S-xy high school girls Episode 22 & 23

Episode 22
Twist Of Fortune
[RECAP: Millson and Bansah received a scholarsh!pto study in Canada due to their exemplary lifestyle in the school. Dzifa apologised for all the troubles she had caused ]
[Millson’s Viewpoint ]
Prior to arriving at the airport, I offered a prayer to my Lord and saviour. I thanked God for the blessings I received.
Lord, Thank You for the blessings, favour and change in luck I’ve experienced since becoming your servant.
There has been changes in my life since I’ve paid attention to your pres£nce.
I may not do your will exactly as it is written in the holy scriptures all the time,but I try as much as possible to be a devoted follower.
My only wish is for the World to be a kinder place than it is now,
Make me a vessel of honour.
whatever I can do,
Lord, give me the strength to do it
Help me avoid transgressions,
I want to live in harmony with your will,
Lord, I’m surrounded by doers of iniquities.
Yes, a lot of hypocrites who have evil intentions.
I cannot speak for them or change their minds.”
I put this journey un-der your control.
I put the pilot in your care.
Be the pilot of the plane.
I believe you will grant us travelling mercies.
This and more we asked in Jesus’ name.
I was about to board a car with Bansah Lovelace when Dzifa appeared.
” Sir, I’m going to miss you. Can I accompany you to the airport?”
I wanted to say ” No” but Miss Bansah signalled me to allow her. Out of respect for her, I allowed Dzifa to get on board the car with us. The journey to the airport was incident- free.
I was amazed at Dzifa’s perceived change of behaviour. What actually made her change her behaviour?
Is it the pregnancy or her near- death experience. I was not too convinced that she had changed though from the face value, it looked like that. I asked ” Is the change coming from within her?
From experience, I knew it’s human nature to put on a face. Most people wear a mask. They have three faces. The first face is the one they show to the world. The second face, is the one they show to their close friends, and their family. The third face, is never shown to anyone. It is the truest reflection of who they are.
Our true selves are buried un-der piles of fakeness and what we as-sume to be true of ourselves.
To add to the pile of surprises, Dzifa volunteered to carried our bags. When we re-ad reached the check in session, she looked at me happily saying, “safe Journey to both of you. Enjoy your stay in Canada.
“Thank you Dzifa.” We said, de-eply overjoyed.
“If you ever reach Canada , plea-se don’t forget me.”
Of course I won’t, Dzifa.”
She turned round and left. Intuitively I looked at her one more time. She turned her head and our eyes met. Then she laughed.
I reciprocated her smile.
Then she disappeared from my view.
It wasn’t long before we got our boarding pas-s,pas-sed throu-gh a long tiring immigration process.
My bag was about to go throu-gh the final process when the light on one of the bag scanners beeped.
The immigration officer looked at me suspiciously and asked me to step aside.
Soon a NACOB officer appeared on the scene. He seemed to suspect me of hiding something illegal in my bag.
“Are you Mr. Lamptey Millson?” He asked me.
“Yes, Sir.” I responded.
I’m afraid you have to follow me. I was led from the dep@rture hall of the airport to a room that looked like an interrogating room.
“Sir down!”
I sat down.
Miss Bansah was not allowed to come into the room. She waited for me outside.
There is another man in the room. He said his name is Douglas Amoah, the Head, Communications Media Relations & Protocol Unit.
The officer who took me into the office said his name is Osborn Nartey, head of NACOB
(Narcotics Control Board) at the airport.
The Narcotics Control Board
( NACOB) is a Ghanaian agency un-der the Ministry of Interior. It is the agency concerned with the formulation and enf0rç£ment of narcotics laws in the country. The board’s work is aimed at preventing the use, import, and export of narcotics or banned drugs.
We have a cause to think you are carrying an illegal drug in your suitcase. May you open it for cross- examination?”
As far as I know, I have not carried any banned or illegal substance along. Quite confidently, I opened my bag. My eyes wi-de-ned immediately. A powdery substances that looked like cocaine, a narcotic drug was found concealed in it”
“Who have done this to me in this crucial moment?”
Only one person c@m£ to mind. She pla-yed on my intelligence and emotion. No wonder she said
“If you EVER reach Canada , plea-se don’t forget me.”
