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S-xual de-sire Episode 8 & 9

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞
✍️ Chapter Eight✍️
“Woo-wee!” Kyle whistled as he entered my be-droom, discreetly shutting the door after him.
I don’t why I was blu-shing from his whistling.
“Where are you going?” Kyle gestured to the pile of clothing on t©p of my be-d.
I looked away from him to stare at my reflection in the mirror. I only turned away for two reasons, one was to actually see how I really looked and the second was because Kyle’s eyes raking me up and down in that way, was alarming.
“Nowhere in [email protected]” I told him, turning to the side to inspect my curvy h!ps.
“Then what’s with all these clothes?” He asked, drawing closer towards the mirror. I could see him from the mirror, he was frowning but his eyes were unashamedly staring at my rack.
“I was just choosing what to wear for Saturday.” I told him. I was satisfied with this dress. I didn’t know why, the colour of it was too red, however, it brou-ght out my skin colour. I was mostly satisfied because if this dress brou-ght out that reaction from Kyle, then who’s to say I won’t attract attention from some of Ryland’s friends come Saturday night.
“Saturday?” He sounded confused as if he missed something. “What’s happening on Saturday?”
“A [email protected] is happening.” I said, vaguely. I tried reaching out for my Zi-pper only to fail miserably when I couldn’t even pu-ll that damn Zi-p down.
“What [email protected]?!” He let out a surprised outbur-st. “How come I don’t know about it?”
The Zi-pper thing was really starting to piss me off. “Because you are not invited…Ugh! Can you help me?” I asked, staring at him throu-gh the mirror.
He was frowning in thought as he approached me.
“Whose [email protected] is it?” He asked as he took hold of the Zi-pper.
Suddenly, my b©dy [email protected]£ hyperaware of his f!ngersnear me. The temperature increased as Kyle’s f!ngersburned the skin of my back once he began unZi-pping my dress.
My breath hitched and st©pped when I felt his f!nger slowly tracing the skin of my back, moving down in simultaneous with the Zi-pper until he reached the base, the upper [email protected] of my bu-tt.
The dress loos£ned and Kyle’s eyes were trained at the skin of my back. I watched him heatedly throu-gh the mirror. It was mere seconds before he cleared his throat and I snapped out of my trance as I held the dress to shield my modesty.
“Uh…Ryland’s [email protected]” I answered him as I turned away from the mirror. I avoided looking unto his eyes when I darted quic-kly to change the dress in my bathroom, so I didn’t see his alarmed scowl at the mention of Ryland’s name.
Once in the safety walls of my bathroom, I allowed myself to finally breathe the breath I had been holding throu-ghout that whole ordeal.
What the hell was that? I thought as I got hold of myself.
I knew exactly what that was because, by the tuning of my blood and by constant trembling of my insides meant the feeling of Kyle’s f!ngersagainst my back was intensely inti-mate. It left an aftershock to my system but also it left a s-en-se of longing.
I was busy pu-lling the dress off me and recollecting the moment, when I finally realised that I left my clothes back in the be-droom, where Kyle undoubtedly was.
“Well Fruck!” I hissed to myself. I certainly couldn’t go back in there like this. I was stark n-ked if you excluded the [email protected] on me.
“K-Kyle!” I called him.
He grunted a reply.
“Can you [email protected] me my clothes?” I asked him.
“Which ones?” He sounded amused by this.
Of course he would be!
“My hellokitty tee and sweats, I think they’re on the floor?”
“Yeah I see them.” He chuckled.
I heard the tell-tale sound of shuffling from my room before he ra-pped on the bathroom door.
“Don’t look!” I warned.
He chuckled. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
“I’m serious, Kyle!”
“I won’t!”
“I don’t trust you.”
“I’m not looking Keya. Jeez, I don’t see what the big deal is, I’ve seen your b©©b s before!”
I slightly opened the door discretely. “Yeah and we were ten, and I wasn’t even developed by then!” I argued, blu-shing as I remembered that day when we went swimming. Kyle and I had to share a changing room. I used the towel to put my un-derwear on but I had dropped it suddenly and revealed my che-st to Kyle.
