S-xual de-sire Episode 6 & 7

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
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✍️ Chapter Six✍️
“Wait, Sav, are you interested in Ryland Rodes?” Ned asked, his eyes trained warily at Sav. He then averted his eyes to where Ryland was still sitting. Ned looked worried.
“Well, yeah. Have you seen him?” Sav sighed dreamily, glancing at Ryland’s table.
“But he’s just so…so…,” Ned trailed fl!çk!ng his hand as he searched for a word in his head to describe him.
“Antisocial.” Kyle suggested.
“Yes! That’s it.” Ned hit his hands on the table, startling both me and Sav.
“That’s because he thinks too lowly of guys around here.” Sav shrugged. “He sounded completely normal when I was talking to him. So flir-ty too.”
“Too lowly of us?” Ned was astonished.
“Well, yeah. But I think that might be because he’s supposed to be a year older than us. He’s on grade retention.”
“Wait, he transferred down?” I asked, surprised at this fact. In fact, staring at him now, it kind of made s-en-se. The whole bad boy austerity.
“But for only two of the subjects he failed last year.”
“Well kudos to him. He can think lowly of us however he likes. I’m not looking to be friends with him anyway.” Kyle said.
I turned to him with my mouth agape. This was a surprise considering Kyle was cool with everyone.
Kyle avoided my accusing stare and chose to frown somewhere else. I looked towards where he was currently staring.
Mandy br@xton. Of course. Mandy br@xton was that one girl you knew that had everything she wanted. She was that girl whose father owned some companies and so was consequently treated as a princess. She was that sweetly fake girl that had an era of fake posse worsh!ping her very being.
I had no problem with Mandy br@xton. Our paths never crossed before. I had no opinion about her she had no opinion about me. Like most cliché she wasn’t the supposedly b!tch of the school that treated everyone like $h!t. No, Mandy br@xton knew what she wanted and got wanted. Besides everything was offered on platter for her to take and do as she plea-sed.
I had no problem with Mandy br@xton but Kyle did.Ever since the beginning of high school, Kyle has had the biggest crush on Mandy br@xton as far as I remember.
Before he lost the nerd look, he never plucked up the courage to go and talk to her. It was after he bec@m£ this just-too-damn-S-xy-to-be-real. For that time, he’d forgotten about Mandy br@xton since all the girls were throwing themselves at him, literally.
It wasn’t until last month when he bu-mped into her that he remembered his crush on her. He instantly turned on his charm on her, expecting her to fall unto his feet like most girls, but, he had been in for a surprise when she didn’t ever batter her eyelashes at him.
I had tried and failed not laugh at him when he’d repeated how she just gave him a dirty look, as if he were trash, before strutting off the opposite direction.
Since then, he has been smitten, which was surprising since she was the longest girl he’d ever chased.
“Aww Kyle, its cute how you’re drooling again.” I sm-irked as I tea-sed him.
Ned looked at where we both were staring and started snickering.
“Oh Mandy,
Well you k!$$£d me and st©pped me from shaking,” Ned began singing.
I couldn’t pas-s this opportunity as I joined him by finishing with, “And I nee-d you today, oh Mandy.”
Kyle glared at the both of us, his jaw ti-ght£ñing in slight anger. “Shut the fuuk up!”Ned and I both laughed at him as we continued teasing him, Sav joined in once she st©pped gawking over at Ryland’s table and lunch break, for me, felt like blast.
“Seriously though.” Ned said. “Why don’t you just ask her out?”
“Never. I don’t do girlfriends even if its Mandy br@xton. But goddamit I want to fv¢k her so bad.” Kyle gro-an ed, defeated.
I was way past being disgusted by the conversation Kyle and Ned always had regarding girls and their S-x life.
“Maybe she doesn’t like the way you speak to her.” I suggested. “Did you ever try just having a normal conversation with her, instead of one involving the terminology of S-x?”
Kyle narrowed his eyes at me. “What will that achieve?” He asked. “In the end all I want is her v@g!n@ , not a relationsh!p.”
“For Pete’s sake Kyle!” I scolded him.
“What? It’s the truth.” He shrugged.
I stared at him disgustingly before closing my eyes, praying for divine intervention to help me, not strangle this boy.
“But isn’t she longest girl you’ve ever chased?” Sav asked curious.
“And the longest to ever resist me.” He said grumpily.
“Oh I see, you find her challenging.” Sav snickered.
“He just enjoys the chase,” I added. And we all laughed at him. While he gave each of us one of his dont-mess-with-me glares.
“I’m breaking her, I’m telling you, by the end of this week she’s going to give in.” He affirmed.