I suspected her. Yes, Dzifa, the girl who told me she had changed. I should have known better. Leopards never change their sp©ts.
I was asked what it was.
I deny knowledge and ownersh!pof the substance in the bag.
The powdery substance was taken from the bag and s£nt away.
Osborn Nartey, the head of NACOB said, “the test an-alysis would be out in ten minutes, so relax.
I was very nervous. What if that powder turned up to be cocaine?
How did Dzifa manage to put cocaine in my bag.
Oh , God, help me.!
If the test result prove positive,
I will be disgraced, the news men will broadcast the news and my ha-rd – earned reputation would be ruined forever. More importantly I will be s£nt to prison and waste my youthful life languishing in the four corners of a prison.
At that moment, I knew I have only one saviour and I turned to him.
I offered a prayer in my head.
I have faced obstacles, I have faced harsh conditions in life.
I’ve seen things
I’ve done things, things that made me weak, and made me stronger.
I am yet to un-derstand so much more but I know enough now,
I have fallen and I have gotten back on my feet. My faith for you my lord had grown so much over the years. I trust in you, you never failed me. I have falter and you have forgiven me. The one person I nee-d is you.
Thank you for everything..
<Third Person Narration >
The level of impatience was growing. Miss Bansah Lovelace couldn’t un-derstand what was really keeping Millson. Very soon the scheduled flight time for the plane will el@pse and they won’t be able to board the plane. As she was contemplating, the NACOB boss materialised.
He by pas-sed her and entered the room holding the test result in his hands.
In modern era cocaine is tested by using a new chemical s-en-sor for cocaine .The method developed by LRCFS(Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science ) staff. They use a novel hybrid fluorescent nanozyme peroxidase-mimic catalytic s-en-sor to detect the pres£nce of cocaine. Nanozymes are nanomaterials-based enzyme mimics that are produced synthetically to mimic the properties of natural enzymes, proteins that speed up and facilitate reactions in living things.
The man looked at Millson’s face.
Millson was a bit nervous even though he knew he was innocent.
He didn’t know exactly what the
NACOB boss was going to say.
The man looked at Millson for a short time. Then he began talking, “After thor0ûghly conducting a test on the substance found in your luggage, we have found out that what you carry in your luggage is_____”
Will Millson be arrested for carrying cocaine in his suitcase?
Will the journey be cancelled?
Where from the cocaine?
Episode 23
[RECAP: Millson and Bansah Lovelace received a scholarsh!pto study abroad. Dzifa schemed and put a substance in Millson’s bag. Millson was detained at the airport for a drug test]
<Third Person’s Narration >
After thor0ûghly conducting a test on the substance found in your luggage, we have found out that what you carry in your luggage is_____”
At once , Millson felt his legs wo-bbled. He began to perspire. His heart suddenly jumped into his mouth. Cold shivers ran down his spine. “What will I be doing with cocaine?” Millson asked.
Osborn said, “you will tell the court soon. ”
As soon as Osborn Nartey, the head of NACOB told Millson the drug in his bag was cocaine, the airport police c@m£ in and arrested him saying , “Mr. Lamptey Millson, you are un-der arrest for possessing an illegal drug. You have a right to remain silent because anything you say here can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney, if you don’t have one, the state will provide you one.”
The plane scheduled for Canada took off.
Millson was handcuffed and put in a police van off to the police station for his statement to be taken.
Bansah was disoriented. She followed the police to the station as they took her b©yfri£ndaway.
As soon as they reached the police station, Millson’s statement was taken. Media men crowded the Police station. Soon the news was broken.
~Breaking news @ TV3~
A teacher by name Millson Lamptey was nabbe-d by the NACOB at the Kotoka international Airport after a parcel of cocaine was found in his luggage. He was set to go to Canada to pursue further education after winning the pacesetter teacher award for being the most morally disciplined teacher in Tutukpene s£nior High School along with another teacher who was rumoured to be his girlfriend.
We could not reconcile why a morally conscious and ethically sound teacher would be dealing in drugs. We will keep you upd@t£d with the latest development on this story.
Stay tuned to TV3. First in news , best in entertainment.