It was safe to say that it was one of the most [email protected] moments of my life. I certainly didn’t want that repeated. But, who am I kidding; it wasn’t [email protected] I was feeling now. No, it was much more suggestive than that.
“I have my hand over my eyes, happy?”
I peaked at him from the door and indeed he had a hand over his eyes. So gr-abbing the clothes from his other hand I quic-kly shut the door before he could see anymore.
I heard his laugh from the other side. “I saw them!” He insinuated. “I saw Keya’s tits, I saw Keya’s tits!” He sang.
“You immature per-vert!” I snarled. My face was heating up at his remark. Some other feeling, a feeling I shouldn’t be feeling resurfaced.
“I was joking!” He said suddenly.
Once I finished getting into my comfortable clothing, I pu-ll-ed the bathroom door open to face him with my don’t-mess-with-me face.
The satisfied and quite c0cky sm-irk on his face, told me the exact truth.
“I can’t believe you Kyle!” I approached him and began poking him.
“I told you not to look! Do you do this to every girl? Know what, don’t answer that!” I huffed.
He was chuckling at my small outbur-st. “Chill, Keya! Seriously, it’s not that bigger of a deal!”
“It is to me!” I responded.
He scowled.
He didn’t un-derstand. I didn’t want him to un-derstand.
“Cheer up. I’m a guy and guys don’t mechanically submit to what they’re told. Besides I just glanced at them…” He folded his arms around his che-st. There’s was a small hint of his tone that sounded like he wasn’t fully satisfied by that.
Because he was wearing short sleeve t-shi-t, his movement allowed me to see the contacting muscles of his biceps.
The earlier fire I felt arousing me from his t©uçh resurfaced as I glanced at his form.
I was attracted to him. After almost eight years, I was finally attracted to my best friend.
The universe must have shifted. I thought grudgingly.
It irked me to finally realise this and the situation I was in with him at the moment didn’t help much either.
“See, I’m teasing you, like you’ve been teasing me about Mandy…why do you get to be mad?” He asked.
“That’s different! Kyle, me and you are–” I st©pped myself before I said anymore.
“Never mind.””What?” he asked, frowning?
“I said never mind!” I screeched.
He looked up at the heavens as if searching for divine providence to give him strength.
“I’m done arguing. You saw what you saw, it’s done. It doesn’t matter, it’s not like I want to know what you thought of my b©dy!” I frowned in mid-air and turned away from him, forcibly st©pping myself from rambling anymore more nons-en-se.
The tell-tale sound of his hitching breath was unmistakable. “Keya?”
“What?” I f0rç£d myself not to turn around.
“Face me.”
It was then that I felt myself being turned to face him by his gripping hands.
He had a hvge boyish grin on his face and I was trying my [email protected] to st©p myself from looking at him longingly because that grin caused his features to lighten.
“You have the S-xiest b©dy, I’ve ever seen, alright! Trust me when I say that I f0rç£ myself every day to try not to strangle the guys at school because of their ins-en-sitive comments about you.” He was serious now.
I frowned at that. “Is that why you chase them away from me?”
“I’m not dumb Kyle I know you tell every guy not to talk me.”
He was frowning confusingly at me. “What are you talking about?”
Was I wrong then? Was I being vain to think that? Maybe he was just saying those words to make me feel better, though they more than just made me feel better. Maybe it was my flaws after all that were a turn off to some people
“Why don’t guys in our school want to go out with me?” I asked him, even though, I was now asking myself.
An un-derstanding brimmed unto Kyle. “Because that’s just it. They don’t want to go out with you.”
I frowned.
“They only want to sleep with you, Keya, but they know how feisty and difficult you are so they don’t even bother try to woo you.”
I don’t know why but this made me laugh. It finally made s-en-se now.
“So they are chickens after all?” At that I laughed even more.
“I don’t see how this is funny!” Kyle was scowling worriedly at me.
