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S-xy high school girls Episode 26 & 27

Episode 26☆☆☆
The Verdict and Last Ray of Hope
RECAP: Episode 25 focused on the incidents before Millson was s£nt to court. It highlighted how Dzifa acquired the Cocaine and how she used her feminine charm to manipulate the Commanding officer.
<Third Person’s Point Of View>
The Judge declared his verdict.
VERDICT : “Having considered all the statements and evidences put before me carefully, I hereby, declare you, Mr. Millson Lamptey guilty of the charges brou-ght against you. You are therefore s£ntenced to 25 years imprisonment with [email protected] labour.”
The judge tapped his table with his gavel.The police [email protected]£ in , hand
cuffed Millson and were about to take him away when Lovelace Bansah stepped into the court. She told the Police in Charge of court security she had something to show to the Judge.
Millson was happy. He knew his salvation was near. The night he communicated with Miss Bansah, he s£nt her the recording in case of any eventuality or emergency. It looked like his smartness was about to pay off.
” Father Lord, Thank You.” Millson said. He turned and gazed at Dzifa. The smiles on her face was wiped out. She looked scared.
Lovelace was asked to hand over the evidence to the Police Officer. She had alre-ady open the recording folder. What was needed was for the officer to press the “pla-y” bu-tton. The officer moved towards the judge with Lovelace’s phone. He pressed the “DELETE” bu-tton” before reaching the Judge’s session.
Then he said, “my Lord, the folder seemed empty. It contains no file or recording.”
He showed the empty folder to Judge Maverick Appiah. The smile on Dzifa’s face returned. The officer also smiled but Lovelace was shocked and annoyed. She screamed at the officer, “You liar, you deleted the recording. I saw it right now before handing it over to you.”
The Judge told Lovelace to produce the evidence or face a fine or imprisonment.
Lovelace took the phone and searched for the recording but couldn’t found it. Then she told the court she had a duplicate of the recording. She was told to bring it within thirty minutes or face prosecution. She left, promising to come back within the sti-pulated time. The officers who arrested Millson were told to wait for a while.
Police Officer Derrick was a worried man. He counted himself lucky to have had access to the recording brou-ght in my Lovelace. It could have exonerated Millson and implicated Dzifa and possibly him.
He asked his boys to follow Lovelace and retrieve the duplicate recording from her the moment she entered the house before she forward it to another person.
Dzifa was unaware she had been followed. She headed towards her Parent’s home in Accra, around Manet New Estate.
She signalled a Taxi Cab and entered saying ‘Manet Estate’.
In the Taxi, a thought occurred to her. She had kept a duplicate of the recording on her second mobile phone. She must forward it to as many people as possible to reduce the possibility of its total loss.
He reached the house and looked for the Second phone. She was about to cli-ck a bu-tton when she heard some noises.
She s-en-sed something was wrong.
She peeped throu-gh the window and saw two police men coming towards the door. She was hurriedly forwarding the audio to her sister Maíla when the phone had a LOW BATTERY.
quic-kly, she re-moved the memory card from the Phone and reclosed the cover.
She managed to squee-ze herself throu-gh the bar- less window and climbe-d the tree closer to her be-droom window. Then she heard heavy knocks on her door.
It was quite Paradoxical to think policemen were chasing Lovelace to retrieve an evidence that will exonerate an innocent man. Instead of going after evil, they were protecting it.
One of the Police officers said,” let’s break the door and enter. She may have seen us coming.
They broke the door and entered the room but Lovelace wasn’t there.
Then one of the Police men suggested they looked behind the be-droom window,the window closer to the tree.
Lovelace ran towards the gate after [email protected] throu-gh the window but an officer saw her before she negotiated a curve. He screamed, She’s running away, She’s running!! away.!!! In that moment Lovelace knew she was cornered.
☆{Lovelace’s Point Of View}☆
My heart jumped into my mouth and goose pimples sprang onto my skin. Cold shivers ran down my spine. I knew Millson’s exoneration depended on the evidence I carried. I must protect it with all my strength.
I mustered courage, opened the gate and broke into a ran. The policemen [email protected]£ out of the house and entered their van. The van moved towards my direction.
