She’s my twin episode 23 & 24





Alexa’s POV

“so how was the after p@rty?” I asked immediately she walked

in. this girl is a big thief. she st©pped half way and turned to

look at me.

“Alexa you’re still awake?”

“why? were you thinking I’d be asleep by the time you c@m£

back?” I asked. I was feeling so left out.. in fact extremely

jealous. I thought I was over my jealousy but sadly no. they’re

ma-king all the memories flood throu-gh my head.

“No Alexa I wa….”

“you were with Derek Right? I’m not even sure you went to an

after p@rty. you both went out on a d@t£. you may have fooled

everyone in this house but you can never fool me” I gave her a

deadly stare.

“I didn’t go on a d@t£, i… ”

“oh plea-se. you always have a habit of stealing from people.

ever since we were little, you’ve always stolen from me. you

couldn’t accept the fact that I’m better than you so you

thought of taking everything for yourself… ”

“enough Alexa. I’ve lived my life watching you insult and I’ve

never said a word. I’ve always swallowed it in because I

thought that you were hurting. I took the blame so that you

could feel better but you’ve Crossed the line this time Alexa.”

she said. her eyes flaring up. this was the very first time I’ve

seen Alexis like this.

“maybe you should learn that the world is not against you.

Mom was wrong I’ll admit but at least she’s trying to amend

her mistakes unlike you who is so cold hearted and think the

world is set out to get you”

“You don’t know how much I’ve suffered Alexis. you have no


“ok you’ve suffered and everyone knows that but do you have

to include everyone in it. what has Derek Done to you. he’s

only trying to reach out to you but you keep pushing him away.

was he the cause of your problems?”

I tried to speak but words weren’t coming out

“de-ep down Alexa, you know all of this is wrong but do you

know what your problem is? you’re too stubborn to admit it.

just open up your heart, let go of all this pain and anger and

see this beautiful world in front of you and for once try to

appreciate its worth…..

Alexis POV

I walked up to my be-droom after having a word with Alexa.

I quic-kly undressed and got into the bath tub to have my

shower. I wore my night go-wn and fl!pflops after the long


Today has been a heck of a day. pretending to be someone’s

girlfriend was ha-rder than it looks. I told Derek it wouldn’t work

and what’s the point of Doing it for someone who doesn’t

appreciate or deserve it?

I was about to sleep when I heard a buzzer from my phone. it

was a message from Derek

Derek: how did it go?

me: as usual she blamed me for everything

Derek: she’s a bit jealous I can tell

me: jealous or not. I wanna end this. the whole fake girlfriend

thing was a big disaster. we never should have done this from

the very beginning

Derek: calm down. it’ll budge. BTW Ken said to say hi

me: oh ok thanks

Derek: I could tell you blu-shed

me: good night D.

I switched off my phone and lied down.

sis is really taking stuff too far. she just doesn’t know that

there’s a lot of people who love and care for her. her anger

has really made her cold hearted.

Alexa’s POV

am I really cold hearted?

why did I speak to her that way? I sat down on my be-d,

hvgging my pillow very ti-ght.

Am I really feeling jealous?

Alexis is not right, she doesn’t un-derstand a thing. she’s lived

her life with everyone supporting her and she’s acting like she

knows how I feel?

damn you Alexis. you’re a pain in my n£¢k. I lied down on my

be-d. p@rt of me was thinking about Derek and the other p@rt

was trying to shut him off from my head.

God!!!! I can’t believe this is happening. I’ll be graduating soon

and I don’t nee-d any more distractions…. urgh!!!