I shook my head, trying to get hold of myself.
“And all of this time, I was trying to get them to notice me but they were just blatantly ignoring me because they didn’t want to mess with me.” I laughed.
I balled into fits, sitting on my be-d.
“I am so done with high school boys!”
Kyle was reluctantly smiling at me for my sake but I could tell by his wary look that he was worried I was going crazy.
“Can’t wait for Saturday.” I mumbled to myself.
Kyle caught on that and he frowned. “Where is this [email protected]? And why aren’t I invited.”
“I don’t know yet. Sav will tell you more about it tomorrow, or, you could befriend Ryland and get invite yourself.” I suggested.
By the sour look on his face told me that he definitely won’t be doing that any soon.
“Suit yourself.” I shrugged and then staring at pile on my be-d, I decided it was time to pack everything back to the closet.
“Who’s going to be there?” He asked.
“I don’t know Kyle. As I said, Sav knows. She’s the one who was talking to the guy and got an invite. But I think, probably his posse and a whole bunch of people I’ve never met.” I shrugged again.
“Help me?” I asked, gesturing to the pile.
He gave me an are-you-out-of-mind look.
“C’mon, pretty plea-se!” I pouted myl-ips, giving him a puppy-eyed face.
I watched for moment as he floun-dered, blinking suddenly as he gave me a lost and afflicted look. For mere seconds he stared right into me, the pool of green eyes seeping unto me and just like that, I felt alarmed.
“Fine.” He huffed, looking away, equally re-leasing me from his gaze. That’s when I realised that I had st©pped breathing and it took me a few while to finally snap out of that trance. The trance that was my dauntingly good looking best friend, Kyle Reyes.
✍️ Chapter Nine✍️
It was exactly after school on Friday when Sav literally bombarded me with unexpected turn of events.
She told me that she and I were to help out with the upcoming [email protected]
For the past two days, let’s just say I haven’t seen much of her.
Why? Two words: Ryland Rodes.
It seemed to me that they were really hitting it off because I [email protected] ever saw both of them at school. This led me to speculate that she has been abducted by him for the past two days.
My speculations were confirmed today when she told me of her whereabouts. According to her, she had been hanging around with Ryland and his college buddies. Apparently she was needed to sort out some of the [email protected] planning, since they’ve never thrown [email protected]– only attended them.
“So they managed to get music. They have ideas of what snacks and drinks they want.” She told me.
“Ideas? Is that all?” I asked in disbelief. “Sav you’ve been missing some [email protected] just for that?”
“What happened to ‘I’m concentrating solely on my studies this year, I need to get to college!'” It was her words she repeated to me every day when we got to school.
“Just the only [email protected] I know I don’t really need.” She defended herself.
I heaved a sigh, rolling my eyes.
“Besides that’s not only what we did.” She insinuated.
“Ugh, I don’t wanna know!” I blocked my ears with my hands.
“I can’t believe you!” I scolded. “You just met the guy.”
“Gosh, Keya I’m not a slut!” She scowled. “We didn’t do that-that! Just made out, that’s all.”
“I repeat; you have just met the guy!”
She rolled her eyes. We were almost near the parking lot.
“So are you coming or not? We need your help with the supplies. Plus you’ll get to meet his friends. I’m telling you, they’re hunks!” She screeched.
“How many are there?” I asked hesitantly. We were parked next each other.
“Just three. One of them has a girlfriend and she has a friend called Sally who’s too friendly for my liking.” She told me.
“Really what do these friends do?” I asked curiously.
“You’ll find out when you get to meet them!” She told me impatiently as she unlocked the car.
“Fine. I’ll go. But, I have to call my mom first. I’ll just tell her that I’m at your house. She’s yet to know about the [email protected] tomorrow.” As I said this I took my cell out and dialled my mother’s number.
She answered after the first ring.
“Poodles?” That was her nickname of me, because of my unkempt curls.
“Mom, I’m just calling you to inform you that I’ll be at Sav’s house for a while.” I said.
“Okay poodles, drive safe. Just call me when you’re coming home.”
