S-xual as-sault Episode 9

S-xual as-sault
Episode 9
I walked down the streets I did nt want to go
home tears flowed gently from my eyes down
to my cheeks.
an SUV Jeep was pas-sed by my right hand side
and reversed back to me when I looked I saw a
young man he must be in his late 20s .
‘Hey young girl hop in let me you a ride’ the
young man offered.
I starred at him for a few seconds and focused
on my journey to no where without accepting
the offer, he drove off and I continued my
journey another car pas-sed me also almost
hitting me out of fear I jumped into the gutter
and knee was got injured by a big stone that
was in the gutter I attended to my injured
‘Pls ma recharge card’ I heard the voice from
a nearby shop the voice gained my attention so
i quic-kly gazed at it. It was my mom I crawled
gently out of the gutter and I stood up from the
gutter about to take off with full speed, I
mistakenly hit an orange seller and we
fell to the floor.
‘Shey you no see road ni?’ the orange hawker
shouted and crowed was formed round us
every one gazed at us until the my mom
appeared in front of me I quic-kly stood up and I
started running and the crowed made a way for
me to pas-s.
‘Abeg make una help me catch that girl na my
pikin she run comot from school’ my mom
anounced and countless boys chased me.
I followed a near by bush and continued
running until I c@m£ across an uncompleted
building and hid there and the boys chasing me
entered the builiding also I was hiding in a
small room supposed to be a toilet I covered
my mouth to reduce the intesity of my p@n-ting.
‘Abeg make we dey go we no go kill ourself on
t©p another person pikin’ some one said from a
very close range and all the boys agreed and
they all dimissed the uncompleted building I
brou-ght out my rosary and did the trinity sign.
night was fast approaching I searched around the
builing and I found three empty sacks of
cement I took them and arranged it on the
floor and I lied down and sle-pt off.
the sun was h0t and it woke me the first
person I saw was the young man that offered
me a ride the other day I jumped on to my
‘Good mor-mor morning sir’ I stammered
‘Young lady dont tell me you sle-pt here?’ the
young man asked but I did nt answered my
vision bec@m£ blurred and the light went blank.
Later, my eyes f0rç£d it self to open and I
found my self in a hospital room.
‘What are my doing here’ I asked.
‘Doctor she’s awake’ a nurse anounced hapilly
and a doctor walked in and examined me.
To Be Continued…