S-xy high school girls Episode 12 & 13

Episode 12
Trial By Ordeal
[RECAP: Dzifa used Millson’s friend, kwame to drug some mangoes which were given to him. He ate one and sle-pt. While slee-ping, Dzifa entered his room again and attem-pted to made love to him but Millson woke up and struggled with her. She ended up screaming and the villagers c@m£ and arrested Millson. He was put in a cell to await a trial]
[Millson’s Narration ]
~At the chief’s Palace ~
The chief and the elders were alre-ady seated in the palace when I was taken there. The palace had an aesthetic appeal. The chief’s stool was beautifully designed in golden colors and strange symbols were emblazoned on the walls.
Greetings were exchanged. I was asked to remain standing
The chief spoke throu-gh his linguist.
He said , “Did you know about the norms,culture and taboos in this village?
I was silent.
“A case had been brou-ght before me that you attem-pted to r@p£ one of the daughters of our land. According to our Customs and traditions, ra-pist are castrated and ban. Now , young man. You are a teacher and much is expected of you as an intellectual. You are supposed to be a role model for the children. Tell me what exactly happened.
I took a de-ep breath and narrated how Dzifa had been haras-sing me ever since I c@m£ to the village. I skipped certain details but maintain the ess£ntials. I also recounted how my door was broken into, how Dzifa got into my room and finally how I was drugged by my friend to facilitate Dzifa’s S-xual haras-sment and se-duction.
A lot of the villagers who heard my recountal were awed. Most of them found it difficult to believe what I said. There were few who believe me.
I was asked to mention anyone who witnessed all the allegations I put across. I knew Kwame had been a witness to a lot of these incidents but I doubted if he would vouch for me.
Nevertheless, I decided to give him the benefits of the doubts so I told the court Kwame was my witness.
It was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Kwame said he had no idea about what I said and thus couldn’t collaborate my claims. It was as if I jumped from a sto-rey building, counting on my friend to catch me in the air to reduce my chances of crushing to the ground and dying only for him to look unconcerned as I fell to the ground.
I was however amazed when my mentor Miss Frema c@m£ to my rescue. She told the court I was a good mentee who respected myself. She even said it was the female students rather who had been flaunting their bodies around me.
The headmistress of the school also told the court she believed I was telling the truth. She said Dzifa had made false accusations against me before so she was convinced that case was another manipulation. Those words didn’t go down well with the villagers and they accused the headmistress and miss Frema of supporting wrong doing.
Dzifa was called to narrate her side of the story. She said I have been pressurizing her to have S-x with me but she kept denying me. She cited so many scenarios I was not conversant with.
She was asked what she was doing in my room at that time. She said,
“I have a problem in Government and asked my teacher to as-sist me. He told me to visit him in his house so that we would have a congenial atmosphere to study. I asked him when he will be free and he told me he will be free around 7.00 p.m.
So I went to him around that time. At first, he was very cooperative and helped me with some of the confusing concepts in the subject ‘Government’ but an hour later , he began fondling my brea-st.
I humbly told him to st©p but it was apparent he decided not to adhere to my instructions.”
Then he carried me f0rç£fully and la-id me on his be-d and unclothed me after which he re-moved his own clothes. I reminded him he is a teacher and I’m a student so he should behave professionally but he told me to shut up. I began struggling with him but he was mega strong. He overpowered
me and was on the verge of in-sertion when I screamed. I began fighting him until some men c@m£ to my rescue.”
She was asked why she went to my house since she claimed I had been haras-sing her.
She said, “Mr.Millson promised to turn on a new leaf. I decided to take his words for it and go.”
She was asked if she had a witness to support her claim. She said she had six witnesses whom she called as Dzifa, Evelyn, Vivian, Irene,Lucy and Sylvia.
They were alre-ady in the Chief’s palace so they were commanded to collaborate the claims made by Dzifa.
I was amazed when the six girls said all that Dzifa said was true and that they were also victims of S-xual haras-sment from me.
