S-xy high school girls Episode 10 & 11

Episode 10
The man behind the scene and DC
[RECAP: Millson used tact and wisdom to extricate himself from Dzifa’s tra-p. He thanked God for giving him that wisdom ]
{Dzifa’s Point of view }
God,I could have been a little more smarter. How on Earth did I allow this ‘milli teacher’ to outwit me?
I thought it was real. He acted it so nicely.Now, I’m totally embarras
sed. After that embarras-sment, how would I see his face in clas-s again. It will be very difficult for me. What I felt for him was very de-ep. I thought by telling him I love him, he would change his mind about me but all those tricks failed.
I kept wondering what exactly made sir Millson behave so differently from the rest of the interns who chase my mates like c—s running after hens.
Was it his home- training, religion or personal decision. I knew for a fact that most people would tell you they are christians but in reality they are simply hypocrites. Surely, I don’t want to be the judge of their behaviour but Mr. Lamptey Millson was a unique teacher and he’s so dear to my heart.
Admist my tears, I vowed, “Sir Millson, I will always love you. I tried to control my tears from spilling.
Now I lost a game I paid for with my b©dy. Perhaps, let me tell you how I ended up in my teacher’s room in the first place.
Sir Kwame had been proposing to me for quite a long time but I often told him I’m not interested in him. Somehow, he got to know I’m interested in his friend Millson rather.
One day he told me to come and see him at home. I told him bluntly I won’t come. To my amazement, he laughed out loudly and Said, ” oh, I thought you will do everything to get my friend Millson. Maybe I’m wrong. You are not serious afterall.
At the mention of Millson, I bec@m£ interested and asked him what he meant. He said if I am interested I should meet him at his house.
Curiosity took the greater p@rt of me and I rescindedℹmy earlier decision and went to his house.
“I can help you get access to my friend’s room if only you cooperate with me,” said Kwame.
I don’t un-derstand, plea-se explain.
“Hahaha, I’m happy I’m getting your attention now. The truth is, Sir Millson gave me one of his keys to keep for him so that if the one he’s using get missing , he will come for the spare key I keep for him.
Along the way , we had a misun-der
standing. I thought he will come for his key but it was apparent he had forgotten about it.”
I bec@m£ excited and say, “plea-se give it to me.”
Kwame said , ” not so fast lady. If you really want to have access to Sir Millson’s room, you nee-d to allow me taste the sweet waters in your h0ñ£yp0t. That’s the deal.”
I smiled at sir kwame. My dear re-aders, isn’t it funny. Kwame was lvsting after my b©dy but I didn’t like him that much. I was lvsting after Mr.Millson but he didn’t love me too. Love could be frustrating at times.
I told kwame I won’t have S-x with him. I stood up and left. On the way, I changed my decision after weighing his offer meticulously. Maybe that is the only chance I had. I returned to him and said, ” I will do it , for the sake of sir Millson.”
He smiled with satisfaction and said, “thanks for your cooperation.
He k!$$£d my ear-lobe and helped me undress. I could see he was alre-ady “rock ha-rd .”
He began k!ss!ngme pas-sionately with his softl-ips. I let out a soft m0@n and wra-pped my arms around his n£¢k. He gently pushed me onto his be-d and mounted me and k!ss!ngme incessantly.
He r!pp£dmy shi-t off me, revea-ling my laced br@. I had my eyes closed and felt hisl-ips move from my mouth to my n£¢k and slowly made his way down to my che-st. He sp©tted the cle-avagebetween my br£@st and used his mouth to explore it. A m0@n escaped from my mouth.
I unZi-pped his trou-sers and his ‘joystick’ popped out re-ady to gobble my sweet pie.
He t©uçhed my inner inner th!ghs lightly and moved his hands slowly in the direction of my V-sp©t.
“Kwame ” I m0@n ed.
Suddenly, his ‘joystick’ bec@m£ very aggressive as it advanced towards my pit of plea-sure.
Then , it plunged itself into the forbidden hole. The sweet s-en-sation was spontaneous, much to my amazement.
I was enveloped with immea
surable plea-sure. “Ughhh, ahhh, ummm, wow, rock me ha-rd , rock me, plea-se rock me ha-rd , ooohhhhh, my God!!!!!!!”
I m0@n ed. “Oh kwame, Oh kwame,
As you are alre-ady aware , S-x IS my HOBBY. S-x is fun. I love it.
plea-se don’t judge me. I know you are not a saint either. like it or hate it, what I said about S-x is true.
I really enjoyed every bit of it even though Kwame was just a means to an end.
Then I said, “oh, my God, oh, oh , Millson, oh my babe Millson, I love you so much.”
Kwame st©pped S-xing me and gazed in awe. I realised too late that I was unconsciously calling ‘kwame’ as Millson.
