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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sexual desire Episode 27 & 28

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( A night with my best friend 🛌)
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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Seven✍️



The lush of green around us was overwhelming and with pinkish purple clouds looming above, this was nature at its finest. Even though my hands were laden with wood I gathered, I couldn’t help but stop and admire the beauty around me.

We were following the sound of water so that we could find the lake. We were aware of the sun setting but that didn’t stop us from moving even deeper into the woods.

“I didn’t know you were a nature lover, Keya?” Ciara commented, she was beside me, while the rest of the girls were struggling behind.

Mandy has been complaining that she was tired and wanted to go back. Sav was agreeing with her, they were more wary of their surroundings compared to Ciara, Sally and I who were determined to find the lake.

“It’s just so beautiful.” I replied Ciara.

“It is isn’t it?” Sally panted behind us.

By this moment we could see the glimpse of the sun dancing on the surface of water creating glistening ripples. We moved fast until we found ourselves surrounded by a fairly huge lake.

The soil beneath our shoes looked like sand and although there wasn’t ebb and flow of the tide, the lake looked clear,

almost greenish blue like the sea.

The sun setting created a luminescent glow around the lake, making all of us catch our breath at the beauty before us.

“Wow.” It was Sav’s voice that broke the silence.

“Someone pinch me, I think I died and went to heaven.” Sally was full of awe. “Ow!” She screeched when Ciara pinched her. “I didn’t mean literally.” She rubbed the spot where she was pinched but her eyes were still glued at the lake. In fact, all of our eyes were glued at the magnificent sight before us.

My mouth pulled into a huge broad grin. “This is perfect.”

“More than perfect.” Ciara said.

“Guys we have to swim in this lake.” Mandy suggested.

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit.” Sally’s voice worried.

“Me too. But it doesn’t matter.” I told her.

She cheered up instantly.

“Let’s do it tomorrow, right now I just wanna eat.” Sav complained.

For five minutes we gazed upon the lake with wonder until we decided to head back before the sun fully settled beneath the horizon.

“So… Keya what’s up with you and Kyle?” Sally asked as she walked in step with me and Sav.

I looked at Sav accusingly but she just gave me an innocent look. I saw through her fake façade.

“Nothing. Why?”

“Oh, C’mon. The sexual tension is too thick between you two, even I see it” Mandy added.

That’s when I realised that all of them were looking at me expectantly and knowingly as if they knew something I didn’t.

I frowned. “I’m serious, we are just friends!”

I didn’t like

being the centre of attention.

“She’s in denial.” Sav told them.

I glared at her

“Something has to be going on.” Ciara smirked. “I mean, we all see the way he looks at you and you literally glow when you’re around him.

They all agreed.

“Oh my gosh!” I snorted.. “Nothing is going on between us.”

“Uh-huh, whatever makes you sleep at night” Ciara added.

I rolled my eyes and they all laughed.
Gosh was my attraction for him that obvious? I mean, if they saw it then who’s to say Kyle didn’t see it too?

Suddenly Sav stopped me as as she thrust her hand in front of me. “Do you smell that?”

Everyone stopped and inhaled.

“Barbeque!” Sally chirped and by that, Sally and Sav were running as fast as their feet could take them, following the aroma of barbeque.

Never mind that the bushes and twigs were scratching them with their briskly hands, they were too intent on finding the food to care about the scratches. We soon lost their sight when they took off.

It wasn’t long until Ciara, Mandy and I found the camp again. By that time, the sun was long gone. It wasn’t dark, the glow of the full moon provided enough light for us to see, plus the small camp fire that Sam was trying to bring alive.

Six tents were already set up, spaced quite far from each other. It was safe to say that we lost the challenge.

We discarded the wood, next to Sam whom for once wasn’t on his phone. Sally was instantly by his side, trying to help him with the fire.

“There’s no network here.” Ciara explained when she saw my surprised expression. She linked arms with me as she led us to Dave, Ned and Kyle whom were busy grilling up the barbeque.