“Oh yeah?” Ned asked. “You wanna bet?”
Kyle gave him a challenging look before shaking hands with him. “I get to b¡tch sl@p you three times in your face.”
Ned winced and that told me that he’s felt the strength of Kyle’s sl@ps. “And I do the same to you.” He sealed the deal.
I rolled my eyes at them and turned to Sav for a more sane conversation but that was when the school bell rang and lunch ended.
“English right now?” Sav asked me.
I was dra-ping my backpack onto my shoulder as I nodded at her.
The way she was staring over Ryland’s table told me how much she wished she could take my place in that English clas-s.
“Okay, Sav, I’m starting to think you’ve developed a crush on him. We nee-d to talk about this.”
She reluctantly retreated her eyes away from him. “He’s just so…” She flailed, lost for words to describe him.
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll see you after school.” I told her as started leaving.
“Okay…wait hold up!” she shouted.
I spun around to face her, “What?” I asked confused.
“Um…okay, can you drop this on his table?” She said, handing me a piece of paper.
I curiously opened it before she could st©p me.
“Sav that’s your number.” I affirmed as I studied her digits.
“Shh… I know. So just drop it on his table.” She told me firmly with a straight face.
I frowned. “Why?”
“Well he’d be curious about who’s number it is, so he’ll call it.” She said.
“Another one of your plans? You’re coming to my house, I have to be there to witness his phone call.” I giggled.
“Shush.” She swat her hand.
I laughed and hurriedly left for my clas-s.
When I got there with a few others trailing behind me, I thanked the heavens to find that Ryland wasn’t yet in his sit. So with precise and unsuspected movements, I discreetly placed the note in his seat, so that it will be evident for him to see when he was about to sit down.
I sat on my sit next to his and went about with my usual routine.
It was after five minutes when everyone including Mr Shettleston—our teacher—were in the clas-s. I watched from the corner of my eyes as Ryland picked up the note with a frown marring his features. He studied the contents and then looked around the clas-s for the culprit. When no one stared back, he shoved the paper in his jean pocket and then concentrated at what Mr Shettleston was teaching.
I sm-irked inwardly, thinking of the outcome of this whole situation.
Sav was definitely ambitious with what she wanted.
✍️ Chapter Seven✍️
We were currently in my be-droom; Sav was occu-pying my l@pt©p whilst I finished off my Calculus homework. Background music was blasting in my stereo and we both were humming along while doing our tasks.
A knock ra-pped against my door and my mother popped in before I cons£nted.
“Hey girls.” She greeted us, holding a tray containing subs and jui-ces.
My mother, Kelly Reynolds, was just a year younger than Teddy, my father. Although she was forty four, you could not tell because she had a b©dy and face of someone twenty years younger. With her greyish-green eyes—which I think I somehow inherited from her—the sandy blonde locks of her curly hair, her features were enlightened. Her skin although sometimes tanned, had no traces of wrinkles whatsoever.
Her youth was both thri-lling and a curse. thri-lling because it gave me hope that if she looked as young as she did while above forty then I may as well look young when I was her age someday.
It was a curse because whenever I was out with her, people either thought she was either my friend or distant cousin because despite the skin colour difference I had her features.
My mother relished their compliments and never corrected their mistakes, she went along with it every time and I will only roll my eyes all throu-gh that ordeal.
She placed the tray next to me on the be-d.
“Thanks mom,” I told her as I started gorging on the sandwich.
“So what are you girls up to? What’s the 411? Any gossips lately?”
“Mom!” I scolded her while Sav giggled.
“What?” My mother asked seeming to be ignorant of her intruding.
“Don’t you have important things to do?” I asked.
“Nope, I won’t return to the hospital for a few days, so I’m just going to hang with you guys.” As she said this, she slumped herself next to me on the be-d. My mother was a GP doctor.
I scowled at her. “Mom, can you not!” I shouted when she drew in closer to me to see what I was doing.
She held both of her hands up,” Sorry!” She said as if in mock defeat.
I only rolled my eyes and continued with my work.
“Wow you girls are boring.” My mother commented after five minutes of watching us get on with our work.
Sav giggled again.
“Mom, plea-se.” I gestured for her to leave.
“Don’t you guys at least have anything interesting in your lives?” She asked rhetorically.
“I mean, when I was your age, I was wild. I remember once when there was this concert pla-ying and at that time I was grounded so I snuck out of my room. I broke an ankle that night and your grandma punished me double time when she found out. But it was so worth it because not only did I get to watch my favourite band pla-y, but, I met your daddy that night too.” She told us.
“Aww.” Sav cooed as she stared expectantly at my mother.
