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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sexual desire Episode 29 & 30

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( A night with my best friend 🛌)
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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Nine✍️



I woke up smiling, disoriented but happy.

I was expecting to be tangled in Kyle’s arms, so it was weird to feel the cold sipping under the sleeping bag. I opened one eye and that’s when I realised I’ve been snuggling a pillow all along. Confused, I sat up to find that I was all alone in the tent. No Kyle and no Sav.

Did I oversleep? There was no way of knowing since my phone was switched off somewhere deep in my bags.

Waking up like this somehow had me doubting about last night. Were Kyle and I in a relationship now or had I just dreamt it all? I couldn’t know for sure and this worried me.

I stood up, intending to change into something presentable.

Where exactly where we supposed to wash and brush our teeth? The water we had were two big gallons for drinking water. We couldn’t use that to wash. So taking the only small bottle of water I had, I got out of the tent to brush my teeth.

Once I was done, I began investigating my missing friends. The fact that birds were still singing their morning songs and the fact the sun was just rising on the

horizon proved it was still too early.

The quiescence of the camp was unnerving; everyone was still deep in their slumber.

So where was Kyle?

Just as I whip around from where I stood, I saw a figure emerging from deep within the woods.

My heart stopped as I recognised the way the figure walked and soon enough it was hammering in my chest when Kyle appeared in view.

He was still clad in shorts and t-shirt from last night. The messy just-fúcked hair on top of his head was sexy as hell.

When he saw me he grinned and increased his pace.

I was nervous because I still doubted last night happened. But, when he reached me, he surprised me by taking my face in his hands and pulling me into a kiss.

I responded instantly as I pressed myself flat unto his front, my hands reaching for his neck.

I was breathless and speechless by the time we stopped.

“Morning, girlfriend.” His voice was sultry as he pressed his forehead with mine.

“Morning.” A grin unleashed itself from my lips.

So it had been real. I thought as I tried calming my pulsating heart.

He grinned too as he saw me smile, kissed the corner of lips before hugging me. “I wanna show you something.” He whispered below my ears.

I bit my lips. F**k! How could be so turned on by his breath tickling my ear?

“What?” I asked my voice equally husky.
“Not telling…showing.” He released me and couldn’t help but press his lips upon mine again in a soft peck.

I wanted more than a peck but we both knew if we were to deepen the kiss, we would end up doing more than just kissing.

“Wait here, I’m gonna—” He didn’t finish his sentence when he suddenly left my side and ran for my tent.

I frowned at his sudden movement, but it wasn’t long until he came out carrying my big towel and shower jell in his hands.

“C’mon.” He took my hand and our fingers entwined together as he led me deep into the forest where he had emerged.

Okay, now I was curious. Where exactly is he taking me?

“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see.” His thumb rubbed lazy circles on the palm of our entwined hands. That action sent heat coiling beneath my stomach.

We walked deep into the woods, navigating our way into the bushes until at one point he told me to close my eyes.

I trusted him with my life at that moment. I let him lead me wherever he wanted to take me. It was after a while of walking absolute blind that we stopped.

The trickle and splashing sound of water was the first thing I heard before he said, “Okay, open your eyes.”

My first reaction was to gasp. At first I couldn’t take it all in because of the blinding light, but as soon as my eyes adjusted to the colours around me, my breath caught.

There was a waterfall in front us, big enough that I had to crane my neck in order to see where the water was coming from. The rocks where water was toppling down into a pool-like river were draped in green moss, the shades similar to the bushes near the river. The sight before me was simply breath-taking.

“Wow.” Was the first word I let out.

Right?” Kyle agreed as he squeezed my hand.

I looked at him in amazement. “Where did you find this place?”

“Google maps?” He said looking down at his feet. I caught his lie immediately.

I cocked my head to one side, my face telling him fully well how I didn’t believe that.
“Okay, maybe I got lost.”


“Fine.” He held his hands in surrender. “I got lost in the woods when I needed to pee, so I stumbled upon this place.”

I smirked. “Never thought the Kyle Reyes ever got lost.”

“Hey.” He chastised. “We are in the middle of the woods. Google doesn’t know this place exists.”

I looked around me, and the trees surrounding the waterfall acted like a cocoon, encasing the river along with the waterfall.

