S-xual as-sault finale

S-xual as-sault
Final episode . . . . . .
Early in the morning when the drizzle rain has
calm down I heard a crash that waked me from
my dreamless sleep I hurriedly left for the
sitting room and met my mom lifeless lying on
the table I gr@bb£d my mom and tears
streamed from my eyes. I looked up to the
television and the breaking news stated
“Lifeless Baby Found With A Motorist” I left my
mom and went close to the television and the
c@m£ra was on the baby definitely the baby
was my baby. That was the news my mom saw
and died of heart attack for the first time I felt
sorry for all my deeds, a single mistake took
the life of my mom and my baby.
Few years later my Step father was re-leased
from the prison because there was change in
I prepared well for his arrival he was the only
family I had and all the hatred I had for him
“Knock…. knock.. knock.” A knock ban-ging at my
door I hurriedly left the food i was stiring cause
I was anxious of meeting my only relative I
opened the door and my first sight was my step
father he had grown beareds.
“Ann plea-se forgive me I’m sorry” My
stepfather pleaded while he fell to his knees
holding the lower p@rt of my Sk-irt.
“I’ve forgiven you alre-ady” I said to him with a
smile and helping him get up to his feet.
“Where is your mom and my baby?” My step
father questioned.
“Ooops my food is burning” I said wearing a sad
face. I went to the kitchen and continued my
cooking as the memories of my mom kept on
reflecting to me.
“What happened to them?” My step father
asked standing at the door linking the kitchen
and the sitting room .
I left the kitchen and pushed him away and
took a sit in the sitting room
“plea-se talk to me what happened to them” my
step father said and sat behind me.
I narrated the whole tragedy to him and tears
fell from his eyes and streaming from my own
eyes too, He gr@bb£d my arms and we cried
Ever since then my stepfather was careing and
loving he acted the role of not just a father but
a mother to me and my life after then was