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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sexy high school girls Episode 24 & 25

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Episode 24



In Court


[RECAP: The substance seen in Millson’s bag turned out to be cocaine. Millson was arrested and detained at the police cell. He received a call from Dzifa. Dzifa told Millson she was the one who set him up. Luckily he recorded the conversation.]



[Millson Point Of View]


My experience in the police cell gave me a preview of how prison life would be . In my cell, there was a small torn and worn- out mattress on the damp floor.

The cell has one small window. It was so small that my hand could not even passed through it fully. The door was made of solid iron.

If there was oxygen in that room, it was in very short supply because all that I breath was foul or no air.

I even fear I will have asphyxia.ℹ

That evening,Dzifa called me and we had another chat. For some reasons, she didn’t talk as freely as she talked in our previous phone conversation.

I suspected she had become aware of my game plan.She asked me which Police station I was but I didn’t disclose my geographical location to her.

Somehow , she got to know the police station I was detained in.

I was surprised to see Dzifa at Police station.

She was provocatively dressed. She

wore a very ‘short’ mini skirt and an Sleeveless blouse. What made her blouse so provocative was that she wore no bra thus her nipples were explicitly outlined in the blouse. She seemed to wear no undies under her mini skirt. Her long legs were fully exposed and the mini- mini Skirt she wore re- emphasized her point. She was surely on a mission to destroy me.

She said, “my dear Sir.” I didn’t come here to see you but I can’t come here and leave without saying “hi” to you. That will be disrespectful. That’s why I pleaded with the Commanding Officer to allow his boys bring you out from that hell- hole for me to greet you before leaving. It is such a pity,

you were heading towards the Kotoka International Airport the last time I saw you. Now you find yourself in the four corners of a cold room in a police station.

I will make sure you move to the advanced form of that cell. You know what I mean.”

” Yes, I know what you mean except that at the end of all this , I won’t be the one going to the prison you euphemistically called ” advanced cell. I believe My God will deliver me. I am just surprised your hatred for me now is very deep.”

Hmmm, my dear, there is a thin line between love and hatred, Dzifa said.

“My dear student, You need to repent genuinely. Just confess your sins and repent. It will hurt me

to see you regretting all that you are doing now in the near future in a more painful state. Please God love you. You_____”

Dzifa interrupted me, “I hear you, my Pope. When you reach there, you will understand the difference between talking and doing. Anyway, I heard your location from TV3 news on Telly.”

I suspected Dzifa came to see the Commanding Officer. But Why?

Why did Dzifa travelled all the way from Tutukpene to Accra just to see the Commanding Officer.

No, she has a game plan.I sensed there was more to Dzifa’s visit than I was perceiving. If Dzifa came to see a man then she wanted to ____.

Oh, I see. I got it now. All the same, I asked Dzifa when she would be returning to her village. She told me she will stay in Accra for one week by which time I will be sent to court.

” Where will you be staying for that one week ,” I asked her. She told me I should leave that to her.Just then, the Commanding Officer came out from his office holding his car key. He held Dzifa by the waist and they moved towards his car.

The gameplan was very clear to me now. She was going to _____.”

“Get back to your cell.’ An officer interrupted my train of thought.

I was taken back to my cell and

told to prepare for court the next day.

That evening Miss Bansah called me and we chatted. I knew she was the only person I could trust apart from my God and my parents.

She told me she had been crying ever since I was detained at the police cell didn’t know how she would come and see me at the cell without breaking down in tears.

She promised to do her best to rescue me. I don’t know how she intended to do that anyway.

We chatted on WhatsApp and exchanged love messages, both text and audio. She encouraged me to trust in God because he can do the impossible.

The next day was the day of the court. I didn’t wake up very early.

I overslept. How could I sleep on the day that would determine my fate?

I felt I have been drugged. I wasn’t exactly myself.Two policemen came to the cell to pick me. I was put in the police van and sent to court,sandwiched by two police men.

The court was packed with people eagerly waiting for the trial to begin. Finally , the Judge and jury entered the court room .The Court clerk ordered the Court to Rise.All the people in the court rose to honour the presence of the Jury. After the judge sat down in his seat on the elevated platform,the people in the court were also asked to sit down.

I was made to stand in a box and swore an oath holding the bible, promising to tell the truth.

The court clerk searched through the dockets and brought out the case. He said, “Case Number 155″ Millson Lamptey vrs the state.