I glanced around for Sav and Ryland; they were nowhere to be found. Instead, I just saw Mandy moving over to James trying to assemble huge thick logs next to the camp fire.

“Where are Sav and Ryland?” I asked the boys next to the barbeque.

Instantly, Ned tensed at my question but he pretended that he didn’t hear me as he continued with what he was doing.

Kyle cocked his head over to Ned and then shook his head in warning at me.

“They were headed over to that tent, last time I checked.” Dave answered me, pointing over to the red tent while accepting Ciara’s greeting kiss. She was instantly tucked under his arm.

“Oh!” I exclaimed. Ew. I added inside my head. I understood Ned’s sudden aversion.

I moved to stand next to Kyle. His eyebrows shot up in question.
I surprised him by hugging him and burying my face unto his neck. Speechless, he snaked his arms around me, accepting my hug.

“Thanks for setting the tent up for me and Sav.” I explained, releasing myself.

He twisted his lips, hiding his smirk. “No problem.” His eyes gleamed.

I was breathless suddenly because I was aware of his caressing arms around me. We were too close for comfort and so I forced myself to back away.

Ciara gave me a pointed look, while Ned and Dave were ignorant, too absorbed on the sizzling meat.

“Is the food ready yet?” Sav made her presence known by her booming voice.

She headed over towards us, while Ryland glared at her back.

Something was up.

“Give five or ten minutes.” Ned replied, turning his body robotically to face her. The instant glow on his face was unfailing. But, Sav didn’t notice it or pretended to not notice it as she went over to the meat that was already cooked.

“Hey! Not yet!” Kyle scolded, lightly slapping her hand away from the food.

She pouted. “But, I’m hungry.”

“You heard him. Not yet.” It was Ryland’s voice behind me.

Sav frowned in mid-air at Ryland’s presence. Pretending that he wasn’t there, she moved over to Ned whom was turning the meat over. Ned froze at her closeness.

I frowned at the spectacle unfolding before my eyes. What was up with Sav and Ryland?

“Keya, can I speak with you?” Ryland surprised all of us by addressing me.

I guess I was going to find out the issue sooner than I expected.

“Me?” I placed my hand on my chest, frowning.

He nodded. “Just for five minutes. Please.” He pleaded.

I gaped. Why did Ryland want to speak with me for?

Sav’s glare was unmistakable, while Dave and Ciara just stared at me curiously.

Kyle and Ned both had their eyebrows raised up. Kyle had a worried frown while Ned just seemed curious.

I shrugged at all of them as I followed Ryland to the spot where he wanted us to talk. I guess he wanted the conversation to be private when he led me further behind the tents, far away from others.

“What do you want to speak to me about?” I asked, genuinely curious.

He seemed off it as he paced to and fro. “You and Sav talk about anything, right?”

“Yeah.” I frowned at his pacing. “Sometimes.”

“So she will tell you if anything was bothering her, right?”

“Uh-huh?” This came out as if it was a question.

“Did she tell you if there was something I did wrong?” He stopped his pacing, his worried eyes catching mines.

I shook my head. “No, she didn’t.”

“Then why is she acting like this.” He kicked his shoes in the grass.

“Acting like what?” I asked.

“Like I did something to fûcking piss her off!” His sudden change of tone had me flinching.

“Did you do anything to piss her off?”

“Nothing as far as I’m aware of.” He grunted.

“Well, then…” I shrugged, trailing off.

He huffed, sighing and frowning at the same time. “You guys had an argument?” I asked.

“Not just an argument but a fúcking fight. I don’t understand what her problem is. It’s like she’s finding little things to be fúcking pissed about.”

“Oh?” This did sound like Sav. I finally got a full picture, finally understood the reason behind why she was fighting with him.

“Do you think she wants a break up?”

I shrugged. To be honest, I never knew what went on Sav’s mind half of the time.

“C’mon on Keya. You must have some fücking idea!” He lashed out suddenly, but his anger wasn’t directed at me.

“I can’t believe she’s fúcking doing this to me. I told her the relationship thing was not my thing.” He ranted, exasperatedly. “Fück! This is the reason why I don’t even do relationships.” He ran both of hands through his hair.

