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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sexual desire Episode 37 & 38

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( A night with my best friend 🛌)
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✍️ Chapter Thirty—Seven(37)✍️



It turned out that Kyle didn’t need to spend money for the flight to Chicago.
Apparently, Jason had made plans out of the blue to travel to Seattle, to open up a new firm.

I had just hung up from a phone call with Anabelle, telling her about the trip Kyle and I were going to make. Although she was ecstatic that Kyle and Jason were finally going to meet after eight years. I could tell there was nervousness in her voice. Hell, I was freaking out too.

The ironic thing about the whole trip was how Kyle seemed calm about everything. Even after packing for the journey, getting into his car and driving out of Portland, he remained silent and collected.

The drive took about four hours. Four hours of awkward silences that were barely saved by the music on the radio. When we finally reached Seattle, it was evening. Kyle parked his car in front of the hotel Annabelle had mentioned they were staying at. It looked insanely expensive like one of those elite hotels where you only found the rich and powerful. A valet was ready to take Kyle’s car for parking the minute we got out with our luggage.

At the receptionist,

we were handed the keys to the room Annabelle had booked for us. It was a suite and again she’d used the company money. It seemed Jason Reyes trusted her for him to entrust her with such money. However, there weren’t any complaints in my part once I saw how amazing the room was.

It had two bedrooms each with their own impressive respective bathrooms, a living lounge with a huge sofa facing toward one hell of a plasma TV. And the balcony overlooking a great Seattle view.

“Damn.” Kyle voiced out my sentiment as he appraised the place.
I darted toward the balcony and admired the stunning view. I felt the presence of Kyle next to me before he could say anything. I waited for that initial burst of conversation but he was like a statue beside me.

Biting my lip, I turned to face him only for him to startle at my actions, looking as if he’d been caught doing something he was not meant to do.

I intended to ask him how he was feeling so far, however before I could speak a knock at the door rapt loudly, obliterating my attempt. I left Kyle at the balcony to open the door. Whether he followed me or not, I wasn’t sure as I disappeared in the hallway.

Upon opening the door, Anabelle poked her head through and when she saw me she instantly pulled me into a hug.

“It’s great to see you again Keya.” She said, releasing me.

I welcomed her presence because

it saved me being alone with Kyle in a hotel room. I couldn’t ignore the knot that has been twirling in my stomach since we stepped into the room. My heart was yet to calm down from its lamentations.

“Hello, Kyle.” She stepped out of the hallway into the living room to greet Kyle whom stood near the balcony door looking somewhat frazzled by her presence.

Anabelle took three strides to meet him with a hand strutted out for a handshake. “I’m Anabelle, your brother’s personal assistant and friend.”

“I heard.” He took her offering hand, the tone of his voice indicating restraint.

Anabelle beamed at him for a long time before she spoke again. “It’s great to finally meet you, I’ve heard a lot you about from your brother.”

Kyle didn’t relax at her warmness in fact he seemed more unobtrusive and wary of her. Anabelle was ignorant of this when she continued explaining who she was and the brief description about Jason Reyes background as CEO.

My phone had rung at that moment and taking the advantage to leave them to acquaint themselves I left for the balcony to take the call.

It was Kelly.


“Just checking up on you guys. Did you get there safely?”

“Yes, we are in the hotel room now.”

“That’s good. I hope it all works out Key, Kyle needs you to be there for him more than anything right now despite you know…your break up.” She told me.

I sighed. “I know mom. I know.”

“Okay, be safe.”

“I will.”

“Send my love to Kyle.”

“Okay, mom. Love, you.”

“Love you too Poodles. See you in three days.”

I hung up and turned for the living room. They were now sitting on the sofa. Kyle’s eyes rigid on his clasped hands, while Anabelle still bore that gleam of adoration for him.

When I made my presence known, Kyle sprung up.

“My mom was checking on us.” I explained holding the phone up even though I knew an explanation was not needed.

“I was just asking Kyle if it would be okay to go for dinner now. Jason will be joining us.” Anabelle said.