I knew if I ran straight,the van would catch up with me in a few seconds . quic-kly, I diverted into the bush and ran [email protected] They st©pped the van and the two
policemen begun chasing me again.
Soon they began to narrow the gap between themselves and I.
I increased my pace. The inner energy in me increased and I outran them. I didn’t know how I did it because the way those policemen were ranning when I glanced at them throu-gh the corner of my eyes, I was amazed I was not captured.
Just then,I saw a taxi moving towards my direction. It was adjacent to the bush. I quic-kly signalled it. It Screeched to a halt.
I guessed the taxi driver might have slammed on the [email protected] and brou-ght his car to a complete halt.
I jumped into the taxi and shouted ” Driver,Go,Go,Go,Go!!!!”
The driver put his leg on the accelerator and the car sped off just a few seconds before I saw the Police appearing from the bush. Join us on telegram throu-gh ish on+233544142683 to enjoy re-ading more of this.
I was quite relief. Three minutes later,I gazed into the rear mirror of the taxi. I saw a van.
My heart started beating. Surely,it was the Police van. The van kept tailing us.
The taxi driver s-en-sing danger changed his gear and stepped on my accelerator and began speeding. The Police van having realized we were aware of being followed also changed gear. My taxi driver negotiated a curve, sharply turning the steering wheel to the right.The van also negotiated the curve and chased us.
The van leaped forward and nearly overtook ours but the taxi driver was tactful and smashed the side of his car into the Van, causing it to back track for a minute .
The Taxi driver now realising the cruciality of the situation maximised his speed. We left a great distance between the van and our car.
I glanced at the speedometer. The taxi was going at a speed of 250 kmph.There was a traffic light ahead. It suddenly turned red and we were f0rç£d to decelerate fast. He applied his break. The Taxi screeched to an abrupt halt.
I could smell the burning tyre,
resulting from the friction between the tyre and the asphalt road.
I could see the Police van getting closer again. There were three cars between us.When the traffic light turned Green, the taxi driver sped off, quic-kly, and negotiated a sharp curve that nearly ti-pped the taxi in the process.
He kept driving to maximum speed and jumped the next traffic light, almost crashing into an Articulated truck . He by [email protected] a hidden route few metres from the T- junction. Putting the car in reverse gear, he drove backward and entered the hidden back road before reversing the gear again to full acceleration just in time before the articulated truck moved away from the Police Van’s line of vision.
When my taxi driver manoeuvred the car throu-gh the hidden lane, the Police van missed the view of our taxi and [email protected] the opposing lane. I was relieved the police missed us. I turned happily and praise the taxi driver for such expertised driving.
He took me to the court. I got out of the Taxi . I still have five minutes out of the thirty minutes I was given.
Just then a hand convered my mouth. I lost my consciousness for a moment. When I regain consciousness, I gazed at my watch. I was ten minutes late.
As soon as I emerged at the court, the Judge got infuriated. My evidence was stolen from me. Both phones and SIM Card.
I looked into Millson’s face. He was highly disappointed in me. Dzifa was still at the court. She was very excited. The Judge asked me to pay a fine of Ghc11,891.39 (800,000 Naira).
I didn’t have that amount of money so I was s£ntenced to two years imprisonment for deceiving the court and wasting the time of the Judge unnecessarily. I saw the Police van. I’m going to prison with Millson.
Episode 27
Edges Of Prison
[ RECAP: In Episode 26, Lovelace went home to get a duplicate recording. She was chased by Officer Derrick’s men because he had become involved with Dzifa ro-mantically and promised to help her. The second recording was eventually taken from Lovelace and she was also s£ntenced to two years imprisonment for deceiving the court. ]
<Third Person Narration>
Prior to the Judge’s pronounce
ment, Lovelace looked for the memory card she took from the phone but couldn’t found it. She @ssumed the officers took it away along with the mobile phones.
Now she was heading towards Prison to spend two years there because she couldn’t pay a fine of Ghc11,891.39 (800,000 Naira).
It was not her Short prison s£ntence that hurt her most. The thought of seeing Milson, an innocent teacher and friend going to languish in prison for 25 good years was heartbreaking to her.