“I’m glad they don’t.” I mumbled. “Do you think this river connects to the lake?”

“Maybe.” He shrugged as he moved closer towards me and putting the towel and shower jell under his armpit, he placed his hands around me. His whole face was beaming with his grin.

“What?” I asked wary, not trusting that look.

“Do you wanna take a shower?”

“Where? There?” I frowned, pointing at the relentless waterfall.

He nodded, his boyish grin still plastered on his face.

I stared at water which now seemed threatening to my eyes. Kyle caught my reluctance.

“C’mon. There’s more I wanna show you.” He dragged me to edge of the river, cautiously stepping on the rocks.
“Isn’t the water cold?” I asked, imagining the spooling water freezing me into ice.

“You’ll see.” He said, helping me climb the jagged rocks.

“And won’t it be slippery? How deep is the pit of this river?” I asked.

He let out a low chuckle, shaking his head. “You’re worrying too much.”

“I have to!” I shot back.

We were now under the edge of the waterfall, it was hemmed with white-whipped lines and although the water wasn’t anyway near my skin, it didn’t stop me from feeling catacomb cold. However, this wasn’t where Kyle wanted to take me. There was a cave under the waterfall and he was dragging me deep into it.

The soon we entered it, the blue light reflecting upon the rocks told me there was water nearby. As Kyle led me deep into the cave, the view became luminous.

I gasped, yet again awed by the sight. Somehow there’s was water trickling down in what seemed like a mini pool of blue. The light from the sun bathed the whole place, shinning down into the small pit of blue water.

“Holy shít in hell!” I exclaimed. “Did you stumbled upon this place too?” I asked him, thinking that he may have tripped from the top, which was highly unlikely.

“No.” He shook his head.

“Then how the—”

“Shh.” He shushed me. “Just take it in.”

And I did. I breathed in the smell of the cave, the smell of earth mixed with the water spooling down in a shower-like manner. It was breathtaking.

Kyle looked at the water and then turned to face me with his relentless grin.

“Nuh-uh.” I held a warning finger at him.

But that didn’t stop him from stalking closer to me, I moved backwards until my back hit a rock wall. His grin increased and my breath caught.

“You’re cute when you’re scared.” He told me, smirking as he trailed a finger from my neck all the way down to between my br**sts.

“Am not scared!” I protested while shivering at his touch.

“Oh yeah?” He arched an eyebrow, his body seeming to draw closer toward me.
I bit my lip, feeling his heat. Somehow I couldn’t feel the cold any longer.

His groan was muffled as his eyes landed upon my lips, the orbs burning an emerald fire.

My breath hitched again as his eyes entrapped mine once he leaned down. I couldn’t help it as I welcomed his lips.

Whatever disagreement we were having earlier was soon forgotten when our lips locked.

His tongue darted inside my mouth instantly and my body responded in many ways than one; my arms snaked around him, hands gripping his t-shirt and legs entangling on his waist.

“Gosh, you’re so s3xy!” His hot breath fanned against my neck and soon enough he was nipping on the skin.

My fingers fisted on his t-shirt as I titled my neck for him to give him better access. Below, my hips were already gyrating against his front and the throb of his erection was unmistakable.

“Kyle, please.” I begged him. I hardly ever begged him for anything, but at that moment, I just wanted to feel him everywhere like how he dominated my body last night.

“I like the sound of you begging.” I felt his smile at the nape of my neck. His hands moved under my t-shirt, the fingers brushing my skin and leaving a quivering sensation deep below my stomach.

However as soon as he kissed me, he leaped away suddenly, leaving me protesting at the lack heat from his body. His eyes grilled mine, his fiery green pulling mine into a trance.

His hands were twitching to touch me but he refrained as he chose staring at me. I squirmed on the spot, I wanted to kiss him and more.

I made a movement to touch him but he side-tracked. I frowned while he shook his head.

“I want to see you strip.” He smirked.


“You heard me. Take your clothes off. Slowly.” His grin stretched.

“Kyle.” I groaned out of frustration.

He chuckled but chose to fold his arms across his chest instead of acting out on his desires like I wanted.

He waited patiently, smirking and biting his lips until I relented.