My eyes darted to Kyle my eyebrow shooting up in question whether he was mentally prepared for what was to come. External he wore that calm and collected expression but I knew deep down how nervous he must be. So, I strode over to him and took his hand. I couldn’t ignore the sigh of relief I felt emanating from him in response to my touch.

“Good?” I asked.
He nodded in reassurance. “Good.”


We followed Anabelle downstairs to the exquisite hotel restaurant that screamed five stars. The waiter serving us lead us to a booth at the corner and I was still a ball of nervousness as I sat down with Kyle scooting over next to me, while Anabelle sat opposite us.

She was still chatting to us until her phone rang. As she answered it, I turned to Kyle.

“You okay?” I asked him.

He had his arms over the table his hands clasped together while fiddling his thumb.

“No.” He told me truthful, his green eyes paling on me. “I wasn’t earlier but now that it’s actually happening.” He took a nervous breath.

“Guys,” Anabelle called.

We both looked toward her.

She had her lips pressed together as if in annoyance. “He’s cancelled dinner.”

Kyle froze next to me, his hands clenching. He stood up from the booth.

“No…please it’s my fault.” Anabelle grabbed his arm and he flinched, yanking his arm away.

“Gosh I’m so stupid. It’s not because he doesn’t want to see you…I didn’t tell him.” She was flustered in panic.

I tried not to glare at her as I got up too and took Kyle’s fisted hand upon my own. I felt him relax a tiny bit. Somehow my hand entwined with his gave him the strength to say, “We are leaving,” in a clipped dismissal tone.

Kyle began unintentionally hauling me away from her. I looked back at her, my eyes and mouth telling her not to follow us. We exited the restaurant, heading toward the foyer when Kyle stopped dead in his tracks suddenly, making me bump against him.

I stared in confusion at him and then my eyes followed where he was glaring at. I gasped. Standing two feet from us, in a frozen stance similar to Kyle was none other than Jason Reyes, adorned in grey suit and holding a briefcase just like any businessman.

His stunned expression was unfailing and I felt Kyle’s hand tensing on mine almost cutting off my blood circulation.

“Kyle?” Jason staggered backwards slightly.
Kyle was frigid beside me, the air iced with tension and the only thing audible was Kyle’s rapid breathing. I could tell from his stance that he was in turmoil within himself. He was trying to decide whether to stay rooted where he was or flee from the situation.

“Jason.” Kyle’s voice broke the silence.

“What…how?” Then looking behind us he scowled. Anabelle appeared from behind us, crossing the distance to stand next to Jason whom was still trying to process the current situation.

“You.” He glared down at Anabelle but she only grinned at him, nodding as if answering his tacit question only the two of them understood. The connection between them was staggering and I watched his scowl wavering at her smile. She affected him just as much as he affected her. At least for her it was not an unrequited love as she had described it to me the first time I had met her.

I turned to Kyle and his eyes were glowering on the floor, as if his confidence had depleted and was unsure how to handle seeing his brother after so many years. I knew deep inside, he was feeling a catapult of emotions; all the pain, hurt he suffered. The betrayal. And that arresting feeling of being unwanted by his family hindering every good thing about his life.

I moved, making him follow me since he still held my hand like a vice and headed toward the stairs of the fire exit. He sat on the fourth step, releasing my hand only for it to join the other and clutching his head that was on his knees.

“Ky?” I kneeled in front of him probing his hands so that I could catch his eyes. When they caught my mine, I gasped. Raw and conflicted. My hand moved to his cheek.

“Ky, I know how hard this is for you right now. But you’ve come so far. Everything right now might seem like it’s going on fast forward motion, but the million thoughts that are telling you you’re unwanted are far from truth.” I wiped the lone tear from his cheek.

For the first time in his life, Kyle began to cry.

I hugged him although the hug was awkward in the position I was in but I never let go of him.

“It’s going to be okay Kyle. Please don’t cry.” I told him, my own voice raw with emotion. I refused to cry. He needed me to his sole strength right now and if I break down too, it would worsen his feelings. The pain he felt doubled over me and I couldn’t bear watching him cry silently as if he couldn’t control the tears streaming down no matter how hard he tried.

I grabbed his face with both hands, my thumbs wiping the last remaining tears and I gave him the best smile I could muster. He tried to return it but failed.

