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Single mom finale

{Her ultimate desire}
(Love at last)
Bryce’s POV:
I walk out of the bathroom and saw Penny making the bed.
Yes, after the wedding few hours ago we flew straight here to Hawaii.
I tip toes towards her and wrapped my hands around her waist, she tilted her head back and relaxed herself on me.
“You’re done bathing? Do you want a massage?” She asked.
“I don’t want to disturb you Mrs King, but yes I’ll like a massage from you.” I told her. She turned around to face me and smiled while searching my face.
“How did I get so lucky?” She asked no one I particular, she has been asking herself thus question since we got married.
“I rather say, how did I get lucky my wife. You’re a blessing in disguise that I didn’t recognize earlier, I love you.” I told her then sneaked my hand around her and pulled her closer to myself.
I kssed her forehead and rest mine on hers.
“I love you Penelope James King.” I confessed more than the 100th time today.
“I know right,” she responded and chuckled. “We might just change your name to ‘i love you’ because you’ve seems to master the word more than anything else.”
“Is that so? I don’t really want to talk about name change right now, I want my wife.” I told her
There couldn’t even wait because he jolt immediately her long legs wrapped around me.
Her tantalizing scent just seems to drive me crzy every time I smell her.
She smells so amazing!
“Tonight is all about you my love, a night to make you feel the best desire you ever felt.” I said to her.
“It is already my best Bryce, already my best.”
Tonight was better than my first with her, in fact it was better than anything I ever had before.
I later moved away from her when we were done.
“How are you feeling?” I asked her after some minutes.
“I felt like sleeping in your arms, don’t let me go Bryce.” She said and I involuntarily nodded without her even seeing it.
“I won’t let you go.”
Though that word sound as though she was saying I shouldn’t let her go while she sleeps, but deep down in me I know that she still have those insecurities in her.
I know that she still thinks that she’s unworthy of me, but I decide who is worthy of my love or not and to be honest she deserves it more that anyone else.
She isn’t just physically pretty, but also in her heart.
During the wedding, the cops accompany Sasha there, I was naturally thinking that the worst was about to happen but this woman always surprise me.
She hugged her sister even before she could say a word, who even cares about Sasha because I don’t neither do I care for Zen, no one is going to take her from that jail without my consent and I wasn’t about to do that anytime soon.
“Happy married life husband.” Penny said, bringing me out of my thoughts.
“Happy married life, wife.”
The key word is, LOVE AT LAST.
In Hawaii with my wife while our children are in the states with their grandparents, I couldn’t wish for me.
All thanks to Penelope King.
Bryce could be seen showing something to his youngest child on his phone.
He was almost fifty but still has the energy of his 32 old self.
“Daddy will you take me to go see grandma King tomorrow?” Michelle, his youngest child asked.
“You want to spend the weekend with your grandparents?” He asked her and she nodded.
“Go ask your mom.” He told her, she frowned and poked her father.
“Can’t you take me there without asking mom?” The little girl asked angrily.
“Of course not, you have to get your mama permission first.” Bryce told her, just in Penny walked in.
“Anyone seen Mickey? He pooed across the yard.” She asked.
Mickey was their dog.
“Mommy, Mommy can I go visit grandma tomorrow?” Michelle asked, Penny stared at both Bryce and their child in confusion.
“I told her to get your permission.” Bryce said and shrugged.
“We’re home!” Voices came from the front door.
Two teenagers walked in.
The first was a boy who is already amost the same height as Bryce and the girl was a very beautiful young teenager.
Christian and Arley.
“Well you can be home without shouting, where is your younger brother Chris?” Penny asked.
“Outside mom, I’m hungry did you cooked? The entrance exam was tough dad should have not let bodyguards follow us to school in the first place.” He complained.
“Don’t be like that stupid, you just want to be free from daddy’s watch.” Arley chipped in.
“Call me stupid one more time and I’ll shove this strawberry down your throat.” Chris threatened.
Michelle shooked her head and got down from her daddy’s laps.
“Why dont we all go and visit grandma? I’ll call Michael and we can get ready.” She said and ran outside.
“Michelle I never said……”
“Visit grandma? Oh yes I’m going to park up.” Chris said and ran upstairs.
“Wait for me dude.” Arley telled and followed him as well.
“Looks like they’re really missing my mom.” Bryce said and sighed.
Though Chris and Arley were young to know about what happened between Penny and her parents, Their parents never deny them the freedom to be with Penny’s parents not until the accident that claimed their life three years ago.
“Looks like it’s just the two of us.” Penny said and sat down beside Bryce.
“Yes it is, better though I want to have a lone time with my wife.” He replies her.
“I can’t believe that this is our family.”
“Our own little family with four children.” Penny said as she placed her head on Bryce shoulder.
They might be older now but their love for each other keep growing everyday.
“It is all thanks to you, our family is complete.” Bryce told her.
“Thank you husband, you deserve all the goody goody in the world.” She said and he smiled.
” Not just the goody goody, I decided to let you have your girls night with your friends tonight, how about that?” He asked her.
Penny has been begging for a girls night with her three friends since but Bryce won’t let her out of his sight.
Maggie, Poppy and Mia were here close friends but the last time she saw them was on face time.
“Thank you my love,” She hugged him to herself with a smile.
Family, this is what family represents.
And that is what Bryce family stands for, the children might act like cat and rat but they cares for each other deeply.
Bryce might be stubborn but he will do anything for his precious wife.
They were the perfect combination, the perfect inperfect couple.
The once Single mom and the once no less than Single dad.
They are the King’s Family.
One of the leading families on earth.
Where love resides.
Let love leads.


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