shadows of the unknown episode 23 & 24

( Supernatural Nexus… )


By, Summer Gold R.



Natasha was so shock,she couldn’t even move before Lamia broke the kiss and faced Damon.

“Are you still here?” He asked.

“You bastard!!” Damon growled angrily and made to rush to them,Lamia held Natasha’s hand and they both appeared in his room.

Natasha looked at him.

“What was that for?” She asked calmly and Lamia chuckled.

“Seriously? It’s my first time hearing you talk so calmly,does my lips taste like magic?” He asked.

“I’m not playing with you,why did you do that?” Natasha snapped.

“He told me to stay away from you” Lamia said.

“So? I was already planning to do that before,what were you trying to prove to me? You’re playing with me?” Natasha scoffed and turned to the door.

“Tasha wait” Lamia grabbed her hand and she faced him.

“Are you mad at me because of the kiss….or because of what happened yesterday?” Lamia asked.

“Everything” Natasha replied.

“I’m not sorry for the kiss though” Lamia said and Natasha frowned.

“Do you want more?” Lania whispered and Natasha pushed him on the bed.

“You’re so annoying” she said.

Lamia stood up again.

“I’m sorry about yesterday,I was in a bad mood” Lamia muttered.

Natasha nodded gently.

There was silence for a minute until Natasha broke it.

“I couldn’t sleep,that was what took me out” She said.

“Me too” Lamia sighed out.

Natasha suddenly grinned and fell on Lamia’s bed.

“What are you doing?” Lamia asked.

“I’m sleeping here” Natasha said,closing her eyes.

“Then,what about me?” Lamia asked.

“Beside me…..”

“No” Lamia immediately said and Natasha opened her eyes.

“You can go sleep in my room then” she muttered.

“Fine” Lamia agreed and Natasha smiled.

“Goodnight” She mumbled and closed her eyes back.

Lamia stared at her for a minute before finally walking out of the room.

Natasha opened her eyes with a grin and buried her face in the pillow.

“Ahhhh!!!!” She screamed excitedly,throwing her legs up and then touched her lips.

‘You’re so dumb Nat,you can’t even kiss him back when he did that’ her subconscious mind said and she bite her lips.

“Cute” She mumbled.

“Wow,this room smells like him” She smiled and hugged the pillow to herself.



Heaven was sitting on her bed,she was in a meditation position. Her two palms joined together,she already removed her blindfold and she just closed her eyes in a gentle way,inhaling the sweet fragrance of the air in her room.

She was distracted when suddenly her door burst open.

“Cat-Girl” She called gently,her eyes still closed.

“Oh,sorry” Cat-Girl muttered.

“It’s fine” Heaven smiled and gently used her blindfold before letting out a go ahead smile for Cat-Girl.

“You won’t believe what I saw” Cat-Girl said.


“Lamia kissed Natasha!”

“Huh?” Heaven’s heart beat in a fast motion.

“I saw them clearly,he kissed her. I wonder why he did that,I thought he likes you” Cat-Girl mumbled sadly.

“You probably mistook someone else for Lamia… ”

“Oh come on,I’m telling you it was Lamia,they even left together,believe me. What If he’s just playing with you…..”

“Lamia is not like that,stop it. He can’t probably be playing with me,I like him a lot,and now you’re making me feel bad” Heaven said.

“I don’t mean to make you feel bad,I’m just telling you……”

“Goodnight” Heaven cut in and fell on her back.

“I’m sorry okay?” Cat-Girl mumbled and walked out,she got to her room and met Luna sitting.

“Hey Luna,are you okay? Tell me” She smiled and sat on the floor before carrying her.

The cat meowed but Cat-Girl heard clearly what she said.

“You’re hungry? You just ate” She said and Luna made a sound again.

“What? It was too little? Are you kidding me?” Cat-Girl laughed.

Luna uttered something again. .

“What do you mean by it’s not funny? Hey!” She yelled and Luna left her arm.

“She’s so cute” Cat-Girl chuckled,staring at Luna as she laid on the small bed she made for her.

The door opened at once and Bryant entered.

“How can you come in without knocking?” Cat-Girl snapped.

“I’ve been knocking” Bryant scoffed.

“So what are you doing in my room?”

“Can you really speak to animals?” Bryant asked.

“You think I’m lying about my abilities? You’re not different from Summer….”

“Chill girl,I just need your help” Bryant said.

“How?” Cat-Girl asked.

“I’m thinking,should I buy a puppy?” Bryant asked.

Cat-Girl shook her head and fell on the bed.

“Come on,don’t ignore me. I’m serious….”

“I don’t understand why you’re telling me”

“Because I want you to follow me so you two can communicate as families and I will get the right one” Bryant said.

Cat-Girl sat up.

“What do you mean by families?” She asked.

“If you talk to animals and they reply you,what are you?” Bryant asked.

“Are you saying……I’m an animal?”

