shadows of the unknown episode 19 & 20

( Supernatural Nexus… )


By, Summer Gold R.


After spending few minutes in the gentle rain pour,Lamia and Natasha got up.

“Why do I feel like someone was here earlier?” Natasha muttered looking around.

“It’s not the time for that,let’s go in” Lamia said,walking in front of her already.

“Wait you!” Natasha ran after him.

They got to Natasha’s room.

“Goodnight” Natafsha said before going inside,Lamia also went his own way.



All the students can be seen in the same position,they sat down with their legs crossed,their hands placed on their legs and their eyes closed,it’s meditation time.

Master Liam and River were walking around,watching them all,Master River have a cane in his hand behind his back.

“Continue feeling your energy and abilities as you meditate,don’t be sway away by any strange thoughts,feel in your spirits and see your fate,the purpose why you are here” Master Liam said loudly to their hearings.

“That’s enough,now open your eyes and rest your mind” Master River announced.

Damon and Natasha were the first to open their eyes. They breathe out loudly and exchanged glances,Damon smiled at her.

Lamia opened his eyes and saw them,he looked away.

“Hey” Eugene whispers beside him.

“Hey” Lamia also said and Eugene smiled.

“It’s another day to move closer to the purpose that brought you here,some of you are getting distracted already,don’t be,it might be dangerous” Master Liam said.

“Yes master!” Everyone chorused.

“Damon,your punishment have been lifted,do better next time” Master Liam said.

“Thank you master” Damon said and Chase winked at him.

“Now we should start the preparation toward our next mission,I hope Sadie and Speedy are working on it already”

“Yes master” Sadie and Speedy answered together.

“Good,you all are free today since we have nothing to do,you can do whatever you want,but make sure it’s not against the rules. And like I said,don’t be swayed or distracted” Master River said.

“Yes master!” They chorused.

“You can leave now”

Like that,everyone stood up and started leaving the training hall one after the other.

“I’m so hungry” Ruben yawned loudly.

“Are you planning to swallow me or something?” Summer glared at him.

“Now I can’t even yawn in peace?” Ruben asked.

Summer hissed and walked away.

“Your sister has a problem” Natasha muttered while walking with Winter.

“She doesn’t really get along with people,I hope she does here tho,don’t mind her” Winter said and Natasha chuckled.

They entered the dinning hall together,some are already inside.

“Hey Nat,come over” Damon called,pointing at the seat beside him which he saved for Natasha. Everyone looked up.

“I guess he likes you,see you after breakfast” Winter winked and went to sit beside Summer.

Natasha sat down beside Damon and looked around for Lamia but he’s not inside.

“I thought you now prefer that crazy girl to your sister” Summer said.

“Oh come on,I’m not like you okay? Natasha is cool and I want to be her friend,try to get a friend too” Winter said.

“I’m not here for friends,you heard what the masters said” Summer replied.

“Heaven and Lamia are not here” Bryant suddenly announced and everyone looked up.

“That’s true,where are they?” Thatcher muttered.

“Are those two dating or something?” Speedy asked.

“No they are not” Skylar snapped.

“Wow,that was so fast” Damon said.

“Because it’s the truth” Skylar rolled her eyes.

“I’m rooting for them though” Cat-Girl grinned.

“Me too” Damon smiled.

“Me three” Sadie smiled,looking at Natasha who was eating her food quietly without looking up.

“Can we just focus on the food? Please” Eugene muttered.

“What,are you in love with Heaven?” Summer asked.

“Yes,just the way everyone think you might grow to have sense in the future,how can I tell them you can’t?” Eugene asked and everyone laughed.

“Hey!!” Summer stood up and slammed her palms on the table.

Winter held her back.

“I love it when you’re angry” Eugene smirked at her.

“I hate you!” Summer yelled.

“F**king mutual” Eugene smirked.

Summer stormed out of the hall.

“Hey Eugene,I won’t keep quiet next time you talk to my sister that way,okay?” Winter said.

“Are you gonna freeze me?” Eugene grinned sarcastically.

“I’m warning you…..”

“I hate warnings” Eugene cut in.

“That’s enough guys,we are not supposed to be fighting” Natasha said and there was silence after that.



