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September 25, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Single mom episode 30 & 31

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{When love decides
To take over}


(Getting drunk)

☔Episode 30☔



Penny’s POV:

I removed the phone from my ear and chuckled lightly.

Who the fk does this woman think she is?

“You don’t command me mother, get that straight.” I seethed out.

“So you can now talk back to me? What an ungrateful child. I nurtured you you whom you are now.” She rants.

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“Really mother? The several nannies nurtured me and not you, send me the hospital address and I’ll visit him.
Goodbye.” I quickly and drop my phone before she could say anything else.

I relaxed back on the couch and sighed.

Cr@zy woman.
“Mom did you bought the hot chocolate?” Chris asked as he tab my shoulder.

“Yes, tight on the table.” I groaned and rubbed the back of my hand on my eyes.

I detest it when am woken up from sleep, but Chris doesn’t even wanna know that.

He jumped happily and retrive the chocolate from the bag.

“Thank you so much mommy, I’ll continue to be a good boy.” He said and I couldn’t help but laughed.

“You’ve made that promise for the fifth time today.” I reminded him.

He blushed and rushed out of my sight.

I stood up from the couch and went inside the kitchen, it is late already and I’m sure Chris must be hungry.

I opened the fridge and all I see was tofu and a cup of ramen.

Oh God, I forgot to go grocery shopping today.

I mental listed that it will be my first duty tomorrow.

My phone dinged from the kitchen table and I unlocked it to see that it was my mother.

💬He is in the first hospital, keep your mouth sealed if you want to live💬

That stupid woman, how dare her threaten me.

She thought he threats can faze me.

I brought out the tofu and ramen then placed it on the kitchen counter.
“Good night baby.” I kssed his forehead and tuck him in under the bedsheets.

I closed the door behind me and went to my bar.

I brought out a full bottle of red wine and a glass cup then walk back to the balcony.

I sat down and pour the wine for myself then took a sip.

That fker that Maggie set me up with.

Who does he even think he is?

I don’t care if he want to date or not. He is a dk.

But he is funny as h.ell, I want people like him as friends.

Maggie and Ana are the only friend i have, well Bryce?

Is he considered a friend?

I don’t know what to address him as.

I sigh and gulp down the wine.

Who made me like this, back in my college days at school.
I was very outgoing.

But then Alexander spilt everything for me.

That ba$tard ruined me.
I don’t know what I feel about him right now but it is no longer love.

I hate him!

I hate him so much that I’ll ruin him the way he ruined me whenever I get to meet him again.

I didn’t know how long i sat there thinking about Alexander but when I stood up, I felt dizzy.

I was drunk.

Just how much did you drink Penelope?

Involuntarily I picked my phone and dialed any random number that I saw.

“Penny? Are you okay?” A voice asked from inside the phone.

Oh, the phone can talk?

“You je.rk! You ba$tard. I’m going to kill you. I’ll kill you, I’ll ruin you Alex. I’ll ruin you beyond repair.” I cursed, my grip tightened around the phone.

“Penny it is Bryce, what’s going on?”

Oh Bryce the multi billionaire.

“Bryce………why do you have to be married? It should have been both of us.” I said calmly.

I heard him inhale a sharp breath.

“Penny what are you saying?where are you. You’re drunk penny what’s going on?” He asked.


He thought that I called him for interview.


I dropped the phone on the ground and dragged myself back inside the living room where I fell on the couch and slept off.

D@mn it!


I woke up with a heavy hangover, my head was hurting badly.

I looked around and I was still laying down on the couch.

Stupid me, I can’t handle being drunk but I got myself drunk.

I managed to drag myself up from the couch and sigh at the mess I created.

The living room was a mess.

Just my luck and the doorbell rang immediately.

Who is it?


What is she doing here this early morning?
Did something happened to her.

I rushed towards the front door and pulled it open without a second thought.

Standing in front of me was Bryce, he was wearing a three piece black suit, his hair perfectly combed back.

His hand tuck in his pants pocket.

I was embarrassed.

I was even looking good at all.

I’m sure that my hair is a mess and my clothes.

D@mn it.

I stood there watching him with my mouth opened.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and gulped down.

“You didn’t sound so well last night, i came to check up on you.” He replied and my eyes widens.

I called him last night?

What did i said to him?

“Oh, you don’t…..need to worry sir. I’m fine.”I told him.

“Would you at least let me in?” He asked, I made to make a way for him but quickly remembered the state of my living room.

“No! Hmm you can’t come in.”



“Cat got your tongue?what are you hiding?” He asked, his eyes sizing me suspiciously.

“Nothing.” I said almost immediately.

“Then let me in.” He deadpanned.

Oh man!

This man is really stubborn.


Episode 31☔


Bryce’s POV:

She finally step aside and I sighed in relief.

This woman is so stubborn.

Since last night I haven’t been myself.

She was drunk!

On top of that, she confessed to me though it was during her drunken state of mind but.

What the mind think is what it says during a drunken state.

Her living room was a mess.

Is this why she doesn’t want to let me in?
Or something else?

“You house is beautiful.” I said and she snorted.

She walk pass me and sat down on the couch.

I didn’t see her so anywhere.

“Where is Christian?” I asked her. She panicked and quickly stood up from the couch.

“Chris.” She mumbled and rushed to the corridor.

Did something happened to her son?

I followed her closely, she opened a door and walked in then immediately sighed in relief.

Christian was playing games with her phone on his bed.

He look up to see the intruders and smiled.

“Good morning mom,” He greets. “Mr King Good morning.”

“Why are you with my phone?” Penny asked him.

“I….I saw you sleeping and you look tired so I took your phone to keep me busy.” He replied.

I took a liking in the small boy the first day I saw him.

He was so outspoken.

“Okay, drop the phone and go brush your teeth. I’ll make us breakfast.” Penny said and turned around to leave.

“Why are you even here?” She asked when I followed her to the kitchen.

“Is that a question? Seriously? You were drunk Penny, you called me when you were drunk. Anybody in their right senses will come early in the morning to check up on you.” I replied her.

After hearing how her words broke when she thought I was Alex.

I just couldn’t fathom what their history was all about and I don’t wanna be nosy by having someone investigate it for me.

She sounded broken.

I really want to help her.

She stood in front of the kitchen island and I wrapped my hands around her w@ist.

She flinched and struggle to break our hug.

“What are you doing Bryce, let me go ASAP.” She gritted out.

“Just for a little while, let me hug you.” I said calmly. I closed my eyes and sniffed in her scent.


“Did you know what you told me when you called last night?” I asked her.

Of course she doesn’t know.

She stiffen and started struggling again.

“You confessed your feelings for me, you told me you want me. You said it should have been us together.” I said and she gasped.

“I….I never meant that, I was drunk!” She said coldly.

“Drunk? But you said it with so much passion.” I added. She rubbed her fingers against her temple and sighed.

“That will never be possible Bryce, You have a wife. I…..I can’t do this.” She said, I pressed myself closer to her and rest my head on her shoulder.

“Penny……I’m not saying that you should do anything. All I want to do is help you out of the misery you’re in.” I said and inhaled sharply.

“I want to help you Penny, let me help you.” I told her.

She was quiet, she was having doubts.

And to be honest, I’m not going to push it.

I kssed her hair and stepped back.

“Call me later, Zen must be worried.” I said and walk out of the kitchen.

If only she will let me help her, I just want to help!




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