She belongs to the kitchen episode 5

When Lawrence was throu-gh with packing the things his wife will be nee-ding at the hospital including her dinner, he told the kids that he is going out.
Stephen: Kids, I am going out but will be back soon.
Deborah take care of your younger ones especially Eva and make sure you feed her.
Children: yea daddy, bye bye ”
They rushed to the dinning for their dinner.
took his car key and left for the hospital, on the way, he was delayed by serious traffic jam that he couldn’t got to the hospital on time.
After so much del@yhe finally reached there. when he got inside the ward where is wife was staying, he saw her sitting down on the be-d.
Lawrence: Hi “(he said to her)”
Bekmy: hello, good evening.
Lawrence: evening baby girl, how are you doing? hope you are getting better?
Bekky: yes, my God is at work
Lawrence went closer to her, hold her two hands and looked into her eyes
“baby, I am really sorry for what happened plea-se forgive me”
Bekky: its alright, I have alre-ady forgiven you. Now tell me, how are my little angels at home?
Lawrence: all fine ooh, I just served them dinner before coming here and I am sure that before I come back they must have sle-pt off.
Bekky: Wow you cooked?
Lawrence: of course I did, you think I don’t know how to cook?
My dear, this handsome husband of yours is a man with many talent, when I was still in secondary school, I took first in a cooking competition. don’t worry, you will testify yourself by the time you taste this food I brou-ght here.
“hmmmm, this man can lie for Africa oo
The last time I checked, he cannot even cook white rice. who knows the kind of concoction he must have prepared.
God plea-se save my children oh”
“(she murmured to herself).”
Lawrence: you said what? (he asked confused)
Bekky: honey, I said that I can”t wait to eat this food of yours”. (she replied pretending to be excited)!”
Lawrence: That is my baby, let me bring it out and feed you.
Bekky: no no no love, just help me keep it over there, I will eat when I have taken my drugs, just go home and stay with the kids OK?
Lawrence: Alright, if you say so, take good care of yourself for me, I love you”
Bekky: I love you more and plea-se you nee-d to wake up latest 4am in the morning to cook and prepare the kids for school, there are some cloths in the basket plea-se help me wash them and you will see a piece of paper I kept on the table inside our room, its a list of the things you will help me buy from the market and according to the food time table, you will have to prepare white yam and egg sauce for breakfast, spaghetti for the kids to take to school, beans and plantain for lunch and jellof rice for dinner and again plea-se help me clean the house and sweep the compound. that will be all for now. Thank You.
By the time Bekky finished listing the things to be done by her husband, she looked up only to see Lawrence standing like a mango tree with his mouth wi-de open.
Bekky: Honey are you alright? (she asked pretending to be concerned)”.
Lawrence: yes I am fine, its nothing.
“hmm, this work is a bit too much for me oh but its not that much and I nee-d to prove to her that being a housewife is no big deal”
(He said to himself).
“dear I will be on my way now”
Bekky: oh wait sweety, plea-se don’t forget to go get the kids from school before 4pm and wash their school uniform when they are back.
Thank you.
Lawrence just turned and walked out without saying anything else while Bekky bur-st into laughter when she was sure he was out.
Bekky: don’t worry, by the time you finished house chores tomorrow, you will learn your lesson in a ha-rd way….
She put her hand un-der the be-d and brou-ght out the food she was eating before she saw Lawrence coming and hide it.
When Lawrence got home, he was alre-ady very tired and all he wanted was just to climb the be-d and sleep, he went inside the house and heard Eva crying, he rushed to where her voice was coming from only to see Eva on her own pool of faeces and every where was smelling bad.
Lawrence: Deborah! Deborah!
Deborah: yes daddy,” (she answered inside the toilet)
Lawrence: where are you and why did you leave Eva here crying?
Deborah: daddy I am inside the toilet ooh, I am purging.
Lawrence: and where is Wally?
Deborah:”inside in your room”
Lawrence left Eva who was still crying and rushed inside his room to know what junior was doing there
“where is that boy?
Wally! Wally!
(He shouted)🤷🤷
Wally: yes daddy * (he answered faintly from the toilet inside their room)”
Lawrence: what are you doing inside there
Wally: haaa daddy isn’t it obvious that the poison you served us is at work? we have been purging for the past 30mins”…
Lawrence hissed and went out of the room.
