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Single mom episode 13 & 14

{When love decides
To take over}
(Mr too kind)
☔Episode 13☔
Penny’s POV:
When he walk inside the cafe, I felt it.
I felt his familiar scent filled my nostril, I feel his cold demeanor in the air.
But I wasn’t prepare when he turned around and our eyes met. I quickly buried my eyes to the ground and blushed bashfully.
He…..he has this power over me that I don’t know how to describe it. He is cold and distance but then, there is this thing that keep me attracted towards him.
When he walk to our table and Chris told him our problems, I felt like burying myself away from his pres£nce.
He must be thinking that I’m incapable of Chris.
I allow my tears to prick my eyes as I buried my face away in shame.
“You can stay at my place for tonight, I’m sure Arley will be happy to see you .” he said and I stare directly into his eyes.
There was geniue concern in his eyes.
“Thank you Sir,” Chris thanked him happily.
“Thank you Mr King.” I said quietly. He nodded and glanced back at his table.
“After having my order, we can leave.” He said and walk back to his chair.
I stared at him until he sat down on his seat and brought out his phone from his pocket.
“Why did you do that sweetheart?” I asked Chris. He looked away guilty and grab hold of my hand.
“I’m sorry mom , but he said we can stay with him.” He said happily. I sigh loudly, it is true that I was worried about where we will p@ss the night.
But guess Mr King is our good Samaritan.
“Bit you can’t just tell everyone you think is my friend our problems Christian, it is not good.” I cautioned him. He nodded and gave me a puppy look.
“I’m sorry Mama.” He said yet again.
I nodded, drink up you want hamburger?” I asked him. He thought for awhile and shook his head.
He want it but also doesn’t because he is thinking about money. I took in a sharp breath and closed my eyes.
I stood up from my seat and walk to the counter.
“Can I get two hamburgers please?” I asked and she smiled at me.
“Of course, it will be ready soon.” She told me. I nods and walk back to the booth.
“The hamburger will be here soon, drink slowly Chris.” I said and he smiled, his eyes twinkling innocently.
What would I have done without him?
He is the best therapy that I’ll ever need.
When I first found out that I was pregnant, I wasn’t thrilled like most women, why? I was still in my final year in college at that time.
When I told Alexander, he had a mixed emotions. He was angry and sad.
I remember his words clearly.
“I don’t want a baby now Penelope, I don’t need shitty stuffs in my life. Get it straight.”
He rejected Chris even before he was three months old. Though he later apologized and after p@ssing out from school, we got an apartment the same apartment we were just ejected from.
I took a deep breath and shook my head. No need on reflecting on the painful memories.
Our hamburgers was brought and we both feast on it. I sip on my drink and sigh.
“Are you both ready to leave now Miss James?” Mr King asked.
“Of course Sir.”,He stood watching at me wide eyed. Did I said something wrong?
He closed his eyes and open it again.
“Let’s go then.” He said curtly and walk out.
I placed the last money I have on my purse which is $100 and drop it on the table then back Christian since he was feeling sleepy.
I got outside and gape at the car in front of me. A black sleek car. I’m not good with cars but I think this is Audi but not the model.
I left my own car at the apartment, what if something happens to it?
“Get in Miss James.” Bryce said. I nods my head and carefully ease chris inside the car before getting in myself.
“Ready when you are Mr King.” I said to him, he revive the engine and drove out of the neighborhood.
The car drive was silent, I didn’t know what to say neither did he say a word to me.
Should I say something?
“Bryce.” I said to inside something and the huge gate in front of us automatically opened.
I stare in awe.
Yes, he is the tired richest man in the world, of course his house will be outstanding.
The car was parked in front of the porch and he turn off the engine. He came down from the car and so do I.
He throw the car key to a guard standing close by and walk inside the house, with me following him closely behind like a lost puppy.
“Faith is Arley asleep?” He asked a girl, yes the same girl that brought baby girl to the cafe the other day.
“Yes sir.”
“Good, show Miss James the guest room and get her whatever she want. Maybe a decent meal will do.” He said and started climbing up the stairs.
I was left in daze.
Whatever I want?
This man is so kindhearted, what have I done to meet him?
I owe you thrice Bryce King, you’ve saved me thrice now.
Episode 14☔
Penny’s POV:
After Faith showed us the guest room and told me where the bathroom is, she left.
I stared in awe at the room.
This room is almost as large as my whole apartment!
