S-xy high school girls Episode 4 & 5

Episode 4
Secret Admiration
[RECAP : Millson was surprised to see the Yakayake seller he was attra-cted to in his clas-s. He realised she was a student. Dzifa decided to initiate a friendly move]
{Dzifa’s Narration }
School has always being boring to me.If there was a place I wish I could avoid, then that place would have been school.Sometimes I pretended I was sick just to skip school. This habit nearly made me lose my post in the school as the GP( Girl’s Prefect) I couldn’t agree more with Prince Ed when he defined -S.C.H.O.O.L as the S.ix C.ruel H.ours O.f O.ur L.ives.
Everyday , when I went to school to meet all those boring teachers trying to f0rç£ useless theories into my head, I always pray secretly that lessons should end quic-kly.
“Who the hell brou-ght schooling to the world at all?,” I always ask.”That person would suffer forever.”
All my s£ntiments about schooling and its boredom changed when Mr. Millson Lamptey c@m£ to our school.
When he was teaching ,it seemed as if he was delivering a presiden
tial speech. His voice was musical and he had a majestic personality.
My heart sunk whenever he spoke. This teacher is indeed charismatic.
Mr.Millson is a teacher every lady will admire. There was no doubt about his fine features.
His hair was a rich shade of black. It curled round his scalp in waves and stretched in parallel lines towards his hairline. His glowing, fair-like skin was adorable with hairs running smoothly on his skin. His dove -like eyes were alluring and seemed to brighten the places around him. His round face was matched with a pointed nose and fulll-ips. In general, he was tall and athletic.
He epitomized the idea of
perfection. When he realised I was excited, hisl-ips p@rted into a smile, and the dimples on his cheeks materialised. I could see myself reflected in the mirror of his crystal clear s£dûçt!veeyes.
There were three things that separated Mr. Millson from most of the teachers- His style of teaching was very flexible, fun-filled and engaging , his way of dressing reflect modernity and clas-s. More importantly he had a unique s-en-se of humour. He looked friendly but principled. I knew I admired him the moment I saw him.
The coming of Mr.Millson made me change my lackadaisicalℹ attitude towards School. From that point onwards, I bec@m£ very punctual in clas-s, ha-rd ly missing any of his clas-ses. I wanted him to be my friend or if possible my …….
never mind. I will tell you later.
Sir Millson had become my idol.
Two things happened in the school that drew me more closer to him.
I was bullied by a boy called Yema , a fearful looking and notorious boy in the school. He was famed for fighting with a teacher in the school for taking his girlfriend,
an action that earned him three weeks suspension and signing of a bond of good behaviour.
When Yema started bullying me, I reported him to the school’s authority but that didn’t seemed to scare him. It was Mr. Millson who c@m£ to my rescue. He took over the case and arbitrated it fairly.
Yema was eventually punished with a strict warning never to haras-s me again.
The second thing that drew me closer to Millson was his subject “Government.” He noticed I was weak in his subject and decided to help me improve upon my grades.
After clas-s, every Wednesday, he would use one and half hours of his precious time to re-teach t©pics in his subject that I found difficult to grasp in clas-s. With time , my academic performances improved.
The subject I hated most suddenly bec@m£ the subject I love most.
I’m sure you know the reason. ‘Government’ had suddenly become my favourites subject. No doubt, it was because of the teacher behind the scene. I wished he was not a principled teacher. It could have made things easier for me.
My behavioural change was noticed by my father when I went home one evening . He said , “Dzifa,” I have noticed that now, you go to school happily and regularly and your academic performances especially in Government had improved marvelously. What is the secret?”
“It’s Mr Millson, Our new Govern
ment teacher. He is very good and committed to his work. He made clas-s very engaging and entertaining,” I explained to him, hiding my real intention behind that statement.
My father gazed at me curiously for a few minutes.He was not fooled by my charade. After all, he is my father and was supposed to be more mature and experience than me.
He asked , ” is that all?
I was quiet.
He continued, “I think you really like your new Government teacher. I can see it in the manner in which you spoke highly of him.”
I said in my heart,”Like?….you said? I love him. In fact, I adore him !!!”
My secret love for Mr. Lamptey Millson grew day by day. It bec@m£ so strong that not even the strict school rules on Teacher – Student ro-mantic relationsh!pcould st©p it.Yes, my love couldn’t be quenched by any bogus school rule. Afterall, are the teachers also not human beings with S-xual feelings? I wish I were the education minister. I would have repel that rule. It’s Obnoxious.ℹ
I must make Millson aware of my feelings for him. I knew I could not summon enough courage to look him in the face and tell him about my feelings for him so I decided to put it into writing.
