S-xual de-sire Episode 21 & 22

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Twenty-One✍️
I was cold, inside and out. The clouds had decided to add more to my misery by re-leasing their rains. I was glad I was safe from their pouring daggers since I was un-der the shield of the waiting st©p.
However, this didn’t st©p the cold of the water from sipping un-der my skin, reaching my bones, ma-king me shudder and tremble from its icy grip.
I contemplated calling Sav to pick me up, but I was certain that she was busy with Ryland. The thought of Ryland made me res£nt him and his so-called-friend, James. I just hoped that Ryland liked Sav enough to not hurt her. Sav was really cranky after a breakup.
I was res£nting everything. All I saw was red and black, but could I really blame James. It was my own mistake for judging him. Although, I had looked forward to the d@t£, I hadn’t really wanted a relationsh!pwith him.
Suddenly, a familiar looking silver car st©pped in front of me. The driver got out, shielding himself from the rain with a leather jacket as he ran towards me.
The sight of him de-epened that anger that was boiling inside me.
I glared at him as he approached me.
“C’mon, get inside the car.” Kyle said reaching for my hand.
“Don’t t©uçh me!” I wrenched my hand away from him.
“Keya!” He said my name in a warning tone.
“Some great friend you are! You definitely are the best, Kyle!” I lashed out at him.
He shook his head. “I don’t have time for this.”
“Of course you don’t. I know I wouldn’t want to waste my time too when there’s a promise of a thr££s©me.” I was beyond enraged to care about what I was saying.
“thr££s©me? What are you talking about?”
“Oh don’t pretend to be innocent in this. I’m sure Mandy doesn’t mind sharing both of you.” I couldn’t st©p my mouth from spewing nons-en-se.
“Despite what you think, James took Mandy home. They’re gone, Keya.”
“Well, that’s just fantastic.”
“No, save it Kyle. I don’t want to hear it. It’s your fault that all this has happened.” I cut him off.
“My fault?” A hint of amusement laced his tone. “I guess you could say that.”
I glared at him.
“C’mon, let’s go. Unless you want to have a cold.”
I nodded. “Yup, I think having a cold is better than going with you.”
He rolled his eyes as he took his leather jacket off and moved to dR@p£d it on me. I skidded backwards before he reached me.
“It’s nice to know finally, where your loyalty is, Kyle.” I smiled, lacking any emotion.
He rolled his eyes again.
“How could you let him talk like that about me?”
He cornered me and the heat transcending from his b©dy was suddenly too disarming.
I was really stupid to feel so attra-cted to him for that moment. His clos£ness left me frozen and breathless, enough to let him put his warm jacket on me. The smell of him bombarded my nostrils.
It wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair, how my b©dy was betraying me like this.
“Are you done?” He asked, moving closer as if to invade my personal space.
My head titled back to look up at him and throu-gh the dark, his eyes still glistened.
“It’s also nice to know that you’re there for me too, Kyle.” I added.
“Would you let me explain?” His nostrils flared, his patience waning.
“What explanation could you possible give me.”
“I brou-ght Mandy for a reason, she was necessary.”
I snorted. “Yeah, to d@t£ her.”
He pressed hisl-ips at my interruption. “Don’t you un-derstand? I saved you.”
“Oh yeah, cos I’m such a damsel in distress.”
He narrowed his eyes at me. “Keya, I had to show you what he was really like?”
“It’s all about perceptions to you today!” I rolled my eyes.
“Will you shut up for one sec?” Kyle sl@pped both of his hands on the pane other side of me, his b©dy pressing unto mines at his sudden invasion.
That definitely shut me up because I couldn’t breathe from then on.
“Guys like James; all they care for is not you or your feelings, but how they will get la-id as reward for treating like you’re the only thing that matters to them.” His eyes seared down to myl-ips.
I swallowed my dry throat. “And you are an exception to them?” I asked rhetorically.
“Well, thanks Kyle, thanks for showing a complete fool of myself.” This sarcasm was really eating me up.
“You’re not a fool, Keya. You just have a knack of attra-cting complete @$$holes.” He smiled.
“I thought he was your friend?”
“Not a friend…just someone that feels like he owes me because I saved his sorry@$$.”
“And yet you still hang around with him.”
He pushed himself off me, re-leasing me from his tra-p. I felt relieved because I could breathe fresh air again.
“I haven’t hung around with him since—I don’t even remember. I just started last week when I found out you met him.”