Heaven and Lamia sat down on the bench together in total silence,nobody spoke up for minutes until Lamia broke the silence.

“Why were you here alone?” He asked.

“Because I want to be alone” Heaven muttered.

“Did something happened? You don’t sound good” Lamia said.

“Shouldn’t you be in the dinning hall right now? Aren’t you hungry?” Heaven asked.

“Should we go together?” Lamia asked.

“I’m not in the mood to eat” Heaven mumbled.

“Something is definitely wrong” Lamia said.

“I guess you really care about me” Heaven muttered.

“Why did you say that? Do you think I don’t?” Lamia asked her.

“I just……..wish I’m the only one you care about” Heaven said softly.

Lamia kept quiet.

“That’s selfish of me right?? But the truth is,aside Cat-Girl,you’re the only one I have here,I don’t want to loose you also….I’m just scared you might stop caring about me and…..”

“Stop thinking about tomorrow and face the present,and besides,nothing like that will happen. As long as we are here” Lamia said.

Heaven smiled and nodded.

“I will believe you” She said.

“You must really like white a lot” Lamia changed the topic.

“It’s my best color” Heaven said.

“Me too” Lamia said.

“Whoa,does that mean we have something in common?” She grinned.

“Yeah” Lamia nodded.

Heaven’s tummy made a loud noise and she immediately grabbed it.

“I’m not hungry” She said.

“I didn’t ask” Lamia stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“To eat,but you’re not hungry,so bye for now….”

“Hey” Heaven frowned.

“Stop lying and let’s go” Lamia muttered,going forward. Heaven went after him and held his hand. Lamia looked at their locked hands and said nothing.

“Am I the only one you hold hands with?” Heaven asked,smiling.

“No” Lamia replied and she sighed sadly.

“You really want to be the only one in everything?” Lamia asked.

“Hmm” Heaven nodded.

“You don’t know how to hide your feelings do you? You’re so shameless” Lamia scoffed and Heaven chuckled.

“Yes I’m shameless,so you better don’t think of leaving me” Heaven said and Lamia smiled.

They both left the rooftop together.



“You aren’t drawing anything?” Speedy asked Sadie and she nodded.

“Since yesterday” Sadie muttered,staring at her drawing book.

“Me too,no matter how I try,I can’t get anything beyond what would happen in the next ten minutes” Speedy said looking so frustrated.

“I don’t want the masters to be disappointed in us,but then,I have a bad feelings about this” Sadie said.

“About what? The mission?” Speedy asked and Sadie nodded.

“Isn’t it unusual? By now my hands would be hurting already from drawing too much,but since we were given this assignment,my hands stopped moving” Sadie expressed.

Speedy subject out.

“Let’s talk to the masters,they might have something to do” Speedy said and Sadie looked at her.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course,aren’t we here for the purpose?” Speedy aspect and Sadie nodded.

“Fine,let’s do that” She said.


Summer was the only one sitting at the pass way,she was playing with the balls of fire she made on her palms,until someone sat down next to her. She closed her palms and turned to see Eugene,she immediately frowned.

“What are you doing here?” She asked,glaring at her.

“I’m sorry okay?” Euegen said.

“For what??”

“What I said to you at the dinning hall……”

“And who said I need your apology? You think I care whatever you say?” Summer Snapped.

“I’m not here to fight with you,you just be hungry” Eugene said and Summer glared even more.

“Says who?” She asked but her tummy disgraced her by making sounds.

“Leave me alone” She said and Eugene sighed.

“This is why I don’t like you,you act like you’re really more than this” He muttered.

“You came here to meet me remember? I never wanted to see you! Your presence annoy me a lot,I hate you” Summer said.

“Hey,I hate you too,I already told you it’s mutual,do you think I like you? Come on,you’re not even close to being my type,you’re not pretty,you’re totally out of it,I’m just here because you might be hungry,stop thinking so high and have it” Eugene dropped the snacks and drinks beside her.

“You can throw them away If you don’t want” He stood up

“And die of hunger” He added as he walked away.

Summer swallowed angrily.

“That bastard” she mumbled and looked at the snacks.

She rolled her eyes and took the burger,she opened it and took a huge bite.

“Wow” She mumbled,chewing slowly. She opened the drinks too.

