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Single mom episode 23 & 24

{When love decides
To take over}
(Awkward moment)
☔Episode 23☔
Bryce’s POV:
I sat inside my cigar lounge, grabbing the pool stick I started playing it alone.
I soon got tired of playing pool so o dropped the stick and light up a stick of cigarette.
I took a drag and closed my eyes.
My mind raced back yet again to the memory that i was trying to block out since I get back from work.
I gr0@ned in frustration and sat back on my armrest chair.
Closing my eyes yet again I took a drag of the cigarette to clear off the memory.
A knock on the front door jolted me back.
Who the fk is it knocking on this door?
I stood up from my chair and walk out of the cigar lounge then move towards the front door.
“Who the fk is it?” I asked expecting it to be one of the maids but the answer i got made me froze.
“It is me, Penny.” Her tiny voice said.
I spaced Out for five minutes before realising that i kept her outside in the night all alone.
I opened the door and her face came into view, she was tying her head in a ponytail.
Where did that thought came from?
While she was telling me the reason why she was here, I was busy watching how her face fitted so perfectly.
I dug my hand inside my pa.nts pocket and brought out her apartment key.
“What happened today was a mistake and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” I said all of a sudden.
Her eyes widened but she slowly nodded.
Then there came the word that threw me off guard.
“You might regret it Mr King bug I really did enjoyed it.”
What the fk?
I searched her face but,they were blank as if she didn’t just almost confess her feelings to me.
Yes I know that she is attracted to me, but not to this limit.
“Miss James……”
“Oh my God, I’m sorry Mr King, that is absolutely a no no. I’m sorry. Good night.” She hurriedly said and ran out of my pres£nce.
What do I call that?
I shrugged and closed the door then fished put my phone from my p@nts.
I dial Johann number and placed it on my ear.
📲Dude I’m trying to get a sleep here📲 His frustration every noticeable through his voice.
📲I’m sorry man,I just need to talk to you.📲 I said and heard him sigh.
Johann is my best friend and he is very much like a brother to me.
I trust him and he trusts me too.
We share secrets together, confide in each other.
That is what best friends are for right?
📲Is it about Zen? Don’t you guys speak on phone?📲
📲It is not about Zendaya and we do talk frequently on phone but…..I have a problem man📲 I said and sighed.
📲I will be at your office tomorrow morning by ten, whatever it is don’t think too much.📲
📲Okay, goodnight.” I hanged up and rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand…
Guess i should go and sleep as well.
I walk out of the mini mansion and headed to the main house.
“Penny already left.” Arley’s nanny said and I nodded.
I was so tired, so I enter the elevator instead of taking the stairs.
I got to my room and stay down on my bed.
After such a long day, I should rest.
I removed my Shirt and lay back on the bed, my eyes fixed on the ceiling.
Penny. That name.
Penny’s POV:
When I got to my apartment, i was left dumbstruck.
It was so beautiful, perfect garden, perfect interior decorations.
Surprisingly, there were furnitures, kitchen utensil, everything is completed in the house.
I couldn’t ask for more.
Chris was already asleep so after putting out all that we brought I went inside the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee.
I stood behind the kitchen island with the coffee mug in my hand. My thought drifted back to Bryce.
My breath itches at the thought of him.
He makes me so nervous.
So intense.
So…..I don’t know how to put it into words.
I sigh and took a sip of my coffee.
I felt so attracted to him, I don’t understand why but.
This is not right Penny, he is a married man.
I closed my eyes and rubbed my f!ng£rs on my temple.
This is so annoying, I have Alex.
I’m sure that he’ll come back to me.
He will.
So there is no room for another man.
I gulp down the remaining coffee and left for the balcony.
Bringing out my phone I text Maggie.
💬Hey girlfriend,my new address 5th house at the back of the subway station.
Visit let’s talk💬
I s£nd the message and lean on a pillar.
Five minutes later.
💬On my way, will grab some food and drinks for housewarming party🥳💬
I can’t wait for the housewarming party like she said.
Episode 24☔
Author’s note: I know that no woman prays for her husband to start developing feelings or getting too close emotionally or physically to another woman.
But….. This story is for a reason.
I hope y’all fasten your seatbelt and watch out.
Penny’s POV:
Five minutes later Maggie’s car pull up in front of the driveway.
She was wearing a black short dress, she walk around her car and opened the hood of her car.
She opened her truck and pulled out a box.
“Hey girl.” She greeted and peck me on both cheek. ” this place is beautiful Penny, you’re very lucky.”
I beamed and led her inside the house. She stood dumbstruck at the interior of my new home.
She removed her shoes and sl!pped her legs inside the pair of sl!ppers infront of the door.
“Penny, oh my goodness this place is heaven on earth.” She said and her eyes widened when she got inside the living room.
I sigh and collect what she was holding from her.
“What is inside this?” I asked her.
“Oh, two bottles of liquor and pizza.” She said and I grinned widely.
“As if you knew it, I’m craving pizza and liquor this past few days.” I said and she rolled her eyes.
She sat down on a couch and closed her eyes.
“Come and gist me Penny, how did it happened? How did you get a new job?” She asked me.
I walk inside the kitchen to pick up two plates and return inside the living room.
