shadows of the unknown episode 21 & 22

( Supernatural Nexus… )


By, Summer Gold R.



“Stop!!!!!” Natasha also screamed and again his heart shattered in pieces.

“Stop whatever you’re doing to them right now!” He yelled.

“Make your choice” Oakley smirked and Lamia swallowed.

“Your time is going” Oakley said.

Lamia looked at her.

“I’m saving them both….is there a way that can happen? I can’t possibly leave any of them alone for you” He said.

“Good choice,then fight with me” Oakley said.

Lamia gave her a confused look.

“Fight? How?” He asked.

“I’m asking for a duel between us,I want to see that strength of yours…..”

“What the f**k are you saying?” Lamia snapped.

“Are you scared?” Oakley smirked.

“Why would I?” Lamia asked.

“Then are you doing it or not” Oakley asked.

Lamia kept quiet for a minute before speaking up.

“Fine,now release them” He muttered.

“Remember you can’t play smart with me….”

“Let them go” Lamia said.

“Done” Oakley smiled and immediately Lamia found himself sitting back in between his mates.

His eyes widened.

“What……what happened?” He asked.

“What do you mean? You suddenly disappeared from here but Speedy said you were fine so that’s why we didn’t bother coming to find you” Eugene said.

Lamia looked at Heaven and then Natasha.

“It was me who left here?” He asked.

“You’re sounding like someone who saw a powerful illusion,did something happened?” Sadie asked.

Lamia swallowed breathlessly and got up.

“Nothing,I’m fine” He muttered and began to walk away,Natasha’s eyes followed him.

“I think he saw something” Skylar said.

There was silence among them all.

Meanwhile,the moment Lamia stepped into his room,he found himself somewhere else again,this time somewhere like a garden and standing before him is Oakley,grinning.

“What the f**k are you doing?” Lamia asked.

“It’s what you’re thinking,everything was an illusion,they weren’t real” Oakley smirked and vanished,she appeared in front of Lamia,more closely.

“So what was that about? What were you trying to achieve?” Lamia asked.

“Shouldn’t you be shouting at me right now?” Oakley smiled and touched his hair but Lamia slap her hand off his head.

“Stop this game you’re playing” He warned.

“You already accepted the challenge tho,should we start now?” Oakley asked and her sword appeared in her hand immediately,she immediately attacked by sliding her sword into Lamia’s tummy but an invisible force stopped her and threw the sword off her hand.

She frowned and looked at Lamia to see his green eyes.

“How….how are you able to use your power?” She asked.

“You think this weak barrier can work on me?” Lamia pushed his hands into his pocket.

“But you……”

“I pretended earlier also,I can use my powers anywhere I want,so don’t think high of yourself,and are you sure you want to have this fight?” Lamia asked and started controlling Oakley’s sword with his eyes.

Oakley looked at him.

“What are you?” She asked.

“Someone who can destroy you” Lamia smirked and used his eyes to break the sword.

“Why don’t we just stop here? I hate stress as much as I hate noise,I’m begging you. Let’s only meet at the war front,not here. The heat of my powers is enough to blow off this crazy barrier you call an illusion” Lamia muttered.

“Seriously?” Oakley chuckled.

“Then we will meet again” She muttered and Lamia appeared back in his room.

He sighed out,the truth is,he was actually scared earlier when he was to choose between Heaven and Natasha,thank goodness it was just fake,what would he have done?

He was still standing and thinking when the door opened and Natasha entered.

“Can’t you knock?” Lamia asked.

“You enter my room without knocking too” Natasha replied and Lamia sighed.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

Natasha moved closer to him.

“Tell me what happened” she muttered.

“Nothing happened,leave” Lamia said.

“Stop pushing me away,I’m just worried” Natasha said.

“I told you to stop being worried about me” Lamia turned away.

“Do you like her?” Natasha asked.

“Who are you talking about?” He asked.

“You know who I’m talking about,you’re always with her,you smile when you’re with her,you hold her,hug her and do all sort of things with her……”

“Can you stop comparing yourself to her? She has nothing to do with this” Lamia said.

Natasha nodded.

“Fine,I’m really going to stay out of your business this time around,I promise” She muttered.


Natasha stormed out of the room and Lamia bite his lips,he fell on his bed but almost screamed when he saw Eugene on the bed.

“Hey” Lamia called in surprise and Eugene winked.

“Did I shock you?” He asked.

