S-x slave episode 4 & 5

🍑🍆 S3X SLAVE🔪💰
By authoress tife💞📚
Episode 4&5
💖Eddie’s POV💖
I watched Ryan look out of the window but when I tried checking what he concentrated on he blocked me from seeing it.
He pu-ll-ed me from the window asking me to teach him so chords. Hmm!, its strange, he had never had interest for guitar.
“Ryan, why did you develop sudden interest for guitar??” I asked as I moved to carry my guitar.
“I have just decided to learn it, is there a problem in that??” He asked just like an adult.
“No boss!” I said laughing and gave him a salute ma-king both of us laugh.
” Now let’s start, first you nee-d to know the type of chords that we have okay??” I said looking at him, but he was busy looking out the window.
“Ryan tell me the truth, what is behind that window??” I asked looking out again.
“Mysteries” he said waving in hands in the air grinning wi-dely.
“Common Ryan, spill it” I said rolling my eyes.
“Meet me downstairs!” He said and ran out of my room.
“This guy is real crazy” I mumbled and moved to the window again looking out.
I looked at the window opposite mine and all I saw was a black cotten. I sighed and dropped my guitar before moving downstairs.
It was evening alre-ady and mother had served dinner.
“Eddie, dinner is re-ady” mother said carrying a dinning pot full of only God knows to the table.
“Am always re-ady” I grinned and everyone laughed.
We all sat at the table and started eating. I looked at Ryan and he seemed very happy while eating. Hmmmm, this is really strange.
“Eddie, you nee-d to start preparing for college, you know you are starting tomorrow” my dad said chewing his rice cake.
“Yes father, I will once am done with dinner” I said and he nodded as a response.
“Mom, Dad, I want to stay with Eddie in his room” Ryan spoke up frowning.
“Ryan, you know Eddie nee-ds his privacy too” my mother said sadly.
“Eddie plea-se” he said blinking his eyes like the baby he is.
“Okay fine fine” I said swaying my head.
“Yes!!!!” He yelled and stood up from the dinning table.
“Where are you going??” He all asked looking at him.
“To pack my stuffs” he said and before we could talk he was out of sight.
“Crazy fella” I muttered smiling. Staying with him will be so much fun.
💖Princess’s POV💖
I walked away from the window when the small boy and his brother left the room. I really like the small boy, tho I am yet to know his name.
He seems fun to be with. I sat on my be-d smiling when I heard the door knob open. $h!t!! It is evening. Uncle is around.
I stood up shaking vigorously, I can’t do this again this night. He walked in grinning wi-dely.
“Bastard” I cursed un-der my breath.
“Did you miss me??” He asked moving close to me but I didn’t give him a reply.
He raised my face to meet his and planted a k!sson myl-ips. Gosh!!! I hate it when he dies that.He smelt of alcohol, and I could taste it in his mouth.
I was wearing the regular go-wn I wear everyday. He st©pped k!ss!ngme and turned me to face the window abruptly.
I was very scared, what is he planning this time?? I thought in tears. He brou-ght out a cloth and tied my mouth preventing me from screaming.
He raised up my go-wn revea-ling my b**ts. He sp@ñked my a** and I gro-an ed in pain. He pu-ll-ed my hand behind me and tied it firmly.
“plea-se don’t” I said in tears, he sp@ñked me again and fresh tears rushed out of my eyes.
He went ahead to pu-ll down my p@n-ties. He bent down and li-cked my a**, ma-king me wince in disgust.
He re-moved his p@n-ts ex-posing his stupid di-ck. He brou-ght it to my pas-sage and I closed my eyes in expectation of another pain.
He pushed in his di-ck into my as-s-hole and I screamed very loud but it couldn’t come out because of the cloth in my mouth.
I felt severe pain in my a**. I tried to re-lease myself from his grip but he sp@ñked my b**ts again. He started thrû-sting in and out and gro-an ing like an idiot he is.
I felt nothing but pain and hatred, he continued and increa-sed his pace until he re-leased inside of me.
He sighed heavily and re-moved his di-ck from my as-s-hole. He untied me and dropped the drugs I use on the be-d.
I fell to the fall where I was in h0t tears. “Use the drugs” he said and left locking the door from outside.
I tried standing but I was too weak.
“I just want to die!!!” I yelled in tears. This pain is too much for me to bear.
💖Ryan”s POV💖
I walked into Eddie’s room carrying my stuffs, I arranged them right beside his. I can’t wait to start talking freely to my friend when Eddie starts college.
Thank God my parents are yet to find me a school around here. I will Still be home for the mean time.
I moved to the window and looked into the ladies window. The light in the room was on but the cotten was down.
