S-xual as-sault Episode 10

S-xual as-sault
Episode 10
‘Sir what am I doing here and who brou-ght me
here’ I asked, the doctor was about to start
explaining to me when man I turned down his
offer of giving me a ride by this time his name
was still unknown to me.
the young man started explaining but I listened
with a deaf ear.
‘Pls whats your name?’ I cut him short.
‘I’m Sam’ the young man answered.
‘pls take me out of here’ I pleaded with Mr. Sam
he turned to the doctor and the doctor said I’m
suitable to leave the doctor prescribe-d drugs
for me and we vacated the hospital in his SUV
‘Where do you live? let me take you home’
Mr. sam asked.
‘Sir plea-se take me to your house I don’t want
to go home’ I pleaded with him.
‘Oh sorry i forgot whats your name?’ Mr. Sam
‘My name is Ann’ I replied.
and the ride continued
He didn’t hesitate, he took me to his house and
when we knocked a fair lady attended to us and
she offered Mr. Sam a hvg and turned to me.
‘Honey who is this girl?’ The lady asked
‘Oh she’s Ann she’s going trou-gh a lot I found
her in our new site and she nee-ds to rest, Ann
meet my wife Jane’ Mr Sam concluded.
Just then I started thinking ‘see me ooo I ran away from this man and went to sleep at his site’
We entered the house and I was given a
homely treat.
we sat down on the couch watching a movie
until NEPA seized power. ‘All this NEPA sef’
Mrs. jane quic-kly brou-ght a t©pic about me I
discussed with them about my pres£nt
adversity what I’m facing they showed
‘I’m a lawyer and i promise i’ll stand by you. I
will sue your step father to court and I’ll make
sure he spends his miserable life in jail’ Mrs.
jane as-sured and I was a little bit relieved . . . .
To Be Continued…