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June 15, 2021


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Sexual assault Episode 10

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Sexual assault

Episode 10




‘Sir what am I doing here and who brought me

here’ I asked, the doctor was about to start

explaining to me when man I turned down his

offer of giving me a ride by this time his name

was still unknown to me.

the young man started explaining but I listened

with a deaf ear.

‘Pls whats your name?’ I cut him short.

‘I’m Sam’ the young man answered.

‘pls take me out of here’ I pleaded with Mr. Sam

he turned to the doctor and the doctor said I’m

suitable to leave the doctor prescribed drugs

for me and we vacated the hospital in his SUV


‘Where do you live? let me take you home

Mr. sam asked.

‘Sir please take me to your house I don’t want

to go home’ I pleaded with him.

‘Oh sorry i forgot whats your name?’ Mr. Sam


‘My name is Ann’ I replied.

and the ride continued

He didn’t hesitate, he took me to his house and

when we knocked a fair lady attended to us and

she offered Mr. Sam a hug and turned to me.

‘Honey who is this girl?’ The lady asked

‘Oh she’s Ann she’s going trough a lot I found

her in our new site and she needs to rest, Ann

meet my wife Jane’ Mr Sam concluded.

Just then I started thinking ‘see me ooo I ran away from this man and went to sleep at his site’


entered the house and I was given a

homely treat.

we sat down on the couch watching a movie

until NEPA seized power. ‘All this NEPA sef’

Mrs. jane quickly brought a topic about me I

discussed with them about my present

adversity what I’m facing they showed


‘I’m a lawyer and i promise i’ll stand by you. I

will sue your step father to court and I’ll make

sure he spends his miserable life in jail’ Mrs.

jane assured and I was a little bit relieved . . . .



To Be Continued…

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