For a moment, I somehow pitied him. It wasn’t fair what Sav was doing to both him and Ned. She needed to make her mind up about who she wanted, instead of leading them along.

“I can’t offer you any consolation, Ryland. You just have to talk to her.” I told him.

“I fűcking tried.”

I was going to say try harder but then a branch snapped somewhere behind the tents, interrupting my thoughts. Someone was blatantly trying to make their presence known.

We took that as a cue to head back to camp. Ryland cussed out profanities as he walked away, leaving me frowning at his back.

I was about to walk back to camp when I felt a hand grabbing my arm and hauling me beside one of the tents, away from everyone’s view. Not that anyone could see us, since it was dark the further you got away from flickering fire.

“What was that about?” Kyle’s voice sounded before I was even aware of what was happening.

I frowned at his tone. “What’s it to you?” I couldn’t help but mirror his tone of contempt.

The light of the moon was bright enough for me to see the glower in his expression. “Keya, I was worried, okay. Now tell me what he wanted.” He demanded.

“He didn’t want anything. He’s just having problems with Sav, apparently they had a fight!” I hissed.

“Oh.” I couldn’t help but catch the sound of relief in his tone.

“What did you think it was about?” I asked, the menace leaving my voice.

“I don’t know. I just don’t trust him.” He frowned and shrugged.

“Right, okay.” Now that was over, my body became aware of how compromising our position was.

He was too close for comfort, enough for me to feel the heat from his body. I swallowed instantly out pure nervousness.

He smirked at my reaction, as if he just knew how I was feeling. I could see the mischievous gleam of his eyes, it told me of his impending plans.

I didn’t know why he was suddenly so intent to arouse me, to make me feel all hot and bothered. But as of right now, I wasn’t going to let him. So before he could do anything, I simply manoeuvred away from him, putting a safe distance between us.

“Oh c’mon.” He softly groaned but the smirk was still playing in his face.

“I’m hungry.” I told him as I turned my back from him.

I heard his grunt followed by incoherent mumbling below his breath.

I bit my lips to hide my smile as I walked over to the camp. He was frustrated, but then so was I.

When we got back to the group, they were too busy with their food to notice that Kyle and I had gone. Sav was sitting on the log beside Ned while Ryland sat on the other log away from her, however it didn’t stop him from staring at her now and then and he wasn’t the only one staring at her. Ned tried to hide it, but it was printed right into his eyes how much he wanted Sav.

When she saw me, she looked at me questioningly and I knew she was wondering about the “talk” I had with Ryland. I ignored her as I went to grab a plate of food and sat next to Ciara and Dave whom were busy discussing the topic of names.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Kyle doing the same but instead of coming to sit beside me, he sat with Sav and Ned.

“If you really think about it, everyone has weird names.” Ciara was telling Dave.

“Not really. I mean if the majority has the same name it doesn’t become weird.” Dave argued.

“No, I don’t think so. Keep saying your name and you’ll see how it suddenly becomes weird.” She told him.

Dave proceeded into doing just that, and then frowned after a while.

Ciara beamed. “See. Told you.” She said.

“You guys are weird.” I told them after gnawing into a rib, but I was smiling.

“Ah says the person who’s got the weirdest name of them all.” Ciara countered, grinning.

“Yeah. I mean what kind of name is Keya?” Dave said and just like that he started repeating my name like he had with his.

I frowned. They laughed.
Keya, Keya, Keya Keya. I tested inside my head. “It is weird isn’t it.” I agreed with them.

“See.” Ciara said. “What were your parents thinking?”

“Beats me.” I laughed. “I think my mom was probably obsessed with keys when she was pregnant with me.”

“Now that is weird obsession.” Dave told me.

We laughed loudly and this attracted attention from others. Kyle, specifically, was just giving me that look of pure adoration.

Soon after we gorged all of the meat, James passed the chilled beer around, shouting how we should play the game of never have I ever.

“No. I’m too tired for that shît.” Dave interjected while shaking his head.

Ciara agreed with him.

