S-xual as-sault Episode 4

S-xual as-sault
Episode 4
I began to shiver before I could think of
anything my step father pushed me to the floor
and my head hit the ha-rd concrete floor
that was covered with a rug causing me a lot of
pain my head began to pound as if my br@in
will fall off.
He pu-ll-ed of the trou-ser he was wearing and
inser-ted something into my pvb!c region and I
shouted with the last energy I had but his hands
quic-kly covered my mouth to prevent any
sound that will attra-ct the attention of the
He re-moved his man-hood and inser-ted it back
to my v@g!n@ quic-kly all my energy was drained
and I was helpless on the floor.
He was g@sping while he kept on in-serting and
removing, at some point off time it was like my
v@g!n@ was set ablaze and my vision bec@m£
blurred, my eyes closed gently.
I was is in a new world that looks like heaven
and I finally met Jesus that i’ve been giving
praises and worsh!ps to over the years.
I saw people beneath where I was standing
waiting for an angel to attend to me shouting
and scratching their b©dy that’s the people in
hell and i smiled knowing fully that I’ll make
heaven I was number 52 on the queue when it
was my turn to be judged i heard a bell and I
woke up that must be the bell of the celestal
church members that go about preaching every
To Be Continued…