The letter went like this;
“My dear Millson, ?❤
The sweetness of this season has given me the Golden opportunity to write this letter to you to express my heartfelt and unconditioned emotions throu-gh the words I am penning on this writing pad.
Dear Sir, from the moment you step into our clas-s , I have never been myself. I have countless sleepless nights just thinking of you.
I thought the feeling will fade away with time but it is apparent it’s not going anywhere. In fact the more I see your angelic lovely face in my clas-s, the more my heart yearn for your warm embr@ce. I wish I can just fly into your arms so that you take me to the world of bliss.
” plea-se Sir, this is NOT a joke. I love you and I pray you love me too.plea-se and plea-se, Sir, don’t reject my proposal or else I will die. I nee-d you in my life to make it complete. You are the missing rib I have been looking for all this while and thank God I have found you in my clas-s.I knew the curtain of professionalism is a standing block to our lovesh!pbut I also believe there is no f0rç£ stronger than love. Remember, love doesn’t ask why. It does what it wants to do. I wish to say more but the prevailing condi
tions has made it highly difficult.
In any case, I believe I have made my feelings very clear to you without any trace of equivocation.
Thanks in advance.
Your admirer………. “D”
Note: ⚠️
plea-se reply as soon as possible. Leave the reply in the cardboard in the Staff Common room after closing from school. I will pick it from there.
Not sure how he would react to the letter, I decided not to write my full name un-der it. I wanted to be p@rtially anonymous, at least for the time being. After parceling the letter, I secretly went behind the Staff Common Room after he left for another clas-s and placed it on his table, since his table was closer to the window.
I knew Mr. Lamptey Millson was a principled young man despite been free with us but I was hoping against hope that a miracle would happen and he will reciprocate my love for him.
I waited for three days, then one week. He never even mentioned the fact that someone wrote a love letter to him. Two weeks, no response. I was disappointed but encouraged myself to write another letter to him.
I wrote a second letter to him and it went like this;
“My dear Millson, ❤?❤
I am very happy to once again express my emotions to you throu-gh this penned words .
‘When I cast my eyes round,
I see a vacuum created around me.
When I look back and forward,
there is nothing to hold on to and there I remember I nee-ded someone special like you.
When I lie on my be-d at night,
I feel I am lying beside you,
then I remember you are far but close to me.
You are very important to me.
When my tears flow over, I nee-ded only you to wipe them for me, in the valleys and shadows of death, my heart will still yearn for you.
I really nee-d you by my side.
Yes.Just you by my side is more than a thousand others.
I nee-ded you to console me in time of troubles.
Anytime I feel like I was alone,
I remember you and my loneliness disappear.
plea-se Sir. Make my fantasy a reality and do not see me as a small girl.
Your admirer
” D”
I waited for two weeks but again,
he did not give any reply to the letter. I was sad but decided not to give up. I tried once again and wrote him a third love letter.
I started…
Dear Millson ,my love, ?❤??
I waited for your response to my previous letters but I couldn’t get any. I want you to know that love is about caring. It is also about sharing each other’s problem.
Love is about being there for your p@rtner at the time he nee-ds you most.
when things are getting bad,
when the world is forsaking me,
remember that I still nee-d you most. Pleas-ssssse,don’t leave me this way, when my heart refused to be comforted,
when all doors are closed and when nob©dy was there to console me, I want to get the as-surance from you that you will be there for me.
Yours admirer………… “D.”
Once again, he had not reacted or responded to my third letter .It bec@m£ obvious to me that Millson had chos£n to remain nonchalantℹ to my love letters. But wait a minute, how can he respond to love letters that does not bear the s£nder’s full name.
I had been a coward all this while.
More surprising, Millson had shown no sign that he suspected me of writing the letters.
Finally I decided to approach him and tell him about my feelings for him and d–n the consequences.
That Wednesday after our usual pri-vate Government clas-s, he was walking home when I called him, “Sir !”
He turned abruptly, not aware that I was following him.
“Yes, Dzifa,how can I help you?”
he asked.
I stood watching him for more than a minute. It is easier said than done. I thought I can simply walk up to my teacher and tell him I love him but now that I approached him , I realised the word is not that simple to say especially when you are a female student and he is a male teacher.
“Hello, Dzifa, I thought you wanted to tell me something,” he said, cutting throu-gh my chain of disoriented thoughts.
“Oh, yes, Sir, I just wanted to say I enjoy your clas-s today. Today’s lesson was so exceptional and I want to thank you for that,” I lied. de-ep within me,my heart was racing like a speed train.Two voices were speaking to me. One was saying, “Dzifa , say it, tell him you love him , afterall, is he not a human being, a male for that matter?
