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sinners episode 26

[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark’s libary 2022


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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” I said Apologize to me Grace … apologize before I make you ” he said and I swallowed down nothing at the fire in his eyes .

” You’re testing my patience Grace …” He spat angrily and pushed me off him .

” I’d let this stuborness continue until the wedding ,then we’d know who’s Boss ” he said and left me in the pool .

Immediately he walked out , I burst out crying badly , I hugged myself in the pool as my Body shook with fear …

I was scared , scared of what would happen when he finally took me to church .

” You’d be fine Grace , Don’t let [email protected] break you …Dont let him know your weaknesses ” I said to myself as I walked out of the pool ,I noticed I wasn’t anything other than my pan-ties .

” Ma’am ” one of the maids said and walked over to me with a big Polo shirt .

I looked at her in confusion and realised something , it had to be [email protected] who s£nt her ..

That Devil who pretends not to care but deep down he cared too much about me , I knew he did and I’d make sure he realizes the fact that he can’t hurt me .

I pulled the shirt over my body and stormed upstairs …i got to our room and I didn’t see anyone there .

I saw a piece of paper on the bed side table and a grown graced my l!ps .

” Where is he ? I wondered as I Checked the paper .

” Don’t bother looking for me …See you At the wedding ” he said and I [email protected] .

What ? He left me all to myself in this big mansion ?

[email protected]’s just too [email protected] to understand . I sat Down and stared at my phone in confusion .

All these things where happening because of Gina and I dont even know where to start looking for her.

I spent Some days alone at the mansion with the servants before the wedding .

” Hey girl ” Yvonne called as she walked into my room with a smile on her face .

” Yvonne ” i said excitedly as I hugged her .

” Grace …I missed you , kept asking [email protected] to tell me where you are but the man refused .

” He’s at the estate ? I asked curiously .

” No …he’s out of the country , but I call him often ” she said and that’s when I realized I didn’t even have my husband’s number .

By the way why should I have his number on my phone when he didn’t even care if I exist in this life .

” Yvonne …” I called .

” What ? Are you okay “she asked curiously .

[email protected] and I have lots of things we don’t agree on , I’m even scared we’d end up killing each other …he’s too arrogant ” I said and she laughed.

” And you’re too hotheaded grace , but trust me it suits you ” she said and I laughed.

” I want to know more about Gina , but I don’t think she’s attacked ever since ….I’ve not seen her after the masquerade ball ” I said and Yvonne rubbed her neck .

” Grace ,[email protected] is trying to hide many things from you to keep you safe …I think you should wait for sometime ” she said and I rubbed my face .

” You don’t understand Yvonne ,I’ve tried to make him see reasons with me …but it’s [email protected] ,it’s [email protected] because [email protected] has walls around his heart that ….it scares me ” I said and she looked at me shocked .

” Grace …..”

” Yvonne I know for myself that I’d end up falling inlove with [email protected] first …And that is what I’m trying to stop …” I said and she held my hands.

” Grace don’t be too [email protected] on yourself okay , my cousin knows nothing about love , the idiot had never even had a crush on anyone other than himself ….”

” The De LUCA brothers all feel love is weakness and for a man like Don who rules the number one crime family in Italy …I don’t think [email protected] has time for love ” she said and tears rolled out of my eyes.

” I don’t think I’m ready Yvonne …this is not how I planned to live my life , I wanted to make a name for myself ,get married to George and have beautiful kids ”

” I didn’t imagine that I’d one day be kidnapped by a man like [email protected] ….I didn’t think I’d sign my life over to the Devil just like that ” I said and she sat opposite me .

” Grace ” she called and I looked at her.

” Do you want me to help you escape ? Is this what you really want ? I mean do you want to get married to [email protected] ? She asked and I stared at her silently.

Isn’t this what I always wanted ? To run away from this place ? Yvonne was offering the chance at freedom but I shook my head .

I knew the Doom that awaits us if we’re caught , Yvonne might be spared ,but I don’t think [email protected] would let me off the hook easily .

” I’m not running away Yvonne…this is my life now ” I said and she smiled at me.

” Let’s go” she said and we both left the mansion together .

” Hey Donna ” Sergio greeted immediately we walked into the the sitting room in the estate.

” Hey Gracie ” Kristov said smiling and I chuckled.

” I’ve missed you troublemakers ” I said and Emelio chuckled .

” We missed you too but your arrogant husband wouldn’t let us Visit you ” he said and I looked at him curiously .

‘” where exactly is [email protected] ? I asked and they laughed.

” He’s out of the country with his wife ! Sergio said and I frowned .

” Wife ? I asked confused .

Was he already married ? I wondered and then stopped my trail of thoughts as I saw the look of mischief in his eyes.

” He went out on a mission with Frederico ” He said and I gave a nod .