“Oh pssh.” James rolled his eyes. “We all know that you just wanna go to your tent and fück.” He said crudely.

Ciara threw a stick at him which he managed to block. “FYI, I’m sharing a tent with Sally.”

“Yeah. Whatever.” James shrugged. “So who’s in?” James asked, looking around us.

No one looked like they were up for it, except maybe Mandy.

Sally and Sam were too busy into their conversation, discussing something that none of us could hear. I was kind of happy for her for that moment. She finally got his attention.

Ryland was too busy glaring at Sav who was blatantly making Ned uncomfortable by how she flirted with him. I frowned at her too. Could she be any more blunt?

Kyle was nursing his beer; he looked deep in thought as if it was just him and that beer alone. I knew he wasn’t going to drink that beer. He had a limit when it came to alcohol, all because of Robert Reyes.

I was holding my breath while watching. Internally, I was screaming for him, begging for him to take his mind away from those thoughts. Seeing him like that initiated my reaction as I simply went over to him and sat next to him on the log.

I nudged him with my side until I saw a small smile pulling on his lips. He looked across me, snidely from the corner of his eyes.

“Okay?” I asked.

He smiled. “Now I am.”

“Really?” James shouted in disbelief, looking around all of us. “No one wants to play?”

“Maybe tomorrow, Jay.” Mandy pulled him down next her.

“You guys are boring!” James slumped next her.

“Yeah, well…I’m gonna head for the tent. I’m not feeling it.” It was Ryland’s grumpy voice that spoke. He took a swig from his beer before walking a distance to the red tent.

It wasn’t long when everyone took his example and started saying their good night while going to their tents. Sally and Ciara were sharing a grey tent, while Dave and Sam had a darkish green one.

When James grudgingly followed Ryland into the red tent, I soon realised that the last tent was Mandy’s. Of course she’d want it all for herself. But I doubted she was going to be alone tonight if the longing looks James was throwing at her were enough proof.

“Well…” Sav said. “Guess we gotta hit the hay.” She smiled at a nervous looking Ned.

“Keya. C’mon.” She pulled me up and dragged us to our tent before I even had time to wish Kyle and Ned a good night.

As soon as she unzipped the entrance, she pulled me inside it and crawled on her knees to the sleeping bags, giving me a pointed look.
“What did Ryland want to talk to you about?” She asked accusingly.

“He just said you guys got into a fight. He thought you wanted a break-up; said you were looking for little things to pick up a fight and that he didn’t know what he did wrong.” I summarised.

“Ugh.” She grunted in annoyance.

“Sav, why don’t you just break up with him instead of dragging him along?” I suggested, not really knowing the root of her problem.

“I can’t.” She told me.

I frowned. “Why not?”

“Because I don’t know if I want that.” She exclaimed with the flair of her hands.

I rolled my eyes. “And you said I was the dumb one.”

She narrowed her eyes. “No, Keya you’re just stupid to realise what’s in front of you.”

I faked a smile. “Yeah thanks a lot.”

“C’mon. The guy clearly wants you.” She spelt it out for me.

“No, I know what you’re doing; you’re turning away from the real issue here.”

She groaned.

“You can’t lead them both along, Sav. Someone will end up getting hurt and you don’t want that in your conscience, do you?” I sat down on the makeshift blankets on top of my sleeping bag.

I loved how Kyle even arranged our stuff to make it comfortable for us. He had hanged the petroleum lamp at the corner. The tent was fairly big enough to fit virtually four people in it.

“I don’t know what to do, Keya.” She told me truthfully. “I mean, what Ryland and I have is really good. But every time I see Ned, I can’t help but remember how he kissed me. I can’t help but picture us together.”

I scowled at the floor. I told myself to not get involved in her situation but she was dragging me in it.

“Savannah Biers.” I said her full name. “What is it that you really want?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t know.” Her tone sounded hollowed, broken.

“Okay, let’s try this. Who’s the first person that comes in your head when say I this?” I braced myself for this as I said my next sentence.

“I want to sleep with-”

“Ned.” She finished quickly.