“You have breached the terms of our agreement. Go home. I won’t give you the key. Why should you be calling me Millson?”
I knelt down and began begging him. I even cried to him to give me the key and promised to give him another round of S-x after I s£dûç£sir Millson.
He asked if I will give it to him even if I fail and I as-sured him I will.
He smiled gleefully. He gave me the key.
So that was how I ended up in sir Millson’s room. I paid my way in with my feminism. When Sir Millson requested for a c0nd0m, I rushed back to kwame and he gave me one. Hmmm. All these efforts c@m£ to naught.ℹ
~The next day, in the night ~
You remembered I promised giving kwame another round of S-x. It’s an obligation I had to obey though my mission had failed. I headed
towards his house. Soon, I reached there and knocked on his door. He opened the door and ushered me in.
“I’m here to do as I promised you, even though my mission failed.”
Kwame said, “If I were to tell you your mission will fail, you wouldn’t have believed me. Trust me, Sir Millson will never allow you to have S-x with him. He’s a highly religious, principled and ha-rd working man. My advice to you is to leave him alone and be my girlfriend. If you keep forcing yourself on him, you will hurt yourself. Don’t say I do not warn you. I’m just…”
“Shut up. Let me give you what I promised you and go.” I cut him short.
I put off the lamp and la-id beside him. Before I could say jack he started tou-ching my s-en-sitive sp©ts. I began k!ss!nghis che-st, s£nding s-en-sual signals to his charged hor-mones. I kept on k!ss!nghim clinching his t–s with myl-ips .He took charge and la-id me on my back. He tickled my t–s and other s-en-sitive sp©ts . I m0@n ed. Then it happened again in his room.
The thought of Millson, my love one ,rejecting me was too difficult to bear. He hurt me so much and inasmuch as I love him,I wanted to retaliate. As I kept wondering what to do to hurt him back for embarras
sing me, I remembered the Disciplinary committee (DC) of the school.I decided to report him to the headmistress.
The following day, I made a complaint to the headmistress about him. I lied to her he always tried to haras-s me S-xually despite the fact that I warn him severally against such unprofessional conduct. The headmistress was quite surprised to hear that. She said, “this intern is well spoken of by the staff and students.I find it ha-rd to believe he’s S-xually haras-sing you. Well, I will do my own investigation before summoning him to a Disciplinary Committee.”
It hit me ha-rd . I wished the headmistress had responded a little more aggressively.
~Three days later~
The headmistress called me three days after I lodged the complaint. When I reached her office, she asked me to sit down. I was quite nervous. There was something about her b©dy language they told me I was not in for a favourable decision.
She said, “Upon my own investiga
tion using a team of experienced teachers , we found nothing concrete on Mr.Millson to back your claim that he tried to haras-s you S-xually. On the contrary, we heard nice things about him like how ha-rd -working he is, how God-fearing , committed and result -oriented he is. This further reinf0rç£d my earlier conviction that he is a good intern.
In all earnesty, I think you are simply having a crush on him, knowing very well he won’t respond to your advances so you wanted to use the Disciplinary Committee
(DC) as a conduit to teach him a lesson.”
“My advise for you is this,leave him alone. He’s your teacher,not your b©yfri£nd.”
I left the DC completely embarras
sed. Surely I nee-ded another plan and Kwame is very ess£ntial to my next plan. He has become a puppet in my hand. I know how to manipulate him. All the male teachers in my school are the same except …M.I.L.L.S.O.N.
What is Dzifa’s next move?
To annul or cancel
Episode 11.
RECAP: Dzifa revealed how she got into Sir Millson’s room. After a failed attempt to s£dûç£d him again, she went back to
the man behind the scene, kwame to fulfil her promise and strategize for her next move.
>•<Third Person Narration >•<
Dzifa went to Kwame to finalise her plan on how to tra-p Millson. She knocked on his door and kwame c@m£ out.
?Kwame: Dzifa, why are you here?
As a girl’s prefect, you shouldn’t be breaking bounds. You should be an example to your friends.
?Dzifa: Sir, are you preaching to me?…errr, but you are also guilty and don’t really live by example, with all due respect, I heard you sle-pt with crystalene, my as-sistant, I mean the as-sistant Girls’ Prefect. Is it true or it’s just a mere rumour.
?Kwame : Shut up , girl, are you here to interrogate me?
?Dzifa: No, sir, I’m sorry. Just that Crystalene said something about you in the girls’ dormitory that got all of us laughing.
?Kwame : Like what?
?Dzifa: She said you are “h0t” in be-d. She also said no man has ever made her squir-t before but you have done that.
?Kwame : So Crystalene share inti-mate details of our lovema-king with you?