Then my charge was read to me.

Mr.Lamptey Millson was arrested

at the kotoka International Airport on his way to Canada for hiding cocaine in his luggage on the 12th day of February.”

A state Prosecutor was assigned to my case.He asked me why I was in possession of such an illegal substance.

I told the court I was not the one who put the drug in the bag and that I only realised it when my bag was opened.

The lawyer said that was the song all the drug dealers sang anytime they were arrested on drug offences. ” Did the Cocaine magically entered your luggage?”

I kept quiet.

Then I turned round. Dzifa was there. She was laughing.

Miss Bansah didn’t come to the court. I thought at least she would be there to give me moral support.

Why did she abandoned me at a time I need her most ?

She promised to help me. Where is She?”

I turned to God.

“Oh, my God, don’t forsake me.

The lawyer gave me the chance to prove I was not into drugs.

I did my best to convince the state Prosecutor. He looked at me for a while. Then he said, “Gentleman , do you have any evidence to support your claim? If you claim that girl set you up, at least show us something to prove your point.”

Once again, I turned round and saw Dzifa. She was still laughing. In fact she almost fell from her seat because of excessive laughter. Then she opened her thigh wide. I saw what I DON’T WANT TO SEE.

Emblazoned on the panty she wore under her mini skirt that day, were the words ” SO SWEET.”

Then I remembered my phone recording. I reached out into my pocket to get my mobile phone.

Alas!! My mobile phone was gone. It was not in my pocket. I was shocked to the bone. I looked round but it was not on the ground.

Dzifa’s laughter had reached its apogeeℹ.

People turned to watch her.

I told the lawyer the evidence was on my phone which I suspected dropped in the police van. The judge ordered the van to be searched but no , it wasn’t there.

All other explanations I gave to the lawyer were rejected due to lack of evidence.

At that point , I knew my fate was sealed. The court reporter sat near the witness stand in the courtroom and recorded everything that was said during the trial.

After so much legal battle the jury decided the facts in the case, and applied the law on which the case was based.

He said , “Now this is my




Episode 25


Before Millson’s detention


[RECAP : Dzifa managed to locate

Millson’s Prison. She was seen in the company of the Commanding

Officer in charge of that Jurisdiction. Millson was eventually processed and sent to court. The judge was about to pronounce to declare the verdict]


<Third Person POV>


A lot of things went on before Millson was arrested and processed for court. In the first place, Dzifa acquired the drugs from his older brother who was part of a criminal gang that dealt with exportation of banned drugs. His name was Foli. After comple

ting his basic education, he became a renegadeℹ. All efforts by his parents to correct him proved futile. Eventually he left home for the city to perfect his crime. He came home during the rural electrification project which saw Tutukpene also connected to the national grid. There he gave out his number to Dzifa but Dzifa have never called him before.

That day, He was surprised to get a call from his younger sister Dzifa because they never see eye to eye with each other. After a few hours of dialoguing, Dzifa asked him to give her a small bag of cocaine. Foli agreed to give his little sister the drugs , not because he wanted to but because he wanted to impress his sister and strengthened the cord of family hood.

She told her brother she wanted to set her teacher up because he used and dump her.

What hurt Dzifa about Millson’s issue most was not the incessant rejection she experienced from Millson. The thought of Millson leaving Tutukpene Senior High School with Miss Lovelace was an unbearable thought Dzifa couldn’t endure, especially as Millson was resolute in befriending Miss Bansah, something she struggled to get but failed.

“Who knows what will go on when they reach Canada?” Dzifa asked herself. ” Lovelace will enjoy what I desire. No, it won’t happen. Over my lifeless body will they reach that point. Unless I’m not DZIFA!!!

On the departure day, Dzifa volunteered to help accompany the couples to the airport. Since she had pretended to be a changed person, Millson wasn’t too hesitant.

Millson unlocked his bag to pick something. In the process, Dzifa saw the unlock code. When carrying the bag at the airport, she managed to slip in the cocaine when Millson and Lovelace were chatting with an immigration officer.

When Dzifa reached home , he waited anxiously for the news to break and indeed it came.



“…….A teacher by name Millson Lamptey was nabbed by the NACOB at the Kotoka international Airport after a parcel of cocaine was found in his luggage. He was set to go to Canada to pursue further education after winning the pacesetter teacher award for being the most morally disciplined teacher inTutukpene Senior High School…..”