“Alexa Mcurdy”
I smiled and walked up to the stage. I was clad in a go-wn and
heels. Alexis and I both wore the same go-wn but the
difference is the colour.
finally I can’t believe I’m graduating from college. it was a
dream come true for me. my dad, aunt and mom were all
seated looking at me with smiles on their faces.
“thanks Ma,am” I smiled and collected the paper showing that
I’m finally done.
“congratulations” she said smiling
“thank you” I turned to look at the audience seated looking at
“would you like to give a word or two?” I nodded. I walked up
to the microphone.
“I would like to say thank you for gracing this occasion. finally
the struggles and hurdles are over. we’re re-ady to plant our
footsteps round the world. thanks to my family for being there
for me and supporting me. I love you guys so much” I said,
tears welling up in my eyes. the audience cl@pped their hands
and after everything, we were done.
“we have to celebr@te. my two daughters graduated with a lot
of honours. ” dad k!$$£d our hair
“I’ll make a hvge dinner” mom hvgged Alexis. she c@m£ to hvg
me but I hvgged dad even ha-rder
“we should go out” Alexis suggested
“dad let’s just eat at home”
“come on princess. at least let’s go out and celebr@te. plea-se”
he asked
“alright dad”
I was smiling so much but then it dropped when he walked in.
way to ruin my perfect moment.
“Alexis” he called “congratulations”
“thank you” she said and let out a cheerful smile
he turned to look at me
“congratulations to you too”
what does he mean by to you too? is he trying to say he
doesn’t know my name anymore?
“let’s go out. and celebr@te. don’t say no” he held her hands
giving her the puppy eyes.
“I wish I could but I can’t. I nee-d to spend today with my
family. maybe next time or maybe you can come with us. we’re
planning on eating out”
“sounds good” he k!$$£d her hands and she giggled. they were
still talking like I wasn’t even here.
“alright let’s go” dad said. I rode in the car but Alexis insisted
on ri-ding with Derek or D as she fondly calls him now.
“order anything you want” dad asked immediately we settled
on our chair. I took to menu card and glanced throu-gh. my
eyes were on The both of them. they would whisper something
to their selves and chuckle occasionally. I glared at them and
continued looking.
“Mashed potato and chicken salad” Derek and I said at me
exact same time.
“wow you eat mashed potato?” Alexis asked surprised.
“yeah my favorite” he replied casually
“that’s Alexa’s favorite food too. ever since we were little”
“really?” he asked looking at my direction but I shyed my eyes
away. I can’t believe I was even staring at him… he took a sip
of his champagne but he choked. I wanted to give him some
water but Alexis beat me to it.
“be careful” she said and he nodded
“anything for you love” she hit him pla-yfully on the cheek.
Love? ok I’m about to explode.
After eating, we all stood up to go. mum and dad made small
talk so I excused myself to visit the restroom. when I c@m£
out, I bu-mped into Derek. he was about going inside.
“Are you done?” I nodded yes and he walked in. before I could
take a step, he pu-ll-ed me inside and pinned me to the wall.
his breath s£nt cold shivers down my spine. his hands firmly
held mine and eyes peering de-ep into my soul.
“let go of me” I pleaded but he didn’t respond. he just kept on
“Derek leave me alone plea-se” I begged
“Derek? no more silly guy with an annoying attitude?” he asked
and just about then he left my hands. I kinda liked how we
were though. Shut up Alexa, you’re talking nons-en-se.
“what are you still doing here? aren’t you leaving anymore?
you said you wanted to leave so why are you still here? I’ve
left you haven’t i?” he sighed, washed his hands and dried
them. he turned to go when I said the impossible.
“I’m sorry” he st©pped halfway and turned to look at me.
probably shocked by what I said.
“what did you say?”
“I’m sorry for yelling at you and throwing you out of my house
so plea-se don’t punish me any further”
“am i punishing you? how?” he asked. my head hunged in
disapproval. what would I tell him now? that I’m jealous or
“st©p whatever you’re doing to me plea-se” I begged
“sorry Alexa but I have got no idea on what you’re talking
about” he turned to go. I walked up to him and without
thinking much about. I placed myl-ips on his, k!ss!nghim. we
pu-ll-ed away some minutes later
OMG! what did I just do? but I don’t regret it. I won’t let him
belong to Alexis.
“are you done?” he asked disrupting my thoughts. his face
expressionless like nothing happened.
“I… um… well… ” I stammered
“do you think I like you Alexa?” it c@m£ like a bomb “I don’t
feel anything at all for you so this k!ssmeans nothing. pretend
as if nothing happened between us okay.”
“what are you saying?”
“it’s better we just pretend we don’t know each other like
you’ve always wanted. I think it’s better that way”… and with
that, he walked away.
what just happened? I can’t believe this. it was so foolish of
me to think that…. no I’m alone in this world. no one wants
me…. and I was so dumb to k!sshim. what was I thinking?….