After hearing all that, the chief asked me throu-gh the linguist if I still stood by my words that I was innocent. I told the chief throu-gh the linguist that I was very innocent. Now it was 2 witnesses against 6 witnesses.
The council of elders discussed the issue among themselves and c@m£ to a conclusion; they decided that the only way to know who was telling the truth was to invite the chief priest to initialize a trial by ordeal.
The chief priest serves as the mouthpiece of the deity that dwelt in the shrine.He is regarded as intermediaries between humans and the deities. The words of a chief priest were final in all matters because the f0rç£s he or she repres£nted were higher than all secular powers.
A few minutes later , the chief priest arrived. After hearing everything, he asked that fire should be set and plenty oil should be poured in a big earthenware pot put on the fire.
Soon it was done. I was summoned by the chief priest to put my hand in the boiling oil in the pot on the fire. The chief priest said if I was indeed innocent, nothing will happen to my hand but if I was guilty, my hand will burn to ashes.
I knew I was innocent but I doubted the efficacy of the chief priest’s medicines. Everyone was looking at me. I was shivering. I don’t want my hand to burn. Then I saw an angel of the Lord in the heavens in an apparition. No one else saw him. He said, ” Millson, do it and shame your enemies.”
Gathering courage, I immediately put my right hand into the h0t boiling oil in the big pot on the fire.
Nothing happened to my hand in the boiling oil. Everyone was stunned. The chief priest asked me to re-move my hand. Then he turned to the council of elders and said, “Millson had proven himself to this court that he is INNOCENT. The gods have also declared him clean.”
What a relief it was for me to silent my enemies and how embarras-sing it was for Dzifa and her cohort to be seen as liars, including their supporters. The council of elders declared me innocent.
It was with great shame that Dzifa’s supporters left the chief’s palace.
I returned home relief and peaceful at heart. I prayed to God;
A Prayer to Endure
Lord, I am weary and don’t know when this “race” will end in my life. I feel like I’ve been running forever, trying to outrun this trial.
Help me to st©p trying to outrun my pain but rather run with endurance the race you have set before me.
I know that because of you I am ultimately a victor over the trials in my life.
I know that nothing in this world can separate me from your steadfast love.
plea-se give me a measure of your love today; give me the strength to endure this trial.
Thank you for your love for me that never ends! And thank you for the crown of joy that awaits me forever in your Kingdom!
Episode 13
End Of Menteesh!pAnd Reposting
[RECAP: Millson was s£nt to the Chief’s palace to be judged on accusation of r@p£ but he was saved by the trial by ordeal. He was graceful to God for helping him and shaming his enemies]
[Third Person Narration ]
As surprising as it may seemed, the girls were only asked to work at the chief’s palace for two weeks as labourers and their parents to bring three goats, three bottles of ‘akpeteshie’ and some undisclosed amount of money. They were then strongly cautioned to st©p wooing their teachers and left to go.
Days turned into Weeks and weeks turned into months. It wasn’t long before the mentees’ time was up and they had to leave Tutukpene. While some people were happy that the mentees were leaving , others were sad. The unscrupulous mentees were also sad.
They knew they would be leaving their girlfriends behind. One could not help but hear comments such as ,”Sir, I will miss you.”
Sir,promise me you will come back to me. Sir,I wish you stay.
plea-se ,don’t go.”
No matter the level of pas-sion among the mentees and the students, they all left in April, including Lamptey Millson.
The dep@rture of Millson from the village made two people sad. One, Dzifa , who was always crushing on him.
Second , Miss Frema Rosemary, who missed Millson’s selflessness and devotion.
Millson went back to the university, finished his project work and graduated with a first clas-s honour.
His graduation was attended by his parents who were proud to have such a disciplined and target oriented child.
After his graduation,he waited for his posting.
Hmmm. What was destined to happen would happen.