“Because I know him.”
“That’s not a reason.”
“Fine. Because I was afraid you were falling right into his tra-ps. And you were so intent on slee-ping with him. I couldn’t let that happen.” As he spoke, his tone was filled with a sudden emotion that when his eyes gazed at me, my heart bec@m£ erratic.
“Why didn’t you warn me about him sooner?” My voice was croaky.
“You wouldn’t have believed me.”
“That’s not true.” I protested.
He gave me that sceptical look before shaking his head.
“Can we go now? It’s really cold.” He started moving towards his flashing car.
“Fine.” I huffed as I followed him to his car.
He was alre-ady in the driver seat by the time I got into the pas-s£nger side.
His hair, face and t-shi-t was damp by the rain that got him. I watched helplessly as the water dribbled down his jaw to his n£¢k, the drop disappearing to his damp tee which clung on him, accentuating every tone and muscle on his b©dy.
I closed my eyes and took de-ep breaths and by the time I opened them we were alre-ady cruising away from the bus st©p.
I was still confused by what he revealed to me. So, this whole so-called double d@t£ I just went throu-gh was intended for me to find out what James was really like compared to that sweet funny guy I thought he was. I mean, Kyle could have at least told me. I would have believed him. Wouldn’t I?
I knew then that he was right. I wouldn’t have believed him at all.
✍️ Chapter Twenty-Two✍️
If you haven’t alre-ady heeded my warning, just be aware that this chapter will contain, Very strong language and S-xual content throu-ghout! re-ad at your discretion!
The rain was still pouring daggers by the time Kyle pu-ll-ed over at his driveway. I guess it made s-en-se that we were at his house instead of mine, his was close. He opened his door and began running over to his porch. I opened my door and followed him.
I didn’t know how I managed to get we-t from the rain, but I did as the lacy p@rt of my dress clung onto my legs. Kyle fumbled with his keys before opening the door. Once inside, he darted over to change the temperature of the house, while I ran upstairs to his be-droom. I took off my we-t dress and threw it onto his be-d and then I went over to his bathroom and instantly turned the shower on.
For fifteen minutes, I stayed un-der the water, still pondering over the events that had occurred. It was a ha-rd knock on the bathroom door that snapped me out of it.
“Yeah?” I shouted over the running water.”I have to pee, can I come in?”
“I have to pee!” He shouted behind the door.
“Uh…Okay?” I shouted back.
When I heard the door cli-ck close, I was only glad that the steam hid me perfectly behind his glas-s folding comp@rtment. But, even knowing this didn’t help the situation when the sound of Kyle peeing in the other room was heard over the pelting water from the shower.
Suddenly, the heat of the room increa-sed ra-pidly, even more so than the steam, at the thought of Kyle being somewhat n-ked on the other side of the room. It alarmed me to think like this.
I turned off the shower, just so I could at least breathe.
“I put your dress in the dryer.” He told me.
“Oh, thanks.” I swallowed the thick lump in the throat.
I knew he was facing me, I could s-en-se it.
“Why don’t you get out?”
“Um…I’m waiting for you to leave.”
“Oh, c’mon, I’ve alre-ady seen you n-ked.” He had to remind of that day.
“Uh…pas-s me a towel.”
“No-no, you have to come out just as you are.”
“Kyle—” I began to protest, however, he wrenched the sliding comp@rtment, ex-posing me before I was aware of it.
“Kyle!” I bellowed, instantly covering myself where I didn’t want him to see.
He had a knowing sm-irk as he watched me, “Get out, it’s my turn to shower.”
I was left dumb-struck as he simply took his t-shi-t off, unclasped his belt and kicked his jeans off, leaving only his bo-xers. My mouth was agape, more from the sight of his delicious b©dy rather than his audacious act. He was trying so ha-rd not to laugh, b!tt!g his lower l!pto repress his grin.
“Are you gonna get out any sooner or are you still waiting for me to pu-ll my bo-xers down?” He asked mischievously.
I shook my head at the thought. I was tem-pted, really tem-pted to keep on staring at him so that he could do just that. But, I f0rç£d my feet to move from the tub. One foot was out before I felt my b©dy being lifted off.
I yelped in surprise, effectively re-leasing my hands from my modesty as I tried to push him. Kyle put me down and heatedly ogled at my expo-sed self, not hiding the fact that the sight of my b©dy was turning him on. It was remarkable to watch his erection slowly increase, straining on his bo-xers.