~Millson POV~
I have never been shocked in my entire life until now. I knew Dzifa could be cunny but I never knew she could go to that extreme, considering the fact that she put up an appearance of genuine repentance. I could just imagine how the court proceedings will be. I would be set to court, Sandwiched by two police men. I will be made to swear to tell the truth. Then I will be charged with illegal possession of arms. A state prosecutor will be as-signed to me. The state prosecutor would question me on how the drug ended in my bag. I will tell the court the truth but my truth will lack evidence.
After questioning and cross referencing, the Jury will find me
guilty and s£ntence me to 45 years imprisonment with ha-rd labour. Two police men will then take me away to start my prison s£ntence in Ankaful Maximum Security Prison in Cape coast. In prison my freedom will be curtailed. I heard
Ghana prison is like living in hell.
There I will meet ha-rd ened criminals in a very dirty environment. I will struggle to get a space to sleep. The food will be cooked based on prison standards. Meat and fish will be eaten once in a blue moon. The quality of the food will be terrible.
Even if I eventually leave the prison, I will be seen as an ex- convict.
Well. My dear re-ader, that is how a faithless man will think but I believe in my God. He will rescue me from the jaws of the enemy and I won’t end in prison. No I WON’T.
” Lord, in you I put my trust. Man see the impossible but you see the possible. Kindly hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room to re-ad more of this.
“Beep! Beep!” I turned round. It was my phone ringing. Guess who was calling. Talk of the devil.
It was Dzifa’s call.
Dzifa: Hello Sir.
Me: Hello.
Dzifa: How is Canada?
( Dzifa was laughing)
Me: I’m not in Canada.
Dzifa: Ohh, I see. Where are you?
An idea occurred to me. I put the phone on record <<●>>
Me: I’m in a cell in Accra.
Dzifa: I saw the news on TV. It’s rather unfortunate.
Me:Ok. I’m sure you are happy now.
Dzifa: Yes. You deserve that place.
Me: Why?
Dzifa: You throw my love in my face and follow that…that Witch who called herself a teacher. I beg you to give me the ‘thing’ but because you are a wicked man , you deny me the ‘ thing ‘. Now you are going to Canada with that…prostitute. she’s going to enjoy the …’thing’ until they kingdom come. I can’t allow that to happen. I could have placed the cocaine in her bag but I realized if I do that, your love for her will become stronger. I decided to punish you.
Me: oh.hmmm. Dzifa. You can’t f0rç£ love and S-x is NOT by f0rç£.
Dzifa: You kraaaa, you get free
” toto” , something a lot of your friends are dying to enjoy. I give it to you on a silver platter. Just take it and enjoy till you die of joy and ” you no go fi do”. Do you know why your friend kwame was add!çted to me?
Me: No, tell me.
Dzifa: Hahaha. My “Toto” is sweeter than honey. Sir, I’m not a bad girl but I’m not a hypocrite too.
You see, as humans, we are S-xual beings but we pretend we don’t like S-x.
Me: Dzifa, So because I want to do the right thing as a teacher, you put a bag of cocaine in my bag?
Dzifa: Hahaha. Yes, That’s correct. You rejected my love and I decided to deal with you . I could have put two bags of cocaine in your bag, Pope Millson. When you go to prison, you will learn how to respect women and not reject or hurt their feelings.
Me: Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will un-derstand that not all men can be toyed with.
Dzifa: what do you mean by that?
Me: You will un-derstand soon.
Dzifa: I hope you are—-”
I cut the line before she finished her speech.
I pressed the “st©p” bu-tton. I tried to repl@ythe recording. It c@m£
Me: –I’m in a cell in Accra.
Dzifa:–I saw the news on TV.
Me:-Ok.I’m sure you are happy
Dzifa:– Yes, you deserve that place.
Me: –‘Why?
Dzifa: “—You throw my love in my face and follow that…that Witch who called herself a teacher. I beg you to give me the ‘thing’ but because you are a wicked man , you deny me the ‘ thing ‘. Now you are going to Canada with that…prostitute. she’s going to enjoy the …’thing’ until they kingdom come. I can’t allow that to happen. I could have placed the cocaine in her bag but I realized if I do that, your love for her will become stronger. I decided to punish you.”
I st©pped the recording and smiled.
I know God is good and he will not allow me to wear the cloth of disgrace.