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S-xual de-sire final Episode

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Thirty—Nine(39)✍️
👙 Final Episode👙
As planned, Anabelle, Jason, Kyle and I all, toured Seattle. At first it was awkward having to meet them early in the morning. They wore their casual clothes compared to their formal office wear. This surprised me most seeing them this way.
Anabelle looked elegant adorned in navy and white flowery summer dress with brown wedge heels to match her big brown bag. Her hair curled and her make up seamless. Jason wore navy jeans with a light blue shi-t rolled on his sleeves. His hair was jelled back in waves and his eyes were framed with dark [email protected] They looked like a perfect couple that could be cropped out of magazine.
I felt useless standing next to them in my ashy grey jeans and white crop t©p to match my black and white Vans. Kyle at least looked S-xy in his leather jacket and dark jeans to match.
Looking at both brothers, their resemblance was uncanny.There was still an awkwardness between them when they greeted each other, but they both had content smiles on their faces. A [email protected] of silence stretched before Anabelle initiated the conversations. Since she was leading us, we followed her to the tour bus and there we met with our city guide.
The bus took us to all the tourist sites of Seattle. It took us an hour or two before we st©pped at our next destination, Annabelle had planned.
It was a fair. The buzzing of activity lifted the awkwardness in our moods and I smiled for once since meeting them.
“Let’s eat first,” Anabelle said.
I nodded. “I’m craving a greasy h0t dog and fries.”
Kyle smiled, “You had a greasy breakfast, you still want more unhealthy food?”
I gave him a glare and acted offended as I sma-cked him on his arm. “It’s almost that time of the month for me, don’t judge me!”
He held his hand up in surrender before dra-ping them around me. “I’m sorry, have all the greasy food you want. I’ll buy. I’m after all now considered a millionaire since yesterday.”
I perked up at this news. “You accepted, Jason’s money?”
Kyle nodded. “Thinking about it, I was a [email protected] for wanting to reject it in the first place. I can easily pay tuition with that money. I can afford to go the same college you’re going to and still have enough left to buy my own place.”
I [email protected] “You’re going to same college as me?”
He smiled, before pinching the bridge of my nose. “I’ll follow you wherever go.”
I hvgged him back, so excited at this revelation. A weight lifting off my shoulders, the worry about what was going to happen to his future. Afterward, I dragged him to a h0t dog stall. Jason and Anabelle following our trail smiling at my enthuasiam.
“Okay h0t stuff, since you now have a million dollars in your bank. I want two h0tdogs with fries.” I mewled at him.
An outsider hearing s£ntence would probably think I was money crazed. Maybe I was, but knowing that Kyle will be going to the same college I was going to, knowing he will be with me, made me so giddy with excitement.
Later, after all our stomachs had been curbe-d of hunger. We went on to a few rides, but since I had too many h0tdogs than I could handle, I refused the rides and contended with staying behind to watch them. Anabelle felt sorry for me and made Jason stay with me, while Kyle and she rode a merry-go-round.
It was awkward between me and Jason. I still felt uneasy about him, still felt a distrust.
Jason s-en-sed this and turned to face me to say, “I’m sure you have questions, Keya. Feel free to ask.”
I frowned, chewing on my lower l!pbefore taking a de-ep breath for a lengthy speech I was about to deliver.
“Kyle says he forgives you, that he un-derstands why you left him and I may be bu-tting into your business, but…what I don’t un-derstand is why you didn’t contact him for all those years when you made a name for yourself? Cos if you know Kyle like I do, he wouldn’t have cared whether you were rich or not? And knowing the true nature of your so-called father, you practically deserted Kyle in his hands, you left him on his own to fend for himself. That’s what I don’t un-derstand.” I folded my arms across my che-st.
Jason nodded, listening intently to what I was saying. “Those are very good points, Keya. And no, you’re not bu-tting in at all. Kyle is your business, you’ve been with him all those years, been witness our abusive father and I am more grateful to you, because the man I see in Kyle now wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for you.”
I frowned, uncomfortable. What right did he have to thank me?
“The truth is, I didn’t seek Kyle out before because I was a coward. I didn’t want to face my old man and I knew Kyle hated me, for leaving him behind.” He admitted as he sighed. “For years after I left, I wasn’t in the right state of mind. At first, I looked for our mother and I did found her. She was alre-ady re-married un-der a new name to her new family and step children. When she saw me, she told me to leave her alone. She told me I reminded her too much of her old husband and the nightmares of living with him.” He paused and took a de-ep breath before continuing.
“I had asked her why she didn’t want me since I was her child. But she said that the minute she left our household, she had cut ties with all of us in this life. She told me, if she could live her life again, she would not have given birth to Kyle and I. She told me that was her de-epest regret and if I loved her then I would leave her alone to be happy in this remainder of her life. She told me, as payment for bearing all those years with us, I should never look for her ever again.”
My heart squee-zed painful, I clutched my che-st, the tears threatening. “Did you tell Kyle this?”
Jason nodded. “I told him, she was living her life now. And that we should let her be.”
“I’m sorry.”
Jason shook his head. “Why are you apologising?”
“I suddenly feel guilty for despising you earlier. I’m sorry you had to have such sh!tty selfish parents, but I’m glad you and Kyle grew up to be better than them.” I told him, heartfeltly.
Jason smiled and sighed de-eply while looking at revolving merry go round where Anabelle’s ecstatic cheers were the most loudest.
I saw a glimpse of Kyle on the ride. He had a smile on his face.
“It will be better from now I hope. plea-se whatever happens, don’t ever leave Kyle.” He pleaded.
“I have no plans of ever leaving him. He can be stubborn but so can I, we are both h0t headed but I’m determined to see it throu-gh with him. I won’t ever leave him.” I [email protected] him, smiling too.
“Then that’s all I can ever hope and ask for.” Jason offered his hand but I surprised him by hvgging him.
“Thank you for seeking Kyle and coming back for him. Don’t ever leave again.”
“I won’t.” Jason whispered and hvgged me back.
“Eh, what is this situation suddenly.” Anabelle’s jealous voice broke their hvg. Both Jason and I smiled at the frowning faces of Kyle and Anabelle in front of us.
I took Kyle’s hand in mine and pu-ll-ed him toward the Ferris wheel queue. We left Jason and Anabelle, they were heading toward a shooting stall, and we could hear Jason promising her that he will win her a stuffed animal as an apology for hvgging me.
I turned to Kyle. “So, my birthday is next week, I finally know what I want.”
Kyle pursed hisl-ips, frowning. “Which is?”
I squee-zed his hand and on my ti-p toes I drew closer to whisper in his ear, “You. Only you. All day.”
Kyle’s eyes burned and when I looked up at him, he was sm-irking. He cleared his throat, trying to hide his blush. My heart elated at his cuteness.
“That can be arranged.” He pu-ll-ed me close and gave me a chaste k!sson the mouth.
“Good.” I said.
“Very, very, good.” He said against my mouth. I laughed and hvgged him ti-ghtly, my heart feeling so at ease and content.
Whatever the future may hold for us, I was hopefully that we weren’t ever going to [email protected] again. Although there will be ups and downs and we will have our quarrels and disagreements, however, I knew our love for each other will make sure we stayed together in the end. This, I was confident will be true.


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