He took a good look at Eva who was still on the ground crying,
“a lot of things to be done this night before I would sleep, God help me”
He carried Eva to the bathroom and bath her when he finished he raised her up and unfortunately for him, baby Eva baptised his face with another round of faeces”
Lawrence: oh my God! this girl has killed me today oh! “(he drop her on the ground not minding that she was crying). He used water and washed his face very well and pick the crying baby from the ground, bath her again, changed her cloth before going to clean the faeces on the floor, by the time he was throu-gh, the kids were out of the toilet looking like people who just finished a marathon race. he gave gave them medicine that will st©p them from purging and it st©pped!”
Lawrence: kids, its time to sleep , to your room now *(he said to the the kids who were busy watching cartoon on Disney Junior)*
Deborah: Daddy you will have to tell Eva a story before she could sleep.
Lawrence: haa this children, you people cannot kill me before my time oooh. Where is she now?
Deborah: in our room pla-ying
Lawrence went inside the kids room and saw Eva sitting on the floor, pla-ying .
He carried her to the be-d, l@yher and told her to sleep but she started crying.
Lawrence: St©p crying dear, I will tell you a story so listen carefully
“Once upon a time, in the land of the animals”
Lawrence started the story by the time he finished he was expecting his daughter to have sle-pt but unfortunately for him, her eyes were wi-de open as if sleep was far from her
“This girl what did I do to you? why did you refused to sleep and allow me to rest. now sleep” (he said angrily)
Eva: No daddy, sing for me
Lawrence: sing what! do I look like a musician to you, now sleep before I bath you with cane.
Eva started crying in a very loud voice, rolling on the be-d and in the process woke her slee-ping siblings”.
Wally: oooooh! Eva what is it now? can’t someone sleep again?”
Deborah: Daddy plea-se sing for her so that she will allow us to sleep, you know tomorrow is school.
Lawrence: OK, Eva baby come here.
Daddy will sing for you, you know I have a very nice voice so lie down as you listen to the wonderful song I will sing for you.
“Lawrence started singing, his voice woke Wally again”
Wally:Daddy did mosquito entered the room?”
Lawrence:No.why are you asking?”
Wally: Because, your voice is even worse than Eva’s crying. plea-se I am off to the parlour where I can sleep calmly.
Lawrence looked at his son who was ma-king jest of him and continue singing, before he could finish, Eva has sle-pt off
“Oh thank You Lord, now I can rest”
He said relieved, he quietly covered her with a blanket and headed for the door, when he was almost out of the room, Eva opened her eyes and started crying again and this time, with an extremely loud voice
“Devil is a liar”
Lawrence said before going back to the crying baby to know what was wrong this time”
Lawrence:What is it again Eva? do you want to kill me? its 12:30am alre-ady.
Deborah: Daddy the only solution now is for you to tie her on your back, if not she will be crying throu-gh out the night so the choice is yours”.
Lawrence got one of Bekky’s wra-pper and tied Eva on his back, when he tried to sit down she started crying again so he stood up, after some minutes he went and keep his head on a table, there he sle-pt off.
Cas-sandra c@m£ back around 5am the next day because she sle-pt at the hospital, immediately, she took her bath and got prepared to leave again.
When she was throu-gh, she pe-cked her husband who was still slee-ping.
Cas-sandra: Honey I am off to work, plea-se do take care of yourself and have a wonderful day.
Samuel opened his eyes, stretched himself before looking at the wall clock.
“Honey, isn’t it too early to leave? you just got back you know?”
Cas-sandra: I know dear but I have something important to do so byeee.Amaya will cook food for you”.
Samuel: alright, I love you”.
Cas-sandra went inside Amaya’s room and gave her money to buy some foodstuffs and told her what to do while she left for work.
Amaya:This my sister has started again, always turning me to a maid each time I come .(she hissed and went back to sleep)”.
By 9am Amaya was throu-gh with cooking breakfast, she went and took her bath, changed into a very short Sk-irt and sleeveless ti-ght t©p that expo-sed a major p@rt of her b©dy, she sprayed perfume on her cloths and make herself up.
When she was throu-gh, she checked herself out on the mirror.
“oh, I am looking so h0t and S-xy, its time to take care of my sister’s abandoned project”
(She carried Samuel’s breakfast and started heading to his room to serve him)”.
Samuel who was busy re-ading news paper heard a knock on his door”.
Samuel: Come in, the door is opened”
Amaya: Sir, here is your breakfast *(she bent to keep it on the be-d ex-posing her br**st and looking at him se-ductively.
Samuel was just looking at her flabberg@sted as she turned to leave shaking her bu-ttocks.
Samuel:Amaya, what is the meaning of this dress you are wearing? don:t you have something more decent to wear?
Amaya: Uncle, I don’t see anything wrong with what I am wearing so relax and enjoy your meal *(she win-ked at him and left)*