shut my eyes at the intensity of the emotions and his sinful touch .

[email protected]….” I trailed and heard him chuckle .

” I won’t be soft on you tonight ” he whispered whilst trailing my hips and my heart pounded against my chest .

” Tell him ”

” Tell him ” my mind warned .

I shut my eyes and the Dance continued for something before I set myself free from his arms and went upstairs .

” On my way to our room , I saw a beautiful lady coming down the stairs .

I looked at her wondering who she was and why she was on such a sinful dress .

I tried to Walk [email protected] her and she called me , I froze and turned

” Grace Morano ,Grace Morano …Grace… Morano or should I say Grace De LUCA now since you just married the Don ? She spat mockingly and I looked at her confused.

” Wait why do you sound so bitter ? I don’t even know you ” I said arms folded and she laughed.

” Oh you’re not supposed to know me sweetheart since ….I Take care of your husband’s every se-xual need….” She said softly and I froze .

[email protected] cheated ? I wondered in confusion .

” Who are you ?

” Oh please forgive my manners sweetheart , I’m Lucia. ..” she said and I made to walk away.

” Oh c’mon grace is that how you treat your colleague ? I mean we’re both on the same level , [email protected] wanted me for s*x , he wants you for an heir….c’mon girl we all know you’re not Gina ” she said and I smiled mockingly.

” Oh ….Sorry ,I just don’t mingle with my husband’s mistresses ” I said and she laughed.

” You have a smart mouth Grace , let’s see how smart you can handle [email protected] and his untamable Desires ” she said and I swallowed down nothing .

” He’d want you until you have nothing else to offer …,he doesn’t even need you in his life grace …after all we went on a vacation together and just returned …a night to your wedding ….you’re just gonna be his baby Making factory …! She spat angrily and I laughed.

I laughed so [email protected] although I was hurt by whatever she just said I didn’t let it show on my face .

‘” thanks for giving [email protected] free s*x while I was waiting to be his legal wife Lucia. ….too bad you’d always be the dump to relive himself from stress ..”

” Dirty mistress …” I said and she had her jaws on the ground as i walked out .

Anger cursed through my veins at the thought of [email protected] sleeping with that mistress of his .

He promised to wait , why did I even believe that animal , infact men are all cheats .

” Grace ” [email protected] said immediately I walked into the party and Lucia Walked [email protected] us with a [email protected] of wine in her arms.

I glared daggers at her and [email protected] didn’t seem to notice the fact that there had been a confrontation between me and his mistress.

He tried to lead me into the limo and I ignored his hands as I walked into the car myself .

He walked in after me and as the driver began the drive ,I noticed he was staring at my face. But I didn’t pay him the attention he was looking for .

I was still in my wedding dress and it annoyed me that [email protected] wouldn’t let me change .

We board his chopper and after Sometime we landed somewhere .

I walked out and saw an island .

[email protected] ” I called and noticed he had shades on .

” We’d be spending two weeks here ” he said and before I could Argue he raised me up in bridal Style and walked towards his yatch .

I glared daggers at his face as we got in .. immediately we stepped into the yatch , they realized it and it began to sail .

I walked [email protected] him and decided to look for where to change .

When I got to our room , I saw rose petals on the bed and lit romantically .

There was a bottle of wine and ciggerrate on the table ,some chocolates and strawberries.

I looked at the next packet and it was a packet of ¢0nd0ms .

I felt a rotten feeling at the pit of my stomach .

I ignored him and went into the bathroom to get Ready for bed .

There was no way I was gonna sleep with [email protected] after what that Lucia girl just told me .

There was no way on Earth .

I Finished showering and wore my transparent jacket at the top .

Immediately I walked out I saw [email protected] was smoking with his suit jacket removed .

” Grace ” he called and I looked at him .

” What ? I snapped and he stood up .

” Strip ” he ordered and I looked at him like he’d grown three horns .

” I’m not sleeping with you [email protected] .. please escuse me I need to sleep ” I said and he ran his f!ng£rs in his hair .

“You’re not sleeping with me grace ? ” He asked and laughed at the end .