Slowly with my eyes trained on his, I began pulling my shirt off me; revealing to him how just naked I was under it. I watched as his eyes glazed with heat when they landed upon my br**sts. This gave me a new confidence as I started stripping down in front of him.

I smirked, watching his Adams apple bob as he swallowed and with cautious steps, I walked closer to him.

He seemed breathless and aware of my movements. Teasing him, I trailed a finger on his arm while my other hand went under his t-shirt and trailed the line of his abs.

He looked like he was in a trance too when he leaned down absentmindedly, intending to kiss me.
As much as I wanted to kiss him too, I wasn’t going to give in that easily. It was his turn to be teased and pay back was a b!tch.

I backed away from him and he groaned below his throat. With my eyes still trained on his, I slowly walked backwards toward the pool.

“Your turn to strip.” I hid my smirk by biting my lower lip. At this point I was at the edge of the pool; I could feel the water below my heels. I turned away from him to slowly immerse myself into the pool.

The water wasn’t cold as I expected. It was lukewarm and the pool wasn’t as deep, it reached my upper chest. I could still see my naked flesh under the blue pool and I turned to Kyle with a grin.

“You still have your clothes on?” I arched an eyebrow while leaning at the edge of the pool, pronouncing my br**sts at the process.

“F**k!” Kyle groaned, and in a rush, he was stripping himself from his clothes. He didn’t give me time to savour his body as he dived into the pool.

I gave him an unsatisfied pout when he emerged in front of me. He grinned before leaning forward, entrapping me as he pinned his hands at other side of me.

I was about to say something before he caught my lips into a kiss. After that, words were meaningless, everything became meaningless except for how I was feeling. I clung onto him as I kissed him back. He pulled me closer, his hands roaming all over my back.

My arms were around his shoulders and I couldn’t help but giggle when he began kissing the nape of my neck, while his fingers tickled my sides.

“I want in you so bad.” He murmured.

“I want you in me so bad.” I copied his tone.

I felt him grin before grabbing under my thighs effectively parting them as he moved in between my legs.

I kissed him on the lips, wrapping my arms around his neck. He positioned himself at my entrance before sinking into me.

We both gasped, more from pleasure than surprise and after that, we became lost in each other.

Kyle buried his face on my neck, impaled his hands on my hips as he pounded into me, slowly, like never before. I ignored the discomfort my body was feeling while pressed into the rough edge of the pool, added to how tight he was gripping me that I was in a risk of bruising. I ignored it all and welcomed his every thrust instead.

Our noises echoed passionately around the caves. We were making love in the water and it was the mostly sexiest thing I’ve ever done.

“You. Are. So. Beautiful. Keya.” His said with each movement.

I groaned and fisted my hand on the mane on top of his head while the other roamed all over his back.

He dug his hand under my thigh, increasing his pace and each movement he made brought me even more closer to my climax.

“Oh god, Kyle!” I screamed. My inner walls squeezed him tightly, my body bowing and just like that, I detonated. Kyle pounded hard into me, grunting breathlessly before erupting inside me. We were too engrossed with our activity and what we were doing to each other to realise that we hadn’t used a condom.

Kyle pulled out of me, his laboured breaths matching mine. We were both grinning recklessly.

He kissed my lips before pulling himself out of the pool. I frowned as I watched him but he only got out to retrieve my shower jell.

Without any words spoken, he dragged me to where the water was falling, although the temperature of it differed from the pool, we couldn’t care less when we began showering under the falling water.

Kyle never took his hands off me, he couldn’t help it. I couldn’t blame him though. I mean, just seeing him so wet and naked with foam suds running down his body enhancing that sexy effect, I wanted nothing more than to touch and savour every inch of him.

We washed ourselves, our conversation limited to the kisses we shared. Every time I giggled, I was punished by Kyle’s kisses and they were always on my lips. The heat of our bodies made us oblivious of the cold water running down. We were entangled again; kissing; touching and soon enough we found ourselves having s3x under the small waterfall.

The cave was abused by our groans and moans. I knew I would never forget that cave, not after what we did in it. And I was pretty damn sure the cave would never forget us either


✍️ Chapter Thirty✍️


“Do you hear that?” I asked Kyle.

We were walking back to camp, two hours later, when we heard shouting voices echoing around the woods.