?Dzifa: Yea, She’s my friend. We share secrets.
Kwame was quite surprised but he decided not to prolong the conversation.
Dzifa : Now, this is what I want you to help me do to your friend, Mr.Millson.
Kwame: Yes, I’m listening.
Dzifa said, I want you to _____.
[Millson’s Narration ]
I kept wondering how Dzifa got into my room but I couldn’t fathom it.
It was apparent that girl wanted to tarnish my image. I was wondering what exactly I could do to put finality to her adolescent gimmicks. I pray God gave me wisdom to keep extricating myself from the web of that lascivious girl and her accomplices.
Perhaps, my only saviour would be when our internsh!pended and I left that village.
I then remembered I kept one of my keys with Kwame. But would kwame stoop so low to the extent of giving my spare key to a female student to come and s£dûç£me ?
Well. It’s a possibility. If kwame could sleep with students, why couldn’t he compromise his integrity and give my spare key to Dzifa?
I decided to take back my key from him the next day.
I glanced at my watch. It was 6.00 p.m. I was still reminiscing past events when I heard a knock on my door.
I opened the door and Kwame was there.
“plea-se come in,” I said.
Kwame : It has been a long time. I know we are no longer friends but I want us to reconcile.
Me : I don’t have anything personal against you.
Kwame : Then why did you break our friendsh!p.
Me : I’m sure you know why. I can’t keep company with a paedophile.
Kwame : meaning?
Me : Meaning someone who find children S-xually attrac-tive or sleep with them.
Kwame : Well. Those girls are not children.
Me : To me , they are. Most of them are 16 years old with few now turning 18.
Kwame : Hmmm.
Me : So if you want our friendsh!pto restart, you know what to do.
Kwame : Ok. You have a point there.
Me : Ahaa, my key is with you. Have you brou-ght it?
Kwame : Ummm. No. I didn’t realise you will nee-d it now.
Me : Don’t worry. Tomorrow, I will come for it.
Kwame : Why?
Me : Why why? It’s my key. I have a right to keep it or give it out to whom I de-sire.
Kwame : Yooo. I hear. But I hope it has nothing to do with Dzifa breaking into your room to entra-p you.
Me : Well. It has. You are the only one keeping my key so how did she enter my room when I had not given her my key?
Kwame : I can’t fully answer that question but I guess she stole the key from my room and used it to open your door.
Me: Besides , she’s very close to you know now. She’s your friend.
Kwame : She’s my student.
Me : But how will she know that key belong to me?
Kwame : I can’t tell and I don’t know. I’m just guessing. It could also be possible you forgot to look your door before going to school and she took advantage of that.
Me : Well. It’s a possibility but how will she know my door was not locked.
Kwame: It’s simple. She’s monitoring you.
Me: Yea. That sounded logical.
Kwame : Anyway, I brou-ght you some mangoes. Just a token of friendsh!p.
Me : Thank you kwame. They looked ju-icy and fresh.
Kwame: Welcome.
Kwame stood up and left. I looked at the Mangoes. They really looked fresh. I decided to eat them before retiring to be-d. The mangoes were about seven in number.
‘Cram!’ I bite the mango and bec@m£ gnawing throu-gh one.
Along the way, something c@m£ into my head. ” what if these mangoes were poisoned or drugged? Kwame couldn’t be trusted. With that thought in mind, I st©pped eating the mango, bathed and went to be-d.
I began feeling drowsy when l la-id on my be-d. I don’t know when sleep stole me from this world but I dreamt Dzifa was ma-king love to me. Then the dream bec@m£ too real.I was staring in awe at the sight before me. She had big brown brea-sts with just the right sized n!ppl!s with just the right amount of sag to make them look desirable.
Dzifa noticed my attention and gave me a sultry smile.
She jumped up and down and her br£@st swayed in response. She made a move to pu-ll me towards herself.
“Naw uh…” I responded and jumped back. “You t©uçh me and I won’t be able to st©p you from doing anything else. She looked pissed.
She latched on her br@ from behind, pu-ll-ed up the stra-ps and said, You keep me waiting for so long ?”
“Honestly, I don’t know. My emotion was in a whirlwind , so I didn’t remember much from her speech.
She scoffed and shook her head, “Sir, st©p pla-ying ha-rd -to-get!”
I suddenly woke up from my dream only to realise someone was actually on t©p of me, n-ked with her br£@st fl@pping to and fro on my face.
I was str!pped n-ked. She was bouncing up and down on my “joystick” but the ti-p of my phallus wasn’t submerged in her “h0ñ£yp0t.” Her up and down movement seemed to be a make -believe. But she started directing the Joystick towards her “entry point”.
MY hands were tied at my back.
The entry wasn’t de-ep but I could feel some sweat s-en-sation on the ti-p of my “joystick.”
