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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sexy high school girls Episode 20 & 21

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Episode 20




Arrest !


[RECAP: Dzifa and her group were shaken by Evelyn’s incident and Miss Bansah’s Utterances. Later, they discovered they were impregnated by their teacher boyfriends]


<Third Person Narration>


The unscrupulous teachers decided to use local concoction to abort the girls’ pregnancies. No sooner had the Girls taken the concoction than their temperature began to rise. Then they started foaming. The school authority got winds of the news that the Girls’ Prefect alongside three others,by name Vivian, lucy and Irene were dying.

They quickly ordered for a vehicle to convey them to the hospital but the journey was too long and bumpy. Three of the four girls gave up the ghost on the way.

The bodies of the three girls were deposited at the Mortuary after a thorough autopsy was done on them. It was realised that the concoctions they took were poisonous.

As expected, the school set up an investigative committee and the lascivious lifestyle of the teachers with their students came to the forefront.

The Ghana Education Service came into the matter and the immoral teachers were dismissed from the service. They were Kwame Ankrah, Franklin Nuru, George Quaye and Ashong Clifford.

After their dismissal,they were arraigned before court for the death of the school girls. The court found all four of

them guilty and sentenced three of them to 35 years imprisonment with hard Labour while Kwame was given a 20 year-sentence since Dzifa didn’t die.

The media held talking points to talk about how some teachers,

behaved like paedophiles and exploit the innocence of raving teenage girls.


That news made Headlines:



[Millson Point of view ]?‍?


I cringed when I hear the news. Kwame was now in prison all because he could not take his eyes off the bodies of those adolescent girls.

He used to be a good teacher but along the way had allowed the pleasures of the flesh to overcome his moral conviction. I pitied him but I couldn’t help him.

Sometimes I wondered why adults can’t use common sense. My friends were trained as professional teachers. I expected them to be professional in their conduct with the female students. Sadly, they live below expectation, kowtowing to the bad norms embedded in the school where teacher- student romantic relationship has been normalised.

Why normalise a bad thing. To me a teacher must always be a good role model for students. No excuse about that.

What a disgrace. I tried to warn Kwame about his sexcapades with Dzifa but he became overly defensive saying I didn’t know the sweetness the girls were having between their thighs and that I should stop behaving like a Roman Father and enjoy them now before they grow up because when they grow, they won’t belong to me again.

I told him to

stop thinking like a paedophile. Now,it’s too late.

What pained me most was Dzifa. I tried to advise her to quit flirting with teachers and focus on her studies but all my advices fell on death ears.Now ,she found herself in a deadly situation that could damage her future.




The next day,another news broke from the school that Ernest Azuma, the Chemistry teacher also raped a female students in the school. He openly admitted that he took the female student to pass the night in his room in town but denied they had sex.

By recent practice and precedent, such misconduct is punishable with termination of appointment and possible prosecution in court.

In line with that,Management

recommended the appointment of Mr. Ernest Azuma should be terminated in line with section 63(iii) (b)(vi) page 86 as contained in the code of conduct for Teachers and other workers of the Ghana Education Service.

I don’t know if such punishments deter those unscrupulous teachers but it is the expectation of Management that terminating Azuma’s appointment as a teacher would act as a deterrent to all staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES). I support them fully. Such conduct must not be countenanced.

We later got wind of the whole story. Ernest Azuma reportedly went back to campus after school hours and invited his victim into the school’s staff common room where he allegedly raped her on the floor until she bled.

He then carried her to the girls’ hostel and abandoned her until her colleagues raised the alarm for help before she was rushed to the medical centre.Azuma was later arrested by the Police Command after some days.

He was put before the Magistrate Court where he was charged for rape and detained in police custody. He was later granted bail waiting for recommendations from the Attorney-General’s Department for the next line of action.



Episode 21


The Scholarship


[RECAP : Dzifa and her friends were impregnated by their boyfriends who were teachers in the same school. In their attempt to abort their pregnancies ,three of the girls died.The teachers were found guilty, dismissed, arraigned before court and sentenced to a prison sentence]


[Millson’s Viewpoint ]


I was in the classroom one day teaching when the headmistress called me. I was quite nervous. I asked myself,” What have I done?”

I hope no student went and lied against me again that I have proposed to her or sexually abuse her. From my experiences in that school, I don’t trust those teenage girls. They were very adventurous.

After much deliberations, I encouraged myself that since I haven’t done anything wrong, there was no need for me to fear.

The rest of the lesson was jittery as I was anxious to finish the lesson early and see the headmistress.


~After the class~


I went to see the headmistress. In the headmistress’ office , I saw Miss Bansah sitting on a couch.

My mind went blank. Is the headmistress going to scold me for befriending Miss Bansah?”

Madam Celestine, the head

mistress welcome us heartily,

“You are welcome ,Mr.Lamptey Millson and Miss Bansah Lovelace.

” Thank you, madam, we said in unison.

I have some news for you.” Said the headmistress.

My facial expression changed a bit. The headmistress realised I was nervous and assured me,

“Don’t worry,it’s a good news. A very good news.

At once,I relaxed. She then gave us the details .” About three days ago, we receive a call from the Canadian Embassy. The ambassador wants to give scholarships to two hard-working,energetic and pacesetter teachers who live by example.