I lay Chris down on the bed, I remove my sandal and got rid of my shirt.
Laying back on the bed, I cuddle closely to Chris. My hand around his waist.
“Good night baby.” I kssed his hair and switched off the side light.
My mind wander around what happened today, the drama was too much.
I exhaled loudly and closed my eyes. I soon drifted off to sleep.
“Mommy wake up.” A voice said in my ear.
“Go away, don’t wake me up.” I said sleepily. He keep waking me up and I gr0@ned loudly.
I jolt awake and quickly glanced at the table clock.
It is already 6:00am.
“Good morning baby.” I klzzed him in both cheeks and sprung out of the bed.
I walk inside the bathroom and took the new toothbrush, I brushed my teeth and wash my face.
I went back into the room and pick up the shirt that I tossed away last night.
“Come Chris, let’s go make breakfast.” I said to him and he followed me out of the house.
We got downstairs and there wasn’t anyone here yet.
If they wake up this late then how will baby girl get to school early?
I sigh and wander around the place searching for the kitchen.
After five minutes of searching around the stadium like living room, I later found out where the kitchen was situated.
“What do we make Mr King?” I asked Chris.He rose his eyes thoughtfully for awhile and smiled.
“Why don’t you make chicken ceaser and rice? I bet he’ll love it.” He said excitedly.
I nods in agreement and opened the fridge. There s no chicken here.
I took three piece of pork beef and a vegetable. Then carrots,and the rest of them.
Thirty minutes later, I already made a decent breakfast. I rinse my hand inside the sink and soon footsteps were been heard.
“Oh my God, I…..I’m sorry I slept pretty good last night which is why I woke up cooked?” A woman of about 29 years asked.
“Yes I did cook, you don’t have to apologize. Chris woke me up as well.” I said sweetly at her. “By the way, I’m Penelope James, but you can call me Penny.”
“Martha, nice to meet you Penny.”
“Likewise. Is Mr King still asleep?” I asked her and she nodded.
“Yes, Mr King doesn’t go to work until 7:30 so he is still asleep.” She said and my mouth formed an “O” shape.
“Hi liddo boy, what your name?” She asked Chris.
“My name is Christian James but you can call me Chris.” He grin boyishly at her.
Awwn, my baby is growing real fast.
“Chris, I am Martha. Would you like me to show you around?”
“Yes please.”
“Okay Miss James, I’ll show Chris around. You can join if you want.” She said, I smiled and waved them off.
I think I like Martha, she is cool to talk to.
And Chris is quite comfortable with her as well.
I walk back inside the living room and sat down on a couch.
“Penny?” A tiny voice called. I turned around and came face to face with Baby girl.
“Hello baby girl, good morning.” I greeted. She ran towards me nd throw her hands around my neck.
“Well, guess you are glad to see me here.” I said calmly.
“I am thrilled Penny, how… did you know this place?” She asked.
“I brought her here.” The same cold voice that saved me yesterday said.
Bryce’s POV:
I woke up from sleep and rub my eyes leisurely.
Damn I have a meeting by 7:00am. I stepped out of the bed and went inside the bathroom. After easing myself I brushed my teeth and took my bath.
My morning routine started and within forty minutes I was already through.
I was wearing a dark blue suit and a black shirt. My tousled hair was well trimmed and my eyes glistening in the mirror.
I grab my briefcase and wallet, including my phone then walk out of the room.
I climb down the stairs slowly and silently, my hand holding the rail up.
“How did you know thus place?” Arley asked Miss James.
“I brought her here.” I said and they both turned to face me, her eyes wandered around my body.
Pink rushed to her cheek and she soon look away when she saw me staring at her.
What’s with the blushing?
“Good morning.” She greeted slowly as I p@ssed her by to kss Arley.
“Good morning Miss James, hello baby.” I pecked Arley’s cheeks and sat down.
“Before you go to work Mr King, I made breakfast and I hope you like it.” She said and I twist my mouth up.
“Why will you make breakfast? I have a cook don’t I? Martha?” I asked. She bite her l!p and fumbles with her f!ng£rs.
“It is a thank you breakfast Mr King, to appreciate you.” She said and I chuckled internally.
“The food you made is mine Miss James, that is absolutely not a way to thank someone.” I said and she blushed crimson yet again.
“What do you want then?”
I glanced at Arley who was following the conversation with keen interest.
“Arley go and call Faith.” I said and she rushed out.
“So Miss James……..


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