S-xy high school girls Episode 6 & 7

Episode 6
Student se-ductresses
[RECAP: Mr.Millson Lamptey asked Dzifa what was worrying her but she refused to open up to him.She later seeked counsel from Emefa but was advised to st©p crushing on her teacher. Dzifa’s dream about Mr. Millson was interrupted by her father and she was annoyed with her father secretly.]?
[ Millson’s Narration ]
My stay in Tutukpene s£nior High School have been peaceful so far except for one thing. The incessant S-xual haras-sment and promiscuity among the female students in the school.
A student had been s£nding me anonymous letters frequently. She had s£nt me about three letters alre-ady.
Who might be doing that? I was close to almost all the students in the school but Dzifa seemed to be the closest.
I strongly suspected it would be her, but why will she be writing anonymous letters to me when she could just tell me what she felt. Well, I didn’t no.Maybe the ” D” could just be a coincidence and the person may not be Dzifa as I was suspecting . It may be another person. But Dzifa had been behaving weirdly recently , as if something was eating her up.The last time she st©pped me when I was going home only to say she like me and my lessons. Could all those things be charades?
Maybe it was just a figment of my own imagination.
I knew I had to be careful when trying to find out the one who had been s£nding me the anonymous letters. As I said earlier, my instinct told me it was Dzifa.
But this case was not an isolated case. At a time when irresponsible teachers including some school heads had turned their female students into S-x machines, some students, of course, the bad ones had also made life very uncomfor
table for the teachers in and outside the clas-sroom.
It was a common phenomenon that was fast becoming a norm in most s£nior high schools in Ghana. Adolescents aged between the age group of 15 and 17 tried to express their adolescence by engaging in S-xual relationsh!ps. They indulged in lesbianism and some also d@t£d their schoolmates outside the school.
Personally, I knew how adolescents behave so I was not so much perturbe-d about their irresponsible behaviours but my concern was about some of my mates who had began d@t!ngthe female students. Some of the daring adolescent girls were seen in the company of fully matured male teachers too ,
hvgging and tou-ching each other S-xually.
It was a common sight in most of our s£nior High schools to see some unscrupulous teachers d@t!ngand lvsting after equally bad and lascivious female students.
The question I kept asking himself was, “How can we learn from these teachers who are morally handicapped or is it only the pedagogical skills that we are supposed to learn from them?”
I stayed close to the P.E teacher’s ban-galow. Most often, I saw students who deliberately wore skimpy dresses to visit him during weekends for reasons best known to them.
I remembered I once asked a student why she was wearing a s£dûçt!vedress to her teacher who doubled as her godfather’s house to study and she told him all her dresses are like that and she wears them with no bad intentions.
I nee-dn’t stay in Tutukpene SHS for 10 years before I realised most of the girls in the school were S-xually active and were either d@t!ngboys outside the school or some male teachers in the school.
They sat half-n-ked in clas-s with their th!ghs wi-dely opened when teachers were teaching. Some even expo-se their br£@st on purpose to distract teachers. Series of advice given to them to desist from such inappropriate behaviour fell on deaf ears.
I remembered a scenario in which a female student c@m£ to me after school closed. She began asking unnecessary questions on t©pics she claimed she didn’t un-derstand and while I was trying frantically to re-explain the concepts to her ,
she intentionally unZi-pped her school uniform to reveal her s-en-sual well rounded brea-sts and at the same time open her th!gh wi-de to reveal her new transparent pink p@n-t which did little to hide her female organ.
Without uttering a word, I picked my bag and left, leaving the lascivious student surprised.
To her, no male teacher could resist an attrac-tive teenager like her.
I told my Government Head of Dep@rtment about the issue only to be told that that was how the girls always behave anytime a young and handsome ha-rd -working teacher or intern was posted to the school. They even tried to convince me that their behaviour was a normal expression of adolescence by Quoting, “when you go to Rome, do what the R0m-ns do.
I personally took exception to that norm. There was another intern that also looked resolute with his moral principles, his name was Kwame Ankrah.
I remembered one time , I was on duty with Kwame and we tried to supervise the girls so that they keep their dormitories tidy. Before we realised, some of the shameless girls who have gone beyond all form of ethical restrictions
undressed in their domitories and walked n-ked right before our very eyes, giggling.
At first , we thought it was a dream before reality dawn on us that these girls just wanted to tantalize us with their gorgeous bodies and trigger our S-xual feelings.
I later learnt that even among the girl’s circle,they acknowledged Crystalene possessed the most beautiful b©dy of all and her charming b©dy had caused the downfall of many men,including some teachers.
In general, those girls had the potentials to pu-ll even a R0m-n Catholic Bishop down. I could see my friend kwame slowly becoming
disoriented with Crystalene’s S-xy b©dy.