Some girls from Tutukpene s£nior High school also [email protected]£ to the court to witness the court proceedings.
There was hvge jubilation on the side of Dzifa and the girls when the verdict was pronounced.
The Court Clerk said ,”Silence in court.!!”Suddenly ,the court was as quiet as a cemetery. Then he ordered the Court to rise! The judge and jury were getting re-ady to leave the court.
Dzifa said to Derrick, the officer,
“I will give it to you today h0t and raw.”
Officer Derrick was all smiles. He gazed at Dzifa’s br£@st lvstfully and said , “Of course, I can’t seem to have enough of use. You taste more than honey.”
He hit Dzifa on her bu-ttocks and they both laughed. It was an awful sight as Millson and Dzifa were handcuffed and thrown into the police bullet proof van, re-ady to be transported to PRISON.
{Millson’s Point Of View}
After I was found ‘guilty’ of possession of banned drugs and s£ntenced to 25 years imprison
ment with [email protected] labour, my faith in God weakened for a few minutes.
At that material moment, I was lost for words. Somehow, I saw myself in a dreamland. How can I be guilty of a crime I didn’t commit. My legs wo-bbled un-der me and my wind pipe blocked all of a sudden as I was lost of air.
This is not fair. I’m going to waste twenty – five good years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. Tears well in my eyes and flow freely like the clean waters of a great waterfall cascading at enormous depth.
The police van soon headed towards Ankaful Maximum Security Prison.Soon I would begin my prison s£ntence. Nob©dy cares about my innocence.
Then I st©pped crying and told myself, “Milson, you are a Christian, pray to your God. Don’t lose hope.”
I encouraged myself that all hope was not lost. Suddenly I closed my eyes and with tears in my eyes , I prayed to God.
A Prayer for Hope
Lord, help me to hear you saying,
“I am your hope” over all the other voices.
Lord, your word says, you are the hope for hopeless so I’m running to you with both hands stretched out and gr-abbing on to you.
Fill me up with hope and give me a tangible reminder today that hope is an unbreakable spiritual lifeline (Hebrews 6:19-20).
God, you know those things in my heart that I ba-rely dare to hope for, today I give them to you, I trust them to you, and ask that you because I know that you can do more than I could ever guess, imagine or request in wildest dreams (Eph 3:20).
God, you are my hope and I trust you.
Soon we reached the prison.
A group of prisoners were taken outside to work. Guess who I saw among the prisoners. My former colleagues who were arrested for impregnating school girls and helping them to abort their babies which led to their death. They were ; Kwame Ankrah, Franklin Nuru, George Quaye and Ashong.
When they saw me and Lovelace , they were shocked. And it was un-derstandable. In their mind , they may be asking several questions, what is the “POPE” doing here among us the criminals?”
I gazed at Lovelace’s face. She was sad. Anxiety and fear was written all over her face.
I told her, “Lovelace, don’t worry, we will leave here before you know it. Just be positive. Have faith. No fears, no tears.”
MY words seemed to work magic on her. She giggled and hvgged me but we were quic-kly separated by the police officers. Lovelace was taken to the female [email protected] of the prison and I was moved towards the male section.
Various do¢vments were brou-ght for me to sign. I took the pen and signed the do¢vments.
My clothes were taken from me and I was given a khaki shi-t with a black star in the middle.
The prison warder took me to a Prison. The room number was 33.
I stepped in and sat down. I don’t know how long I stay in the cell but when I woke up, I saw my former colleagues in the prison room with me. They broke into smiles saying, “finally the POPE has fallen”.
They laughed so loud that they didn’t see the prison warder opening the prison door.
“Milson Lamptey, step out.!” he called me.
Suddenly they were quiet and gazed at the officer.
The prison warder took me to an office. My clothes were given back to me. I was surprised. Was I dreaming?” or was I transferred to another prison.?”
“Follow me!” The prison warder told me. I followed him until we reached another section of the prison. It was a hvge [email protected] for the prison warders. Inside the room was a nice mattress, fan , TV, wollen carpet and all that can make a room comfortable.
He said, “sleep here, tomorrow, you will go back to the court.”
I was surprised so I asked the officer ” Why?”
He left after saying, “you will find out soon.”

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