” He’d be back tommorow … remember what tommorow is ? He asked and I gave a nod .

I can’t believe I wasn’t excited about my own wedding , who would blame me anyways ? Getting married was the dream of every Girl ever since they we’re just children , But [email protected] just ruined that for me .

I wasn’t excited because I’d be getting married to one of the most Dangerous criminals in the world .

” Grace ‘ I heard someone call and when I turned it was his mother Giovanna .

” Good evening mom in-law ” I said softly and she looked at me suprised.

” I can’t believe you Actually had such an humble bone in you , this must be a miracle ” she said mockingly.

” Mom” Sergio Called and she glared at me before walking over to her sons .

” I’d be upstairs ” I said and left immediately .

I didn’t even come back to the sitting room after that time….I had too much to think about , I didn’t want to end up getting into a fight with [email protected]’s mother again .

That wasn’t what I wanted at this point . I slept alone in [email protected]’s room till the next morning .

” Wake up princess ” I heard someone call but I [email protected] frustratedly and shifted properly on the bed to sleep.

” Grace wake up its your wedding day ” I heard another familiar voice and when I my eyes fluttered open …I saw Natalie and Yvonne.

” you’ve been sleeping for hours , I almost thought you wouldn’t wake up ” Nat said with a chuckle.

” Nat ” I said happily as I engulfed her in a hug .

” How did you …..” I trailed in shock.

” The Don asked his men to get me to you …”she said and Yvonne squiled .

” I said it ….my cousin is so into you ,he just hasn’t realized it yet ” she said excitedly and I rolled my eyes.

” Oh Yvonne ” i said and she laughed.

” At least give it to my cousin girl , he was thoughtful …” She said and i laughed .

” Good morning ladies we are here to get the Donna ready ” one of the make up artists said as they walked in and I looked at the things they brought in with them .

I was nervous infact …I was more scared of the night than the actual wedding .

” C’mon ma’am ” one of the girls said and led me into the luxurious bathroom .

” Madam …can you please strip ? They asked and my eyes widened .

” Wait what ? Can’t I just Take my bath on my own ? I asked and they chuckled.

” No ma’am besides there’s no reason to be shy , we’re all girls ” one of them said and I rubbed my forehead.

” I’d never gone nak-ed before even my fellow girls , that’s why it shocked me when I let [email protected] eat me out legs clenched at the thought of the Sinful things he’d done to me that night .

” Ma’am ” they called again and I agreed and stripped off my night wear .

They helped me get ready and showed me a flimsy [email protected]

” Wait you want me to wear …such a sinful ….” I trailed in shock .

” Grace are you forgetting that’s it’s gonna be your wedding night also ….are you planning to wear an overall …? Nat asked and Yvonne burst into laughter.

” Wait are you girls on my side of [email protected]’s ? I asked and Nat li-cked her l!ps .

” Both”

” You can’t be on both,that’s cheating ” I whinned.

” C’mon we’re shipping you guys together so it’s only Best we don’t take sides , stop complaining grace you’re lucky you’re not getting married to an old grandpa” Nat laughed.

” You make it sound like [email protected] is any better ” I whinned.

” Oh you know he is ” they teased As they wore me My wedding dress.

After everything they took me to the mirror and I couldn’t even recognize myself .

I looked ten times more beautiful .

[email protected] wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself tonight ” Yvonne said and that didn’t do anything to help infact it further scared me .

What gave me sleepless nights was how he’ll be able to fit in me with that monster between his legs .

Worse was I hadn’t told him I was still untouched .

” Happy marriage life in advance ” Nat said as she smiled at me .

She and Yvonne we’re dressed in matching bridal pink gowns .

When we got out of the room I saw members of the bridal train on the same dress .

I can’t believe my wedding was planned so perfectly and I knew nothing about it .

When we got to the Car , different security men and bodyguards went before and after our limo .

When we got to the church , I saw different cars packed outside the church …

We walked out and that’s when I noticed many couple had matched in already .

Dimitri Walked out and joined his hands with Yvonne as they both walked in .

Natalie walked in alone and it was finally my turn to walk in.

With each step I took towards the alter , memories of how we met filled my mind .

I looked straight at the alter And there he was dressed in a suit and looking se-xy as hell .

He couldn’t look away from me when our eyes met and immediately we got to the Alter the wedding began .

We said our I do’s and since we weren’t the Romantic couple who had a lot to promise each other .

[email protected] looked uncomfortable throughout the time We made our vows… especially when we had to exchange rings ,I could swear I saw his eyes filled With emotions .

” You’re now pronounced husband and wife …you may now klzz the 👰 bride ” The priest said and I closed my eyes as he slammed his l!ps on mine sealing our marriage .

“I Gave you what you want Grace ,I don’t want any Escuses.” He whispered softly and I froze in shock .


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