S-xual as-sault episode 1

S-xual as-sault
Episode 1
It was that sunny midday on thursday while I was
taking a nap in my room i began to feel some one’s
hand on my bu-ttocks i quic-kly waked up to my
suprise it was my step father (Mr. Iyke), i jumped
up to my feet on t©p of my mattress “sir what are
doing” i questioned my step father with fear as my
blood was pumping fas-ter than i ever immagined,
“Uhm plea-se let me do just small plea-se i will do it
gently” my step father said with a staggering voice
before I could think of any thing he gr@bb£d my
w@!st and landed me ont©p of my small mattress
then he started struggling with his belt while he
was on the middle of my left leg and my right leg i
tried to push him but my efforts seemed to be
invane, ‘any one ahome’ my mom’s voice c@m£ to
my hearing my step father jumped up and he made
his way out of my room. It was 2am in the night he
c@m£ to my room again he waked me up gently
hitting me on my leg I woked up “are you here to
r@p£ me again?” I quic-kly questioned him. “dont you
have an atom of respect 4 me” my step father said
“all the respect i had for you died when you tried to
r@p£ me” I concluded ….
To Be Continued…