A compulsion to tug his bo-xers off—so that I could free it—overwhelmed me. I squirmed from where I stood, pressing my legs together as I f0rç£d myself to look away from his protruding anatomy.
We both stared at each other. I saw the yearning in Kyle’s dilated eyes and so I did the only thing I could think of at that moment. My feet dragged themselves closer to him.
“Keya?” Kyle’s voice seemed strained.
“Hmm?” I approached him and just as he did to me earlier, I invaded his personal space.
It didn’t matter to me anymore that I was n-ked in front of him; he’s alre-ady seen me in my worst so why should I care anymore? I wanted to t©uçh him, to inflict the same craving I now felt.
“What are you doing?” He asked warily.
I didn’t reply him as I simply plastered my hand over his che-st and the wayward beat of his heart was a throbbing tattoo on my skin. It echoed my own pounding cardiac muscle.
I traced my hand all over his che-st, used my other hand to feel the taut muscles on his abd0m£n. My hands simultaneously moved to his arms and slowly trailed upwards to his shoulders until they eventually connected with his n£¢k. I then moved my hands upwards to his hair.
“Why did you cut your hair?” I asked, for the first time in that night missing his silky locks.
“It was annoying.” He gr-unted when I fisted my f!ngerson the mane that was still remaining on t©p of his head.
Because of my actions, I was pressed upon him, flesh against flesh. The heat of our connected bodies boiled its way inside my blood. He dR@p£d his arm around my w@!st, one of his hands cu-pping the cheek of my bu-tt, inflicting a sudden wave of de-sire that was felt between my th!ghs.
He pressed his b©dy close until I felt his throbbing erection un-der my belly bu-tton. One of my hands moved down to the side of his b©dy, timidly tracing the line of his bo-xers. My hand sunk un-der his bo-xers until my f!ngerscontacted with it; his c**k.
He was ha-rd but warm and soft at the same time. The instant I fisted his c**k was when he let out a muffled gr0@nand buried his face on my n£¢k. His breath was h0t against my skin, and slowly I began stro-king him.
“Keya…” He murmured, trailing my name in hisl-ips that burned my skin. “Oh sh!t” He gr-unted when I pressed my thumb on his head and swirled my thumb around, feeling a bead of moist there.
Because I was so curious of this, I re-moved my hand out of his bo-xers to investigate on it.
“pre-¢v-m!” Kyle gr-unted when he realised I st©pped. He was breathing heavily.
“Oh.” I breathed. Suddenly curious of how this will taste like, I su-cked on my thumb and the salt-like taste of it bombarded my taste buds.
“fuc-k!” He exclaimed. His eyes were boring on to the thumb in my mouth. I hadn’t known that what I was doing was such a turn on until his reaction.
I was curious of what else I could do and because the taste of him reallyfu-cking turned me on too. I got down on my knees, my hands reaching to wrench his bo-xers off.
“Sh!t. Keya, no!” Kyle protested.
But it was too late as I slid his bo-xers off, ma-king his c**k sprang free for my inspection. From this angle, he was hvge. I had to lean back to look up at him in shock. His green emeralds were a burning fire as they stared down at me.
Not thinking twice about of what I was doing, I gr@bb£d his c**k in my hands and pressed my ton-gue on his head. After a few taste, I took him in my mouth completely knocking the breath out of him as he hissed.
“fuc-k-fuc-k!” His hand reached for the back of my head, his f!ngerssliding in my curls as he encouraged me to keep going.
I was thankful, at that moment, that I had no gag reflexes when he reached the back of my throat. Slurping sounds and heavy breathing as well gro-an s were echoed throu-gh the bathroom as I gave Kyle my first b!owjob.
My ton-gue swirled on his length, feeling his veins. He was thrû-sting himself in my mouth, hissing noises emitting from his mouth and grip of his f!ngersfisting upon my hair told me that he was about to cli-max.
“fuc-k, Keya!” Kyle gro-an ed as he thrû-st so ha-rd I thought my mouth was going rip ap@rt. But, then it happened before I was expecting it. Kyle erupted in my mouth, filling his semen in my mouth and throat. There was so much of it. I choked most it out while some dribbled down my chin.
“Well, I can tell you feel a lot better now.” I breathed heavily, wiping my face as I watched his b©dy relax, his eyes still remained close.
I didn’t wait for his reply I got up from my knees to wash my face and hands.
I was bending over the sink, washing my face, when I felt Kyle’s pres£nce behind me and soon both of his hands were gr-abbing my bu-tt cheeks.