The critria for choosing the teachers was not left to the discretion of the school head but in the hands of the students. Students were asked to vote to determine who they perceive to be the most-hard-working and morally astute teacher in the school. The students voted anonymously,citing reasons for their votes. It turned out that you have garner 55% of the vote,Followed by Miss Bansah who had 40% of the vote. Mr. Edward Morley had 5 % of the vote. Chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.

So Congratulations ! Both of you,You have won a scholarship to Cananda to further your education.”


{Third Person Narration }


When the headmistress brought the forms to the students to fill to assess the quality of the teachers in order to select the appropriate teachers who qualify for the ROLE MODEL TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP ,

Dzifa knew before hand Mr.Millson and miss Bansah were going to receive massive votes and support from the student body. Even a blind student knew Mr. Millson. Sir Millson epitomized who an ideal professional trained graduate teacher should be. In addition to that,he was also a staunch Christian who never hesitated to preach the gospel to the students.

The truth about students is that even though they never like to admit It,they always wish their teachers should be very good models for them to emulate instead of the ‘play types’ of teachers who behave like them.

Though on the face value,they are seen praising the “joker or ” funny teachers” they knew deep in their hearts that they were not living up to their professional expectations.

It therefore didn’t come as a surprise to her when teachers who are seen to be liked by students scored very low marks and Sir Millson scored more than 50% of the overall assessment followed by miss Bansah though most students don’t seemed to like them. There was a basic underlining reason for Sir Millson’s success.

Almost all the teachers(90 %) selected for the prestigious scholarship were immoral. They flirt with female students and thus couldn’t possible be seen as a good role model deserving such laurels. The more a teacher get notoriety for chasing female students,the lower his marks thus disqualifying him from the ROLE MODEL TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP.

On a more serious note, even a bad student wouldn’t want to vote for a teacher who is a bad influence on them to receive A ROLE MODEL TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP when she knew very well it’s only two teachers who deserved it in our school-Mr. Lamptey Millson and Miss Bansah Lovelace.


The case is close.


[Millson’s Point of view]?‍?


Our joy rose beyond comparison.

Is it really true that soon we will be airborne to Canada. It looked more like a dream to me. Tell me I’m dreaming.

I was busy making series of preparations towards the great journey which was there days ahead. It looked as if time has suddenly became very short for me. Then I heard a knock on my door. Surely, that must be my dear friend Miss Bansah. Without much thought, I said, ” come in dear.”

The she came in but it wasn’t the

” she” I was looking out for.



She said, “Yes Sir”


There was an uneasy silence between us.


“Sir,I know you are surprise to see me. I just want to apologize to you for the way I disturbed you ever since you set your feet in this school. I know I have put a lot of pressure on you luring you to “rock” me but you knew exactly what you stood for. You tried to advice me but I was adamant.

Now,I have learnt life’s lessons the hard way and I promise to turn on a new leaf. Sir,on a more serious note, If we have just 30% of teachers in this school like you,Tutukpene Secondary School would have been a better school but sadly the school have not been firm on teacher- student romantic relationship and that has resulted in teachers dating and mating us for free. In all honesty, most of the faults came from us, the teenage girls. We lure the charming young teachers when we have a crush on them. We often use it to boast in our dormitories as to who’s more romantic, who’s hot in bed and who’s not. You know it’s a girls’ thing. Girls’ talk.

I just want to say,keep up the good work and always be the iconic teacher I know you to be.

When you travel to Canada,always remember me, not as a spoilt girl but as a girl who have changed.

Are these words really coming from Dzifa. Is this another trap?

Readers, help me.

Finally, I said,”Hmmm. I hear.”

Suddenly, Dzifa began to cry. She sobbed so heavily that I was moved to tears myself but I controlled my emotion.

For the first time, I did something I never did with Dzifa before. I opened my arms and asked her to give me a hug. She was quite hesitant but after much encourage

ment, she rushed into my arms. She hugged me so tightly that I could feel the softness of her boobs on my chest.

I politely disengaged myself from her. She didn’t insist. She merely looked at me but still carrying the melancholic look.I asked her , “what is wrong, Dzifa?”

” Hmmm, errrr. During my abortion , my womb got damaged.” She said.

“What ?” I was surprised.

“Yes, It’s true sir. Your fake friend Kwame got me pregnant and gave me that concoction which eventually damaged my womb. The Doctor said the herbs has a highly toxic substance in it which perforated my womb. ..”

“I’m sorry Dzifa”

“Don’t be. I caused it.”

I think it’s time to leave .Until I see you again,it’s bye for now, sir.”

I was awestruck but highly impressed by Dzifa’s sign of maturity. I thanked her for showing remorse and I forgave her for all the troubles and she had caused me. I promise her I won’t forget her and we will talk regularly when I travel.


~Two days later ~


Lovelace and I arrived at the Kotoka International Airport in time to check in. Indeed Accra’s new Kotoka airport is an impressive facility. Its sophisticated, futuristic look and modern trappings with its plush business lounges, retail spaces and state-of-the-art equipment are the equal of any airport in the world, JFK, Heathrow or Schipol included.

The new Kotoka Terminal 3, not surprisingly, bears much of the hallmarks and the finest qualities of ACSA’s or Tambo International Airport, Cape Town International Airport and King Shaka International Airport in some of South Africa’s major cities.

Kotoka International Airport is a product of truly breathtaking global class. I learnt that at its height Terminal 3 will be able to handle 5 million passengers a year, with the capacity of handling 1 250 passengers an hour.



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