” Am I speaking gibberish ? I said I’m not having s*x with you [email protected] ..I’m not letting you have your way with me ” I said and he bit his lower l!p.

” Are you kidding me ? I endured your nons£nse for too long. strip before I do it myself.

[email protected] are you not shameless ? You want me to sleep with you after you travelled with your mistress and had s*x numerous times ?

” What do you take me for a fool ? I asked and he looked at me.

” Lucia ? I didn’t sleep with Lucia …!

” Are you calling her a lier ? I asked and he chuckled bitterly.

” If you call a b!0w job s*x then no problem then” he said and I looked at him .

” It’s the same thing as having s*x [email protected] ! You don’t even regret it ! I said voice shaking at the edge and he walked close to me .

” You asked for a Church wedding grace , and despite the fact that I hate weddings I did it …I walked down that idol and said those stupid vows to please you ….!

” Now you better Keep your own part of the deal. ..” he said and I tied my nightie properly .

By then I was already so close to the wall of the room , I tried to walked [email protected] him and he cadged me to the wall.

” Are you still thinking about that worthl*ss boyfriend of yours ? Are you still saving your body only for him ? You miss how he makes you feel ? He asked mockingly and tears hung on my face .

” You have no rights to talk about m…..” I trailed as he slammed his l!ps on mine .

[email protected]….mmm” I cried as he bit my lower l!p.

” I won’t have you proof stubborn even tonight Grace , it’s either I do things my way or you submit yourself willingly ” he said and I tried to catch my breath as he klzzed me again this time I reciprocated .

[email protected]….wait ” I cried out seeing how wild he’d gotten ,it was another spirit possessed him.

” I have had it enough with your nons£nse ” he spat as he tore my jacket .

He raised me with my legs hooked behind his bum , he slammed my back on the wall and his l!ps on mine again.

I was already so drunk by his ministrations and I hated myself for it .

I hated the fact that he was working Me like his personal music .

” Max ….hmmn wait please ” I mo*Ned softly as he bent down .

I [email protected] with unsteady breaths when I felt it their …

” Max ” I cried as my f!ng£rs ran in his hair and foreign words left my mouth ,I couldn’t even recognize my own voice .

I was sweating quiet badly my brain had gone mushy due to how he did it ..

He left me and I nearly fell …but he picked me up and placed me on the bed .

[email protected] wait. ..I have something to tell you …” I trailed in fear as he tore his sleeves shirt s£nding the buttons all over .

” Tell me what grace ? That you still love George and only give your body to him ? Huh Bambi ? He asked removing his belt .

This man is mad already .

” That’s not it ….” I mo*ned when he ripped my dress and his l!ps trailed my bossoms ..

I looked down at him and shut my eyes tight .

Jeez how would he even fit in me …?

” Max wait …” I pleaded and before I could open my mouth again I felt my words die down .

I froze in shock as a scream left my mouth.

He looked at me with eyes widen has saucers .

” F*ck ” he trailed in shock .

‘” For goodness sake how this even possible ! What are you ? 13 ? He asked Angrily.

” Mas…..” I cried as he moved .

“I don’t do love Making grace ? Don’t expect me to go lenient on you ” he trailed my neck as I cried out .

This was too much for me …way too much

How could he be so cruel ? Right then and there I knew he was a monster …cause he didn’t stop his painful thrusts. ….

He didn’t even let me get used to his size , it was like a punishment for all the times I defied him .

I hated myself for leading him on , I hated my body for wanting him …

I hated myself for running my hands on he back and … crying in pleas*re.

We came from our high and I tried to catch my breath .

” On your knees ‘ he said and I stared at him.

” What ? …[email protected] I …oh ” I cried out as he filled me up .

” Take it Grace , You’re my wife …and it’s your f*cking duty …” He said and I cried out .

” I hate you …I hate you so …..huh ” i cried as he klzzed my neck from behind

” Where’s the stubborn grace now ? …. why don’t you challenge me now ? He asked and I closed my eyes tight .


” Too bad Bambi you’re on your knees for the man you hate , too bad ….! He mocked .


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