“Bryce, he told me about the interview. I went there he interviewed me and found me capable then gave me a job.” I cut the long story short.
“Mr King? What is going on with you and that incredibly handsome billionaire?” Maggie asked curiously.
I blushed h@rd when I thought about the elevator klzz.
She arched her eyebrow and tilt up her chin.
“Is there something I should know?” She asked, I came back to my s£nses and shook my head.
“Nothing Maggie, I……its nothing.” I told her.
She watched me attentively, her eyes reading every little detail about my expression.
“You’re hiding something from me Penny.” She said.
“Bryce………we klzzed.” I said and her eyes widened. She searched my face to see if I was lying but I wasn’t.
“In the elevator, I’m getting attracted to him Maggie. I don’t know what is wrong with me.” I cut in on her and confessed.
“You…you’re attracted to him? Penny” She broke it down for me to understand.
I lowered my head in embarr@ssment. I can’t believe the stupid crush I was having on a married man.
I even almost confess to him, how stupid am i?
“Hey its okay Penny, but i dont support this okay. You’ll get a nice guy who will accept you and Chris okay?” She @ssured.
A nice guy humm.
“Let’s drink.” I told her and opened the pizza box. I put two slice in her plate and put two in mine as well.
We ate in silence as she quietly watch me.
I didn’t want to give anything away so i just composed myself and eat away.
“Is Chris asleep?”She asked and I nodded. After eating the pizza we have drank the full bottle of liquor.
“No more drinks for me Maggie, I’ll get fired if I go to work late.” I told her.
“You’re not fun Penny, one more shot please.” She said and made a puppy eyes.
“Okay, one more shot and I’m done for real.” I said sternly. She nodded and giggled like a child then pour the liquor into two shots.
I was already lightheaded but decided to drink one more.
An hour later,
Maggie was sprung out on the couch, her leg dangling in the air.
I gr0@ned and stood up from the ground.
I slowly followed the corridor and pushed open my door.
I grabbed a fluffy blanket from the bed and headed back inside the living room.
After covering her up, I went back inside my room and lay tiredly on the bed.
After answering the call from the project manager, I locked my office and walk inside the elevator.
I got to the 9th floor and enter the meeting room.
“Good day everyone, sorry for coming late. I’m Penelope James the new Chief accountant.” I apologized and introduced myself then took my seat at the far end of the table.
Mr King was sitting at the top spot so I couldn’t view his face well.
This morning after some discussion with Maggie, I finally came to terms that I’ll stop whatever it is that I’m feeling for Bryce.
It is just not right!
If I were to be in Zendaya’s shoes I won’t be happy at all.
I closed my eyes to clear my head and listen to the pres£ntation going on.
After the project team have submit there plan, it arises discussion.
“Miss James, how much income did the company received for the last two months?” Bryce asked.
This is the first time he has talk to me since I left his house yesterday.
Since my confession.
“Well according to the records and after much calculations done earlier today with my team of junior accountants and the income was over 300mUSD.” I said before sitting back down.
“With the income of 300 million dollars, and the project is about one billion dollars worth.
I guess the project team and the account department need to work together.
I approve this project.” Bryce said.
After several nos and yes from the meeting, it successfully ended and I return back to my office.
I picked up my phone and dialed Martha’s number.
📲Hey girl, please tell Faith to pick up Chris while fetching Arley. Ill be there to pick him up after work📲 Not waiting for her reply, I hanged up.
I continue my work and finally hope for the day to end.
A small knock came on the door and I mumbled a come in.
The door waspushed opened and a tall big handsome man walk in.
I recognize him from the meeting, he was sitting right next to Bryce.
What is he doing here?
“Hi, please have a sit.” I said politely.
He nods and sat down.
“How many i help you sir?” I asked him respectfully.
“No way at all, just came to serve my curiosity.” He said and tilt his face to a side.
“You’re beautiful.” He compliments and I blushed h@rd.
I’m not really used to people complimenting me, it makes me feel so embarr@ssed and shy but somehow this man’s Compliment didn’t make me embarr@ssed.
Instead I felt self conscious.
“Well thank you Mr…..”
“Mr David, you still haven’t tell me what brought you office.” I suddenly said.
Because of the man’s compliment I totally forgot that he is a stranger who could harm me.
“I’m Johann David.” He said and my eyes stared at him.
“Oh, Mr David I’m sorry for coming out rude. I’m not usually like this.” I confessed but he just waved it off.
“I see why Bryce put you here, smartness and I like it. S@ssy the best.” He listed and chuckled.
I still don’t understand why he is here.
“You must be cracking your brain so h@rd asking yourself why I’m here. Well i came here to see the Second daughter of James that I’ve never met before.” He said and smiled.
Is this man for real? He came here just for that?
He abruptly stood up from the chair and the smile on his face disappeared.
“We will be seeing each other again Miss James.” He said and made his way to the door.
“Of course we will.” I said and sigh.
He closed the door behind him and I throw my head back.
Just what the h.ell just happened?
At that moment I was confused, thinking of many possibilities.
Did Bryce told him about me? I couldn’t just place my hand on it.
You’re thinking too much Penny, way too much.
Yes, I’m thinking too much and it should stop.
Bryce is just not the man.
Alexander is not the man.
Men are piece of junks anyway.


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