The rthymic bouncing of their full well chiselled br£@st cu-mpped with black t–s, and the smoothness of their adolescent skins, being made more magnetized by their voluptuous figures with a tuft of hair at their pri-vate p@rts, was the very definition of their womanity.
It wasn’t long before my colleagues were tra-pped in the web of their feminine charm.
As anticipated, some of my mates began copying the maladjusted lifestyles of the unscrupulous teachers on campus. They did not only enjoy the company of the female students on the face value but also engaged in h0t sizzling ro-mantic activities with them.
I visited my mate Laurence one early friday morning at his ap@rtment only to see a female student with him. It was obvious to me she ran away from campus un-der the cover of darkness to have “fun” with him the whole night.
I decided not to question Laurence about the female student because it was pretty obvious to me that Laurence had been slee-ping with her for quite some time now.
I told Laurence I will come back. Then I left. Actually , I wanted to take the textbook Laurence had borrowed from me two days ago.
Then an idea occurred to me.
I diverted my course towards Kwame’s ap@rtment to collect another textbook and prepare for the day’s lesson.
When I approached his compound,
I couldn’t help but listen to the ecstasic noises emanating from his room, followed by happy cries and m0@n s,”Plea…s…..sss, Sir,take your time,Ehh, ahhhh, ummmmm, sir ……rock me ha-rder, oh God,I’m ¢v-mmin.’
My heart skipped a bit. I hoped what I was thinking was not happening there. I quic-kly entered the house,knocked on the door but realised it wasn’t locked. I pushed the door silently. The voice of the female m0@n ing inside the room was familiar to him, no doubt about that.
I opened the door silently.What met my eyes was amazing, so chilling and so real to be true. It was a shocker that almost made me faint. I saw Kwame in a missionary position with Crystalene, the queen of curves,the as-sistant girls’ school prefect both stark n-ked as the former rode the latter to heavenly joy, their m0@n s becoming mistakenly uncontrolla
My pres£nce in the room broke their connection like a baby’s umbilical cord severed from the mother.
They gazed at me in shock and shame, as they began to adjust to the sudden break of the h0t intim-acy they had experienced a few minutes ago.
“I’m sorry Millson,this girl is too….”
I didn’t wait for him to finish his n@ûghty explanation. Without uttering a word, I turned back quic-kly and left.
It was these bizarre discoveries that made me distant myself from my ill-mannered collegues with the intention of living the life of a hermit, in order not to be influenced by my colleagues immoral lifestyle. de-ep within me, I doubt if I could maintain my moral compas-s for long in an environment full of moral contamination.
When I entered my clas-sroom after break and sat down on my desk, I took my text book and a white envelope fell from inside it. It was addressed to me.
Again, the s£nder’s name wasn’t fully written on the envelope. I got curious and to-re the envelope, to reveal another love letter , nicely written in neat handwriting, the writing pad had designs embla
zoned at its edges. It re-ads;
plea-se reply A.S.A.Pℹand place it on your table.
My Dear Millson,
Apple of my Heart?
There is nothing so sweet and palatable that has happened to me except you.
There is nothing so plea-sant, nothing so soul satisfying and nothing so caring and loving like you
I know you will not believe my words but sweetheart, let’s forget about jokes
You really mean the world to me
Both day and night, I always thank my stars for setting my eyes on a loving and ro-mantic person like you
I kept wondering how my life would have been if I have not seen you.
I wouldn’t have known the true meaning of love
My life would have been disorganised and bitter if you were not to appear in my life
Like the sunshine that c@m£ to drive away the cloud of darkness
That’s why I want you to make this wonderful and sweet experience a reality.
Anytime, you come to my mind,
All my problems are solved immediately
Even if I am hungry , I become satisfied Immediately by the mere mention of your name or just by hearing your voice
How I wish I could fly and perch in your arms
So that we can stay together forever
Both on earth here and life hereafter.
You see, I just want you to know my love for you is beyond comparison and I would do everything possible to prove my love for you forever
Be as-sured of my everlasting love
Your admirer.
I opened another p@rt of the text book and there was another love letter that ended with ” you are the core of my heart. The s£nder only put her name as L……..•
Then another letter fell from another page, and loo and behold, another one fell. At the end I got about six different love letters from six female students.
I left for my house to relax.On my doorstep, you won’t believe it, there was yet another letter and that one bore the familiar letter ” D”
A.S.A.P – As Soon as Possible.
Episode 7
[RECAP: Mr.Millson Lamptey was worried about the high level of moral decadence prevalent in Tutukpene s£nior High school.
He saw a lot of love letters in his text book placed on his table. They were from female students. He contemplated on who wrote the love letters to him. He went home and saw another love letter on his
doorstep ]
{Third Person Narration }
For about two weeks, all the girls who s£nt their love letters to Millson waited for a response. Unfortunately, none c@m£.
