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Single mom episode 11 & 12

{When love decides
To take over}
☔Episode 11☔
Sasha’s POV:
I stared at her picture intently. This picture was taken the year she was promoted in her company.
She must be a fool to think that she’s independent.
I hate her.
I hate her do much than I wish I can wipe her out of the face of the earth but I can’t.
In as much as I want her dead, I can’t kill her. I don’t want to share a blood in my hands.
He always preferred her, he always thought that she is better than I am.
Just because she was a chief accountant in her former company doesn’t make her better.
I laughed loudly at the condition she is right now. Now she will know who is the boss, I’m not done with her yet.
What I’ll do to you Penelope James, you’ll wish you never know me.
What I’ll do to you…..what I’ll do to you.
I laughed loudly, I’m going cr.azy, a total m@niac. Yes I am cr@zy, cra.zy to see her downfall.
Now why don’t I pay her a devastating visit. Tonight you will go down on your knees and beg me but I won’t help you Penny.
Tonight you will be homeless. Not knowing where to go and sleeping in the streets.
I just can’t wait!
I wore my black leather tracksuit and did my makeup, my brunette hair as dry as ever.
Staring at myself in front of my mirror I smiled, satisfied with my look I wore my gl@sses.
I fished out my car keys from table and my purse then walk out of my room.
Upon getting downstairs, I saw mom sitting down on a couch typing furiously on her phone.
“Where are you going to all dressed?” She asked me.
“Somewhere interesting, to do an interesting job.”She rose her eyebrows. She was obviously confused at my choice of words.
“What do you mean? Come out straight kid and stop confusing me.” I smiled and walk closer to her and sat down beside her.
“You know that Christmas is still far from now, I want to pay that witch a visit.” I said and she chuckled.
“I know that you’re a smart girl, my own daughter.” She gushes.
“What are your plans?” She asked and I sigh.
“When I’m done with her, you’ll hear the news.” I @ssured her and stood up from the couch ready to leave.
I klzzed her cheek and walk out. I got inside my Audi and drove out of the compound making my way towards Penny’s complex.
I parked my car and walk towards the security stand.
“Good evening.” I greets and he smiled at me.
“Please can I see the owner of this complex? I have an important message for him.” I said sweetly at him.
He stare at me from my face to my shoes.
“He lives at the 15th floor.” He said and I nods, I open my purse and fish out a $100 and gave it to him.
“Thank you madam, have a great talk.” He said and I waved at him.
I walk inside the elevator and pressed the 15th floor.
The elevator ride was long, way too long but I have to endure it in other to get what I want.
I got out of the elevator and knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” A hoarse voice asked from the inside. The door creeped open and a middle aged man came out.
He may be under fifty something.
“Can I help you?” He asked.
“Yes Mr Greg, can I come in?” I asked him. He @ssessed me from head to toe and nodded.
“I am the first lady if The James family.” I introduce myself and his eyes widened like a saucer.
“Miss James…. Welcome to my abode.”
“Save the formality, just call me Sasha. I have a preposition for you . I’ll give you $100,000 for this job.” I said and he nodded.
“There is this Penny James in your complex, I want her evicted.”
“Let’s go Miss James.”
Money is everything, if you don’t have you can control anything.
We enter the elevator which brought us to her floor, the man knocked on the door and soon the door was opened.
Her eyes widened when she saw me.
“You?” She asked.
“Hello sister.” I greets.
“What are you doing here?” She asked folding her hands around her chest.
“Up to you Mr Greg.” I said in a bored tone.
“Miss James, you’ve been evicted from this apartment couple to your harrasment on Miss James s£nior.” He said and I smiled satisfactorily.
He sure know how to do the job.
“What do you mean Mr Greg? Sasha how can you do this? Where do I go?” She asked, she was scared, her voice said it all.
“Who cares where you go to Penny, unfortunate people like you stays in the street. You can go and join.” I sneered.
“Sasha don’t be wicked, what about my son? He…..he is your nephew he doesn’t deserve this thing you’re doing. He doesn’t deserve the pain Sasha. I beg you.” Her voice cracked, tears streaming down her cheek.
“Do what your good at Mr Greg.” I said and walk out of there.