“Bye, mother!”
“Laters, poodles.”
I sighed as I cut the call. You’d expect that I was used to the endearment by now. But, no, it still irked me to extreme.
“Are you re-ady?” Sav asked before getting into her car.
I nodded as I unlocked my own car and began the ignition.
I followed her car for about twenty minutes until she lead me to a neighbourhood that consisted of [email protected] which seemed to me—and this was judging by the people going in and out of the buildings—they were meant for college students.
I parked next to Sav and got out at same time she did and I deliberately left my backpack in the car. I took my cell and shoved it down my jean pocket and then met Sav halfway.
“The buildings are nice.” I said for plea-santry sake.
Sav only shrugged in response. “He only shares it with one of the guys, I think his name was James.” She frowned.
She led me to one of the entrance, dialled some number and waited as it rang.
“Yeah?” A voice boomed at the speaker.
“It’s Sav.”
A buzzer went off and the door was opened. Sav lead me into a set of stairs and we trudged them until we reached the second floor.
The door was alre-ady unlocked because when she pushed it, it opened without any restriction.
“Ryly?” She called out.
“Ryly? Really?” I snorted as we walked into the brightly lit hallway.
There were about four doors from my right and left and Sav lead me into the living room which was quite occupied.
The muted music [email protected]£ louder once we entered the inside and the first thing I noticed was the obscenely hvge plasma TV suited right across from us, at the wall. Some sort of music video was pla-ying on it.
“Hi!” A voice boomed in front of us and that was when I began to notice the people occupying the gaunt like U-shaped sofa.
I blinked at the person who greeted us and was surprised to find that it was a girl.
“I’m Sally!” She grinned, her voice and b©dy bubbling in excitement. She thrû-st her hand outward to shake mines.
“I’m Keya,” I smiled warily as I shook her hand. Her grip was firm and before I even knew it, I was pu-ll-ed into a hvg.
“I’m so excited! This [email protected] will be a blast!” She skrie-ked into my ear and I struggled out of her hvg.
“Sally, re-lease the poor girl, you’re scaring her.” A de-ep voice sounded behind me.
As Sally re-leased me with an apologetic look, she grinned at me before turning to face whoever talked.
I turned too and I think my jaw dropped.
Hunk. Sav’s unrelenting word was what was brimming in my mind as I got a look at the person before me.
The height was the first thing you saw and noticed, the guy was staggering around six foot five and that was judging from my perspective. He was probably an inch or two taller than Kyle.
“I’m James, Ryland’s roomie!” He thrû-st his hand out, whilst he shook the [email protected] of unkempt dark brown hair out of his face. I saw warm hazel eyes sparkling there.
“Keya,” I said taking his hand into a shake.
The firm grip on his hand told me of his strength which was unsurprising considering the muscles on him.
At this point I didn’t realise that my best friend had moved from my side until I saw her at the other end with Ryland. They seemed quite preoccupied on his computer.
“Exotic name for an exotic girl.” He complimented and I refrained from bur-sting out with laughter. That was the first time anyone has ever called me exotic.
“C’mon, I’ll introduce you to everyone.”
“Guys, this is Keya!” He told the group that consisted of a snuggled couple in the middle of the sofa and another guy on the far end.
“Keya, this is Dave…” He told me, pointing at the short, cropped-haired and browned skinned h0ttie who waved at me with a sm-irk on his face.
“And Ciara…” He pointed at the brown skinned beauty next to her, she frowned at James and gave me an awkward wave before turning back Dave. She leaned on his shoulder and sn-ked a possessive arm around him.
“… and finally, Sam,” He gestured to the blonde-haired and tan skinned on the far end of the sofa who seemed pretty preoccupied with his cell phone.
“Hi.” I waved back at them and awkwardly leaned back at my heels.
James moved away from me to Sally whom was staggering towards the table where it held a few beers and other alcoholic drinks. I discreetly moved to sit in one of the unoccupied plush chairs.