When it was announced that newly trained teachers were as-signed to their various stations, Millson Lamptey went to check where he was posted only to realise that he was posted back to Tutukpene s£nior High School. He wasn’t a lone fish in that situation.
He was posted back there along with his colleagues Kwame Ankrah, Laurence Franklin, George Quaye, Edward Tagoe, Nortey Fred, Okine Edward and Ashong.
Millson didn’t like being posted to Tutukpene, not because he disliked the village but because of the deviant lifestyle of the girls in the village and what he went throu-gh in the hands of Dzifa.
He tried all that he could to get a reposting but all his efforts were unsuccessful.Eventually, he accepted his fate and went to the village alongside his seven friends.
Of course, the school girls were happy the mentees were back to them as full-time teachers and they were vividly aware of the dark side of their return to their school-more S-x.
Tutukpene had changed a little bit. The Government had embarked on Rural Electrification project and one of the places electricity was extended to was in Tutukpene. The introduction of electricity in Tutukpene brou-ght life and vibr@ncy into the village.
In addition to that,Some village folks began to replace their thatch and mud houses with cemented houses.
It wasn’t long before the amorous activities between the teachers and the female restarted unabatedly.
Perhaps, one of the h0ttest relationsh!pbetween a teacher and a student on that school campus was that of Mr. Ankrah kwame and Crystalene Asinyo.
Their relationsh!pwas so obvious that even a blind man could see.
Dzifa was crystalene’s friend but their friendsh!pwas based on the fact that they were student executives. Dzifa was the Girl’s Prefect and Crystalene was the as-sistant.
When Mr. Lamptey Millson incessantly reject Dzifa’s proposal, she decided to take her comfort from Kwame, Millson’s fake friend.
She went to his residence and indulged in a dialogue with him.
?Dzifa: Hi, Sir, I’m here to see you.
?kwame: See me,Why?
?Dzifa : I miss you.
?Kwame: You know your friend
Crystalene is my girlfriend. Is she aware you are here?
?Dzifa: No Sir.
?Kwame: Will you tell her you come here?
?Dzifa: I’m not sure. I don’t think that will be necessary.
?Kwame: OK. plea-se come in.
?Dzifa: Thank you , sir.
Dzifa entered the room and sat down. She said, ” I have been thinking, what makes Sir Millson different from the rest of you?
Kwame answered, ” self control.”
Dzifa: So I can’t win this love battle, Can I?
?kwame : I once told you you can’t win this battle against him but you were so full of yourself, so self -opinionated. You think he will fall for your feminine charms. You think all men are weak when it comes to S-x but he’s an exception. I wished I’m like him but you students managed to lure me into this S-x game.
?Dzifa: Sir,You are an adult. You chose to be lured. Just accept it. You can’t resist our tempting bodies. We are too h0t and S-xy for you to resist us.
?Kwame : You are right,Dzifa.
?Dzifa:You are also right , Sir, I wished I had listen to you.
?kwame: Well, I guessed you have learnt your lesson now. I always tell you I love you but you prefer that R0m-n father to me. After he bounced you, you come running back to me like a defeated dog with her tail between her legs.
?Dzifa: I’m sorry I rejected your proposal, sir but thanks for helping me during the case everythough we didn’t win.
?Kwame : Don’t mention it.
That night bec@m£ the turning point of Kwame and Dzifa’s glowing relationsh!p. He bec@m£ more and more attached to Dzifa than crystalene and they bec@m£ more car-nal and engaged in more S-xual intimacy.
The rumours about their lascivious adventures and the plea-surable ecstasy hit its apogee.
” One more round babe…” Dzifa often heard herself saying during their peak seasons.
Crystalene bec@m£ highly suspicious of the two of them until she caught Dzifa red-handed in be-d with Mr. Ankrah Kwame. She was very angry and hurt. The result was inevitable. A furious fight occurred between the Girls’ Prefect and the as-sistant Girls’ Prefect leaving each of them with wounds on their heads , arms, legs, but crystalene was beaten far more than Dzifa.

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