“Knew you were hungry” Eugene appeared beside her.

“Hey!!” Summer screamed.

Eugene smirked.

“You might choke from screaming too much,eat” He said.

“I really hate you” Summer said and continue eating.

“Drink the juice also” Eugene said.

“Shut up” Summer snapped.

“Hard girl in the mud” Eugene said and Summer kicked his leg.

“Get out!” She shouted.

“Master Liam didn’t say that,what should I do now? I can’t leave this place If they don’t say it” Eugene said.

Summer Scoffed,she continue eating without saying a word.



The students all sat down around the fire they made in their middle,they were having different conversations.

“Isn’t this our first time gathering together this way just to talk?” Cat-Girl said excitedly.

“That’s true,this is so fun” Speedy grinned.

Heaven and Lamia were both talking together on their own,Natasha kept staring at them even though she was beside Damon who was also talking to her.

“I wonder what power Heaven have tho” Chase suddenly spoke up and Heaven turned away from Lamia.

“Me?” She asked.

“Of course,we all know everyone’s own aside yours” Skylar said.

“I only know that you were blind since birth” Winter muttered.

“I’m sorry….my power isn’t something I can show off” Heaven muttered.

“Why?” Thatcher and Bryant asked at a time.

“It deals with dark magical powers,in a word,my powers can be dangerous when used originally without any reason….I’m a sorcerer” Heaven explained.

“Whoa” Everyone said impressively.

“I can’t wait for the mission,then you will be able to see” Heaven added with a smile.

“I wish your eyes open again” Sadie muttered.

“I can’t wait for you to draw something like that……maybe it might come to pass” Heaven mumbled sadly.

Lamia gently touched her to calm her down,she looked at him and smiled.

Natasha scoffed and looked away.

“Lamia what about you?” Natasha asked and Lamia looked at her.


“Why do you hate talking so much? There must be a reason why you don’t like being close to people” She said.

“Then,is Heaven an exception?” Ruben asked.

“What do you mean?” Natasha frowned.

“He’s quite close with Heaven and I’ve seen them hold hands and hug each other” Ruben said.

“Whoa!” Everyone shouted.

“Really?” Speedy grinned and Heaven smiled.

Natasha bite her lips.

“Are you okay?” Damon asked.

“I’m fine” Natasha muttered and turned to see Lamia staring at her.

She made to stand up when all of a sudden someone vanished right in front of her,leaving just her,Heaven and Lamia.

“What the f**k?” Lamia stood up at once.

“What’s going on? I can’t feel the others” Heaven also stood up.

Natasha looked around,their environment also changed and now it’s like they are inside the dark cloud.

Before any of them could think,an invisible energy grabbed Natasha from the back.

“Ahhhhh!!!!!” She screamed.

“Natasha!!” Lamia shouted,rushing toward him but then came Heaven’s scream too.


Lamia stopped and turned back to also see Heaven gone.

“Heaven!!!!” He shouted.

“Noooo!!!” He heard Natasha’s scream and he turned to the direction Natasha vanished from.

“Help!!!” Heaven’s scream also came,he also turned again. His heart beating fast.

“You must be sickly confused right now” A voice suddenly said behind him and he immediately turned to see the familia face smirking at him.

“You should remember me” Oakley said.

“Where the f**k did you take them to!” Lamia snapped angrily.

“You can’t get mad at me,you can’t use your powers here,It’s a barrier that suck up supernatural powers” Oakley grinned wickedly.

Lamia tried using his power but couldn’t,instead he grew weak.

“You might die if you also try too much” Oakley said and Lamia glares at her.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Just something little…..I hate people who think they are stronger than me” Oakley said.

That was when Lamia remembered,she was the girl he fought against during their mission.

“You can only save one of them”

“What??” Lamia’s eyes widened.

“Then the second one will be taken to our queen,she will suck her blood……”

“Shut up!!” Lamia yelled.

“Make your choice right now” Oakley smirked.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Lamia heard Heaven’s scream and his heart skipped a beat.

“What are you doing to her?!!” He shouted.

“Stop!!!!!” Came Natasha also screamed and again his heart shattered in pieces.

“Stop whatever you’re doing to them right now!” He yelled.

“Make your choice” Oakley smirked and Lamia swallowed.