I don’t know what compelled me to do it. It was upon watching how hard he was trying to make himself seem okay that I just couldn’t help it. I kissed him. Chastely but arduously filled with every fibre of emotion I felt for him. He responded quickly grabbing me closer to deepen the kiss but I pulled away instantly before I could lose myself.

It took every urge to pull away from him, I wanted nothing more than to succumb in the kiss and let it take us wherever it leads. But I also wanted to comfort him and I didn’t know any other way. My kiss him told him what he needed to know. That I was still here, wanting him more than anything. The kiss conveyed every feeling I had for him.

He looked conflicted and a little displeased at why I pulled away. I smiled at him, resisting the urge to kiss him again as I stood up offering my hand. He took it, finally able to give me a small smile.

Jason and Anabelle were waiting for us when we emerged. Jason took a step toward us and Kyle faltered taking a step back.

“You can do this. I’m here, right next to you. Always.” I whispered to him.

He took a deep cleansing breath

“I came here for two reason, Jason.” Kyle said in a clear tone, squeezing my hand as if seeking confidence for what he was about to say next. “One, is to hear your side of things and two…” Kyle freed my hand only of his to dig deep in his jean pocket. He produced the envelope now mattered and folded. He took two steps to reach Jason and offered the envelop back to its original owner as he said. “I don’t need this, your money. I’ve been fine on my own for the last eight years without your help.”

Jason stood stunned, mouth slightly agape and eyes adhered down at Kyle’s hand that had the envelope. He looked upward to catch his brother’s eyes and they were at same level, both six-foot-tall giants with similar features, they could practically be twins.

“Kyle.” Jason said, his Adams apple bobbing. His eyes brimming slightly with tears as he took a step closer toward Kyle. “Can’t I at least hug you little bro? It’s been years.”

Kyle froze as Jason closed the distance between them by draping his arms around Kyle in a brief bear hug. I watched helpless at Kyle’s shuddering shoulders as he tried to return the hug. It was too awkward but heartfelt for both parties.

Anabelle was tearing up behind them and she came to stand to me, draping an arm over my waist as we both watched the scene before us. It was the long-awaited reunion she had hoped for and it was finally taking place.


✍️ Chapter Thirty—Eight(38)✍️


👙 Semi-finale👙
Anabelle and I explored the hotel, more like walked aimlessly from floor to floor while giving the brothers their time to talk. We discovered an arcade room, a swimming pool area and finally a spa. We spent the next hour or so, treating ourselves by getting pampered in the hotel spar. We got to know more about each other, finding more things in common. Like how we were both an only child, how we both shared the same birthday month and how we both enjoyed the movie “Friends with benefits”. By the time we returned at our hotel room, I literally felt like I had new skin from the spar.

The first thing I sought upon entering the room was Kyle. He sat almost pliantly but peaceful with his eyes closed while laughing and Jason at the bar area pouring himself a glass of what looked to be whisky.

“You’re laughing.” Anabelle stated, her astonished expression mirroring mine perfectly.

They both turned at our entrance, Kyle’s eyebrows shot up as he appraised our outfit. We were both adorned in white long bathroom gowns while holding our clothes, the after effects of spar treatment.

I returned the secretive smirk he gave me as I moved to sit down opposite him. The fact that his mood had taken a quick one eighty somehow released the earlier affliction I felt from leaving him alone with his brother.

“Good?” I asked him.
He nodded in affirmation.

“I ordered room service while you were both out.” Jason announced from the kitchen area. “I know I ruined dinner plans, it’s the least I can do.”

“It’s very thoughtful.” Anabelle beamed at him.

“Thank you.” I smiled at Jason warily. He was staring at Kyle and I with amusement and I felt self-conscious.

“You don’t have any schedule for tomorrow, by the way.” Anabelle stated, nudging Jason lightly after a moment of awkward silence that hadn’t relapsed. It was obvious that their relationship was not a formal one between boss and subordinate.

“Yes.” Jason looked at Annabelle as if trying to ascertain her state of approach.

“You’ll be free all day.” She probed.

“Right…um,” Jason rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly as he looked from her to us. “Do you guys want to hang out tomorrow…maybe take a tour of Seattle?”