“I’ve dreamt offu-ckng you this way.” He confessed. I straightened myself and that action had my behind pressed against his b©dy. He had pu-ll-ed his bo-xers back up because I felt his erection straining against the material.
I was about to laugh at his comment but then his hand trailed my abd0m£n, moving downwards and s£nding more heat to where I was current liquid@t!ng.
“Why don’t you?” I asked, my voice was breathless and husky. “Just,fu-ck me?”
The f!ngersthat were stro-king me suddenly st©pped. I felt the heat of his hand leaving my b©dy. I turned around to gauge his reaction and that regretful look was back on his face.
He shook his head.
“Why not? Why st©p now after all we’ve done?”
He sighed. “I don’t want to hurt you Key.” He admitted some of his reluctance.
“Hurt me?” I seemed dubious. “Hurt me how?”
A silent moment pas-sed before he spoke again.
“Physically.” He voice seemed strained.
I stared at him in disbelief. “Kyle, you won’t hurt me. I want this.” I reached for him, cu-pping my hand on his face.
He leaned his cheek in my hand, smiling softly. I took that as an invitation to trace my f!ngerson his abdominal muscles. His breaths soon bec@m£ laboured.
He gr-unted and pu-ll-ed me closer towards him. “In truth, Key…” he murmured, his eyes an emerald gleam that seared down to myl-ips.
“…Is that it was bound to happen sooner.” He took a tendril of a curl with his free hand and replaced it behind my ear.
He shifted his b©dy closer towards me and my breath was robbe-d when he inched his face closer to mine.
“Do you really want this, Key? It’s not too late to back out.” He fanned his breath on my face, hisl-ips mere inches from my own.
My response took both of us by surprise as I simply gr@bb£d the back of his n£¢k and closed the small space between us by smashing myl-ips against his.
Fire—churning fire—burned between ourl-ips as he k!$$£d me back. He took my face
into both of his hands as the soft k!ssturned feral. He moved us until my back collided with the tiled walls of his bathroom. The shock of it had me g@sping and my open mouth was enough invitation for him to dart his ton-gue in. A m0@n escaped somewhere at the back of my mouth when our ton-gues collided.
I ti-ght£ñed my hold on his n£¢k, my other hand sliding to the hair in the middle of his head. He softly bit my lower l-ips uddenly and a spasm of electricity sh0t throu-gh me, zapping all the way down to my loins.
He st©pped. We were both breathing heavily. My eyes were still closed as I tried to regain feeling back to my toes. Myl-ips were singing, tingling as if it was the first time I’ve ever been k!$$£d and my heart was throbbing wildly, grinding upon my che-st as if trying to escape the cage that was my ribs.
Damn, this had to be the best k!ssI’ve ever had. I thought.
“I always wanted to do that.” He spoke, his tone soft as silk.
I opened my eyes to meet his fierce greens. “Why didn’t you?” I asked.
“I was scared.”
“Of what?”
“Scared that I wouldn’t able to st©p, because it wouldn’t be enough.” He admitted.
“So…are you still scared?”
“No. But, I was right…It’s not enough.”
“fuc-k me alre-ady”
He k!$$£d me again, this time the k!sswas slow and unrushed. He lifted me up so that I could wra-p my legs around and he walked us back to his be-droom.
Once there, he pushed me slowly onto his be-d. I crawled backwards whilst he followed me. He gr@bb£d my leg to st©p me, di-pped his head as he k!$$£d my calf and slowly trailed his k!sses upwards to the inside of my th!gh.
I gro-an ed, arching my back off the mattress. My eyes closed to absorb the plea-sure he was inflicting on me when he ni-bbled on the skin, s£nding spasm after spasm of h0t electricity inside me.
His k!sses were fervent, one of his hands gr@bb£d my other leg to p@rt them and slowly his f!ngerstickled their way inside my th!ghs. He st©pped k!ss!ngme only for him to ogle at what was between my th!ghs.
“So beautiful.” He commented s£dûçt!velybefore moving his face there.
My eyes sprang open when I felt his breath near my cl!t. “Kyle, No!”
“I can’t hear you.” And his mouth was there. He k!$$£d tea-singly at first before his ton-gue began swirling there. The s-en-sation of it was unexplainable, it slowly drove me insane.
He was using both his f!ngersand mouth to stimulate me and I was unable to take it all. This was all new to me and because of that, I cli-maxed sooner than expected.
