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Single mom episode 44 & 45

{Her ultimate desire}
☔Episode 44☔
Bryce’s POV:
“Leave us Arley.” I said and she quickly stood up.
I never knew Zen can stoop so low to get what she wants, she’s so self-centered that she doesn’t care who she hurts in the process of getting what she wants.
She doesn’t even care for her own child!
Why will she care for someone else.
I stared at Zendaya in shock·
How can she even think of a thing like that, how can she do this to a woman a woman like her·
” Zen this is wickedness how can you do this to someone and use me as a bait? this is hilarious·” I said and sat down on the couch.
” I am ashamed of you Zendaya, this is not the woman I got married to. now you have turned to something else because of jealousy and I can’t even look at you in the face anymore.
Why you doing this? Its not fair!
You know that you know……that that woman that you want to kill right now she has a son, a son that’s wants her take care of him, could you be could you have a little conscience?
Can’t you just let her go because of her son? what if the reverse was the case and someone plans to kill you, will you be happy to leave our child alone?
I beg of you Zendaya please don’t do this.” I begged her.
“There’s no point in talking to you, I’ll stop her.” I said and brought out my phone from my jeans pocket.
“Nothing you do can stop this just give up already.” She said and I shook my head.
Thats never gonna happen, I’ll make sure that she’s safe.
” if anything happens to her I will personally kill you Zendaya,I promise you that.” I told her and h0rror formed on her face.
“ you’re going to kill me because of your h0e? you going to kill your wife because of someone you saw someone you cheated on her with? I am your wife I’m still your wife and nothing can change that Bryce King!” She shouted.
I don’t have the time for nons£nse right now when I have the time I will let her know.
I quickly call Penny’s number but she wasn’t picking up.
what is going on?
oh my God! let it be that this woman have not entered that car.
This is a di$aster!
I tried the number again but still wasn’t picking up, so I left a voicemail for her·
**If you’re listening to this right now please stay away from the car don’t go inside don’t drive it please your life is in danger, I’ll come to you right now but please stay away from the car**
I just hope that she listen to this voicemail before going inside the car·
I just don’t know what to do anymore if I go by my car there will be hold up on the road I guess I’ll opt for the helicopter.
I picked up my phone and dialed a number quickly.
“I want the helicopter in my mansion right now.” I said and hanged up.
Please hang right there Penny, I’m coming to you.
I cant let anything happen to you.
I wont be able to forgive myself, I put you into this mess, I should fix it.
Maybe if I didn’t come into your life this wouldn’t be happening,
You would have been living your life like you used to, smooth and free from vi0lence. but since I came into your life, everything has changed.
Things are getting h@rder and h@rder for you every single day, everyday there’ll be a report of a bad thing.
I guess we are not destiny for each other, maybe it’s time to let you go Benny.
I can’t let you suffer like this anymore even if it cost me my happiness.
I would let you go and watch you from afar, take care of you from afar,and keep you safe un anonymously.
Penny’s POV:
After getting ready for work I decided to take Chris to my office since his Nanny is on break.
He was very happy when I told him about taking him today.
I guess I’ve been neglecting my child alot.
“Mom are you sure you want to take me to your company? I can stay alone.” Here he goes again acting like a big boy.
“Let’s go baby, I want you to stay withmommy today, okay?” I grabbed his lunch box and headed to the front door.
Even after Sasha went to jail my mother still treats me like an outcast.
It hurts, when my own mother prefer someone else to her child.
My phone vibrated in my pocket and I sigh.
I’ll pick it up after getting inside the car.
I helped Chris buckle his seat belt and I got inside the car myself.
I turned on the accelerator and drove out of the compound.
I turned on the radio and listen to some music, I heard Bryce’s name then remember that my phone rang earlier.
I brought out my phone and checked my message.
He left a voicemail for me.
I played it and my eyes widened.
What’s going on?
My car, the car, oh my God please help me.
At that moment I wasn’t crying for myself, I was crying for my son.
If I had known I wouldn’t have brought him with me out on lucky I am.
The car started speeding up on its own.
I lost control of the wheel, I held onto my son tightly.
If I’m going to lose my life today, im not going to let anything happen to my son.
The car speed up and started violating the Road Rules.
“Mommy! Mommy!”
That was the last I heard from Chris before the car hit on a bus coming upfront.
Why is my life so difficult?
I couldn’t even have a moment of peace to myself.