It become apparent to them that Millson won’t kowtow to their request. Millson had completely ignored the love letters they took time and energy to write for him.
Pains began to set in for the girls;
Dzifa, Evelyn, Vivian, Irene,Lucy, Sylvia. You can call them the D.E.V.I.L.S.
Dzifa in p@rticular was badly hurt. She felt so sad and worthless and had lost interest in things she loved doing. Though she struggled to keep focus in the clas-sroom, the rate at which depression was eating her up was becoming physically visible to her friends. She made a resolutions not to write any love letter to Millson again.
It wasn’t long before the first term drew to an end and the exams c@m£.
Dzifa couldn’t concentrate on her studies but she managed to write her exams. After the exam, the school closed for a three week vacation.
When the school closed, five of the girls who wrote the love letters to Millson and were ignored met to discuss how they could tra-p Millson to fall for them. Dzifa and Dima were not pres£nt at the girls’ group meeting.
Evelyn : Good Afternoon girls.
The four girls : Good Afternoon.
Evelyn: You all know why we have gathered here.
The Four girls : Yes
Evelyn: You all know this young man masquerading in our school as a teacher is giving all of us slee-ping nights. Isn’t He?
The four girls : Yes, he is.
Evelyn : I learnt he is not yet a teacher.
Irene : So who is he?
Evelyn : A teacher trainee or mentee.
Irene: Meaning what?
Evelyn: Meaning he’s in the process of becoming a full teacher. Now he’s un-dergoing the process or training to become a professional teacher.
Irene : If he’s not yet a full teacher but a teacher- trainee, then I wonder what he will do when he complete his training.
Lucy: This fine teacher come bring wahala for my heart inside.
Sylvia : Don’t mind him. He’s just a ‘yeye’ boy.
Evelyn : Hmmm.
Lucy : Maybe he’s pretending.
Vivian: This guy is just flexing on us.( Abi, who dey see sweet toto wey he no go chop. This fine
Bobo be mumu/mugu)
Lucy: Maybe his “thing” is not working properly.
Sylvia: I think it is working well. I saw it bulge one day in clas-s. He didn’t know I’m watching him.
Lucy : So why is he denying us this enjoyment . Why is he rejecting us?
(He no sabi sey we bi fine babes, wey our toto dey sweet well well? )
Sylvia : I think he has a strong Christian background.
Irene: Is he better than the rest of the teachers who love tasting our ‘toto?’
Evelyn : No, he’s not but he’s different. He’s not like Mr. Frimpong who enjoy us by f0rç£. That man is a beast. His thing is too big. The day he enter my ” sweet thing,” I cried the whole day. Then he beat me on t©p.
Irene : Me too. He enjoyed me in the Staff Common room. After closing. Then we did it again in his home. He’s a S-xy beast.
Vivian : Shhhh. Those ones has pas-s. This is a fresh babe. what can we do about him?
Vivian : Talk or we quit.
Irene: I think we should propose to him directly.
Evelyn: That’s not a good suggestion. He will reject our proposal.
Irene : How do you know?
Evelyn : I can see it in his eyes. He’s not like Mr.Frimpong who enter every ‘pots.’
Sylvia : This fine teacher is my dream man but he’s yeye boy.
( Free toto for you to enjoy has become a problem. Nawaaa oh)
Lucy : What else can we do to him.
Irene: let’s s£nd some boys to beat him up for breaking our hearts.
Lucy: Hmmm. I don’t think that’s fair.
Irene : Why?
Lucy : Because you can’t hurt the one you claimed you love. He had not broken our hearts. We decided to love him.
Sylvia: (Na true talk)
Vivian : I agree with you.
Irene: Me too.
Lucy: Me too.
Sylvia : (Yea, make we no beat the fine boy. He’s our fine bobo naa.)
Evelyn : I have a better suggestion.
The four girls: Tell us.
Evelyn whispered something into their ears one by one.
The girls gazed at Evelyn in astonishment. Then they begin to cl@p for her. They say , “Evelyn, you are such a genius.”
*Two days later *
Night was falling. The moon was slowly announcing its pres£nce. Most of the village’s natural beauty was lost, hidden un-der the thick canvas of darkness. The nocturnal creatures were becoming active. More darkness emanated from the evening sky. Darkness began reigning but the giant blanket of darkness that blocked out the sky completely was broken. Moonlit trickled in in enough quantity to temporarily convert the night into light for a few minutes.
More darkness emanated from the evening sky as if it was a battle.
The five girls put on a locally manufactured mask and moved towards Millson’s house. They hide behind the bush to as-sess the situation. No one was coming. The way is clear. They entered Millson’s House and broke in, their game plan that evening was simple. They want to GANG r@p£ MIlLSON LAMPTEY.!!! Upon entering the room , they rushed towards the be-d and lifted Mr. Lamptey Millson’s cloth. Then they were amazed…..