The second voice inside me was saying, Dzifa , don’t say it. He is not your clas-smate, he is your teacher and if you say it, he will bounce you. You will lose his respect and he will see you as a bad girl”
“Hmmmm,” I sigh . Should I say it or not. I was really in a dilemmatic situation. Finally, I decide to listen to the voice of the devil. I opened my mouth and say, ” Sir Millson, I like you a lot.”
He smiled back at me and said, “it’s normal for you to like me. Afterall if you don’t like me, then it means you hate me and I am not sure I am your enemy, enjoy the rest of your day.”
” You too, Sir,” I responded rather reluctantly
He walked away. I stood there , rooted to the sp©t.That was not exactly what I wanted to say, I wanted to say,” Sir Millson , I love you” but somehow ended up saying ” Sir Millson , I like you a lot”
I was quite disappointed with myself.I have lost a once-in- a -lifetime- Golden opportunity but I live with the hope that since he was still in the school, I would surely get the chance again .At least I told him I like him, maybe that’s a progress.The famous adage said ‘Rome was not built in a day’.
I nee-ded to be patient,it’s just a matter of time. With those words of encouragement, I went home a bit satisfied.
For the next two weeks, he was p@rticularly busy with some school stuffs and we couldn’t meet after clas-s.I was beginning to get discouraged. I really nee-ded to tell him my feelings.
The world they say was full of surprises, out of his busy schedule, he called me one day after clas-s into the staff common room after all teachers have left. I smiled secretly in my heart. “He had re-ad all my love letters after all,” I thought.
I’m sure we are going to do it in the Staff Common room. But what of if a student or the headmistress come around and saw a shocking scene of the Staff Common room being temporarily converted into a h0tel or mating ground?
“Come closer to me ,Dzifa,” he commanded me.
What happened next? Watch out for Episode 5
Showing no interest, vigor, determination, or enthusiasm.
Extremely unplea-sant, very annoying, odious or contemptible.
Indifferent; unconcerned; behaving as if detached.
Episode 5
[RECAP : Dzifa’s admiration for her teacher compelled her to write series of anonymous letters to Millson which were not replied. She eventually decided to approach him but couldn’t voice her feelings for him.Millson called her into the staff common room]
My Confidant
{ Dzifa’s Narration }
I drew closer to Sir Millson. I was happy in my heart.
“plea-se Sit down,” he ordered.
I sat down on a chair closer to him.
He said, “I have noticed something is eating you up . You are trying to hide it from me but it’s not helping you. It’s really affecting you psychologically and would soon trickle down to your academic performance. What is it?”
Tell me.”
“Sir, it’s nothing.” I said.
Sir Millson looked at me smiling. He said, “C’mon, tell me what is worrying you. ”
“Ermmm, I just ………..”
I realised the word choked my throat. I tried ha-rd to say it but I couldn’t. Something seemed to seal my mouth.
Well, if you don’t feel comfortable telling me what is eating you up, I nee-d not push it. Have a great day then.”
Before I could open my mouth again , he left.
I was flabberg@sted.ℹ
I nee-ded to share this nagging issue with someone. Most of my clas-smates were not trustworthy
so I couldn’t share my problems with them, especially this one which was very delicate to my heart❤.
I knew I couldn’t share this ‘little secret’ with my parents. How could I go to my father or mother and tell them I am in love with my teacher? How will they see me. NO! Discussing this issue with my parents is a non-starter. It’s out of the question. Then I remembered Emefa. She was a past student of my school. I could trust her. Yes, Emefa could be trusted. Besides, she was very knowledgeable in love and relationsh!pissues. I decided to open up to her.
When I closed from School the next day, I went to Emefa and we had a pri-vate conversation.
Me: Good Afternoon, sister Emefa.
Emefa: Good Afternoon, Dzifa,
How was clas-s today?
Me: It’s Normal. Same routine.
Emefa: ok.
Me:I have something to tell you
Emefa : Ok. Go ahead.
Me: I have a crush on my new Government Teacher.
Emefa: Ok. That’s quite normal. Most teenage girls have crushes on their handsome male teachers.
Me:Hmmm. I know but he’s special.
Emefa: How?
Me: He’s not like the other teachers who chase school girls.
Emefa: I see. He’s special then.
Me: Yes and that is where the problem is.
Emefa : Hmmm. You see, the problem with you students is that if a teacher is very principled and highly professional, you don’t like him. If he’s very friendly and chase students too, you don’t like him. What exactly do you like?
Me: Honestly, I don’t know about that issue but what I know is I’m in love with Mr. Millson Lamptey. So what do you suggest.