We both gasped.

“That’s your answer. That’s who you want most.” I told her. But I couldn’t help my frown.

“Ugh!” She fell into the makeshift bed of her sleeping bag.

I shrugged as I went over to our bags, looking for nightwear.

I heard her sigh loudly. “This is a mess.”

Trust me; it’s not as messy as my friendship with Kyle. I thought, but I chose not to voice this out, because I knew how she wasn’t going to let it rest.

After getting into my oversized t-shirt, I went under the sleeping bag. Sav went to change into her pyjamas and after turning the petroleum lamp off, she went into her sleeping bag.

My eyes adjusted to the dark and soon enough I was able to make out my surroundings due to the reflection of the moonlight.

Sav was restless beside me and I knew she was thinking over her current predicament. I didn’t realise how tired I was until my eyes started closing by themselves.

I guess trudging through the woods in search for that lake really took up most of my energy. I soon fell into slumber.


✍️ Chapter Twenty-Eight✍️


I woke up in the middle of the night because there was shuffling in our tent. Thinking that it was stray animal out to eat us, I sprang up into a sitting position.

There was nothing at the tent entrance but a figure was on Sav’s sleeping bag shuffling for a better position. The figure was too gaunt-like and muscular to be Sav. Before I let out scream, the figure lunged for me, it’s hand slamming my mouth shut so hard, I ended up croaking out a muffled squeak.

“Shh…it’s just me.” Kyle’s voice whispered against the silence.

Because of the dark, I could hardly make him out, but the glowing moon reflected enough light for me to finally see his face.

When he saw that I was calm, he removed his hand from my mouth.

“What are you doing here?” I hissed at him, still not quite gotten over my fright. “And where is Sav?” I asked, just then realising that Sav was no where to be found.

“She’s in our tent.” He replied vaguely, as if he didn’t want to broach the subject about her.

“What is she doing there?” I frowned.

He cocked his head to one side, his look saying, what do you think?
“Oh!” I slammed my hand in my mouth. “Oh my gosh!” My eyes bulged when I figured it out.

“So, she’s cheating on Ryland?”

“Pretty much.”

“I guess, I saw it coming.” I was still frowning.

He went back to her sleeping bag and tried getting inside.

“You know I thought you were an animal.” I cringed.

His chuckle was muffled, but then it turned to a groan when he couldn’t get inside the sleeping bag.

“I can’t sleep in this.” He complained.
“What do you want me to do?” I asked sarcastically. I was already snuggled inside mine.

He remained silent. I took that he was trying to sleep, so I closed my eyes.

It was moments when he started shuffling again. “Ugh.”

“Why didn’t you bring your own sleeping bag?” I asked, vehemently. His shuffling was getting on my nerves.

“It didn’t cross my mind at that time when I was hearing what I shouldn’t be hearing.” He groaned and shifted again.

“Oh my god, Kyle, just stop!” I sat up.

“Have you seen the size of me, I can’t fit in this thing!”

I mumbled incoherent words at him. I turned away to sleep again.

It was moments later when he took me by surprise as he unzipped my sleeping bag and shifted himself next to me.

Alarmed, I jolted up. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” He reached for Sav’s pillow and began snuggling in the bag. “It’s a double, is big enough for both of us.”

I just stared at him with my frown. Externally I was trying to hide how feeling him close resulted in my heart beating erratically. I was panicking.

“Relax,” he mumbled as he closed his eyes.

I watched him for a moment before tentatively turning my back to his front. No matter how I tried to space myself from him, I could still feel him everywhere. I cursed at the fact that I wore only my big t-shirt with nothing else but panties. He wasn’t touching me but my body was heating up as if he had.

“Cold.” He mumbled as he shifted closer towards me and snaking a hand over my waist, he pulled me closer towards his body.

Was he really cold? I doubted he was. I couldnt close my eyes from then on, not when I was this close to him.

“Oh my god!” I sprang up suddenly when he shifted closer and felt more than the fabric of his shorts brushing against my butt.

“What?” He startled alert and sat up too.

