She belongs to the kitchen Final episode episode

Bekky went to meet her friend who was inside her room crying.
She went closer to her and held her hand.
Bekky: Crying will not solve this problem. Now put yourself in the shoes of your husband only then will you know who is hurting more.
Go make peace with him and try to change too, remember your words at the alter for better for worse.
This is just a test of time so go and settle with him. Believe me when I tell you that Samuel is one of the best husband ever but you are too blind to see it, until you lose him, that is when you will realize what you have but it might be too late then.💞
Don’t try to do what you will live to regret all the days of your life .that will be all.
Good night.
Cas-sandra: Besty thank you so much.I…
Bekky: ssshh….. go and sleep now.I believed tomorrow would be better.
Good night
Cas-sandra: Good night!!!
Bekky got home, when she entered inside the house, she met her kids watching movie in the parlour.
All: Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!!
Bekky: oh my little angels, I really missed you guys so much especially little Eva but am back now and will never leave you guys again.
Deborah: Mummy we missed you too
Wally: Mummy let me tell you…..💞
Daddy can not cook ooh. he has been feeding us with purging foods here. he tried to..
Lawrence: Boy gossip, so you cannot allow her to sit down first before feed her with your unending stories. **(he hissed and went closer to his wife)**
“Honey how was it?
Bekky: Thank God dear.
This house is looking good and smelling nice too”💞💞💞💞
Lawrence: Thanks dear, its the handwork of I and the kids. should I get you water to drink?
Bekky: No honey, let me go take my bath and come and prepare dinner.
Lawrence: No nee-d for that love, I bought dinner alre-ady. I don’t want you to stress yourself today so go take your bath and come down for your dinner
Bekky: OK honey, you really are so sweet. Thank you🙏
Lawrence: You are welcome. now go while I serve the food”
Bekky went and had her bath before going for her dinner.
They ate quietly and when they were done with the food Lawrence signal to Deborah to clear the dinning.
Lawrence: Honey come , I have a surprise for you. (he took her to the balcony and show her the br@nd new washing machine he bought)”
Bekky: Oh my God!🙏💓
A washing machine?
I can’t believe this.
Thank you so much honey. You really are the most caring husband in the whole world
Lawrence: You can say that again dear. if you nee-d anything else don’t hesitate to tell me plea-se”.
Bekky: OK love, thank you so much
Lawrence: You are welcome”
Bekky: There is something I want to discuss with you”.
Lawrence: Alright go ahead”
Bekky: I don’t want to be staying at home again. I want to start working at least to be helping out in some certain things.
Lawrence: Why dear, I’m not complaining”
Bekky: I know you are not but I still insist plea-se I want to start working .
Lawrence: Alright but…..”
Bekky: But what dear?”
Lawrence: I won’t allow my wife to work for someb©dy, I would rather open a business for you and it will also be giving you enough chance to be taking care of us .
Bekky: Alright dear.💞💞💞💞
Thank you so much I really appreciate it
Lawrence: Alright . let’s go to be-d now. *(he said feeling on t©p of the world)**
Amaya woke up very early the next day. She alre-ady thought of what to do.
She took her phone and typed some messages, s£nd it to three different numbers and took her bags with tears in her eyes, she looked around the room for the last time
“I hope one day you would forgive me” she left quietly so as not to wake anyb©dy up.
Cas-sandra woke up, picked up her phone to check the time.
She saw an unre-ad message so she opened it and started re-ading it
Dear sister💓
By the time you would be re-ading this message am sure I would have been on my way back to school.✌
I left because of my guilty conscience.
I was the one trying to s£dûç£your husband and not the other way round but because of how much you trusted me and thought I was so innocent, I used it against you. it was easy to convinced you that he was the bad one. plea-se try and make peace with him and don’t think of leaving him because you will never find such a man who would love you like he do.💞💞💞💞💞💞👗
plea-se forgive me
To Uncle Samuel
Sir I’m really sorry for all I made you go throu-gh. for lying against you. it was the handwork of devil.
plea-se find a place in your heart and forgive me for trying to destroy your marriage and also take good care of your wife.
To Aunty Bekky
Thanks so much for ma-king me realized my mistakes on time.
I really appreciate it. now I’m free all thanks to you.