Emefa : That’s a difficult question. If this teacher were to be a teenage boy or not a teacher, it would have been much simpler but he’s a grown -up man and principled. My suggestion to you is,forget about him. Anything you will do will lead to embarras-sment because he will see you as a small girl, and indeed you are just a girl.Perhaps, you are just infatuated with him.
Me: Hmmmm. What you said is true but I am afraid I can’t do that.
Forgetting sir Willson will be like forgetting to breath. I love him and I can’t st©p loving him though I knew he’s older than me.
Emefa:I know the feeling but I believe my suggestion to you will help you. I agree it’s a bitter pill but I don’t see how you will win this love game.
Me :I will try,Emefa. I think I should get going now but plea-se don’t tell anyone about our chit-chat.
Emefa:Don’t worry.Your secret is safe with me. I wish you all the best in your love adventure.
I left Emefa and moved towards my house .As I was going , I bec@m£ sad at the prospect of losing Sir Millson. Was I really chasing a wind? Was my teacher truly beyond my reach. Emefa’s words flashed throu-gh my thought “If this teacher were to be a teenage boy or not a teacher, it would have been much simpler but he’s a grown -up man and principled.My suggestion to you is to forget about him. Anything you do will lead to embarras-sment because he will see you as a small girl, and indeed you are just a girl.Perhaps, you are just infatuated with him.”
No!, I said rather f0rç£fully. How can I forget about love. Love is a sweet feeling. Once it get hold of you, it’s very difficult to forget it. No matter how I tried to forget this feeling , I can’t. It simply refused to go.
A child who drank honey never forget its taste.I can never forget the taste of love, even if I just have a tiny bite of it. Her words bite de-ep into my spirit. ” Anything you do will lead to embarras-sment because he will see you as a small girl, and indeed you are just a girl.
I agreed Mr. Millson was older than me but I was not just a girl. What kind of embarras-sment was Emefa talking about ?
Was she forseeing me being bounced by Mr Millson? There is a saying that it’s better to try and fail than fail to try. Surely I have to try. I may get lucky.
“Welcome back”My mum said.”Are you okay?”
“I am OK. Mum, “I lied.
“You can confide in me if you have problem from school, “she continued.
“Alright mum, I will consult you if I have one,” I said.
That evening , I jumped into be-d.
Suddenly, I saw myself on a beach, running on the Golden sands. Mr. Wilson was wearing a nice T-shi-t and short. We enjoyed the cool breezes of the sea, as I put my arms around him.
I turned my attention to the beach and stared at nature’s beauty, the picturesque landscape, the golden sands on the beach and the smiling sun as it descended beyond the horizon to give way to the moon.
As we sat down on the cool golden sand,we talked and laughed. It was getting late. I got up and put my hand out to help him up.
When I felt his hand gr-ab my hand,a s-en-sation c@m£ over me and coursed throu-gh my b©dy in a never ending circle of plea-sure. My pheromones began surging like angry rams. We clung to each other as if we want to be like that forever.
I looked into his eyes. He gave me a slight smile and I itched closer to him for a k!ss. My heart was racing fast and my breath c@m£ in g@sp.
I placed my free hand on his w@!st and began pu-lling him towards myself. I put my other hand on his w@!st .We could hear the angry waves crashing along the beach as if to signal us of its pres£nce or perhaps tell us the number of countless ro-mantic scenes they had witnessed.
Ourl-ips were about two seconds from meeting when he looked into my eyes and said, “Are you ok?”
I shook my head. He looked at me with doubts. I pu-ll-ed him closer to my visibly shaky b©dy and we hvgged. He moved his hands down my che-st and felt my heart pound.
We began walking away from the beach with our hands interlocking between our f!ngers.
At that moment a feeling c@m£ over me like a wave. The feeling was overwhelming. My mind was racing and could not believe all these things were happening.
Indeed,I counted myself lucky to have a b©yfri£ndlike sir Millson.
He looked straight into my eyes and muttered the words, “I love you
“I love you too,” I said. Once again, I drew him closer to myself and moved myl-ips towards his, to k!sshim. Myl-ips t©uçhed ……”
“Dzifa! Dzifa !! Dzifa !!!,” I heard someone calling me. It was my father. I woke up and realised I was dreaming. I got angry because my father interrupted my ecstasic dream in which Mr.Millson was suddenly within my grasp.
“Dzifa, you were slee-ping and talking. That’s bad.What is bothering you?”my father asked.
“Nothing, dad”, I responded.
He said, “Pray and sleep well, my daughter.”
He left the room. I was fully awake now but I could vividly recall the dream.It was all coming back to me in shimmers of light.
Appalled, annoyed.