She wanted to sit on it full and have the whole thing buried de-ep into her throu-gh her sweet sp©t but I turned to the left side quic-kly and prevented the de-ep pene-tration.
I don’t want to enjoy the plea-sures of sin.
The room was dark but the glimmers of the moonlit set their way into the room giving it some illumination. The figure of my as-sailant or se-ductress looked familiar to me.
She gr!pp£dme closer to herself. I tried to free myself from the rope but it was pointless and difficult.
I managed to hit her ha-rd with my che-st and she moved away for a few minutes. I moved my tied arms below my legs so that they will come to the front of my b©dy. With my hands still tied but now in front,
I struggled with her. She advanced on me again but I was poised to extricate myself from her grip. The struggle bec@m£ so intense.
Still she pinned me down f0rç£fully.
Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t stronger than me but the effects of the mango I ate was still evident.
I was weak. I realized the mango was drugged by kwame.
“St©p IT, I commanded her ” but she was adamant.
Somehow , I felt the rope used to tie my hands loos£ned. Slowly, I fred my hands.
“If you struggle with me, I will scream that you are ra-ping me,” Dzifa threatened me.
“Go to hell with your threats!” I said with br@vado. She held me again.
I Sl@pPED her.
When she realised my sl@ps were becoming incessant and I was over powering her, she began screaming so loudly that even a deaf could hear her.
As she continued screaming ,
a group of villagers bu-mped into my room with lanterns and saw us struggling. Dzifa was I were n-ked and she was crying and screaming. She said I wanted to r@p£ her. No sooner had the villagers heard of her accusation than I was subjected to severe beating. They beat the living daylight out of me. I dare say, I was almost lynched.
I was beaten to the point blood was oozing from a de-ep cut on my face, legs, nose and arms. I was weak and almost fainted.
A man that looked like her father said, “TEACHER, is that how you are? ra-ping your students? You must be banned from our village.” Soon ,three muscled and fearful looking men arrived at the scene and yanked me off to the chief’s compound admist shouts and condemnation. The time was around 8.00 p.m. un-derneath that heckling and condemnation, there were very few discerning people who cast doubts on what Dzifa said. They knew the situation wasn’t really as it seemed.
~In the Chief’s cell~
The bruises inflicted on my b©dy made me feel excruciating pain. I was beaten for no cause. Here was a school girl forcing herself on me ,
harrasing me S-xually but I ended up in the four corners of the Chief’s cell. “Why do bad things happened to good people? ” I found myself asking that question after I had gone throu-gh series of beatings for a crime I have not committed.
Dzifa had it all planned out with kwame after she realised I was determined to reject her S-xual advances.
I knew she must be smiling by now. No one was re-ady to listen to my side of the story. To them, I was alre-ady guilty.
There was a common saying that you can’t f0rç£ love, you are more likely to find it when you are not looking.Just like how the Fetridge’s law works. Important things that are suppose to happen do not happen, especially when you are looking. Sadly, trouble found me in the form of love when it was the last thing I was looking for on earth. To me , this thing called love is not the roses that blossomed or the fairy tales that bring magic to our lives. It look more like a figment of our own imagination in which we see ourselves swimming in seas of depthless metaphors.
I was trying to pry into this universally valued s£ntiment called love whose core mystery was shrouded in inexplicable theories, beyond deciphering as I sat in the cell. It was six feet by four .The walls were thick with a wooden door welded firmly to a pivot hinge.
The cell had only one small
Window. It was no brighter inside than the gathering gloom of dusk.
My pains were exercebated by the be-d , which was just a plank of wood on creaky legs, an unguranteed monument, with no mattress, no cushioning and only one worn out blanket. I sle-pt.
The next day dawn, I woke up early and prayed to God.
My lord and my God ,
I felt nothing but hurt and pain.
I feel so broken, my heart is torn ap@rt, shredded by the scheme of the wicked one.
All I can do is wait upon your abundant mercy Wait in this desolate place,
I believe and have an unflin-ching trust in you that somehow you can meet me and t©uçh me with the anointing of your holiness
I feel too weak to go on.
Drained of all energy I am like a shell, living, breathing, yet so empty. All I want to do is give up.
Give up in this heartbroken time,
And believe that somehow you can resto-re me.
I find this sadness overwhelming, and too strong
Like wave upon wave of emptiness
All I can do is rest.
Rest within your suffering and hope that throu-gh you – Your love, your forgiveness and your strength – I will wake to a new day
A new dawn for my heart and my life.
I was in the prayer mood when the door creaked open and two of the Chief’s b©dyguards walked in. “Hey, teacher , the time has come for you to be trialled in the chief’s court.
I stepped out of the cell and was taken to the Chief’s palace.