I was about calling her when I saw some movement in the room, I moved closer to the window narrowing my eyes to see what was going on but I couldn’t get what exactly was going on.
“Ryan!!” I heard Eddie call from behind the door.
I quic-kly jumped on his be-d pretending I was slee-ping.
Episode 5
🔪 Uncle Joe🔪
I really enjoy maltreating princess. She didn’t like me when I was always coming to visit her parent. And now, she is mine!!!.
I have always wanted tofu-ck her, but because her parent wouldn’t let her out of sight I wasn’t opportuned.
Since her parent died, sorry since i murdered her parents I have wanted just one thing. Their properties.
And now the lawyer is telling me I can’t have it because the will is not in my name. I am sure if I tell her to go tell the lawyer to change the name to mine, she won’t agree.
She may even tell everyone she sees how I behave to her. I just nee-d to keep her in my custody till I think of what to do to the stupid lawyer.
I c@m£ out of princess’s room afterfu-cking her. I went to the fridge and poured myself some cold water.
I sat on the couch and rested my head on the back rest. I really nee-d to deal with that lawyer. I told him I will give him p@rt of the property if he could change the name but he refused.
I nee-d to f0rç£ him to do so, and I know quite well what to do. I am tired of working everyday in poverty, I nee-d to enjoy my life.
I can’t even ask anyone around my house for help, they don’t greet nor talk to me. They fear me so much.
The day someone asked me about princess that I locked up in the room. I got the person killed after some days and I wasn’t caught by the police.
Since then I have been feared by everyone around me. Well, that’s me no one dares me and goes Scot free.
💝 Eddie’s POV💝
… The next day….
i woke up very early the next day to prepare for college. Ryan was still fast asleep I didn’t bother waking him up
I packed my books into my bag and looked around the room to see if I forgot anything, I then looked at the window and remembered Ryan looking outside the window.
“What could Ryan be seeing here??” I thought standing close to the window and looking downwards.
I shifted my gaze to the window opposite mine. This time the cotten was up slightly, surely someone lives in this room.
I moved closer to the window, stucking my head out of the window looking into the other window. I narrow my eyes to see maybe I would catch a glimpse of the lady Ryan was talking about.
I was still staring at the window when I saw someone pas-s in the room. I wi-de-ned my eyes to see if I could see better, but I couldn’t the cotten was covering almost everything.
I gave up sighing heavily, I will see whatever or whosoever is there one day.
“Hey Ryan” I said ru-bbing his hair.
“Hmmmmm” he gro-an ed rolling on the be-d.
“Its morning Ryan” I said smiling.
“It’s morning!!!” He yelled wi-dening his eyes happily.
“Why are you so happy?” I asked surprised.
He didn’t even answer me, he ran to the window smiling happily. He looked out of the window to the other window still smiling.
“Ryan” I called moving close to him.
“Shhhhhhh, don’t make any sound, she won’t come out” he said whispering.
“Oh God you are nuts Ryan, am off to school” I said giggling as I left the room smiling.
💖Princess’s POV💖
I woke up very early, I felt so tired, my bu-tts were aching seriously and they were red due to the packing my uncle gave me.
I moved to the bathroom and took my bath, the way the water t©uçhed my b©dy I felt severe pain.
I wiped silently as I was bathing. I c@m£ out and wore another go-wn I found in the closet, I combe-d my hair and made it fall freely.
I looked at my window and saw the cotten was slightly open, I then remembered my new friend. I moved to the window happily and raised up the cotten.
And there was my new friend smiling wi-dely looking at me. I sat close to the window and smiled wi-dely waving my hands to him.
“You can speak up, Eddie isn’t around” he said happily.
“Who is Eddie??” I asked smiling.
“My big brother, and I am Ryan” he replied happily.
“I am princess” I replied smiling.
“You have a nice voice” he said sitting close to the window too.
“Thank you Ryan, and you have a nice name and face” I said happily.
“Thank you!” He yelled.
“So tell me, where is Eddie??” I asked nervously.
“He has gone to the college” he replied
“So why are you not in school now??” I asked furrowing my brows.
“We are new here, so Mama and Papa haven’t seen a school for me around here” he said.
“Nice, but make sure once you start school focus well” I said.
“Yes ma’am, so what about you?? Aren’t you going to college?’ He asked smiling.
” Ryan, I can’t ” I said sadly.
“Why???” He asked sadly. I shook my head sighing heavily.
“Princess I am your friend, you can talk to me” He said smiling.
If I tell him and he knows he will be in danger, my uncle is a cruel man and once he knows I told someone he will surely kill him.
“Ryan, I will go but not now, trust me” I said smiling.
“Hmmm okay, tho I am not satisfied with your answer, it seems there is more to it” he said and I felt he really un-derstands me