Anabelle grinned at us expectantly.

“Yeah…sure why not.” I shrugged, while Kyle nodded in assent.

“Great!” Annabelle clasped her hands in excitement, startling all of us. Jason, on the other hand only smiled awkwardly. “I’ll arrange everything,” she continued.

“Well, enjoy your dinner you two. Maybe tomorrow we can all eat together.” Anabelle suggested and Jason nodded in agreement.

“Thank you.” Kyle and I said at the exact time. We got up from the sofa and bid them goodnight.

The minute the door closed. I took a deep shaky breath at the stark realisation that once again I was alone with Kyle. I entered the living area, twiddling the straps of my gown and saw his form spread across the sofa, one his arm across his upper face.

I walked toward him and stood over him.

“So…” I probed. “How did it go? What did he have to say?”

Kyle removed his arm and the light caught on his eyes, emphasising the crystalline green hues that robed me off oxygen instantly. Those same eyes never left mine as he sat up and turned his body in my direction. The intensity of the silence that followed overwhelmed me to a point that I forgot the question I asked in the first place.

“We just…talked, you know, about everything.” He smiled.

I tried not to let those dimples affect me the way they always do, but it was too late, my mind was already in the gutter.

“So are you guys okay?” I asked, deciding to discard the many explicit thoughts invading my mind.

He shrugged in response, “All this time I thought he was with our mother…but he’s been on his own for this long. I can’t blame him forever, Key,” He sighed. “I mean, if I were in his shoes, you know; a sixteen-year-old that saw a way out of an abusive relationship from a person whom was supposed to love you, I would have done the same.”

“Aw Ky.” I wrapped my arms around him in an instinct and he rested his head against my stomach, breathing in deep breaths before wrapping his arms around my waist.

He looked up, his eyes lacing my own and suddenly the air around us became inflamed. The arms around me were suddenly inflicting a fire in me that I hadn’t felt for the past months of separation. I looked away quickly, releasing myself from his hold as the kiss I gave him earlier became a prominent fixture in my mind.

The exact moment I released myself was when room service knocked at our door, saving me from possible mortification.

Jason had ordered us pasta, the expensive kind that melted in your tongue with exquisite flavours. We ate this at the dining table facing each other six seats away. I focused on the food, refusing to stare at him because I knew he kept glancing at me. He disarmed me like never before and it frightened me because I was ready to jump at him like a s*x-crazed idiot.

We were supposed to be broken up for crying out loud. I had grieved his absence, he had made it clear that he didn’t want me that day, so why was that memory suddenly hazy.

Because you know Kyle. A part of me thought. He was the type that would advise himself he was undeserving and deny himself of anything good in his life.

At that thought, I sighed loudly, putting the fork down after my last bite.

“What’s wrong? Is the food bad?” He asked, that smirk in his face suddenly píssing me off.

“Would I have finished it if was bad?” I snapped, an anger in me accruing.
He frowned in confusion. “Keya?”

Feeling exasperated, I got up from the seat and disappeared to my room. I loosened the straps of my gown and dug into my suitcase for nightwear.

“Why are you angry?”

I flinched for two reasons: one, I hadn’t expected him to follow me in my room. Two, I was in my bra and panties. He was staring and two months ago I would have been cowering, trying to cover myself. However, this time, my arms remained immobile on either side on me, reasoning that he’d seen me in my worst.

“I’m not angry.”

“You are.”

“Why would I be angry?”
“You tell me.”

Because it was too much for me, heat wise. I grabbed my long t-shirt and wore it while his eyes were still on me. I couldn’t explain it to him why I was angry. Maybe sexual tension and the lack of it played a part in my anger. I missed him. So much.

He began moving closer toward me. Too close. My hand reached out to stop him. My fist contacting with his stomach. He towered over me, shading the light as I looked upward.

“Don’t.” My voice was barely a whisper.

“Don’t what Key? You kissed me earlier remember.” He replied.

“That was not–” I breathed, trying to calm my erratic heart. “Kyle you’re so confusing.”
“How?” He smirked.

My glare wiped away his smirk, it told him how serious I was being.