“fuc-k, did you just—”
“Shh!” I gro-an ed, shutting my eyes ti-ghtly. My b©dy was still shaking un-der his hands. I opened my eyes and Kyle’s grin was unavoidable.
“You c@m£.”
“I said shush.”
“But that was…quic-k!”
“Kyle shut up and jus—”
“fuc-k you?”
“Yes!”I exclaimed.
He laughed, “Hold on, let me get a c0md0mon first.” He moved over to one of his drawer and brou-ght out a foil packet of c0nd0m.
He lugged off his bo-xers and it still surprised me how big and £r£¢the was. Suddenly I felt anxious at the thought of his length inside me.
“Having cold feet?” He asked as he was about to rip the foil packet.
“No…” I lied, scoffing.
He s-en-sed my lie and st©pped what he was doing.
“Keya? You don’t have to, if you’re—”
“No, I want to,” I cut him off. “Now, hurry up.”
And so Kyle pu-ll-ed the latex on his erection. He hovered over me, forcing me to lie on my back. His mouth met with the skin of my n£¢k and ni-bbled there, moving his ton-gue to the bulge of my br**ts.
He su-cked on a ni**le, ma-king me breathless again as one of his arm trailed all the way down to my leg. He got on his knees, gr@bb£d my h!ps and pu-ll-ed me towards him.
I felt his c**k there between my th!ghs and then just like that, he was inside me, so quic-kly, ripping throu-gh my vir-ginity.
“Ugn!” The shock and pain bombarded my tear ducts. I bit myl-ip, forcing myself not to cry.
“$h!t” Kyle hissed. “Keya, are you okay?”
I couldn’t reply him. My concentration was focused solely on holding the pain in, but, it was difficult to do so when he kept on moving.
“Kyle, st©p!” I screamed involuntarily.
As if cold water had hit him, Kyle’s whole b©dy suddenly froze. He remained still for what seemed like eternity and his stillness helped me adjust to the alien-like muscle inside me.
“Keya, we could—”
I placed a f!nger on hisl-ips to shush him. Unexpectedly, he k!$$£d that f!nger and then su-cked on it, b!tt!g the pad.
“Oh!” I felt it there. What he was doing to my f!nger somehow the s-en-sation of it was felt at where our bodies connected.
That was when I lost control. The thought of finding this painful soon slide off to nothingness. I titled my h!ps up and felt his c0ck sliding even more inside me.
Kyle gr-unted in response, hovering over me as he pressed his hands on other side of me. Slowly and gently he thrû-st inside, the thrû-st followed by the rotating of his h!ps which was felt all the way inside.
“fuc-k, Kyle!” I gro-an ed suddenly.
He leaned on his elbows, increasing his pace. Although my eyes were closed, I felt his eyes on me. When I opened them, our gazes locked, our de-sires mirroring each other. He leaned down to k!ssme and I dR@p£d my arms around him, meeting his thrû-sts and withdraws.
I m0@n ed in hisl-ips, shifted my head to k!sshis n£¢k and traced my ton-gue down to the base whilst he was doing wonders all the way down there. The feel of him, moving even dee-per inside me, stretching me even more was becoming so unbearable it was setting over the edge again.
Kyle shifted into a kneeling position; he took one of my legs and placed on his shoulder. Both of his hands were gripping my h!ps as his thrû-st bec@m£ fervent and rou-gh. I yelled his name out loud because I couldn’t hold it any longer. He felt that I was about to come and because of that he r0ûghly thrû-st in me coaxing my Orgasm. I c@m£ un-der his b©dy, my whole b©dy tensing up as my Orgasm took toll on me.
It was seconds later when he cli-maxed too; filling the CD with his eja-culation. Breathlessly, he slumped his head on my che-st and breathed heavily trying to get his bearings. I ran my hand over his hair, and we stayed connected like this for a while.
When he moved out of the be-d, I had on a hvgs smile. I didn’t regret it one bit—what we just did—how could I when it felt like that.
After Kyle discarded the used CD, we buried ourselves un-der his be-d sheets. He took me into his arms and my head rested on his che-st. The steady beat of his heart began to lull me into sleep.
“Sweet dreams, Key.” He murmured in his sleepy tone.
“Yeah, dream offu-cking my as-s.” I replied.
He chuckled, the sound vibr@ting his whole b©dy. We both sighed at the same time and after that I didn’t know who fell into slumber first.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…