“Do you mind?” I frowned, pointing down at his shorts.
“What? Oh…that.” He shrugged as he lay on his back, one arm behind his head.

“Yes, that.”

“Just sleep, it’ll go away in sec.” He dragged me down.

I reluctantly lay down again and turned away from him. But I didn’t sleep when he spooned me again.

“Kyle it’s still there.”

He pretended not to hear me as he snuggled against me, burying his face in my neck and inhaling deeply.

Damn. It was the feel of his lips brushing upon my neck that unwound me. It was as if the sleeping bag was heating up more and more by each passing minute.

He draped a leg between my legs, stilling me. “Just sleep.” He murmured.

I closed my eyes and tried. That’s when he began humming a tune beneath his breath. Not just any tune. It was Lady Gaga’s bad romance. The same song from earlier.

“Oh c’mon!” I groaned.

“…you and me could write a bad romance…” He sang in a husky whisper.

“Kyle, shut up.”

He ignored me. “Do you think anyone else is having sex right now besides Ned and Sav?” He asked absentminded as if we were discussing the weather.


“What? I’m horny.”

“Oh god! Seriously?”
He didn’t reply me. Instead he kept silent and just snuggled against me even more. His hold was becoming constricting.

“Kyle, I can still feel your d**k sticking against my butt.”

“It’s not my fault.”

I snorted. “You’re the one that controls it.”

“It has a mind of its own.”

“Oh my god, just think of something to tick it off.” I said.

“Can’t. It’s your ass. I told you I always wanted to f**k it.”

“Oh my god!”

“Ignore it.”
“How can I when its growing every time you press yourself behind me.” I asked, agitated.


I huffed.

It was silent again. I was alert at how my body was responding every time I felt his d**k, pressing there.

Within moments that silence was shattered when Kyle once again hummed the lady Gaga song.

I reached my limit. I had had enough. I turned around to face him.

One of his eyebrow shot up. “What—” I didn’t let him finish his sentence as I simply launched my hand in his mouth. The moonlight reflected upon his iris and I saw a brief flash of green before I gasped.

I don’t know for how long we just stared at each other, saying nothing while my hand was still pressed on his mouth but with each passing minute the atmosphere shifted into a more dangerous but familiar territory.

“Keya—” He muffled my name against my hands but whatever sentence he was going to say was cut off by my sudden movement. Driven by the sudden heat between us, I simply launched my lips against his. At first he was surprised but when I softly nipped his lower lip. He responded.

In a soft muffled groan he began kissing me, taking no for an answer as he darted his tongue inside my mouth.

I let him take control when he shifted on top of me, his hand rushing as he reached under the hem of my t-shirt until his fingers contacted with the bare skin of my waist. That’s when the fire began to sizzle all over of my body; his touch a spark that ignited it.

We were both breathless from the kiss when he stopped. We weren’t thinking any thoughts but how much we needed to touch and feel when his lips contacted with the base of my shoulder.

My hands were fervent and rushing as they snaked down the length of his body, grabbing the hem of his t-shirt and pulling up.

He didn’t budge when I tugged. No, Kyle was too busy ravaging the skin of my neck to care that I wanted to take his shirt off.

Wanting more, he freed me from my t-shirt, at the same time sitting up to take his shirt off too. We were skin against skin when he leaned down again, capturing me in a kiss.

I muffled a moan when I felt his finger tweaking at my ni***s, the action sending my heart spiralling out of control and heat running all the way down there.

“Ky!” I moaned as his hands reached down to discard my panties, his face following his hands.

I wanted him too much at the moment and foreplay wasn’t going to give that satisfaction. My hands slid on the hair on top of his head and yanked. He groaned at that.

He leaned his weight on his elbows as he buried his face at the base of my neck and gave me open-mouthed kisses until he reached the swirls of my br***t.

My legs and arms were tangled around him. I tried using the heel of my feet to get rid of his shorts. He wasn’t cooperating with me, too busy nipping and sucking my títs.

“Kyle!” I groaned a protest which turned to a moan when I felt his teeth grazing against my nipple. “F**k!”

