S-xual as-sault Episode 3

S-xual as-sault
Episode 3
On reaching the bathroom I pu-ll-ed off the go-wn
I was wearing most of my teen church
members commented on the go-wn as an
ancient go-wn which I never cared about it.
I took few steps to the shower and I la-id my
hands on the handle and started the shower
few minutes later I heard some one knocking
the door ‘who is that?’ I reluctantly asked ‘its me
Ann. come on open the door’
‘ehen my step father don come with him
wahala’ I said to my self in pidgin english.
I quic-kly wra-pped my self up with a towel that
could ba-rely cover my l@ps and made my way
for the door I opened the door and the first
thing I saw was a bottle of ‘gulder’ that was held
firm in my step father’s hand and I scrolled up
to his face with my eyes he was heavily drun!k.
He entered the house and I was locking the
door while he bounced his bu-ttocks on the
After locking the door I turned around and the
towel that was wra-pped from my che-st to my
l@ps fell from my b©dy and landed to the floor
and I was completely unclad in front of my step
father the first thought that flashed trou-gh my
memory was his first S-xual attempt that failed
and now me being unclad in his pres£nce was
like I was calling him to my b©dy.
I quic-kly reached out for the towel and picked
My step father quic-kly dropped the bottle of
gulder that was in his hand and moved close to
me and i took like five steps backward until my
back was tou-ching the door I was totally
confused and I gave him a sl@p before realizing
it was my step father I sl@pped he bent his face
to his left hand side and he swallowed spit he
turned his face back to me and smashed me
ha-rd on my face and the doors that has been
locked to prevent tears from my eyes were
To Be Continued…