Cas-sandra: Oh my God, Amaya why? why did you betray me like that? what did I do wrong . Oh God plea-se help. What do I do now? ***she picked up her phone and call Bekky)**:
Cas-sandra: Hello girlfriend, Amaya confessed everything”👗👗💞💞💞
Bekky: I saw the text too. so what’s next?
Cas-sandra: I don’t know. I don’t think he will ever forgive me”
Bekky: don’t talk like that”
Cas-sandra: You don’t un-derstand dear, I called him a ra-pist and told him a lot of hurtful words. I couldn’t even trust my husband, my very own husband.
What kind of a wife am I?
Bekky: Sandra, this is no time to be blaming yourself. go now and ask for his forgiveness but first cook his favourite dish and take it to his room…🌺🙅
Be fast about it.
Cas-sandra: Are you sure it will work?
Bekky: Trust me dear…”
Cas-sandra: Alright I will call you later. byee **(She cut the call and rush to the kitchen to make Samuel’s favourite food). She got to the door of their room and said a little prayer before pushing it open.
Samuel: What is it Cas-sandra, have you come to insult me again?”
Cas-sandra: No no honey, its not like that. here, I made this food specially for you.
Samuel: You? cooked for me? hmmmm I guess you have re-ad the message so say what you want to say and leave.
Bekky: I’m really sorry dear for not believing you. I couldn’t even trust you. I know I hurt you so much and I don’t deserve your forgiveness but you know that to err is human and to forgive is divine.
plea-se dear.
I promise to change from now on.
I will be fulfilling my obligations as a wife. I won’t allow my work to affect our relationsh!pas husband and wife. plea-se forgive me, let’s go back to how we were before.
Samuel: No nee-d crying over spilled milk. its too late for that. I can’t stay with a woman that doesn’t trust me.who will never stand by me. so its over dear. its over between us.
Cas-sandra: Nooooooo you can’t do this to me **(she started crying)**
I really nee-d you now that I’m having a baby.
plea-se forgive me🌺🌺🌺
what did you just say?”
Cas-sandra: That you should forgive me”
Samuel: No, not that one”
Cas-sandra: Oh, that I’m pregnant?” That was what I c@m£ to tell you that fateful day.
Samuel: Wow! my wife is pregnant! I’m going to be a daddy. (he rushed and hvgged her ti-ghtly).
“I’m so proud of you my love. I’m going to be a daddy soon. Oh thank you Lord, Thank you so much for answering our prayers)**.
Cas-sandra: So…🌺
Samuel: So what dear?”
Cas-sandra: Are you still going to leave me **(she asked close to tears)***
Samuel: When I’m not mad. Oh baby don’t cry OK. I will never leave you sweety .
I love you so much.
Cas-sandra: I love you more my God s£nt guardian angel”.
Samuel: I have another good news”
Cas-sandra: Tell me dear”
Samuel: I have gotten a job. I will be starting on Monday”.
Cas-sandra: Wow! are you serious?!
Samuel: Of course baby
Cas-sandra: Wow! (She jumped on him like a baby)
“what a great God.
This is called for celebr@tion dear.
I’m so happy now”
Her phone started ringing and she sluggishly picked it when she noticed it was a call from the office.🔴🔴🍂🍂🍂💥💥
Cas-sandra: Hello, plea-se I won’t come to work today, let someone else replace me. bye **(she cut it immediately& **
Samuel: you Should go to work OK?
Cas-sandra: No I will not, I’m going out with my love
Samuel: Wow really?
Cas-sandra: yes dear. so eat your food and get re-ady for our outing. let me call my besty to join us with her husband.
Samuel: That will be great”
she dial Bekky’s number who picked it at once.
She told her everything .
Bekky: Oh dear, I’m so happy for you. Thank God for restoring the joy of marriage to our homes.🌺🌺🌺🌺🍂🍂
Cas-sandra: Yes ooo, now you and your husband should prepare because we are going out together to celebr@te our love ok?
Bekky: Perfect. let me go and tell him now. see you. bye **(she cut the call)**
Cas-sandra: What is it dear?”.🌺
Bekky: Everything is fine between Cas-sandra and her husband. go and get re-ady we are going out **(she drag him out of the be-d)**
Lawrence: Thank God its all over now
Bekky: Yes the storm is over.
I pray that one love keeps us together forever💞
Lawrence: Amen.🙏
(THE END)💞💞💞

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