Bryce’s POV:
When I got to the scene of the accident her car was already burnt down, with burnt body inside.
I couldn’t believe the fact that penny has died, I was very Furious both on myself and Zendaya, how can she be so callous so incorrigible.
She took the life of two peoples in the middle of the day, who does that how dare she take their life like that.
I waited in the sun until the cops came before taking another last glance at the burnt bodies.
I am sorry penny , I failed you.
I am supposed to protect you I promise to protect you but instead you died because of me because you knew who I am·
I shouldn’t have come into your life, I shouldn’t have put you through all this.
I am very sorry penny please forgive me.
I brought out my phone and call Johann.
” I lost her man, Zendaya finished me. she tampered with Penny’s car while driving,the car catches fire and both her son are now dead.
What have I done to deserve this kind of woman why is this happening to me.” I told him, I didn’t really know when tears started falling from my eyes.
” you need to calm down and let us think of a way to solve this problem, what are you going to do about Zen are you going to arrest her?” Johann asked.
That must have been the dumbest shit have heard this year.
Of course I’ll arrest her, I’ll make sure she die painfully than Penny and Chris.
I’ll avenged those two for my peace of mind.
“I’ll make sure she suffers the consequences man, she will regret ever messing with the woman I love.” I said before hanging up.
I walk up to one of the cops.
“Hey mr King, what are you doing here?”
“That woman is my girl, and there’s no need for further investigation I know what happened.
It wasn’t just an accident, my ex wife tampered with Penny’s car and this landed her dead.
Go and arrest her in my house right now.” I told them before getting inside my car.
I checked my phone and the news of what happened was everywhere on internet.
I was in the middle of everything because many people never knew that I already divorced Zen to me we are no longer a couple but to her she still feels that we are together.
Maybe together in jail, I will make sure she never get out of that jail alive, I will make sure she suffers for her crime I’ll make sure she died in there.
Zendaya was arrested even after Penny’s death her mother still feels less concern about what happened.
I just don’t understand what is going on, how can a mother hate her own child to the extent of not even caring if the person is alive or dead.
Today is the day that both Penny and Christian bodies will be lower down the earth.
The hall was filled with people wearing black Penny’s friend Maggie help me with the preparation·
It wasn’t surprising that penny doesn’t have much of friends, most of the people here today her fellow employees in my company.
Her father was also here.
It’s funny how he never cared about her when she was alive but now that she’s dead, he finally remembered that he had a daughter named Penelope.
Most of her friends partially her fellow employees were paying tribute to her before a her dead body.
Everyone has paid their tributes remaining me how can I go there, how can I face her.
What will I say to her, that after promising to protect her I couldn’t even do it right for a day.
I was worthless to her.
I couldn’t even protect the woman I claimed to love that was so shameful of me·
“ you have to go there whether you like it or not don’t make this h@rd for yourself, just go there and tell her how you feel.
How hurtful you feel, let her know that you will always have her in your mind which is the best you can do right now for her just do it please don’t be a coward.” Johann said.
He was right I shouldn’t be a coward, well I was very much a coward at that time because I felt guilty of what happened to her.
Maybe if I didn’t come into her life she will be very much alive right now, maybe if I didn’t confess my feelings to her she would have been very much alive right now,
Maybe if I didn’t focus much on her then this wouldn’t be happening right now.
Partially I caused this I knew the type of woman I got married to but still I couldn’t stop this tragedy,
I didn’t know what to do I just hope that both of them can forgive me.
I mustered the courage and walk towards her coffin, surprisingly Part of Me still don’t believe that she’s dead.
There’s still something calling me for help and it is not this person before me there’s someone else.
My heart was beating fast it was like she was calling me but I couldn’t understand what is going on.
It was like she wanted to tell me something but I don’t know what it is.
After telling her what was on my mind, and how sorry I was. how much I love her everything came to an end and she was cemented, the cemetery was soon deserted leaving just me and Maggie.
You ain’t dead Penny, Chris…..
Oh my God!


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