“Sounds like fighting.” Kyle frowned, instantly pulling me towards the direction where the noise was coming from.

We emerged behind the tents and they hid the scene where there was an eruption of voices.

Kyle released my hands the soon we reached the group. He was already running to the scene while I was rooted to the ground in shock. I wasn’t the only one in this state because all the girls–excluding Sav–were staring at scene in horror too.

Ned and Ryland were fighting. The hatred and anger pouring through their faces was unmistakable. It took Dave, James, Sav and Kyle—who just got the scene—to prevent the two from tearing each other apart.

The profanities spewing from both of them almost made my ears bleed. It brought me out of my shock.

“Just calm down—” Sav’s voice was a small siren through the chaos unfolding between the two.

Ryland struggled out of James’s grasp, “Don’t fúcking tell me to calm.”

I stepped in front of Sav before Ryland could reach her. I held my hands in front me, a gesture to make him stop.

Ryland looked past me as he addressed Sav, “This is your fault.” He glowered.

“Don’t fúcking talk to her like that!” Ned’s voice was deadly as he sprang in front of Ryland, punching Ryland in the nose, completely taking him off guard.

I felt’s Sav’s hands gripping my arm behind me. Ryland retaliated as he pounced at Ned and both of them tumbled in a heap on the grass. I watched helplessly as the guys tried to break the fight. Both Ryland and Ned were a bloody mess once Dave, James and Kyle managed to break them apart.

Ryland was forming a black eye and he pinched his bleeding nose, while Ned was sporting a purple bruise on his jaw and cheek. Even through their panting, they were still struggling against the guys who held them back.

While they were having a cussing competition, the guys tried to calm both of them, I turned to Sav accusingly.

“What happened?”

She was pale, looking ghost-like as she watched the fight between the boys. “Ryland found out.”

“Found what out?” I gripped her shoulders, trying to get her to look at me.

When she did she scowled at me. “About me and Ned.” She said this as if it was the most obvious thing in world.

I pressed my lips together. “Sav, I did warn you that it would get ugly. Is that what you wanted?” I asked, cocking my head toward the scene. The boys had managed to calm both Ryland and Ned, but the glares between them were unfailing.

“No!” Her lips trembled.

“You need to speak to Ryland.” I told her firmly.

“But—” Her frown marred her features.

I shook my head. “You cheated on him Sav. You could’ve just broken up with him first. But no you had to go on and open up your legs for Ned.”

She glared. “You have no right to judge me.”
“Oh I don’t?” I arched an eyebrow, my tone full of sarcastic derision.

Her lips curled in an ugly smile. “You of all people Keya, I thought you’d understand.”

“For fùcksake, Sav.” I released her shoulders. “You need to apologise to him. Despite what you think he’s feeling right now, he’s obviously hurting.”

“I don’t care.” She frowned towards Ryland.

“What? Why? Did he do something to you?” I asked, for the first time I was worried that he’d hurt her in some way.

She inhaled, “No, he didn’t do anything.”

“Then why don’t you want to talk to him.” I folded my hands across my chest.

“Because I don’t want to.” She sounded petulant.

I frowned. “Sav you’re being a total immature bitxh right now.”

“Thanks for pointing out the obvious.” She laughed sarcastically.

“What the fúck is wrong with you? I’m trying to help here. I’m trying to tell you that the best thing to do is talk to Ryland. If you don’t see that, then I really don’t know what you’ve been smoking.”

“Look, I didn’t ask for your help. Okay. This isn’t your business.” She lashed out.

I shook my head. “No it isn’t, but you made of my business by confiding in me in the first place.

“Just leave me alone.”

“You know what. Forget it. Fine I’ll leave you alone. I hope you get into your sense that what you did was wrong. Ryland deserves an apology from you.”

After telling her this I stomped off where James was trying to calm Ryland. My pace faltered as I approached them.

“Look if you’re here to rub more salt in the wound, now is not the time.” James glared at me.

I frowned at him for one second before turning my attention to Ryland.

“Are you okay?” I asked him. His nose had stopped bleeding, the bruise on his eye had it closed and he had a few scratches that needed healing attention.

“He’s fine.” James replied, grabbing my arm to stop me from reaching Ryland.