“Yeah, well that was a hundred years ago. Things have changed from your days, kids these days are boring.” I told her but inside I was silently relishing her words.
She didn’t know it but I loved it whenever she told me about her days when she met my father. It was sweet really. Well, that night she snuck out, she limped to the stadium that held the concert. She bu-mped into Teddy, and instantly sparks flew, fireworks blasted etc. He helped her out with her ankle and they spent that concert night getting to know each other.
They d@t£d a week later and since then they’d been inseparable. When they both graduated high school, they married and people thought it would never have lasted since they both were going in different colleges; Kelly to medical school and Teddy to Law school. But, with a lot of travelling expenses spent, they managed to make it work. They both graduated with their degrees, bought a house and a few years later on, I was born.
My mother told me I was a miracle baby, because I was delivered prematurely.
Something about complications with her uterus which did not allow her to have any other children afterwards. So that was why I did not have any other siblings and that was why I was always fondled and spoilt rotten by both of them; because I survived.
“Okay, okay.” My mother giggled before getting off my be-d.
“I’ll see you girls later, enjoy doing your boring work.” She bid us adieu as she left.
“Your mom is cute.” Sav commented afterwards.
I snorted shaking my head at her.
“OMIGOD! He accepted me!” Sav bur-st out ten minutes later.
“What? Who? Where?” I asked as I manoeuvred myself next to her.
“Ryland freaking Rodes!” She skrie-ked. “We are now friends according to Facebook.”
I think she was hyperventilating because she was breathing in heaves. I stared at the Facebook page of Ryland Rodes, confirming that indeed he and Savannah Biers were now friends.
“Oh.” I said.
“That picture of him is frucking h0t I might just die.” Sav screeched into my ear as she opened up his profile pic. It consisted of him half n-ked on the be-d. His face staring longingly at the c@m£ra as he bit hisl-ip. You could tell that he took the picture himself because you could see his arms stretching out but I think he might have done it on purpose because it revealed his flexing biceps.
I saw why Sav thought it was h0t.
“So Savannah Biers finally has crush.” I tea-sed.
She deliberately ignored my comment as she scoffed and asked, “Should I talk to him?”
“I don’t know. Is he online? It’s up to you really.”
She shrugged. “I might just message him.”
I shrugged too as I leaned backwards from my be-d. “I think your plan of giving him your number might have failed.”
She looked away from my l@pt©p, to stare at me. “But you said you saw him putting the number in his pocket.”
“He did….hmm maybe he just forgo—”
Just as I was about to finish my s£ntence, the annoying ringtone from Sav’s phone blasted off, echoing in my room.
We both remained in shocked silence, our eyes trained on her phone on t©p of my drawer as it was charging.
Five seconds of this and Sav decided to snap out of her trance as she lunged for the phone.
“Unknown number,” Sav commented before she answered.
Her greeting was followed by a sudden uncontrolled giggling and this surprised me because Sav never giggled.
“I…no, sorry, it’s Sav… Savannah Biers from lunch.” She told whoever was on the other line.
“Well, how strange…” She bit herl-ip.
“…Okay, okay you got me. I got my friend to do it.” She laughed.
I then that figured out that whoever she was talking to was indeed, Ryland Rodes.
“Why? Well I’ll let you into a little secret,” She began her flir-ting.
I only rolled my eyes as I shifted closer to her so I could at least hear what they were talking to about. However, as I tried to shift closer to her, Sav only moved away from me, giving me the, absolutely-no-way-am-I-letting-you-hear-what-he-is-saying look.
I frowned at her and she shook her head, moving her f!nger to herl-ips in gesture that was meant to shush me.
I scowled and she ignored me by turning around.
“I like you…that’s the secret…(giggling)… I know I tend to be straight forward… really? (more giggling)…definitely!”
At this point, I was extremely curious about their conversation, but as I tried to chase Sav, she only then decided to move to my bathroom and before I even got to her, she slammed the door at my face.
I was stupefied, left foun-dering at her rudeness. Huffing and puffing, I decided to move on to my be-d and entertain myself with something else.
It didn’t help that I could hear Sav’s constant giggles. I went to my l@pt©p, opened her Facebook page and began to spy on Ryland Rodes. Why? Well, for safety reasons. I wanted to see what sort of person he was; if he was a serial-killer or not. Not that he would go on Facebook telling everyone that he was, but then again, you never knew what people put on the internet.
After five minutes of surfing on his profile, I figured Ryland Rodes was a p@rty kind of person. His ph0to albu-m was bombarded with pictures of him tagged in different p@rties. Most of them consisted of him surrounded by girls, those sort of girls that no matter what people said you knew they were sluts.