“Want a drink, Keya?” Sally [email protected]£ up to me holding a cup, just as I sat down.
I frowned. “Uh…What is it?”
“Just a mixture of vodka and coke…you’d want to get hyped up once we go shopping.”
“Shopping?” I asked, frowning.
“Yeah, shopping for drinks and food for tomorrow.” James popped behind her. “Didn’t Sav mention this to you?”
“Uh…kind of,” I replied, taking the drink from Sally’s hand.
I sniffed the contents and the penetrating smell of alcohol hit my nose. This wasn’t the first time I had a dose of alcohol so I shrugged and sipped from the cup. The vodka wasn’t strong but still I st©pped myself from consuming more.
Sally nodded to the music, grinning at me as if saying, “This is great!”
“Right!” Dave shouted getting up from the sofa, drawing everyone’s attention. “Are we going to do this or what?”
“Okay, so what do we need again?” Ryland asked.
“We need alcohol, snacks, a lot plastic plates and cups.” James replied.
“Jay, you’re definitely getting the alcohol, you have fake ID and you look like a freaking thirty year old man.” Dave said.
James rolled his eyes only to fold his arms across his che-st. And that action just emphasised his masculinity.
“You guys decide who’s getting what…this installation still hasn’t finished. Sav and I need to stay.” Ryland stated.
At that, I snapped my eyes all the way to Sav whose blush gave everything away.
Savannah Biers, I can’t believe you!
She was going to entrust me to strangers while she was going to get la-id.
I scowled at her, ignoring the conversation the others were having about the decision. Sav was blatantly ignoring my glare.
Oh just you stay ignorant Savannah Biers, cos I am really going to kill you with this death glare!
“Keya, what do you think?” James addressed me.
I’ve been too busy in my thoughts to realise the others were discussing the situation.
“Huh?” I asked, shaking my head to indicate that I didn’t un-derstand what he was talking about.
“We are splitting up.” He explained. “Dave and Ciara want to get the snacks, Sally and Sam will get the plates and cups, and so you and I will get the alcohol.”
“Oh.” I said.
He waited for my opinion.
“I don’t really mind to be honest.” I told him shrugging.
“Okay, it’s sorted then!” He replied, grinning at me.
“Are we going now-now?” Sally asked in an excited manner.
“Yes, we are-are!” I watched Sam rolling his eyes as he took out his phone again in obvious annoyance. Something told me that he didn’t want to go with her.
So with that, everyone—excluding Sav and Ryland—began to leave the [email protected] I wished I had found time to corner Sav and scold her for this. I knew she was going to do it with Ryland, even if she did just meet him three days ago.
She didn’t care. Of course she didn’t. If she wanted something, she will put effort to get it.
I caught Sav’s gaze before I left and my scowling and shaking of head told her enough of my disapproval. She only responded by shrugging rolling her eyes at me.
I turned away and followed James down the stairs and out of the [email protected] to his car. He drove a sleek model that had more curves than a female.
As he unlocked I went over to the [email protected]£nger side and got in. The inside was remarkable.
Boys really knew how to take care of their toys. I thought whilst whistling in appreciation.
“Nice!” I said, nodding my head as I looked around.
“I know right! I’ve been with this baby since like forever!” He told me.
I smiled and he began the ignition.
“So which liquor store are we going to?” I asked him.
“It’s near the superstore, I’m not sure you know it. But yeah it’s very handy sometimes. We’ll check there first and the superstore last.” He told me.
I nodded and sat pliantly with both of my hands clasping one another.
He drove us away from the [email protected] and it was after five minutes of awkward silence before he spoke.
“So…” He dragged. “What do you think of Ryland?”
My eyes darted to his hazel one in confusion. I frowned, “What do I think of Ryland?”
His eyes were trained at the windshield, on the road and I saw hisl-ips twitching into a small sm-irk. “Yeah.” He shrugged.
I giggled, it was a nervous reaction. “I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I mean, I haven’t talked the guy enough to have an opinion of him.”
“I know, but since your friend seems to have hooked herself to him, I’m sure you’re worried.”