He let out a muffled chuckle as he kicked off his shorts. My hand instantly grabbed his c**k, making him freeze.

I squeezed him tightly and began stroking him. For a while he rocked against my hand. The glow of the moonlight helped me see how tortured his face looked. It was after a moment of stroking him that he couldn’t take anymore as he roughly peeled my hand away.

“Condom.” He grunted as he reached up somewhere and produced a foil packet.

“You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?” My voice was accusing but my tone was too husky to sound menacing.

I watched him roll the latex on his impressive length before leaning down to kiss me again.

“A guy can only hope.” He said between my lips.

I closed my eyes and draped my hands around his neck. Too soon his lips left mine for my neck. Below, he entangled himself between my legs and just like that, he thrust hard into my entrance.

I cried out in a squeak, because even though I wasn’t a virgin anymore, I still wasn’t accustomed to the feel of him hard inside me.

Kyle grunted below his throat as he pulled my hands upwards and pinned them down just above my head so that he was hovering on top of me. His thrusts were slow and deep, testing the waters. However, it wasn’t long before we both lost control.

It was the thought of how he was inside me, doing all of that to me, that made me beg him to go harder and faster.

He did. Fast and steady, hard and deep. I met his thrusts and withdraws with my own feral need for release. I felt more of him and not just inside there. He was everywhere, touching me everywhere, kissing me everywhere. Inside my heart was pounding with his rhythm, my brain memorising every touch, every kiss and every move he made.

My hands abused his back, my nails dug onto the skin and my mouth lapped every inch of skin it came in contact with.

We were panting, we were sweating, we were boiling together and it was the best feeling I had ever felt. Even though he was just fúcking me, I felt his love through his caresses, through his kisses and through his deep thrusts.

It was that mere thought of Kyle loving me like this that sent me over the edge. I teared apart in his arms, screaming nothing but his name. It was my orgasm that beckoned his, his fingers roughly pinched against my hips as he poured himself inside me.

We were both breathless and sweaty and I wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. He shifted us in the sleeping bag so that I was lying with my head pressed on the crook of his neck and with one of my arm snaked around him.

I wanted to say something, any passing comment, but I knew if I opened my mouth, I was going ruin this moment of pure bliss.

With our eyes close, we lay there peacefully, but I knew neither of us were truly asleep.

“That’s what I want, Key.” He commented after a moment of silence.

“Hmm?” I murmured, snuggling close to him, inhaling his addicting scent.

“You never really asked what I wanted, you just assumed.” He told me.

I frowned. “But you said the friends with benefits would never work.”

“See. Assuming again.” I felt him shake his head. “I don’t want to be your friend Keya if we are f**king.”

I gasped at his crudeness. But really, was I that surprised?
“What do you want then?” I asked.

“I want to be in a relationship with you. I always did.” He tone was soft and small.

“What?” I looked up, shifting onto stomach as I leaned on my elbows, just to see his face.

“I’m serious.” His eyes glazed over.

I held my breath.

He sat up. “I want to try us. Ever since you asked me to be the one to take your virginity. That’s all I’ve wanted from the beginning.”

“But…you agreed to remain friends. Why would you do that when…” I trailed. I still couldn’t wrap my head around what he was saying.

“I only did it because I thought it was what you wanted. I thought you were going to reject the idea if I brought it up.” He said, twiddling his fingers together as he looked away in embarrassment.

Oh my. Kyle embarrassed. Wow.

“What’s changed?” I asked. I was still in denial.

“Well, your mom; the fact that you were mad jealous when I talked to that girl; the fact that you kept tensing up and blushing every time I was near and this, what we just did.” He grinned.

“Wait my mom?” I frowned.

“Yeah, when you ran off, we talked.”


“Well, she said she didn’t care about whatever was happening between us, but that I had to remember that you were stubborn when it came to your feelings.” He explained.


He chuckled at my reaction.

“She didn’t really say that did she?”

“Trust me, she did.”

We were silent again. I was still digesting what he just revealed.

“I wasn’t jealous.” I still denied that part.

