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June 15, 2021


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Sexual assault episode 1

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Sexual assault

Episode 1



It was that sunny midday on thursday while I was

taking a nap in my room i began to feel some one’s

hand on my buttocks i quickly waked up to my

suprise it was my step father (Mr. Iyke), i jumped

up to my feet on top of my mattress “sir what are

doing” i questioned my step father with fear as my

blood was pumping faster than i ever immagined,

“Uhm please let me do just small please i will do it

gently” my step father said with a staggering voice

before I could think of any thing he grabbed my

waist and landed me ontop of my small mattress

then he started struggling with his belt while he

was on the middle of my left leg and my right leg i

tried to push him but my efforts seemed to be

invane, ‘any one ahome’ my mom’s voice came to

my hearing my step father jumped up and he made

his way out of my room. It was 2am in the night he

came to my room again he waked me up gently

hitting me on my leg I woked up “are you here to

rape me again?” I quickly questioned him. “dont you

have an atom of respect 4 me” my step father said

“all the respect i had for you died when you tried to

rape me” I concluded ….



To Be Continued…

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