I snorted. “You’re quite perceptive.” I shifted in my seat, uncomfortable by his suggestive look.
“In a serious note, I don’t have an opinion on Ryland. Not yet anyway. And yes, I’m quite worried but then again I know Sav. I know that she knows what she’s getting herself into.”
He stared at me for a moment, and then as if something was funny he chuckled.
“What’s so funny?” I asked.
“The fact that your friend and my friend sound exactly alike.” He said.
I mused, turning away from his gaze.
“How did you meet Ryland, anyway?” I asked.
“High school…it was sort of the last two years of it.” He told me.
“It was mutual cir¢vmstances, nothing dramatic. But since then, we’ve been pretty ti-ght.” He continued as he swerved right heading for the road that will lead to the town’s superstore.
We remained silence for a few while until he spoke again.
“He’s a good guy, he may be hated by some few girls considering his habit of slee-ping with them only to drop them the next morning, but, de-ep down he’s a good guy.” He said.
I couldn’t help my snort. “I kind of guessed how he was like judging from his Facebook page. Anyway it’s not me who you should be telling this. It’s Sav.”
He glanced at me from the corner of his eyes. “Right-Right.”
It was then that he packed near the liquor store and I grudgingly got out from his car and waited as he did the same.
I followed him inside the store.
“Just act like you’re older.” He said, staring up and down at me before opening the door.
I glared at his back. I mean, I knew he was over six foot and considering my height I was way shorter than him. But the guy could at least give me some credit. It’s not like I was currently in an immature hyperactive mood.
I followed him to the beer isle and he was musing at the choices.
“Which beer, do you like?” He asked.
“Uh…I don’t drink.” I told him, shrugging.
He stared at me for a long while. It was as if he was drinking me in. “Right-Right.” He shrugged.
“I doesn’t matter anyway, beer is beer, right?” He gave me that full-on sm-irk.
And I was left blinking uncontrollably at how extremely attrac-tive he looked when he pu-ll-ed that boyish sm-irk.
I was suddenly aware of a blush surfacing beneath my skin, although concealed by my skin colour, I realised at that moment that I found him quite attrac-tive.
I watched as he [email protected]£d two packs of beer, his biceps contracting at the weight and I had to shake the suggestive thoughts away in order to concentrate on the task on hand.
He was asking me to get another pack and I was staring at him as if he were a supermodel strutting up the runway.
“Do you think it’s enough?” He asked me turning to the wine section.
I mused. “I think so, but just gr-ab vodka, whiskey, tequila and some wine and that will be it.” I suggested.
He was staring at me again. “I thought you said you didn’t drink.”
“Just because I rarely consume alcohol doesn’t mean I don’t know about it.”
He grinned. “Right-Right.” He said as if in defeat. “Help me get the bottles then.”I did. I also helped him carry the bottles and packs to his car after paying for the drinks. I seemed ignorant and uninterested when the cashier announced the total price, but that was an act.
It was an obscene amount for just alcohol, but then again I wasn’t the one paying.
We were done getting the drinks into the car when he suggested we cruise to the superstore and so I walked beside him for a few minutes.
“So…how did you meet, Sav?” He shoved his hands into his jean pocket.
“During freshmen year. Well, since I hadn’t made myself fit in with other girls, I was just amongst the boys and by boys I mean just two, Kyle and Ned.” I told him shrugging.
It seemed harmless to tell him a little bit about my history and so I continued talking.
“We were paired up for a research project and so that’s how we [email protected]£ friends.”
He was frowning, as if musing about something. “Did you say, Kyle?”
“Yeah, Kyle Reyes, he’s sort of my best friend.” I shrugged.
He had both of his eyebrows pu-ll-ed upwards as he gazed incredulously down at me.
“Kyle Reyes is your best friend?” He seemed genuinely shocked.
I frowned at his reaction, “Yeah. Do you know him or something?”
“Know him?” He said this as if it was the most obvious thing. “The guy saved my @ss!”
“What? Really? How?”

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