He chuckled softly before leaning to kiss my nose. “Oh I know you were.”

“So you only talked to her just to make me jealous?” I asked.

“Pretty much. I don’t even remember her name.”

I slapped his chest. “You’re such a jerk.”

“I’m your jerk.” I sensed his grin.

Inside I was fuming, but I decided not to argue against it. We stared at each other for a while. He was smiling softly at me.

I frowned. “You…really want a relationship with me?”

“Yes. I want to try it. I want us to try it. If it works, we continue with it. But, if it doesn’t…Keya, I don’t want to lose you so If it doesn’t work… I promise we can still remain friends.” He sounded like he really had time to think about this.

I had no time at all. What he was saying, it was really taking it’s time to process through my brain. However, I couldn’t hide how my heart was screaming, no, begging me to say yes.

Kyle as my boyfriend? I shivered at the prospect. It was good shudder, the one derived from heat instead of cold.

However fear was beginning to escalate. I was already in danger of falling in love with him, what if it didn’t work. He had to know that we wouldn’t be able to go back as friends after we tried a relationship. He had to.

“So what do you say? What do you think?” He was wary.

“Oh boy.” It was the only thing I could let out.

He frowned. It was from how adorable he looked worried from the fact there was a chance I might reject him that made me consent.

“Okay. I want to try it too.” I told him truthfully.

He grinned his boyish grin, somehow looking as if he just won the lottery. “Come here.” He opened his arms for me. I instantly returned to the after-s3x position we were in before.

He kissed my head. I could sense his never breaking smile.

“We’re really doing this?” I asked, just to be sure. Because deep down inside my head, I doubted that this was real. I might just be dreaming.

“Yes, Keya. Officially, from now on, we’re not friends anymore. We are boyfriend and girlfriend.” I heard his sultry mumble.

A giddy feeling surfaced and settled inside my stomach. “Do you think we should tell anyone about this?” I asked, worried.

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” He asked.

“I don’t know, let them keep guessing.” I offered. “I mean, I feel like relationships work best if no one knows your business except the two people in it.” I told him.

“Yeah, you’re right. Plus, I don’t want people talking about us, if this won’t work.”

“Well, let’s hope it does work.” I grinned.

“So, no one else knows. Just us.”


“Even Sav, Keya.”

“Even, Ned too.” I added. “Trust me, if we are careful, they won’t.”

“Careful? I won’t want to be careful when it comes to you.” He emphasised this by squeezing a hand on my boobs.

I hid how that action made my insides clench. “We can do this. It will work.”

“I hope it does.”

I grinned when I felt his lips on my forehead. And for a moment when our conversation was sinking in, a smile was spreading over my face.

“You do know what this means, right?” I asked.

“Hmmm?” I think tiredness was finally taking toll on him.

“No more dating for you. No more flirting and certainly no more sleeping around.” I smirked.

He chuckled. “I’ll be faithful as a dog to his owner, Keya. I’m all yours from now on.” He declared.

“I do like the sound of that.” I giggled which was unlike me.

“Damn, if you’re going to keep giggling throughout the course of this relationship, then it’s going to be hard for me keep my hands off you.”

I giggled again. Believe me, it was involuntary.

He inhaled sharply at the sound and pulled me closer unto his arms. We stayed this way in our moment of bliss before he cut the silence.

“So, you’re my girlfriend now?”
“I’m your girlfriend.” This felt alien in my tongue.

“I think I might get used to this.” I sensed his grin.

I hummed an agreement whilst stifling a yawn. How late was it?

It was silent again.

“Do you think–”

“Kyle, shut up.” I cut him off with my murmur.

He chuckled below his throat. I couldn’t help but smile even though I was annoyed at him. He was still the same Kyle I knew moments ago before I could now say he was my boyfriend.

I snuggled closer unto him, and although this whole thing was still quite hard to wrap my head around on, I remained pensive that tomorrow was going to be brighter than this glow working magic inside me.


✍️Authoress Ricky
To be continued…
Atlas!!! But do you think this new relationship would last long🤨.

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