“You’re the one that ended it, remember?”

“Let’s just say I didn’t know what I was saying and thinking then. It’s in the past now.” He shrugged.

“Gosh.” I breathed. “Why do those words anger me more?” I mumbled to myself.

“Do you know what I went through? How much it hurt?” Tears began streaking from my eyes.

His expression sobered immediately when he saw my tears. His hand reached for my face, his thumb stroking the tear away. “I’m so sorry, Key.” His voice was gruff with emotion.

“I thought I was preventing you from reaching your dreams.”

My hands moved on their own accord as they began smacking him. “You idiot. Don’t you realise my dreams are nothing without you?”

“I’m sorry. Please give me another chance, a clean slate and I promise you I won’t hurt you ever again.” He pulled me into a constricting hug.

“But it was so easy for you to break up with me, what if you do it ag–” My mumbling was stopped when he squeezed me more.

“Are you kidding? It was the hardest thing I ever done in my life… but I loved you enough to let you go because I knew you deserved better.”

I released myself, my neck craning to look up at him. “You loved me?”
“No,” He shook his head. “I love you. You’re the idiot for not realising it already.”

“You know you need to stop self-deprecating yourself Ky. I deserved better? Better than what? You? I don’t deserve you. You’re my best friend and there’s no one like you, you’ve been there with me, thick and thin. You know me better than I know myself. I can’t do anything…I don’t think I can’t even live without you by my–”

Before I could finish my rambling Kyle closed the distance between us, grabbing my face and pulling me toward his awaiting lips. The shock of his advance was soon replaced by an incandescent heat that began at our lips and ventured to that core centre of my brain, sending messages that caused shortness of breath and rapid heartbeats. Kyle held me for support since my legs virtual failed to do their job at keeping me steady. This kiss was different from the one earlier, this kiss was paralysing.

“I love you.” He whispered in my ear, his hands tightening around me. “So much, Keya.” He buried his face in my neck, inhaling deeply. His potent words increasing the paralysis effect.

I was probably in seventh heaven, in a dream world because I couldn’t believe this was happening. The feeling of being wanted, loved and cared for in return. Knowing all was safe in the world because the person you loved with your whole heart felt the same way. It was hard to attain it, hard to proclaim it as reality.

The noise that left my mouth in response was that of a giggle and squeal. Kyle grinned at my reaction, pressing his forehead with mine before kissing the tip of my nose.


Later that night we ordered midnight snacks consisting of dessert and sweats, we were currently gorging ourselves on the contents, cuddling in my bed while watching old school movies on the plasma TV.

The topic of our conversation was meaningless but I’d never felt as content in my life as I snuggled against my best friend slash boyfriend slash love of my life. When the movie was drawing to an end, I simple drew closer toward him.

“Me too.” I whispered in his ear causing him to shift and look at me.


“Don’t ask if you don’t know.”
He grinned shifting completely so that he was on top of me, pinning my hands above my head.

“Say it. No short cuts. I want to hear the actual words.” One of his hand glided gentle down my arm, terrorising my ticklish spot.

The instant urge to laugh compelled me and I surrendered immediately. “Fine I’ll say it. You play dirty.”

He merely smirked, his eyebrows arching up waiting for me to deliver the words.

“You know I love you, Ky. I always have and I always will.” I breathed.

He grinned in satisfaction before capturing me in a deep kiss. “Good.” He mumbled between my lips.

I snaked my arms around his neck pulling him down to me even more. One of my hand played with the hair in his neck while the other rummaged his back. Then my lips kissed his jaw, trailing the line toward his ear. My teeth nibbled on his lobe eliciting a groan from his throat.



“Shît!” He cursed as I shifted underneath him my hand moving down to pay with the line of of boxer, fingers touching the hot skin there.

“Don’t, please.” He swallowed hard. “I’m trying so hard right now. I want to take it slow.”

“I don’t want to take it slow.” I replied as my eyes drank in his heated emeralds.

“F**k it!” He almost growled. “I’ve missed you so much.” He took my lips again.

I sighed contently as I opened my arms, welcoming him. This was what I wanted, missed and craved. He was finally mine again.



To be continued…

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