I was about to shrug my hand off but Kyle was there in a flash, prying James’s hand from my arm.

“Don’t touch her.” He hissed, clenching his jaw.

James frowned at Kyle before holding both his hands out. He moved besides Ryland protectively, but his glare on us was unfailing.

Kyle placed a possessive hand around my waist; I tried to ignore him as I focused on Ryland.

“I’m just here on behalf of Sav to say—”

“She couldn’t come and speak to me herself?” Ryland’s voice full of contempt. “Busy tending to her lover, right.”

I looked back and indeed Sav was busy with Ned. I frowned at them for a moment before turning back to him.

“Ryland, I’m sorry.” I told him, wholeheartedly.

“Are you?”

I pressed my lips. “I have a First-Aid kit in the tent. Those scratches might get an infection.” I told him.

I felt Kyle squeezing the skin on my waist. “You don’t have to do this.” I felt him whisper near my ear.

I shook my head, looking up at him. “I do.”

He sighed, rolling his eyes before kissing my temple.

James was glaring daggers at us while Ryland just looked oblivious, busy trying to nurse his injuries.

“I’ll be back.” I told them as I released myself from Kyle’s hold.

I ran toward the tent and retrieved the First-Aid kit my mother packed for an emergency. I guess this was an emergency. When I got back, Kyle was checking Ned while James was leading Ryland to their tent.

I frowned but followed them anyhow. Their tent was big enough to stand up, and as I got inside Ryland was sitting in one of their makeshift chairs with James staring worriedly at him.

“I got it.” I made my presence known.

When I reached Ryland I began to examine his face. James got out of the tent, but I didn’t pay attention to him as I concentrated on healing Ryland.

I cleaned the scratches, plastering them before giving him an ice-pack for his eye.
He winced all the way through but I didn’t relent.

“You’ll be fine.” I told him once I finished.

His lips curled into a reluctant smile. “Thanks.” He looked up at me. Suddenly I was aware how we were too close for comfort, I back away instantly.

“So you going to him now?” His tone was resentful.


“No, Keya. Save it, I don’t want to hear it.” He grimaced. “Just tell me, how long has it been going on?”

“What?” I frowned in confusion.

He got up, his eyes never leaving mine. “How long?”

“Tell me!” His outburst had me flinching. He inhaled calmly when he saw my reaction. “Just tell me.” His voice was lowered.

I shook my head.

“You knew all along didn’t you?” He frowned.

“Ryland, as far as I know, Sav slept with Ned last night.” I told him earnestly.

He surprised me by letting out an empty laugh.

“Look, I know you’re hurting but—”

“Hurting?” He cut me off once again as he shook his head. “Keya I’m not in love with her. I just can’t believe she beat me to my own game.”
Wait…stop, pause and rewind. “What?”

“I just didn’t think she would be the one to do it first. I mean I was faithful to her, but damn, some days it was just too hard.” He continued like I hadn’t interrupted.

I shook my head. “Ryland stop for sec… what the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t you know?” He arched an eyebrow, stalking closer toward me.

My heart sank as I backed away, not trusting his moves. “Know what?”

“Me and Sav…we were a means to end, Keya.” He explained.

“What do you mean; you were a means to an end?” I still couldn’t understand what exactly he was talking about.
“Too long to explain…I cared about her though, but they were other girls I wanted. I couldn’t have them though, cos I was shackled with her and we agreed.” He told me.

My face must have been a scowling mess.

“Look, let’s just say that we were both using each other. I guess it kind of hurt when I found she cheated with Ned…of all people. It had to be him; I mean what exactly does he have that I don’t, huh?” I knew his question was rhetorical so I kept quiet.

So this whole fight was all because his ego was bruised?

“I though you loved—”

He shook his head, cutting me off. “I don’t do love, Keya… But I do want to hurt her back.”
I don’t know how my face looked to him but he seemed to get humour out if it. By this point he was standing before me, his lips curved into small smirk.

“What are doing you doing?” I leaned back when he grabbed my arms pulling me toward him.

“Help me get back at her.” He looked serious. His blue eyes flickering down toward my lips.

“No, stop.” I wrenched myself away from her. “Ryland that won’t fix things.”

“I know that.” He seemed intent on his actions when he grabbed me again. I struggled against his hold.

