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Single mom episode 54 & 55

{Her ultimate desire}
(11 carats diamond ring)
☔Episode 54☔
Penny’s POV:
I sat down in a restaurant with Maggie in front of me.
Since we got here she was just staring at me with open mouth.
“This is really you you have changed a lot.” she pointed out and I smiled.
“of course I will change, it is plastic surgery so what do you expect.” I responded and bite my steak.
“ this taste delicious when did this restaurants opened? I never saw it before I don’t even know that it is here” I said and she nodded.
“ well that is because it is my restaurants silly, I got this little place of mine because I wanted to start something of my own. so tell me you said he propose to you so did you say yes?” She asked curiously.
“Ofcourse you know I’ll say yes, i love him.” I told her and she smiled.
“What about your boyfriend?” I asked her,she sigh and sip on her juice.
At that moment I knew that something was wrong, she wasn’t herself she seems so dull there is this vibe that the old Maggie has that is missing her right now I guess.
“ what is going on you can tell me, did you bought break up?”I asked,she sipped on her coffee and dropped it right back then dabbed the corner of my mouth with the little towel on the table.
“ he was stupid, he was actually cheating on me under my nose but I never knew, I loved him.
I cared for him, but never for once was I appreciated, he never appreciates anything I do I could not stand it anymore, I had to leave.” She said and quickly wiped away her tears.
“ come on Maggie,you’re a strong woman. don’t like any man that doesn’t deserve you to cause you tears.
one day you’ll find a man that deserve you,that will love you for who you are.
stop crying you’re making me want to cry as well.” I said to her and she smiled.
It was nice to meet her again.
I missed her so much, she was like a family to me. she took care of me, my baby, everything and I was grateful.
she even took care of Arley and Bryce as well which shows how much she cares for those I care about.
I was grateful to have a sister that came in form of a friend, she’s everythinga sister is, a sister should be like her and not like Sasha that b**** is not my sister!
she’s just a stranger who is bearing the same surname with me.
I don’t care about her I don’t care about anything that have to do with James family I don’t care about my mum I don’t care about Sasha I don’t care if she rot in jail.
The family that have now are Arley, Maggie ,Marcus, puppy, Anna they are those that care for me and my precious son Chris .
I will do anything to protect them because they stood by me during my hard times, even though puppy is yes to find out who I really am but I know she will understand when I explain to her.
she’ll know why I did what I did and I know that she won’t judge me, she’ll be happy for me I am sure that she and Maggie will get along very well.
“ now enough about me, you haven’t told me how you escaped the incident. and I also heard that Zendaya was actually the architect behind the accident that day.
Mr King didn’t take it lightly with her he put her in jail straight away, I never expected him to be like that, that man really loves you penny I’m so jealous of you.” She said and I smiled.
I know.
I reported to work the next day, during lunch break Poppy and I left for the cafeteria.
“I asked of you from Marcus the Other night but he said you weren’t home, was calling your phone you weren’t picking up, where did you go?” She asked.
“I’m very sorry for not picking your calls babe, guess the two days I spent with Bryce actually cleared my sense of reasoning.” I said and chuckled.
“So where exactly did you go?”
I explained everything to her, her eyes widened like a saucer watching my lips move.
“You’re trying to say that you’re actually Bryce King woman? Oh my God! Go buy me pizza.” She exclaimed and I laughed loudly.
I knew that she’ll be like this.
“I add an accident which almost claimed my life, I ended up having plastic surgery, this isn’t my natural look.
My family is The James and I’m the last child……”
I continue telling her things about me.
“I can’t believe that you hide a lot from me Penny, I’m supposed to be your best friend, your bestie.” She whined and I laughed.
“About that, actually you ain’t my only best friend, we’re three.”
“Three! Wait is that a diamond ring on your finger?” She asked and grabbed my hand.
“11 carat diamonds, bitch did King proposed? I’m definitely the chief bridesmaid.” She said nonchalantly.
That is up for debate though.
But that isn’t the case right now.
No wedding date yet.
“Do you want to go meet our best friend? I can take excuse from boss.”
“Let’s go right away honey.”
You know what?
I don’t need a family that won’t be there for me when I need them.
I prefer friends with flaws but we always stick with me throughout the hard time.
Those are the type of friends that I have and I’m so happy for that..