Episode 12☔
Penny’s POV:
I stood there transfixed, not knowing what to say as Mr Greg throw out my things at the corridor.
Why does Sasha hate me so much? I never do anything but love her as a sister, I loved her.
Why? Just why is she punishing me for a sin I never knew or commit.
Chris hugged me tightly, tears rolling down his cheek as he clutched my arms.
“It’s okay baby, don’t cry. Don’t panic. Everything will be fine, I’m still here.” I cooed, he sniffs and wail loudly.
I ball my hand into a fist and stare ahead at the mess this p**sy of a man was causing inside my apartment.
“How much did she paid you?” I questioned. He momentarily stopped what he was doing and paused his l!p then continue throwing out my things.
“You know what? You’re just a piece of sht. To hell with you and your complex. Both you and Sasha can go to h.ell, fk you nigga!” I yelled.
I sigh loudly and closed my eyes.
Where will I go now?
Whom do I run to?
Not to dad, no.
Mom no.
Ana.I don’t know where she lives.
MaggBryce’s gi lives with her boyfriend I don’t want to be a burden to them.
I don’t have anyone else to run to, I don’t know where to go.
I’m broke to go to motels.
He throw out the last box from my apartment and closed the door with his key.
The corridor was filled with my two set couch, my boxes, cooker,a lot of other petty things.
At least he have the decency to push my clothes inside my box.
“Let’s go find something to eat baby, I know that you’re hungry.” I told him and he nodded.
I pushed all my properties to one side and carry only my handbag and a small leather box.
We left the apartment in a crying mess. Why is today so messed up for me?
Why did I open the door?
“Mommy where are we going to sleep tonight mommy?” Christian asked.
I fake a smile and ruffled his tousled hair with my hand.
“We will sleep comfortably tonight my son, don’t sorry about it.” I @ssured her, still keeping my facade smile.
He nods, I grab his hand and pull him with me towards the bus.
“What do you want to eat baby? Are you still going for cereal? I can get an Americano for you.” I said and he nods.
I won’t let you suffer for my sake baby, this is all my fault. This is Alexander’s fault.
If he is here with us then this won’t be happening.
We sat down on a seat in front of the bus station.
I brought out my phone from my bag and unlock it.
The time was already 9:30pm.
G0sh it is late already.
“Lets go to that cafe and get the drink Chris.” I said and cross the highway.
“Hello good evening, please we want two cups of Americano please.” I said sweetly and she nodded.
We sat down at a booth in the corner of the cafe.
“Will I go to school tomorrow?” He asked me.
What will I reply him?
No baby your uniform is in our former apartment?
Bryce’s POV:
I walk inside My car and drove out of my underground garage. My head was heavy.
I turn in the radio and lower the volume.
I momentarily closed my eyes as I took in the lyrics of Bon iver song.
I stopped in front of a a my favorite cafe.
I got out of the car and walk inside the cafe.
“Welcome Mr King, your usual order?”,
“Yes, please.” I said and sat down.
“No you are not going to school baby,I don’t have your uniform with me.” I heard a voice said, a familiar voice.
I turn around and my eyes came in contact with hers. She quickly look away and stared down at her f!ng£rs.
No uniform?
What happened?
I divert my attention away from her and her son and tried to think of something else but I couldn’t.
My thoughts went back to her.
I stood up from my chair and headed right towards her.
“Hi Miss James, nice to see you again.” I greet. She blushed and hide her face.
“Same here Mr King.”
“Hi boy.”
“Sir, are you a friend of my mom?” The small boy asked and I nods my head.
“Can you please help us……..”
“Christian James, stop it.” Penny yelled at him, the boy flinched and tears swell his eyes.
“That is too harsh Miss James, go on Christian.” I cooed.
“We don’t have a place to stay sir, the landlord throw us out of the house and we have nowhere else to go, mommy don’t have no money anymore.” He cried.
Nowhere to stay?
I stared at her but she look away angrily.
“Mr King, your favorite is ready.” The sale girl said and I shooed her away.
“Do you want to come to my place for the night Miss James? I’m sure Arley will be excited to see you.” I said before I could hold myself.
What the fk did I just do?


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