“Stop it. I can’t do this with you.” I blocked him from leaning down.

“Cos I’m with someone.”

He frowned for a fleeting moment before smiling. “C’mon Keya. I know you’re single. Just please help me out.”

“No I’m serious. I’ve got a boyfriend.” The moment he freed me was when I backed away.

“Since when?” He arched an eyebrow.

“That doesn’t matter.” I glared. “So whatever you are trying to do right now won’t work with me.”

He looked suspicious. “You are a bad liar, Keya.”

“I’m not lying. I’m seriously with someone.”
“Who?” He was genuinely interested now. I guess I was glad because it distracted him from his earlier intentions.

To think that he was going to kiss me? I shuddered.

“Kyle.” I replied him, straight up. So much for “keep them guessing”.

He burst out laughing for a full minute once what I said registered. “What?”

I gave him a look that sobered his expression.

“Wait, you’re actually with Kyle now?” He couldn’t believe it.


“Oh wow. I guess we all saw it coming.” He laughed again.
I didn’t falter my look so he held his hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay. Fine. You’re off limits.”

“You need to talk to Sav and sort it out with her. I’m done trying to fix things, I should never have been involved in this mess in the first place.” My patience with him had ran out.

“Ouch.” He held a hand on his heart in mock misery, but he was smiling.

I rolled my eyes. “I can’t believe I wasted my time with this.” I muttered under breath as I headed for the exit.

“Wait.” He grabbed my hand, halting me.

“What—” Just as I whipped around, my sentence was cut off when he launched his lips to mine, completely knocking me off guard by his kiss.

I gasped out of shock and shoved him off me. I slapped him smack-hard on his jaw.

Ow. That hurt my hand more than it hurt him.

He was smirking.

“—how dare you!”

“—I can’t believe this!”

“—Dude, what the fuck!”

These sentences were said, respectively, at the exact same time by me, Sav and Kyle. I whipped around to the front entrance and Sav was standing next to Kyle, both of their faces mirroring each other.

Seconds passed in my utter shock and mortification before Kyle reacted as he lunged for Ryland. A crunching sound echoed in the tent from the punch.

I snapped out of my shock as I grabbed Kyle’s arm, preventing him from ruining more of Ryland’s face.

“If you ever lay your filthy hands on her again.” His voice was deadly menacing, his face pulled into an ugly glare. This was the exact side of Kyle I always avoided seeing.

“Kyle, stop!” I managed to put space between him and Ryland. He struggled against me, intent to reach Ryland and mare more than just his face.

“Kyle!” I reached up and grabbed his face with both of my hands. “Look at me!” I implored.

He was breathing heavily when grudgingly looked down at me. His fiery eyes impaled mine, searing with anger I’ve never seen before.
My eyes bulged as I stared at him, willing him to calm down. Before I knew it, he gathered me into his arms as he hugged me tightly.

“It’s okay.” I rubbed his back, ignoring the fact that I could hardly breathe from his constricting arms.

With his face buried deep in my neck I looked over at Ryland, whose right cheek was smeared with blood. An unlikely bruise was already forming, making his face swollen.

He caught my eye. ‘Go.’ I mouthed at him.

He frowned an ugly frown, his stubbornness preventing him from moving.

“Just go.” I breathed out loud. That brought Kyle back up as he released me. I looked at him and he seemed calm enough.

I moved toward Ryland and took his arm as I dragged him to the tent exit where Sav was still nursing her shock. On the way there, I dragged her too and led them both outside, beyond the tents where it was remote and private.

“You two need to sort your shít out. I really don’t care what you do to yourselves anymore.” I told them both.

“Yeah right.” Was Sav’s sarcastic laugh. “Why would you kiss him if you didn’t care?”

I glared at her, before turning to Ryland.

“You knew they were at the door didn’t you?” My accusation brought a smirk from his lips.

I couldn’t help but slap him hard again, and this time my hand stung.

I clenched the pain away as I turned to Sav. “Believe what you want to believe, Sav. I’m not gonna waste my breath by trying to explain myself when the person that needs to explain is you both. I’m really done caring. You both deserve each other.” And with that I left them to it as I went back to Kyle.