Penny’s POV:
I was busy doing my night time routine when Bryce walk inside my room, I was surprised to see him here because I never bought him here before.
It has been two weeks since he proposed and must I say, it has been wonderful.
” what are you doing here? you didn’t even call me tell me that you already stalk me here.” I said then continue with what I was doing.
He came up behind me and wrapped his hands around me and buried his face at the crook of my neck·
I was surprised at the emotion he was displaying but I went with the flow, I hugged him back because I felt like there was something bothering him,something I don’t know about.
“ what’s going on are you okay you don’t look good tonight what’s up?” I questioned him.
He released me and sat down on the table, he exhaled deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose.
He was, I don’t know how to put it but he seems uncomfortable.
Will it work?
I left what I was doing and work towards the place that he was sitting down I grabbed his hand and massage it slowly.
“ you can tell me if anything is wrong, you know I don’t judge and I won’t jump into conclusion immediately.
So you can trust me tell me what it is, what is bringing you down,what is eating you up.
Seeing you like this is making me very sad too and as you can see I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing, so if you want me to be happy you have to tell me what it is that’s making you sad like this is, what makes your face so dull like this I don’t understand.” I told him.
He sat down on the couch and pulled me on top of his so I was $traddling him.
“I want you to do me a favor.” He said and I nodded.
Anything it is, I’ll do it as far as I can.
“I want you to go visit your parents tomorrow, we’re going to get married soon but still you need your mother’s blessings, you have to see your father as well.
Make peace with everyone.” He said and I furrowed my eyebrows.
I was surprised at the sudden turn of event.
I wasn’t expecting something like that to come out of his mouth, i really thought that his sad mood have something to do with stress and all that.
Not my family.
In as much as i was concerned, i no longer took them as my family, to me they were just another set of strangers walking with me through the surface of her earth.
I made to stand up from his lips but he heard me in place with his hands.
“ I really want us to talk about this Penny it is important,yes they messed up,yes I don’t like what they did to you.
Yes I don’t like your mother for what she did to you,for what she made you pass through was unimaginable and no mother should have done that to her own child but still you have to compromise on your stand against your family.
They are still your family no matter what,like they say…. family comes first, on the day of our wedding who would hold your hand and walk you to the altar? isn’t it your dad? so please babe I’m begging you, you have to do this for me for us, for Chris, for Arley and most especially for yourself,for your peace of mind.” He explained.
I didn’t even know when I started crying.
You know Bryce is hella cute but when he speaks like this he is even cuter, I couldn’t help the emotions that were flowing through me.
I couldn’t help but break down, all he said was the truth. to be honest I have been thinking about it too,I was thinking about who would hold my hand on the wedding day, am I going to walk alone like someone who is fatherless?
Deep down inside me I miss that woman that used to care for both Sasha and I equally,I miss that woman that love us both equally.
I miss that woman that will choose both of us over anything in this world·
I also miss that sister that I share bond with, I miss that sister that I share secrets with,
but right now it just feels so strange thinking of it, thinking about the good old times we have together it makes me feel more emotional yet again.
“ I really don’t know my love, I don’t know if I can do this.
Those people made me suffer, they made me Shed midnight tears, I couldn’t sleep I worked six part-time jobs because my family refuse to support me just because I was pregnant, my sister ganged up against me.
how do you expect me to go back to those people that made me see through h.ell and expect me to forgive them how do you want me to do that babe?
They are inhuman!
They didn’t help me when I needed them most they deserted me they are ev!l,
You know what I don’t care about them anymore they are just strangers mere strangers to me,
Right now I will choose my friends over them anytime anywhere because those friends of mine stood by me during the deepest sorrow in my life and I won’t trade that trust that bond I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world even if it means throwing any family matter away.” I finally said and stood up then walk out of my room.
I went inside my closet and slipped into my night dress after that I left him there and walk out of the room.
when I got to the living room I was surprised at what I saw, he literally just betrayed me!
“My child.”


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