“You said it yourself but that’s what I meant…..” Cat-Girl threw a shoe at him and he ran out of the room.

“Silly guy” She scoffed and went to lock her door.



Winter stood in front of Natasha’s room and knocked gently,she knocked again when she got no response.

She almost gave up when suddenly the door opened and Lamia showed up.

“Lamia?” Winter called in shock.

Some other students were also coming,including Cat-Girl and Heaven were and they heard that.

“What are you doing in Natasha’s room?” Winter asked.

“Wow” is it what I’m thinking?” Thatcher and Eugene grinned naughtily.

“No,she’s not here,we didn’t sleep together…..”

“We never said you slept together” Eugene grinned and Lamia groaned.

“Forget it” He muttered.

Heaven releases Cat-Girl’s hand and started walking away,Lamia saw her and almost went after her but the sound of the school bell alarm stopped him.

🔔The following students should report to the control room right away.

🔔 Lamia
Thatcher and

“Now what’s going on?” Eugene muttered and crossed his arm on Lamia’s neck.

“Shift!” Lamia pushed him off and walked away

“Come on! Are you angry with me?” Eugene ran after him and jumped on his back.

“Hey,are you crazy? Get off right now before I loose it” Lamia said.

“No,take me to the control room this way” Eugene pouted.

Thatcher was following behind them laughing his @ss out.

“People are watching,stop acting dumb” Lamia groaned.

“I don’t care,I love you so much” Eugene said.

“Eugene!” Lamia groaned.

“You know you get affected if you scream too much so stop and let’s go” Eugene said.

“Fine what do you want? Just get off” Lamia said.

“A kiss” Eugene mouthed.

“Are you finally going insane? What do you mean by that?…”

“Fine I will come down” Eugene said and Lamia stopped walking.

Eugene got down from his back and pecked Lamia’s cheeks before running away.

“What the f**k” Lamia wiped his cheek and chased after Eugene who was laughing loudly as he ran.



The six students stood side by sides waiting for master Liam to speak up and finally he did.

“I’m sure you’re curious to know why I called just you guys and not everyone” Master Liam said.

“Yes master” they said at once.

“I want you to go to Valerie city” Master Liam said and their eyes widened.

“But,it’s not time for the mission yet” Sadie said.

“I know,reason why I want you to go. People die there almost everyday,the beast kill them and put them beside the road for people to see,I want you to go,I want to figure out if this beast have a reason for killing those humans,is there something he want? Does he have a particular set of people in mind or something?”

“So you mean,you want us to go and check out if he’s going to try attacking us?” Natasha asked and Master Liam nodded.

“What if he does?” Thatcher asked.

“If it’s too wild for you then I and the other masters will help,but I don’t think he will attack you tho” Master Liam said.

They all sighed and said nothing.

“So,are you all in?” He asked.

“Yes master,I’ve always wanted this tho” Natasha smiled and the others nodded.

“Good then you can go,get ready before dawn” Master Liam said.

They all bowed before going out.

“This is gonna be fun” Eugene said.

Summer scoffed.

“What” Eugene raised his brows.

“I don’t think I called your name” Summer rolled her eyes and walked away.

“She have problem” Thatcher shook his head and Sadie chuckled.

Lamia and Natasha left together.

“You slept so long in my room” Natasha said.

“I was waiting for you to come out of mine,I couldn’t really sleep all night” Lamia said.

“That’s heartbreaking,I slept so well” Natasha said.

“Then,see you at the dinning hall later” Lamia said when they stopped in front of Natasha’s room.

“Yeah” Natasha smiled and went in.

Lamia turned toward his own room and then he saw Heaven walking too.

“Heaven” He immediately called but Heaven ignored him and continue walking. Lamia caught up with her and started walking beside her.

“Hey,are you okay?” He asked.

“What If I’m not? do you care?” Heaven scoffed.

“What is it this time? Are you mad at me?” Lamia asked.

Heaven kept quiet.

“It’s because….I was in Natasha’s room right?” Lamia asked and Heaven stopped walking,she faced him.

“Not just that” she said.

“What else?” Lamia asked.

“You kissed Natasha” Heaven said.

“Wait….how did you know that?” Lamia asked.

“So it’s true” Heaven mumbled and turned away sadly.

“Hey” Lamia held her hand.

“Are you really mad at me because of that?” Lamia asked.

Heaven said nothing and then the last minute,he saw tears dropping from her eyes and his eyes widened.


“Stop calling my name so sweetly when you like someone else!” Heaven snapped.

“But….I didn’t even…..geez,can you please stop crying? You’re making me feel bad,should I apologize now? I don’t even understand why I should but I’m sorry,just stop crying” Lamia said.

Heaven ignored him.

“Heaven” Lamia called and tried wiping her tears but she slap his hand away.

“Don’t touch me” she muttered and Lamia sighed.

“What can I do to make it up to you…….”

“Then kiss me too” Heaven cut in and Lamia’s eyes went wide.