There were a few of his status that made him seem human, but most were funny in a sort of dirty way.
I was busy going over his tagged pictures when Sav bur-st into my room with a hvge grin on her face.
“Let me guess, Ryland Rodes?” I asked.
She replied by slamming her b©dy on the be-d next to me, giggling in that way that was beginning to freak me out.
After she got a hold of herself she sat up from the be-d, and grinned at me and stated, “I like him.”
“You don’t say.”
She rolled her eyes at my sarcasm. “Well, I do.”
I frowned at her. “So…what happened, you were in that bathroom for more than twenty minutes.”
“I don’t know. We just got talking.” She said vaguely.
“About?” I asked.
I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at her vagueness.
“So did he sound like he might like you back?” I asked.
“Will he have invited me to his p@rty this Saturday if he hadn’t?” She asked, pretending to clean her nails.
I gaped at her. “Sav, this is serious! Really, he’s throwing a p@rty?”
“Yeah…it’s his ap@rtment anyway. Well he shares it with his college friend…but anyway he told me I could invite people since I had connections, whatever that meant.” She grinned.
I snorted. I knew what he meant. Sav almost knew everyone, even the freshies.
“If word gets out, every s£nior will be there because of their curiosity.” I told her.
“Ah well, the more the better…so I’m inviting you, but then again, why do I nee-d to invite you when I alre-ady know you’ll be coming with me.”
I sma-cked her arm at her comment but inside a bubbling excitement surfaced.
“I am definitely going.”
“I know, you wouldn’t miss it for the world. Besides look at it this way, he’s got friends, they don’t know Kyle. You might as well lose your vir-ginity on Saturday.”
An excited screech escaped my mouth at the possibility, however, as I thought about it more, the more frightened I bec@m£.
Did I really want this? I questioned myself.
Yes… Maybe.
I didn’t get to think more about it because Sav was suddenly cursing.
“Fruck, my parents are going to kill me! I was meant to pick up, Lily ten minutes ago!” As she said this, she began trudging off my be-d and packing her things unto her backpack.
“Aww poor Lily, I don’t think she’s going to forgive you.”
Lily was Savannah’s six year old sister and like Sav, she had full b!own blue eyes and blonde, she was basically a miniature of Sav but with a dose of adorable. Lily was a ballerina dancer and took clas-ses three times a week. Since Sav’s parents were always working during school hours, they gave Sav the responsibility of picking up Lily after her clas-ses.
“Okay, I think I’ve got everything. I’m surprised the studio hasn’t called me yet…anyway remember Saturday. p@rt-ay! Start looking for an outfit! Now!” She told me as she hvgged me goodbye and raced downstairs to the front door.
I heard her briefly saying goodbye to my mother downstairs before the slamming door indicated her dep@rture.
I reflected over the turn of events for a few moments, thinking of how Sav has never virtually chased — if that’s what you called it — a guy like she has with Ryland. Judging from what I collected whilst spying on his Facebook page, he was a pla-yer and a d!¢khe@d. I just hoped that Sav didn’t have expectations of him. But knowing Sav, I knew once she had the guy wra-pped around her f!ngers, eventually she’d get tired and move on to someone else.
I decided to finish my Biology project write-up, in order to get it over and done with because it was nagging at the back of my mind. But I also knew this was my own version of procrastination to pick out an outfit for Saturday.
I knew once I opened my wardrobe that it would take more than an hour of rampaging clothes to find that one perfect outfit.
I managed to get some of the writing done before finally deciding to face the inevitable. Once I opened my closest–which was more of a small room than closet–I sighed at the ton of clothing inside.
Most of the stuff, were bought by my fashion-crazed mother. She loved dresses, Sk-irts and blouse, anything girly considering that she was a doctor. So my closet was dominated by her choice. The only clothes I could proudly say I bought by myself, were the jeans, t-shi-ts and converses in the far corner.
I stared longingly at my corner before going to the direction of newly unworn out-going clothes. From there I took out mini dresses, Sk-irts, ti-ghts, blouses and heels and left the closet quic-kly.
So that is what I have been doing for the past thirty minutes or so, trying on outfits and discarding them when they didn’t go with what I pictured in mind.
I was busy next to the mirror adjusting one of the ti-ght mini dress when I felt a pres£nce watching me from the door.
I spun around and found Kyle’s beseeching eyes raking all over my b©dy. The fact that his eyes were drinking and praising me from head to toe didn’t go unnoticed. I knew that this outfit brou-ght out my legs which were the reasons why I was five foot six instead of five. I also knew that the lack of stra-ps from the dress meant that my che-st was strutted upwards, so my C-cu-p were almost unravelling.
To be continued…