He was waiting for me by their tent and I rushed to him, hugging him the instant I reached him.

“You okay?” He asked, rubbing my back.

“M’fine.” I muffled against his chest.

I looked up at him. “Are you okay?” I asked worried.

“I heard everything. What you guys talked about. I just didn’t think he would—” He stopped himself, his jaw clenched at the thought of it.

“I’m sorry.” I buried my face under his neck breathing in his scent.

“Hey,” he kissed my forehead before taking my hands. “It’s not your fault. You shouldn’t be apologising.”

I looked at our feet. “I know but I just thought—”

He titled my chin up, making me look at him. “No, I wasn’t angry at you. Just at him. I know you’d never do that to me, Key.”

I gave him a small smile. He returned it with his lazy but sexy smile, the one that crinkled his eyes.

“Good.” I told him, my smile full blown now.
“Good?” He asked, grinning.

“Good.” I nodded.

He chuckled low on his throat before pulling me under his arms and kissing the top of my head. We stayed this way for a while, with my eyes closed, my face buried deep in chest.

It took a while to realise that the camp was quiet. I broke our embrace, frowning around me.

“Where’s everyone?” I asked.

“They went to the lake. They didn’t want to get involved in the…you know, drama.” He smiled wryly.

“I don’t blame them.” I shook my head but I frowned afterward. “What about Ned? Is he alright?” It was then that I realised I hadn’t even spoken to him.

“He’s fine. He’s in our tent, eating.”

“Oh.” Suddenly the thought of eating had my stomach growling awkwardly.

Kyle chuckled before leaning down to peck my lips. “Hungry?”

“Starving.” I replied even though now I was craving something more than just food.

He caught my look and his eyes heated briefly with desire before pulling me into a rough but heart shattering kiss. I melted in his arms, breathless for more when pulled away.

“Come on, let’s go an find you something to eat.” He smirked, teasingly.

“Gah. You’re such a tease.” I smacked him on his stomach. Damn, it was like hitting a solid wall of flesh.

“But you love me for it.” He laughed and tucked me under his arms before kissing my forehead as we walked toward where the leftover food was.

“In your dreams.”

“Yes you are in my dreams, all the time.” His look turned serious.

I gulped down a hard lump of lust and hid under his arm, my heart doing somersaults. “You better stop being romantic now. I can’t stand it.” I lied.

He shook his head. “But I’ve been told being romantic was one of best traits.”

I snorted. “Gee, who lied to you?”

He narrowed his eyes before reaching out with his other hand to tickle my sides.
I sprang away in a yelp, the images of him tickling me to death springing into my mind.

“What?” He asked all-so-innocent, while waggling his fingers.

“Don’t you dare!” I yelped again when he reached me. I twisted myself so I was out of his reach.

His eyes gleamed with a new motive. I bit my lips and before he could lunge for me, I bolted.

It wasn’t long when he caught me and we tumbled on the grass with him torturing my poor armpits and sides with his fingers.

My lungs burned for air, my eyes crinkling with tears of laughter as I tried to breathe under him.

He grinned down at me before taking both of my hands and pinning them on top of my head.

“I love your laugh.” He admitted.

“Well, I hate it. I sound like a tortured donkey.”

He chuckled before leaning down, rendering my attempts to breath.

“I love your how your curls are tangled with the grass.” He told me.

“What?” I was horrified. I tried freeing my hands so I could fix my hair but he wasn’t nudging.

“Be still a moment.” He stopped my trashing.

I stopped breathing; his eyes were pulling mine into another trance. He leaned down suddenly; shifting his weight off me as kissed me hard, biting my lower lip and everything.

My moan was muffled, the sound getting lost when he darted his tongue into my mouth. We made out in the grass ceaselessly, forgetting time and setting as we got lost into each other. When we stopped, he lay down beside me and we both faced the endless blue sky blanketed with sheets of white clouds.

He held my hand, our fingers entwining together and soon enough I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. It was until my stomach growled that he laughed and pulled me up to fetch for some food.

I watched him the whole time. I just couldn’t believe that he was mine and I was his. It was too good to be true but studying him for that moment and watching how he grinned at me every time, I understood then that us being together was meant to be.

I was dangerously falling for my best friend and it frightened me because I’ve never been in love before.



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