Lamia sighed and ignored him,he lay beside Eugene

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m sleeping here” Eugene said.

Lamia kept quiet.

“What? You won’t tell me to leave?” Eugene asked.

“You said I should be nice to you” Lamia muttered and Eugene smiled,he also lay his back down. Their face both up,staring at nothing in particular.

“Something happened right?” He asked.

“Nothing I can’t handle,so don’t worry about me” Lamia said.

“I’m more handsome than you,I wonder why they are crushing on you and not me” Eugene muttered.

“Nobody is arguing with you about handsomeness” Lamia said and there was silence.

“Do you like Heaven tho?” Eugene asked but got no reply from Lamia,he checked to see him sleeping already.

“So fast” He muttered and sat up,he covered Lamia with the duvet before laying down again.



Master Liam looked up when he heard the door.

“Come in” He said.

The door opened,Speedy and Sadie entered and closed the door.

“Good evening master” They both bowed and Master Liam nodded.

“Is there a problem?” He asked.

“The thing is….we’ve been finding it difficult to get anything from the next mission,my hand isn’t drawing anything” Sadie said.

“And I’m not seeing anything either” Speedy added.

Master Liam sighed out.

“Does that mean something bad might happen? I’m really scared,even tho we are not among the students going,but still….”

“Everything will be fine” Master Liam interrupted Sadie and they kept quiet.

“And besides,even if they get hurt,it’s part of the reason why you’re here” Master Liam said.

“You can’t say that,what if it’s more dangerous than we think?” Speedy asked.

“The other two masters and I wouldn’t watch in silence If such ever happen,don’t you know?” Master Liam asked.

Sadie and Speedy sighed.

“That’s right,we are sorry master” They muttered.

“And about what you said,it’s nothing to worry about,I’m sure the mission is something invisible,that’s why you can’t see anything. Take your mind away from it and you will be able to draw other things,and will see other things too”master Liam said.

“Thank you master” Sadie and Speedy chorused and bowed before going out.

Master Liam breathe out loudly.



“Welcome to today’s training session” Master River said,as he came in with master Lilith.

“Thank you master” They chorused.

“For this morning,you are allowed to choose your partner yourself and have a fight practice with” Master Lilith said and they all exchanged glances.

“You can start by doing that now” Master River said and the students started picking each other.

Natasha stood still in her position without moving until Summer stood before her.

“You were my partner from the start,but It never happened” Summer smirked.

Natasha rolled her eyes.

“Let’s see what you’ve got then” She said and Summer smiled.

Eugene was with Lamia but Ruben came over.

“I’m fighting with you” He said.

Lamia and Eugene looked at him.

“I might have won if I didn’t lay low like you said,so isn’t this an opportunity?” Ruben asked.

“Sorry,I’m with him…….”

“Go somewhere else” Lamia cut Eugene off.

“Are you choosing him over me?” Eugene asked.

“This is not about friendship,I might find it hard to fight you also” Lamia muttered.

“Fine” Eugene said and walked away.

Damon against Chase
Sadie against Skylar
Speedy against Winter
Eugene against Thatcher
Heaven against Cat-Girl
Bryant with no one.

“What about Me?” Bryant asked.

“You can fight with me” Master Lilith said and his eyes widened.

“This duel will only last for three minutes each,you stop as soon as you hear the sound of the bell” Master River said and sat down with Master Lilith.

“Yes master!” They chorused.

“Who are the ones going first?”

“Definitely us” Summer said,grabbing her sword,Natasha also pulled out hers and they got to the center.

“Are we allowed to use our powers this time?” Summer asked.

“Yes” Master Lilith replied.

Everyone was quiet.

“Start” The masters announced and they both unsheathe their swords at the same time.

Summer was the first to attack,Natasha vanished from her front and appeared behind her,before Summer could turn,Natasha kicked her and she fell roughly on the floor,she stood up again.

“Natasha,teleport canceled from the duel” Master River warned.

Summer ran to her with her sword in the air,Natasha immediately guard herself with her sword,Summer’s own met with hers and the sound filled the air. Natasha pushed her and slide the sword toward her neck,Summer used her hand and slap Natasha’s hand from her neck before flying and tried kicking Natasha’s face but Natasha shoved her sword into her leg.

Everyone gasped out loudly.

“Ahh!” Summer screamed and fell on the floor

“Summer!” Winter rushed to her on the floor.

“Don’t worry,she won’t bleed” Natasha smirked and sheathe her sword again. Summer’s pain left her and she glared at Natasha who winked at her.