Dzifa was overjoyed. Finally She had defeated her Crush-turned- enemy. She jubillated and it was in her jubilant mood that she called Millson and had a dialogue with him. Snippets of the dialogue;


Dzifa: —You rejected my love and I decided to deal with you . I could have put two bags of cocaine in your bag, Pope Millson. When you go to prison, you will learn how to respect women and not reject or hurt their feelings.–


Millson: Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will understand that not all men can be toyed with.


Dzifa: “—what do you mean by that?”


Millson: “—You will understand soon.


Dzifa: I hope you are—-”


Then Millson cut the call before Dzifa finished her speech.

Dzifa soon realised she had said more than necessary. She also suspected Millson had recorded her conversation with him. This was hidden under Millson’s Statement, “Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will understand that not all men can be toyed with.”

She was very worried and was contemplating what to do. Millson refused to disclose his location to him. That evening, in a news bulletin, TV3 news revealed Millson’s location and name of the Police station when broadcasting their news.


The next day, she got up quickly, got herself into a stretchy mini- skirt and sleeveless blouse and headed towards the Police station. It was over seven hours journey. Upon reaching there, he asked to see the Commanding officer.

The Commanding officer was dazed to see such a piece of beauty in his office. Dzifa told the Police officer that she was the one who set Millson her teacher, up. She told the Officer,Derrick, that she made a phone call to Millson which she believed implicated her in the crime. She pleaded with the officer to retrieve the recording from Millson and ensure Millson landed in prison.

The officer gazed at Dzifa’s tight blouse which clearly revealed the outline of her nipples. His gaze went down Dzifa’s bare legs. They looked fresh, hairy and tantalising. When the officer’s gaze reached the acute angle between Dzifa’s thighs, she opened her legs widely to revealed her “bare Womanity” without any panties.

The officer was transfixed as he glued his eyes on Dzifa’s pearl of pleasure. The lust that swept through his body was

innumerable. He was suddenly “Hard” and rose to his feet, and moved towards Dzifa.

He squeezed her breast.

They juggled repeatedly.

The Police officer said, “Don’t worry about Millson. He’s as good as a prisoner already. I will make sure he goes to jail but you know how it work here. In Ghana, Exchange is no robbery. I want to taste the honey from your pot and in exchange for that you get your revenge. Besides how can a normal man refused to eat a meal set before him. He’s foolish. I thought teacher are supposed to epitomize acknowledge.”

Dzifa sighed, “Hmmmmm, you are right.”

Derrick continued, “can I taste the honey now?”

Dzifa smiled meekly and said, ” you have already began, “Aren’t you?” She stared at the officer’s hands caressing the ‘fleshy balls’ on her chest.

Derrick Mortey grabbed her inner thigh and slowly moved his hand in the direction of her ‘V’ line.

He began to kiss her passionately, impressed by her soft sweet lips.

Dzifa let out a soft moan and wrapped her arms around his neck. He gently pushed her onto a couch close to the office wall and climbed on top of her while kissing her non- stop.


He lifted her mini shirt and blouse simultaneously revealing her bra- less fleshy chest balls and pant-less female organ, already oiled for action.

Dzifa closed her eyes and felt his lips move from her mouth down her neck and slowly made his way down to her chest. He spotted the cleavage between her chest-balls and used his mouth to explore them. A moan escaped from Dzifa’s mouth. Then he reached her ‘V’ line

and connected his mouth to the fleshy folds in her inner core.

“ Wait, Wait, Wait. ” Dzifa said while moaning. Her breath came in gasp.Then someone knocked at the door. Derrick’s attention was diverted towards the door.

Dzifa quickly dressed up as Derrick went to attend to the door. He shouted at the junior officer who came to tell him of a case file he requested for a few hours ago.

After sending the junior officer off, he came back to resume the Ecstatic play but Dzifa put his hand on his chest and pushed him away. “ Officer ,we can’t do it here. Let’s go to your house but before that I want to see Millson’s face. Derrick who was obviously burning with lust readily agreed and asked that Millson should be brought out from the cell. Two minutes later, he was told Millson was brought out. It was at that point that Dzifa left the officer’s room to see Millson.

The next day , the case was sent to court and upon several interrogation,cross examination and lack of evidence from Millson to prove his innocence, the Judge was ready to give his verdict. He said, “Now this is my





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