“Natasha won…next?” Master River called.

Lamia and Ruben got to the center,they unsheathe their sword.


Ruben and Lamia both slam their sword against each other at a time,but Ruben used his strength ability on the sword,his sword overshadowed Lamia’s own and it dropped on the floor,Lamia’s hand also got a bit injured but he didn’t bleed.

Before Lamia could pick up his sword,Ruben rushed to him,Lamia immediately bent down and Ruben fell on the floor.

Lamia stood up from the other side and made a sign with his fingers for Ruben to come to him.

“Crazy dude” Eugene chuckled proudly from where he was.

Ruben rushed to Lamia again with his sword,Lamia used his hand to catch Ruben’s sword,Ruben tried taking it back but couldn’t.

Lamia twisted the sword from his hand and kicked Ruben’s tummy hardly,he used the last second and Kicked his legs off the floor,Ruben fly up and then landed on the floor.

“Whoa!!” Eugene screamed and everyone clapped.

Lamia walked over to his position.

“Good job Lamia” master Lilith complimented.


Heaven and Cat-Girl got to the center. Lamia smiled shortly seeing Heaven.


They unsheathe their swords,Heaven stayed in the same position till Cat-Girl got to her,she attacked and Heaven guarded with her sword,Cat-Gurl kept on attacking but to everyone’s surprise,Heaven knows the exact place Cat-Girl was attacking.

She moved just in time and hit Cat-Girl with the back of her sword and point her hand out,the force threw Cat-Girl off her feet and her back hit the wall.

Everyone was shocked.

Heaven walked to Cat-Girl.

“Don’t take it easy on me next time” She muttered and Cat-Girl smiled.

Heaven helped her up.

“Heaven won that…next?”



All the boys are in the control room,

Damon,Chase and Ruben are playing games on the computer,Bryant and Eugene are also together.

Thatcher and Lamia were busy checking out the footage of the woods like the masters instructed.

“Isn’t that footprint of the monster?” Lamia suddenly pointed out.

“Where?!” Everyone rushed there instantly.

“Wow,the monster must be really big to have such wide footprint” Bryant said.

“The cops reported three new cases this morning also,they are two women and a young high school boy” Thatcher said.

“I wonder when we are going for the mission” Eugene said.

“I’m sure they are waiting for the best time” Chase said.

“But….what if it’s not a monster?” Lamia asked.

“What do you mean by it’s not a monster? You’re seeing evidence right in front of you” Ruben said.

“I mean,what if it’s those people we fought against during our first mission? She talked about having a queen too,what if…..”

“Stop it,are you trying to say our masters don’t know what they are saying?” Damon snapped at Lamia.

“Exactly,the masters will find out if it’s those people” Chase said.

Lamia sighed and stood up,he ignored them and walked out of the room. Eugene followed him.

“Gosh,I hate the way Eugene follow him around like a pet” Chase muttered.

“It’s annoying tho” Bryant chuckled.

“He’s the only one who is able to get along with Lamia,they are cool together” Thatcher muttered and continue his work.



Lamia’s hands were inside his pockets as he walked round the silent arena,it was half dark too since most of the light have been put off,most students are probably sleeping but he finds it hard to sleep,that’s why he came out.

Damon suddenly came in front of him,Lamia ignored him and made to pass another side hut Damon pulled him back and made Lamia face him.

“What did you say to Natasha this time?” Damon asked.

“What are you talking about?” Lamia asked.

“She has refused to talk to me since morning!” Damon yelled.

Lamia pushed Damon off himself.

“What has that got to do with me?” He asked.

“She does that anytime you make her sad and angry!!!” Damon shouted.

Lamia sighed out and made to leave but Damon grabbed him again.

“This will be my last warning,stay away from her” Damon said.

“I hate that word” Lamia glared at him.

“It’s a f**king warning!” Damon snapped.

“I said I hate that word,don’t use it on me” Lamia muttered.

“Stay away from her,it is a warning” Damon pushed Lamia’s chest.

“What’s going on here?” Natasha appeared.

Lamia glared at Damon.

“You might die after this,but it’s also a warning from me,when I say don’t use that word on me,I meant it” Lamia said to Damon and started walking toward Natasha. He stopped in front of her.

“Are you okay……..” She was cut off When Lamia grabbed her waist and smashed his lips on her own deeply,she gasped into the kiss.

Damon’s breath seized for sure.